Title: Whuffo
Authors: Mel & Tarabeth
Characters: James and Quinn
Implement: Hand

Quinn swallowed as James climaxed. Slowly releasing his sated partner’s cock from his mouth, Quinn inched his way up his lover’s body and slid under James’ arm to rest his head on his husband’s chest.

“Was that okay?” Quinn asked.

James gave a grunt of pleasure that indicated he was still too high from his orgasm to form words.

‘Perfect,’ Quinn thought this was exactly where he wanted James.

“James,” Quinn said, “I was thinking we should go skydiving for my birthday. It’s the big 3-5 this year and there is a great jumping school over in Kamloops.”

In a nanosecond James went from a state of sated bliss, to Toppy outrage, and then to amusement when he decided Quinn was surely putting him on.

"Sure honey, skydiving sounds like a blast. After we do that, we can hike up grizzly bear pass with a lunch of fresh salmon and berries in our packs. Then we could drive down to Vancouver and bungee jump off The Lion's Gate Bridge."

“James,” Quinn pouted, “I’m serious. I really want to do it. Patrick did it when he turned 35, and I think it would be really fun. Just think of the rush; it would be so energizing.”

"Rush? Energizing? Jumping out of an airplane at twelve thousand feet above ground, because you think it would be fun?" James looked incredulously at his mate.

"There is no way on earth or in this case off of the earth that I am going skydiving. For that matter, my love, neither are you. I will not allow you to risk your life for some thrill."

‘Crap,’ Quinn thought, ‘that hadn’t gone as planned.’

‘Time for phase two, go rational.’

“I did some reading; it’s actually pretty safe, although it is PERCEIVED as dangerous, it is actually rare for people to die. Most of the injuries and fatalities are people who were trying unsafe maneuvers.”

James raised his eyebrows, “You did some reading? Because you anticipated that I would object to this idea and thought you could persuade me otherwise?"

He studied Quinn's face carefully. "Quinn were you hoping that after having satisfied me sexually that I would be more easily convinced to go along with this?”

Quinn was quiet for a few moments as he contemplated his answer. “It’s my birthday, and I would like you to come with me.”

"Quinn, I am very aware that your birthday is coming and I'm also very aware that you're trying to manipulate me into doing something I do not approve of by using your birthday and whatever other distractions you can think of. However, I do not appreciate, nor will I fall for, emotional coercion.

And before you start, just forget about telling any more stories about safety and statistics. The facts are I am not willing to jump out of an airplane in mid flight and I am not willing to allow you to do so either. You can call me a miserable, unreasonable ogre if you like but the answer is no and will remain no.

Now you can accept this and let it go right now, or you can keep up your efforts and end up over my knee getting a serious reminder of who is in charge in this relationship."

“Fine,” Quinn responded shortly. He moved to climb out of the bed, “I’m going to take a shower.”

“It’s my birthday; I should have some say as to how I spend it,” he mumbled on his way out of the bedroom.

James sighed, he loved Quinn with all his heart and he got no pleasure from denying him the things that he wanted. However there were limits and skydiving was definitely outside of those limits. Also outside of James limits was being manipulated.

As he listened to the sound of the shower James thought through what had just happened. Patrick's having been skydiving for his thirty-fifth birthday was the crux of the issue in James opinion. Though he'd deny it to his last breath, Quinn idolized Patrick the most of all his brothers, and what Patrick had done Quinn also wanted to do.

Well not being allowed to go skydiving was something his husband was going to have to accept. What James needed to do was try and defuse the situation before it became a major issue for the two of them.

He followed Quinn into the washroom and slid into the shower to join him. His husband was just rinsing shampoo out of his hair; James took the bottle of body wash and the sponge and began to work the spicy lather over the broad tanned back. "Love you babe."

Quinn turned to James; he had tears in his eyes. “That’s not fair,” he said, as James continued to wash him. Closing his eyes, he relished in James’ touch, before continuing, “I’m mad at you.”

Giving Quinn a sad smile and a kiss, James replied. ”I know you are my love." He gave special attention to washing the rest of Quinn's body, making the strokes comforting and relaxing without making any attempt at arousing him. James knew such attention would not be well received in Quinn's current mood.

Once done, he gave himself a quick wash and turned off the water. Quinn was already getting dried when James stepped out of the shower. He took a moment to appraise his husband; he could see the conflicting emotions written in the other man's face. 'Damn,' he thought 'I need to come up with something else Quinn would find appealing, something that doesn't involve falling to the earth at a hundred miles per hour.

"Come on sweetheart it's late and we both have to be up early for work. Let's get into bed." James suggested, hoping vehemently that Quinn would drop the subject for the night.

Quinn brushed his teeth and then climbed into bed. His emotions were raw. He had been one hundred and ten percent sure that James would never buy into the skydiving adventure. Although he thought it would be fun, he wasn’t completely attached to the idea, he really just want to spend the day doing something fun with James. So, why was he so angry at James’ decision? Why was he feeling the need to continue pressing the issue, and how dare James be sweet and comforting in response to his anger. Now he just wanted to curl into James’ embrace and forget the whole matter.

‘Compromise,’ Quinn thought. ‘That’s the answer. I’ll give up the skydiving issue for now, and curl into James. Tomorrow I’ll re-approach the option of parachuting from a plane.’

James was pleased when Quinn settled down for the night without attempting to further the skydiving issue. He spooned up behind him and fell asleep contentedly sure that his decision on the subject had been accepted.

As usual James was up first and in the kitchen pouring two mugs of coffee and waiting for the toast to pop when Quinn wandered in. James held out a mug of the steaming liquid, offering it to his sleep rumpled husband. "Good morning!" he said as he leaned in for a kiss.

Quinn returned the kiss, while also leaning in for hug. “I’m sorry about the manipulations last night.”

James pulled Quinn tightly into his arms and kissed him again. "You're forgiven. But I do want to do something special to celebrate your birthday. How would you like to drive down to Lake Country on Saturday, take a tour of the Gray Monk Cellars winery and have dinner in their dining room? Then drive up to Vernon and stay at the Outback Resort, and take the Kalamalka trail hike on Sunday? We could stay at the Outback again Sunday night and come home Monday morning."

"So skydiving is still out then?"

James looked into Quinn's eyes trying to assess whether his husband was just joking or if he was seriously still hoping to go skydiving. Since he couldn't decide which, James knew he'd better re-enforce his edict from the night before.

"The subject of skydiving is closed. However if you have something else you'd rather do, the idea for the trip to Lake Country isn't written in stone. I'm happy to entertain other non-leaping from an airplane ideas."

Quinn broke eye contact. “I bet Patrick would be happy to jump with me if you don't want go.”

James drew in a deep breath, his hopes that this skydiving idea was going to be put to rest easily were rapidly crumbling, it was obvious Quinn was not going to let it go without a fight.

James reached forward and took hold of Quinn's chin pulling his face up to re-establish eye contact. Once he ensured that his husband could see the look on his face James spoke in a low voice enunciating each word carefully.

"I am giving you a rare second warning, last night I made my feelings on the subject of skydiving very clear, you will not be participating in this activity as long as I am in charge. I do not care to hear any arguments to the contrary, now or in the future. This is my final decision, one more word on the subject from you and you will regret it."

"Why can't we at least discuss it?" Quinn pouted.

James had had it; he spun Quinn around and landed two very hard smacks on the seat of his pants. "In the study now!" he gave Quinn another swat to send him on his way. Then as a last minute thought he added. "And find a corner!"

It was rare for James to use corner time with Quinn; his husband had complained that it made him feel childish. However there were times when James needed to gather his thoughts before dealing with his beloved Brat, and times he felt that same Brat needed time to think through is actions in a place with no other distractions.

James picked up his coffee mug and slowly partook of the rich liquid.
Had he not been clear enough with Quinn? Should he have explained things more? No, he knew his husband well enough to know that he had sunk his teeth into this skydiving idea with pit bull intensity and no amount of talking on James' behalf was going to make him let go of it. It was all tied up with Quinn's desire to emulate his brothers, most especially his closest brother Patrick.

Quinn was the youngest and he was gay, so he often felt the need to prove his manhood, even though his family was completely supportive, Quinn still had some self-doubts. Well James was determined he was not going to try ego boosting by jumping out of a plane.

Mind made up James walked into the study. Quinn was standing stiffly in the corner by the desk, hands clenched into fists. Oh yes, there was only one-way to get past this as much as he might wish otherwise.

James sat in the centre of the sofa. "Come here please." he called.

Quinn turned towards James, but didn't move away from the corner. "I don't want to."

James felt his ire rising "Quinn Seamus Sweeney, I told you to come here please!"

Quinn's body unconsciously took a step forward in response to James' demand, but after one step he stopped. His defensive stance changed to one of defeat and he gave James a sad look. "Please don't," he whispered.

James steeled himself against the sad face. "Now Quinn." he ordered.

Quinn took a hiccupped breath and moved forward towards James. His mind was spinning and he was feeling overwhelmed with emotion. He hadn't meant to push James to this point--in fact he wasn't totally sure why he was doing it. He had never really anticipated James allowing him to skydive, but there was something inside him that made him continue to force the issue.

James determined that more words right now would only bring forth further argument from Quinn, what was needed was to get past his husband’s current fixation and get to the reason behind it. And James knew the fastest route to that was the emotional release Quinn would find through a firmly administered spanking.

He didn't even bother to ask Quinn to take down his pants, he just reached forward when his partner arrived in front of him and quickly divested him of the garments and pulled him across his lap before Quinn could let out a protest.

James wrapped his left arm securely around Quinn's waist and brought his right hand down smartly against the exposed bottom. He proceeded wordlessly with a very thorough spanking, ensuring that every inch of tender buttock and upper thigh was given the full attention of his strong hand. He vehemently ignored his lover’s protests until he felt the previously tense muscles go limp as Quinn finally let go and began to sob. James continued for a minute longer ensuring that Quinn had reached the point of complete release.

He let go of his tight hold, and Quinn slid to his knees with his head buried in James' lap. "It's okay baby, I love you," he repeated softly as he used his now stinging hand to rub his beloved’s back.

James normal sweet reassurances were only making Quinn more upset; he felt that he needed to regain his composure quickly so that James wouldn’t be late to the Inn. He had already been enough of a nuisance this morning he didn’t need to add to it by making James late, too.

He tried hard to calm himself by taking a couple of deep breaths.

He was somewhat thankful that he had awoken shortly after James. If he was going to end up getting a morning spanking at least he had a couple more hours to recuperate before he had to leave for the mine. He felt a large well of tears begin to form again at the thought of not having James to cuddle him.

Quinn stood and replaced his sweat pants. “I love you too. I’m sorry if I made you late. I’m gonna go back to bed for a while,” he said as he turned to leave, so that James could finish getting ready for work.

"Whoa, my love." James said as he took hold of his retreating lover’s arm. "I'm not late yet and it doesn't matter if I am. You and I are more important, and we need some time together." He pulled Quinn to sit down beside him on the sofa, feeling sorry for him when he hissed as his butt made contact with the leather.

He wrapped his arm around Quinn’s shoulder and kissed him gently. "We need to have a talk. I need to understand why a man who has just happily returned to work after recovering from a third degree ankle sprain, would even consider such a venture as skydiving? You knew very well I wouldn't agree to this, so I want to know why you pushed me so hard. Now tell me what's going on, what are you feeling?"

Quinn looked into James’ eyes, and chewed on his bottom lip. “ I don’t know. I just really want to go.”

James gently extricated Quinn's lip from between the gnashing teeth. "Don't chew," he admonished. "You say you don't know what you’re feeling, or why you're pushing so hard? Well let's say you did know, what would it be that you’re feeling?" He asked.

Quinn rolled his eyes at James, but when he spoke his voice sounded noticeably better, “You should have been a therapist.”

Wiggling a bit, Quinn realized there was no way he was going to find a comfortable position to sit, so he slid down onto his side and rested his head on James lap. Feeling much more willing to share his feelings in this position he said, “I feel vulnerable.” He exhaled a hiccupped breath, and then let out a smoother sigh when James began to run his fingers through Quinn’s hair. “When my ankle was hurt, I was away from them for a long time. It was just you and me, and I liked that. I liked being with you all that time, but when I went back to work I felt so different from them.”

Tears began to fall down his cheeks. “ I’m not sure if I have ever felt so not a part of my own family. I hated the way they protected me when I went back. I didn't feel like I was pulling my weight. My dad and my brothers were doing all of their hard labor and picking up some of mine. I wanted to...I WANT to show them I'm okay. I need them to see that I'm strong...that I'm still one of them.” Quinn’s voice had become shaky, and he had to take several breaths before he could continue. “And then you said no, and I just felt more different from them.”

"Oh Babe," James sat stroking Quinn's head. "One of the first things that attracted you to me was your strength, and you're just as strong now as you were then. You suffered an injury, and need time to recover. You know what the doctor and physiotherapist both told you. You’re eighty percent healed; you've been cleared to work but were warned not to over stress the ankle for a while longer. The therapist told you that if you kept up the exercises the muscles that support the ankle would be stronger than ever."

He continued to stroke his fingers through his husband's hair as he spoke. "Can you imagine what your mother, father or brothers, including Patrick, would say if you told them you wanted to jump out of a plane after what you've been through with your ankle? Cuz I sure can, they’d be down on you like a ton of bricks. Your family know that you’re still one of them and that you're a strong man, all they’re trying to do is to give a bit of extra help to someone they love, until that someone is fully up to par. The same way that you would pull some extra duty to help anyone of them who needed it.

So I want you to let go of any notion that you're anything less than you were before you were hurt. And stop trying to prove yourself with attempts to be like your brother and just be yourself, because Quinn Seamus Sweeney is one very special man. I should know I married him."

As James continued to stroke Quinn’s hair, Quinn cried softly into James’ lap for what seemed like a long time. He felt his tears cleansing him of his grief over not being at one hundred percent, his guilt over manipulating James, his anger at himself for again keeping his feelings bottled up to the point of overload, and relief that James, through love and discipline, was able to help him see and deal with all of those things.

Quinn eventually nodded off from the exhaustion of his emotional release.

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

He awoke to the comfort of resting on James, although when he moved to stretch he grunted at the discomfort still present in his butt. “You deliver a wicked spanking, Mr. Lefebvre,” he said scrunching his face in displeasure.

James smiled at him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

“I love you,” Quinn said, “and I am very sorry. Do you forgive me?”

"I love you too, and of course I forgive you, it's over and done with." James replied. "I'd still like to do something nice for your birthday, the Lake Country offer is still open and I was thinking that maybe the following weekend we could have a barbecue and have all the Sweeney clan over.

You could grill great piles of manly meat and tell raunchy stories that will have all your sister-in-laws covering the kids ears and your ma yelling at your pop to speak to you." James added with a grin.

“One of these days, I’m going to let it slip to my mother that I get all those raunchy stories from you,” Quinn said teasing his husband.

“The Lake Country and barbecue sound really nice. Thank you.” Quinn sat up and leaned into James for a kiss. “I think it’s time we got a move on,” Quinn said. Giving his husband a sly wink, he continued, “Maybe you should come shower with me to save some time.”

James laughed, "You're right about getting a move on my love. However showering with you, my sexy husband would definitely not save time. You go first before I get calls from your Pop wanting to know why you're late."

The two men quickly got ready for their day; James packed an extra special lunch for Quinn while the younger man was showering. Included in it was a small note.


There is no one on earth I love or admire more than you. Every day with you is a gift from heaven. Please take good care of yourself when we're apart and bring yourself home to my arms.

Love always,

James, your own personal "Whuffo" (Google it, LOL You'll see it fits)

Copyright 2008 Mel & Tarabeth

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