Good Morning!

Title: Good Morning!
Authors: Mel and Tarabeth
Pairing: James and Quinn

The buzzer on the alarm clock dragged James from the depths of sleep; he slapped away the annoying sound before it would rouse his sleeping husband and moaned quietly as he rose. Five-thirty seemed to come earlier and earlier each day, he really needed to get to sleep at a better hour in the evening.

He turned to look at Quinn and felt his morning wood, grow harder at the sight. It had been very warm these last few days and the light sheet that had covered them both during the night had been pushed away so that it covered his husband only from mid-thigh downward. The well muscled body was turned away from him showing off the broad shouldered back tapering to a slim waist, below which sat two lightly tanned globes. Quinn had obviously been nude sunbathing up on the roof of the Inn again.

James sighed; his desire to delve into that hidden place between the globes would not be fulfilled this morning. As horny as he was feeling he wasn't going to wake his sleeping partner just to satisfy his own urges.

So it was that ten minutes later he stood in the shower having been able to squelch the erection enough to take a leak but it had returned full force as he stood under the warm spray. The thoughts of his husband's lithe body under his would not leave his head, finally giving in he reached down and began to stroke himself as he imagined Quinn's hot mouth wrapped around him. "Oh babe…" he moaned.

Quinn had to wipe a little drool off of his chin when he saw James fondling his erection.

He had awakened to the sound of the shower and padded into the bathroom with the intent of quickly emptying his bladder and then going directly back to sleep. But the sight and sound of James pleasuring himself had caused both Quinn's brain and cock to suddenly and happily wake-up.

Quinn stood leaning against the sink, with his own erection standing proud, while he debated whether or not to sit back and watch James or to hop into the shower and join him.

Normally when James felt the need of a bit of lone-handed relief he was pretty quick and efficient about it. However this morning he seemed to find himself caught up in the remembrance of Quinn on his knees before him, as James slowly, teasingly, fed him his ridged member.

He kept up a slow steady stoke as his mind's eye pictured his lover's pleading expression, pupils hugely dilated with passion. They both enjoyed the long slow build-ups that led to incredible mind blowing orgasms. That day had been no exception, he'd been in a very Toppish mind set and had pulled Quinn's arms behind him and bound his wrists lightly together with one of his expensive French silk ties, then pushed him to his knees and began the slow tease.

"Take me baby" he murmured thrusting forward into his hand.

The sound of James' voice was too much for Quinn; his erection now painfully ached, and he knew if he didn't join James soon he would lose his chance.

Quinn moved into the shower and placed his hand on top of the hand James was using to stroke his erection. Quinn placed a long slow kiss on James' lips before he turned himself and pushed his body against his husband. Quinn's breath quickened as he relished in the feeling of James' erection pressed against his body.

"How do you want me?" his raspy voice asked James.

James was momentarily surprised by Quinn's arrival but by the time that he pulled away from the kiss was ready to take full advantage of the moment.

"Up against the wall and spread ‘em." he ordered huskily. Quinn complied quickly, and James wrapped his arms around his husbands now water slicked body and began to gently tease the hardened brown nipples. He brought his mouth down to suck on the sensitive spot right below his ear and then whispered, "I'm gonna make you howl, boy."

They kept a pump bottle of lube in the shower stall for just such occasions, so James was able to quickly get his partner prepared before sliding into him hard and fast.

Quinn gasped with pleasure as James entered him, and he began to emit soft grunts and groans as James continued to fuck him.

Quinn reached down and began to stroke himself. He moved his hand quickly and efficiently to match the rough and rapid pace which James had set.

"Hands against the wall boy." James ordered, taking Quinn's hand away from stroking himself and placed it along side of its mate. "That toy is mine."

He angled his thrusts to more effectively stimulate his lover's prostate and then pumping out some more lube he took over where Quinn's hand had been. He stroked his husband several times then stopped teasingly, just giving the base of the hard cock a gentle squeeze. "You're not coming before me, and I'm not coming ‘til you howl for it."

He then bit down on the junction of bowed neck and muscled shoulder before him.

Quinn let out a soft whimper of combined pleasure and frustration, thinking that he may never be able to cum. The way James was fucking him; he was surprised he could get his brain to do anything.

Quinn ached; he so wanted release. He put all his effort into coming up with a strong howl, but instead it sounded more like a kitten's yowl.

James almost laughed but he wasn't about to kill his very Toppish moment. Instead he upped the strength of his thrusts and gave a firmer squeeze to Quinn's cock.

"I said howl boy, not whimper! If you think that little noise is going to get you the right to cum you've got a long wait," he growled and added another bite mark to Quinn's neck.

If it was possible, the tone of James' voice made Quinn harder. He was so turned on by totally giving his pleasure over to James' command.

Quinn had found it difficult to find his voice earlier, but his brain now responded strongly to James' demand, and he felt his howl rise from deep inside of him. "Arrrrooooooooo," Quinn howled.

With that James felt himself begin to explode with release, deep inside his partner. He gave Quinn's cock two more firm pulls and felt his lover's equally explosive cum as it shot out against the tiled wall of the shower.

As soon as James could draw enough breath, he began to laugh, a deep joyful, totally happy, and filled with mirth kind of laugh. He'd made Quinn howl like a wolf baying at the moon. Even after four years of marriage he couldn't imagine ever getting more pleasure than he did making love to this beautiful man.

There he stood in a now ice cold shower, his softening cock still buried deep inside of his husband, knees threatening to fold below him, and he was laughing with happiness.

He gently extracted himself from Quinn and pulled him around so they stood face to face. Quinn's hair was plastered down over his smiling face and his days growth of beard was dark and scruffy looking. "Hey wolf man, have I told you just how much I love you?" He pressed his lips against Quinn's in a deep kiss, giving him no chance to reply.

Quinn let out a deep sigh of contentment when James ended the kiss. "No, you haven't," Quinn said teasingly. "I think maybe you need to call Mrs. Chelsea and ask her if she can handle breakfast on her own, because you Mr. Lefebvre need to spend the morning telling me just how much you love me." Quinn batted his long eyelashes and flashed his dimples at James in hope of convincing his husband to stay at home for a bit longer.

James got the cold water shut off and they stepped out of the shower, grabbing towels he tossed one to Quinn.

Normally James would have lovingly but firmly told Quinn that though he'd love to stay home, he had a responsibility to his paying guests and his small staff to be at there service. However this morning he felt a deep need to fulfill his husband's request. His assistant manager, Stan and Mrs. Chelsea the cook could hold down the fort for a few hours; he was going to stay home today and spend the morning with his husband. They'd had some rough times the last few weeks since Quinn had sprained his ankle and some time together was just what the doctor ordered.

"You're right we do deserve a morning together. Why don't you go put the coffee on and I'll call Mrs. Chelsea."

Quinn was pouring the coffee when he felt James' body pressed up against his. James placed his hands on Quinn's hips and began to kiss Quinn lightly on the neck.

"If you don't stop that, I may end up pouring the coffee all over the place," Quinn said. He set the coffee pot down and turned so that he was now engulfed in James' embrace. "Thank you, for this."

James steered the men back towards their bedroom, and he and Quinn crawled back into bed. Quinn set his coffee on his bedside table and rested his head on James' lap. "I bet you never had mornings like this when you worked at the Royal York."

James slowly carded his fingers through Quinn's soft hair as he considered his husband's comment. To most people it would have sounded as if Quinn was actually quite please with himself for providing James with such pleasure as they had just shared. But James knew this man far too well; Quinn was looking for reassurance that James found his life here, with the small Inn in a small town to be worthy of giving up the so called life of glamour he could have had as the assistant manager of one of the premier luxury Hotel's in country.

"Babe, The Royal York Hotel paid me three times as much as I can make from owning this Inn, I had shorter working hours, an excellent pension plan, and perks coming out the ass, and you know what it was? It was a job.

But here in this small town, owning an eight room Inn I have, a life. A life, the likes of which I could never have imagined back in Toronto, and it's in no small way because of you. I am the happiest, luckiest man on earth."

He bent over and kissed the head lying across his lap. "Now I'm going to drink some of this wonderful coffee you made and then if you think you can manage it, this old man is going to show you once again just how much he loves you."

Quinn smiled up at James; there were few places he was happier than lying in bed cuddling with his husband. "I'm so glad you fell in love with the Inn and decided to move to Jade Heights. I was totally mesmerized the day I saw you hiking in the meadow lands; you were so handsome, I thought you must be royalty--and you were--my prince charming."

James laughed. "Prince Charming huh? Well if I was Prince Charming you must have been Quinnerella, whom I rescued from that hoard of evil brothers you have. The ones who were forcing you to play baseball and drink beer, what a horrible fate."

This remark sent James into a paroxysm of laughter.

Quinn couldn't help but to laugh at James cracking himself up. "You think you are so funny, don't you?" Quinn stated. "That's it you will get no more lovey, smoopy comments from me," Quinn said giving James a playful little pout through his laughter.

James grinned, and then pulled Quinn up into his arms and kissed the turned out lip, sucking it into his mouth--he bit on it gently.

"You are so sexy when you pout like that.” He said as he broke the kiss.

The kiss had calmed Quinn's laughter. "You don't ever miss Toronto and working at the York?" Quinn asked. "You got to meet so many rich and famous people, and there was so much more for you to do and see in Toronto; museums, restaurants, clubs and friends. I love to hear your stories from working at the hotel. Do you have another one for me?" Quinn asked.

“You know I don’t miss it for a second. You soon find out that famous people are just people and the city long ago lost its charms to me. As for stories, well I’m sure I’ve told you all the good ones by now…” He paused and thought through the past. “Well there was that time that Sir Elton John and his then paramour David Furnish were staying in the Edinburgh Suite. The called me up to supposedly deal with some problem, but once I arrived they threw themselves all over me begging to take me to their bed. Of course I would have none of it as I carefully explained I was saving myself until I found Mr. Right." James grinned.

“And now that I have Mr. Right, here in my bed I'm going to show him just how happy I am to have left behind all the glitz and the glamour of the Fairmount Royal York Hotel.” They made love again, and then lay happily stated in each other’s arms.

Sometime later a quiet knock at the cottage door drew the two men from their post-coital slumber, quickly tying on robes; they opened the door to find a service trolley from the Inn, covered in white linen awaiting them. It was laden with fresh fruit, croissants, and covered dishes which revealed steaming plates with eggs Benedict and grilled tomatoes, it was completed with fresh squeezed orange juice and a carafe of coffee.

James smiled as he manoeuvred the cart through the door. "Mrs Chelsea is one sly old bird, when I told her I wouldn't be over until noon today she obviously knew just what we needed. I think I’d better give that lady a raise. Let's dig in."

The End.

Copyright Mel and TB 2008

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