Body Paint Follow-up

Title: Body Paint Follow-up 
Authors: Mike & Tarabeth
Characters: James & Quinn (with a flash of the other Jade Heights Brats)

~*~   ~*~   ~*~
Quinn left Billy’s garage and took the path to the park.  He was meeting James and the whole of the Sweeney clan at the Bicycle Rodeo. Quinn had nieces and nephews in each of the Bike Rodeo’s different age groups.  The triplets were in the Tykes on Trykes group.  Aedan’s sons Mick and Keegan were in the 5-8 year olds beginners group.  Sully’s twins Murphy and Kacy and Aedan’s oldest daughter Tarryn were in the intermediate group for 9 and 10 year olds.  Rowen’s oldest son Liam, and Sully’s daughters Eilis and Darby were in the Advanced group for elevens and older. 
Quinn’s sisters-in-law had been on the Rodeo’s planning committee, so attendance was mandatory.  Well actually not just attendance, but volunteering.  James and Quinn were working at the prize and award table at the end of the slalom course near the playground.  As Quinn entered the park he could see James sitting at a picnic table just off the path. 
James waved when he saw his husband. 
Quinn waved back.  He approached his husband and bent down to give him a soft peck on the lips.  He noticed James frown at his paint covered clothes, and he laughed.  “It’s a long story, and not appropriate for a bike rodeo.  I’ll tell you when we get home.”
James raised his eyebrows but laughed along with his husband.  He patted the bench next to him. “Have a seat babe and I’ll explain about the completion certificates, raffle prizes, and the awards in each of the age groups.”
Quinn looked down at the hard wood bench; he had already spent a lot of today sitting and had been hoping that he and James would be working in one of the areas that required standing.  He placed his hands inside his pockets and looked at the ground and then back up at James.  His eyes were softly pleading at James.  His butt still ached and the ache was a bit more pronounced from sitting in the plastic chair at the garage.  “I’ll stand thanks.” 
James reached under the table and pulled out a plastic bag from which he removed Quinn’s gel filled seat cushion.  “I brought this along for you.  I figured you deserve a break being we’re here helping out family.”   He placed the cushion on the bench beside him and gave it a pat.  “Sit with me babe, I’ve missed you this morning.”
Quinn looked around to make sure none of his brothers were looking.  After he was sure the coast was clear, he sat down on the gel cushion and leaned into James. 
James placed his arm around Quinn and pulled him in for a hug and kiss.  “Did you save me one of Mrs. C’s cupcakes?” Quinn asked.  Mrs. Chelsea had been making cupcakes for the bike rodeo since Quinn was a rodeo participant. 
“Yes, there are two cupcakes waiting for us on the kitchen counter when we get home,” James said. 
“Uncle Quinn!!  Uncle James!!!” their young nephew Keegan came running.  “I won the slalom!  Have you got a prize for me?”
James turned his attention to the boy.  “You won the slalom?  That’s great Keegan, congratulations!” James carefully transcribed the boys name onto the list for prize winners.  “For you we have a new Bionicle and of course your first place ribbon.” He pinned the red ribbon with the large number 1 on it to the boy’s shirt.  “Uncle Quinn can you let Keegan pick which of the Bionicles he’d like from the box beside you?”
 Quinn waited patiently while the youngster picked through the selection of Lego robot toys.  The youngster then ran off to show his prize to his friends. 
“Well that’s one down and how many dozen to go?” James asked with a laugh.  “I do hope the Sweeney clan allow some other children to win.  I wouldn’t want to be accused of having rigged things; it was almost embarrassing last year when so many of the first prizes went to your nieces and nephews.”
“James Lefebvre are you wishing losses on OUR nieces and nephews?” Quinn teased.  “Because they can’t help that they were cursed with the Sweeney athleticism and good looks.”
James laughed, “not only are you Sweeney’s cursed with good looks and athletic ability, but you’re overly modest too.  And no I’d never wish losses on OUR nieces and nephews, I adore everyone one of the little darlings, almost as much as I adore their Uncle Quinn.”
~*~   ~*~   ~*~
As the day began to wind down, there were just a couple of awards left to hand out, when the oldest of the Sweeney nieces and nephews, Liam, came to collect his prize for winning the Advanced group Mountain bike trail slalom course.  Liam had Ava, his youngest sister, trailing after him.  “Hey there sport,” Quinn said. 
 Liam handed over the slip of paper stating he had won his event. 
“That’s my boy,” Quinn said as he handed Liam his ribbon.  James handed Liam a gift certificate to the game store in Kelowna. 
“I didn’t win anyfing,” Ava said in the most pitiful little voice. 
Quinn reached over the table and picked his niece up and set her on his lap.  “You didn’t?”
“No,” she said now getting a bit teary.  “I tried really hard, an everfing.”
Quinn pulled Ava close.  “Well then you did your very best.  Uncle James and I are very proud of you.”
“Really?” the little girl asked in almost a whisper. 
“Yes baby, we are very proud of you,” Quinn said.  He continued to talk quietly to his niece; not noticing that James had finished his conversation with Liam, and had began to decorate a blank red prize ribbon. 
When Ava had been appropriate cuddled, and began to a wiggle a bit, due to Quinn’s tickles, she peeked her head up to look at James. 
James smiled at his littlest niece.  “Look what we have for you,” he said.  James held up the red ribbon.  He had decorated the round portion to resemble a ladybug, and on the hanging ribbon he wrote ‘#1 Love Bug’.
Ava squealed in delight. “Thank you,” she said, bouncing on Quinn’s lap. “Thank you,” she said again jumping from Quinn’s lap on to James’ and tightly wrapping her little arms around his neck. “I have to go show Mommy.”
“Okay, go with Liam, please,” James said. 
As Liam and Ava trotted off, Quinn wrapped his arms James.  “You’re a big softy.  You don’t think Blyth and Caitlan will be jealous, do you?” Quinn asked. 
“If they are we’ll just have to make them ribbons too.  We’ll make...” James ability to speak was suddenly taken from him by the site of six painted creatures running into the park.
Quinn looked up when he noticed that James seemed to have stopped the hug.  What he saw sent a shiver of nervousness through his body.  There stood two men in black body paint—one in a rugby costume and the other in chaps.  Right behind Billy and Jason came a very orange tiger, a man covered in Celtic symbols, another in silver with artistic faces and one with bizarre aliens covering him. “Uh….” Quinn mumbled.
James was absolutely speechless as he watched the next few minutes unfold.  The six young men though while painted were also totally nude.  The remaining mothers who included several of Quinn’s sisters-in-law quickly were turning their younger children away from the sight as the police constables gave chase and subsequently arrested the miscredents.  James suddenly made the connection between the paint covered streakers and the paint staining his husband’s clothing.
“Quinn please tell me you had nothing to do with this.” James knew that in this small town anyone connected to this display in a public park, in front of women and children, was going to be fodder for gossip and possible serious repercussions. 
“Heh, heh…” Quinn nervously giggled.  Quinn squirmed on his already sore butt.  He worried if he would ever sit comfortably again.  “Kind of, but not really,” he answered.  
James rolled his eyes, and spoke a silent thank you to the gods that his fully clothed and unpainted husband was sitting beside him and not being herded into a police cruiser.  He had recognised at least three of the young men, Rene Pierce, Kyler Jamison and Billy Monroe; he felt a deep sympathy for their partners having to deal with this situation. 
“I think I’d like to clear up here and head home where you can tell me about your ‘kind of but not really’ involvement in all of this.”
Quinn became panicked at James recommendation that they leave.  The Bicycle Rodeo was over, but his family was still around, and he really didn’t think he should be in trouble, so he found himself blurting, “I know you know I was spending the afternoon with Kyler and some others at Billy’s garage, but I really didn’t know about the streaking.  I swear.  They all said they were doing this as a surprise for their partners.  I didn’t touch anyone’s naughty bits.  I stayed fully clothed, and I had absolutely no idea that any of them were planning on streaking, or I wouldn’t have helped.  Kyler said they needed another artist, and I was really excited honoured they thought of me.“  Quinn’s voice grew quieter, and he broke eye contact with James.   “I didn’t do anything that I should be in trouble for.”
James wrapped his arm around Quinn's waist, wanting to calm his husband.  "Sweetheart I never said you were in trouble and I'm sorry if I worried you.  I only want to hear about what led up to this.  And besides I'd like to head home now, we've done our part for the bike rodeo and staying around to hear the gossips go on about your streaking friends isn't my idea of fun."
Quinn leaned into James and let out a sigh of relief.  "You don't want to stay and gossip?" Quinn teased his husband.  "I'm sure I've caught you gossiping with Mrs. Smyth at the grocery store."
James quickly landed a swat on Quinn's hip.  "I certainly do not gossip with Mrs. Smyth or anyone.  On occasion Mrs. Smyth imparts some local community news to me, but that is not gossip.  Now get your arse up off that cushion and say good-bye to all the assorted relatives, before I end up adding your butt to the list of ones being shown off in this park today." James teased. 
Quinn got up and gave his husband a look of mock outrage and discreetly placed his gel pillow in his backpack.  He kissed his husband, and with a mischievous smirk said, "Ah, community news, is that what the Tops are calling it these days."  He made a quick get away to say his goodbyes to his family.
The two men soon arrived back at their little cottage, James sent Quinn inside with instructions to fill the whirlpool tub, while he made a quick check in with Stanley at the Inn.  When James entered the bathroom Quinn was naked and bent over the side of the tub checking the water temperature.  His butt still bore some of the marks of his recent punishment for dosing James with Viagra; however most of the redness was gone. 
James quickly stripped off his own clothing came up behind Quinn and ran a finger lightly up his crack.  “What a beautiful sight greeting me.  I think you should greet me like this every day.”  He slid his hand between Quinn’s legs and gently cupped his balls.  “Oh yes very nice.”
Quinn gasped at the pleasure of James finger.  He was quickly becoming erect as James caressed his testicles.  Quinn moaned in pleasure, and then issued his husband an amused warning.  "If you keep that up, the water's going to go cold."
James laughed. “Oh I’m sure we can keep it hot.  Climb in Brat and you can tell me the tale of the body painting today while you wash my back-- and my front-- and my everything...like a good bath boy.”
Quinn laughed as he climbed into the bath.  "Bath boy, huh?  How about I tell you story, while you wash my everything? I've had a long day of painting and presenting awards and prizes to all the little children of the world."
James put on a look of mock outrage as he climbed in the tub.  He reached for Quinn’s nipples and pinched them firmly forcing the younger man up to his knees, so that he, James could slide into a comfortable sitting position.  “Who’s the Top here boy?  As far as your claim of a long day painting and presenting awards goes, let’s remember who was up and at the Inn at seven this morning while you were still sawing logs in bed.  Now get the sponge and start washing.”  He gave the abused nipples a little twist.
Quinn sat back on his knees.  He picked up the body wash and squeezed some onto the sponge. He first slowly applied the sponge then to James' chest--making it lather as he ran it over his husband's sexy chest hair.  After cleaning James' chest, Quinn seductively ran his hands over his own smooth chest. 
He then leaned back and brought his legs forward.  He slipped them around his husband's waist and skootched himself on to James' lap.   Once there he began to drop light kisses along James' neck and shoulders while he ran the sponge around the Innkeepers back.
James was getting very hard and distracted from his original request for information on Quinn’s morning of body painting.  However he really wanted to hear what had happened so he gently pushed Quinn back from his kisses.  “You’re doing a good job bath boy but you still owe me a story of your morning’s activities.”
Quinn huffed, "I'd rather be bath boy." 
James couldn’t give Quinn the swat he wanted to since his butt was below the water so he chose to go after a nipple again and gave the nearest one to him a little twist.  “On with the story telling boy!” 
Quinn yelped and gave a small pout.  "Okay," he said.  He turned his body so he could lean back against James.  "Last week, Kyler came to the mine to see his uncle.  He mentioned that he and some of their friends were going to be getting together to paint their bodies as a surprise for their partners, and he wanted to know if I wanted to join them--and if so, if I would help them paint."
"I said I didn't want to be painted, because I knew you wouldn't like that.  But, I did say I would help paint.  At the time, I thought they would all be wearing bathing suits.  When I got to the garage, some were naked, some had on a thong, and someone was in the shower shaving off all their body hair." 
James decided he could turn this situation into a bit of fun; he growled deeply as he spoke, “So my boy, you were in a room with all those naked men, painting naked bodies.  Hmmmm? You claim you didn’t touch any private parts, but I’m sure you looked, didn’t you?  Did you see anything you liked?  See anything you wanted to touch?” As he spoke James slid his hand down and gave Quinn's balls a little squeeze.
Quinn closed his eyes and moaned at the attention to his testicles.  When he opened his eyes, they had a sparkle of mischief that matched the twinkle he saw in his husband's beautiful hazel eyes.  He picked up the sponge and smiled seductively.  "Well...," Quinn dragged out his answer, "it would be hard not to in a room full of six young, good looking, gay men."
James used his hand to roll the balls firmly in his fingers and scraped a nail across the puckered surface. “Hard not to what...?” he asked menacingly.  “Hard not to look, touch, desire or all of the above?” 
Quinn's head slowly rolled back.  "Mmmm...," he said enjoying the attention he was receiving. "Well, I was painting their firm young bodies; it was impossible not to look and touch them...but desire...hmmm...," he leaned in to kiss James lips.  "I would have had to think if they tasted as good as you."  He kissed James neck.  "To wonder if they smelled as good as you."  Quinn stroked his husband's cock. "Would they fuck as good as you?"  Quinn again gave his husband a mischievous grin.  "But, I was in a room full bottoms and possibly a room full of Brats...so none of them could dominate me the way you do."
“Oh, I do know how you like to be dominated, and I certainly could see that none of those boys could do that for you.”  James pulled Quinn into a hard kiss, using his tongue to force open his partner’s mouth he began a thorough job of exploring every crevice of the well-known space.  He slid his right hand around Quinn’s back and lifted him up enough to let his fingers begin teasing the tight pucker of his ass.  Pulling back from the kiss he moved his mouth down and placed small bites along his neck before he spoke.  “I think what I need to do here is to remind you just how dominant I can be.” James pushed Quinn off his lap and levered himself up onto the side of the tub.  He waggled his large hard cock in Quinn’s face.  “Suck boy and you’d better do a good job if you know what’s good for you!”
"Yes sir," Quinn replied.  Quinn took hold of his husband's cock and slowly lowered his mouth over its head.  He licked, sucked, and moved his mouth up and down James' shaft.  As he felt James begin to lightly thrust his hips, Quinn became more active with his mouth--ensuring that James was thoroughly enjoying fucking his boy's mouth. 
James was getting close to cumming so he pushed Quinn off his cock. “Bend over the end of the tub and spread your legs.” He ordered, once Quinn was in position James had the perfect view of the slightly loosened hole that seemed to be winking at him as Quinn squirmed.
James reached for the tube of lube they kept on the shelf; he realized it was one of the flavoured ones and had a red colour to the translucent gel.  He smiled wickedly and put a big dollop of it on the centre of Quinn’s back.  “I think I’ll try a little body painting of my own.”  Using his tongue he began to trace random geometric patterns all across his lover’s back with long sensuous licks. “Hmmmm you paint up real nice.”  He squirted another mound of the gel right along Quinn’s crack and used his tongue to slide it down and into the hole.  He thrust his tongue along with a finger in and out of the hole faster and faster, while Quinn moaned and squirmed beneath him.  Once he was sure his lover was well prepped he shimmied in behind him and aligned his throbbing cock with the now very relaxed opening and shoved it in, in a single hard thrust. 
Quinn emitted a howl of delight as James entered him, but as James thrusts became harder and faster he lost his voice as his breathing took on the rhythm of James' plunging. 
Before long James could feel himself close to coming, he reached down and took hold of Quinn’s cock wanting to bring him off at the same time.  “Cum with me boy,” he cried as he pumped his seed deep within his lover’s body.
Quinn was overtaken by his orgasm and collapsed into a relaxed lump of contentedness and pleasure.  He could feel James’ body flop down onto his own.  James lay contented over Quinn's body, keeping himself buried deep within his lover.  James had dominated him in all the right ways.  Quinn loved when James stayed inside of him--it was the ultimate physical confirmation of their oneness as a couple.
After regaining his breath and his senses, James considered laying back into the tub with Quinn, but he realized the water was rapidly cooling and thought better of it.  He carefully rose up allowing his cock to slide free of his husband’s welcoming warmth and drew Quinn up to kneeling with him.  “Come on babe,” he whispered, “let’s get dried and go take a nap.”
The two quickly dried off and made their way into the bedroom, James drew back the light summer duvet and allowed Quinn to flop into the bed.  He scooted around to the other side of the bed and slid in behind Quinn, spooning his lover tightly to his body.  He nuzzled against the back of Quinn’s neck, placing tiny kisses all along the skin all the way to the very sensitive spot just under his ear.   “No more painting naked bodies for you my boy.  Remember you belong to only me.” 
The threat was said teasingly, but with a tiny enough edge that Quinn could feel the touch of jealousy the day had brought out in his husband.
James trusted Quinn implicitly, however it didn’t mean he liked the thought of his husband around all those other naked guys--it pushed his toppy buttons.
Quinn smiled to himself at James spark of jealousy.  He hadn't meant to ignite it, but it did make him feel very loved and possessed.  "Promise," Quinn said as he emitted a sleepy yawn.  He pushed his body even closer to James and relished in the closeness to his husband.  

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Read about the Brats Swapping Stories and doing their Community Service
~*~   ~*~   ~*~
Gossip soon spread through town that the Brats had been given a weekend of community service.  Quinn felt bad for them and even felt a bit guilty for his part in their caper.  He had noticed Jay seemed a bit sore on Monday when he dropped off the mine's mail. 
On the last day of the Jade Height's streaker’s community service, news began to spread quickly around town of the amazing transformation taking place at the playground.  James had heard the story from Mrs. Smyth at the grocery store. 
When James returned to the Inn from his trip to the grocery store; Quinn had just finished cutting the lawn and was headed into the cottage. “Let me get this food put away then we can go for a walk.  I hear there is something going on in park that we should see.”
"At the park?" Quinn asked, as they headed to the kitchen.  "Aren't the guys doing their community service there?  Is everything okay?"
“Yes the guys are doing their community service at the park and according to Mrs. Smyth everything is very okay and we should go see it.”
"According to Mrs. Smyth," Quinn laughed.  "Did you and she share some 'community news' while you were at the market?" He teased his husband. 
James made an attempt to look affronted at Quinn’s remark.  “I certainly did not; I simply listened as she told me of something very remarkable happening in the park.  So if you want to see it with me get changed out of that sweaty shirt while I finish with these groceries.”
Quinn smiled at his husband.  He knew James wasn't a gossip, but he loved any opportunity to tease his husband.  Quinn went into the bedroom, changed shirts, and applied a fresh coat of deodorant.   James was putting away the last of the food, when Quinn snuck up behind him and applied a soft kiss below his husband's ear.  "I'm ready to go whenever you are."
James returned the kiss and the two men headed to the park at a leisurely pace.  They were surprised to see a small crowd of spectators standing behind the barricades, which had been erected around the children’s playground.  As they made their way closer an amazing sight greeted them.  All the playground equipment had been transformed by the magic of paint and artistry into a veritable menagerie of playful animals.   Strips, spots and grinning furry faces adorned almost everything; the young men who had engendered a great deal of unpleasant town gossip had redeemed themselves in a most remarkable way.
~*~   ~*~   ~*~

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