Le Chef, Le Mineur, les Aubergistes Dominants, et le Chien

Authors: Mel and Tarabeth
Characters: James, Quinn, Steve and Jean-Jacques and introducing Genny and the Lefebvres
Authors' note: A huge thank you to Natasha for betaing. 
Warnings: This story is primarily D/s and has a lot of sex (some of it is fantasy non-consensual touching and sexual activity) and BDSM content including flogging, paddling, spanking, whipping, chastity, medical play, and bondage.  There may be others that we have forgotten--please forgive us.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Le Chef, Le Mineur, les Aubergistes Dominant, et le Chien


It was a blustery cold post Christmas Day.  James had taken the phone call while finishing up some paper work.  After a lengthy chat filled with laughter and excitement, he hung up the phone and headed out in search of his husband.   Quinn was in the living room stretched out on the couch enjoying a movie.  “Hey babe can you pause that for a bit?  I’ve got something to talk to you about.”

Quinn hit the remote to pause the movie and looked curiously up at his husband.  “What’s up?”

“That was Steve Waterman on the phone; he’s bought a bed and breakfast in Quebec.  He’s taking possession on January fifteenth.  He was asking if we’d consider coming out and helping him to get it fixed up and opened.  Since it’s during the mine’s winter break and my slow season I thought it would be a great thing to do and a nice get away for the two of us.  What do you think? Would you like to go?”

Quinn looked at James for a while before he responded.  "Did he buy it with Jean-Jacques?"

James nodded.  "Yes, they thought it was a great combination of their talents—Steve’s experience in hotel management and Jean-Jacques’ experience as a chef."

"Wow," Quinn said.  "I’m really happy for them.  It’d be nice to meet Jean-Jacques.  How long do you think we’d be gone for?"

“To make the trip worthwhile and to be of true assistance to them I thought we might stay about three weeks.  From the sounds of it there’s a lot to be done.  Steve says the building is beautiful but looking really tired.  The wiring and plumbing are in good shape; the fixtures need replacing, and it all needs painting and redecorating.   Those are all things we know about from fixing up our inn, so I think our experience would be a big help to them.”

Three weeks away with James would be very nice.  He and James had such a wonderful time renovating the inn together.  He thought that having time to work with James like that again, in addition to helping their friends, would be a great way to spend some of his and James’ slow time. Quinn’s excitement was now evident in his enthusiastic and frenzied speech. “That sounds like it could be fun.  Where will we be staying?  Do we need to bring our tools?  How cold is it in Quebec in February?  Darn I guess you won’t be shirtless as much as you were when we renovated this place.  I don’t know a lot of French, and I don’t think the few lines you’ve taught me will go over very well.  I think I might get into trouble if tell strangers ‘Je vais te faire quelque chose d'horrible tu cul.’

James laughed at the excitement in his husband’s voice.  “Okay slow down and let me see if I can answer your questions.  We will stay at the inn while we work. Steve said there are beds and things there; we’ll just have to sleep in rooms we’re not renovating at first then move around.  No, we will not be bringing our tools; it would be too much weight for the flight.   Steve will either have or purchase or rent what we need.   I would think it would be pretty cold at Lac-Saint-Jean so we’ll have to pack warm clothes.  I cannot imagine that I will be working shirtless in February so get that out of you mind, and if you dare repeat that phrase to anyone but me boy, I’ll do the kind of horrible things to your ass that you will NOT appreciate!”

Quinn gave a playful pout to his husband’s threat and crossed his heart with his finger.  His voice turned a bit more raspy and wanton, and his eyes began to dance with mischief. "I promise I will never say that phrase to anyone else." Quinn reached up and grasped James by the shirt pulling the larger man down on top of him.  He kissed James passionately.  "Do you think I might be able to convince you to do some lovingly horrible things to me now?"

James growled and proceeded to fulfil Quinn’s desire to the point that both men were pleasantly satisfied and exhausted.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

The morning of their trip arrived all too early for the lovers. Their flight was scheduled to leave Kelowna Airport at seven-thirty a.m., which required them to leave their Jade Heights home just after four-thirty in the morning.  

They packed everything the night before, or at least James packed while Quinn spent half the evening standing in the corner in an attempt to settle his pre-travel jitters.  Quinn man had been getting more and more worked up as the time for their trip approached.  Quinn was not a comfortable flyer, and the flight to Quebec City would take over six hours.

James had requested that Quinn reduce the volume of clothing he was planning to pack--as it would most definitely exceed the airline’s weight limitation.  After forty minutes, Quinn had removed one sweater and three pairs of socks from the mountainous pile of clothes on the bed.  Things deteriorated from there and the handsome miner found himself staring at the corner of the bedroom with a tender backside while James finished the packing.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

The alarm clock rang and James crawled sleepily from the bed.  He went to the washroom and upon returning gently tugged the blankets from Quinn’s body and gave him a wake up kiss. “Come on, lover, time to get up; we’ve got a flight to catch.”

Quinn opened his eyes and looked up at James.  His brain was swirling; he was remorseful and guilty for the previous evening's tantrum, apprehensive and nervous about the long flight to Quebec City, and as was often the case the day after a spanking he yearned for James’ touch and affection.  "I'm sorry I was such a prat last night," he whispered.  

James gently pulled Quinn out of bed and into a tight embrace.  He planted several soft kisses on Quinn's face.  

Quinn began to melt into James strength.  He rubbed his cheek against James' rough whiskers and inhaled the spicy musk that he identified with his man.  

"Shhh," James said.  "We handled that."

"But..." Quinn began. 

James placed a finger over Quinn's lips.  "No.  We are good. Yes?" 

The finality of James' words worked its way through Quinn's body to his core, and he felt James' assurance.  "Yes, we're good."

James ushered Quinn into the shower.  He poured a dab of shampoo into his hand and began to wash Quinn's hair, gently massaging Quinn’s head while he worked in the lather.  When he finished he steered Quinn under the shower spray and then washed his own hair.  He rinsed the shampoo from his hair and applied body wash to the sponge and efficiently cleaned both their bodies.  He turned off the shower, dried Quinn, and motioned his brat to the sink with a gentle swat.  "Go get yourself shaved."

Quinn turned to James.  "Okay, but will you keep your stubble today?  I like your rugged look."

James smiled and nodded at Quinn.  "I'm going to get dressed then.  I'll lay your clothes on the bed.  Oh and clean yourself out before you come out to get dressed."

Quinn froze in his tracks at how casually James threw out the last bit.  He did as instructed and washed himself out, shaved and brushed his teeth.  Quinn entered the bedroom to find that James had laid out his favourite pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and the green V-neck sweater of James’ that he craved when in need of extra comfort.  

James was dressed in black jeans and a fitted black Hensley shirt that accentuated his broad shoulders, chest, and narrow waist.  He pulled his nude husband up hard against his fully clothed body, kissed him passionately, grasping his butt cheeks in both hands and kneading them firmly.   “Who do you belong to?” He growled against Quinn’s cheek.

Quinn closed his eyes, rubbed his cheek against James’ rough whiskers, and released a soft moan at the attention being paid to his butt.  “I’m yours. Toujours le vôtre.”

Growling again, James pushed Quinn back to look into his eyes.  “That’s right boy and you’re going to remember that throughout this trip.  I want your mind on us and only us while we are traveling today.  There will be no fretting or thinking about long flights; you will be thinking about who you are to me and that you belong to me body and soul.”  He guided Quinn to the foot of the bed.  “Bend over and grasp the footboard with your legs spread wide,” he ordered.

Quinn took a deep breath, and inhaled his husband’s scent. This was not the first time that James had exerted his sexual dominance before they travelled.  Quinn had forgotten how well James handled his travel jitters, because he hadn’t needed them on their trip to California.  But after their first flight together when Quinn heavily spiked his coffee with brandy and ended up vomiting on an American custom’s agent in Seattle—Quinn found that travel days were now very structured.  James’ kinky and creative mind could find many different ways to take his brat’s mind away from travel and focus it on intense sexual and/or body sensations.  Quinn exhaled and felt his body begin to release some of the tension it was holding. 

Quinn looked over his shoulder and gave James an impish grin as he reached down and gripped the bed.  He then gave a little wiggle of his ass while spreading his legs. 

James put his hand on the small of Quinn’s back and gently kicked his legs further apart.  He grabbed a pump bottle of lube off the dresser and used it to lube up a silicone butt plug.  The plug was four inches and had a rounded tip that flared out to a two-inch diameter at the widest point and then narrowed down again before the flanged base.  The silicone construction was warm and flesh-like and would not set off the metal detectors at airport security. 

James placed the plug at the entrance to Quinn’s body. “Relax and take this, my boy.” He commanded as he slowly inserted the plug in to the widest point. “Breathe,” he ordered, and when he felt Quinn relax enough he pushed it the rest of the way until only the small flange could be seen resting tightly over Quinn’s anus.  James gave Quinn a swat and pulled him back up and into his arms.  “At any point today if you feel yourself getting worried or worked up about flying or any other thing that might bother you, I want you to feel that plug and remember I put it there and it won’t come out until I remove it.  You’re my boy, and I will take care of you.  You have nothing else to worry about--understood?”

Quinn nodded into James’ shoulder.  “Yes, thank you.”  They stood quietly for another minute and Quinn once again enjoyed James kneading his buttocks. 

The cuckoo clock in the lounge sang out that it was four a.m., and James applied another swat to Quinn’s bare backside.  “All right love, we need to get a move on.  If you get dressed quickly, I think we’ll have time to make a quick run to Tim Horton’s before the car arrives to take us to the airport.”

A short time later, they were seated in the back of the Kelowna Airport Shuttle with coffee and a small box containing a Dutchie, a blueberry fritter, a Canadian Maple and a strawberry sprinkled donut. 

James slipped his hand over Quinn’s and gave it a gentle squeeze.  “Love you,” he whispered. “Now pass me that Dutchie.”

Quinn showed his mock outrage as James snatched his favourite treat from the box and took a big bite.  However Quinn’s outrage changed to chuckles as James leaned towards him with the donut still clamped in his teeth and shared the remainder with him.  The two men ended up with lips stuck together in a sticky sweet kiss.

They arrived at the airport, checked their baggage and made their way through security.  By the time they reached the departure lounge the attendant was calling for the first passengers to board the aircraft.  James and Quinn were soon seated and buckling up.   James noticed Quinn squirming slightly in his seat as the butt plug made itself known to him.  He smiled and gave Quinn’s thigh a squeeze.  “You’re mine, my boy,” he whispered. “Feel what I put inside you and relax in that knowledge.”

Quinn slid his hand into James' and was soothed by his husband's strength.  He rested his head on James' shoulder and nodded.  Take offs were his least favourite part of the trip, and Quinn's relaxation was interrupted by the flight attendant’s announcement: "Mesdames et Messieurs bienvenue a bord Air Canada vol 8423 de Kelowna a Toronto avec service continu a Quebec.  Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard Air Canada flight 8423 from Kelowna to Toronto with continuing service to Quebec City.”  His tension grew as the passengers were asked to remove the safety cards from their seat backs and read over the instructions of how to handle an emergency.  

James' removed the card from Quinn's hands when the announcements were finished.  He raised the armrest between them and pulled his brat against his side.  He whispered into Quinn's ear, causing him to smile and blush.  Quinn settled comfortably against his husband. , "Now close your eyes and rest, my love." James instructed.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


The flight was long, allowing both men to catch a bit of sleep, enjoy an in flight movie, and the breakfast and lunch that were provided.  The stopover in Toronto was brief on their inbound flight, but on their return trip James had arranged for them to stay in his hometown for a couple of days to visit his family.  For now he would be contented with just the view out the window of the city where he’d grown up. 

James woke Quinn as the plane was beginning its decent into Quebec City.  Quinn was sleepy-eyed, and he winced with discomfort as he started to strongly feel the effects of being plugged all day.  James squeezed his hand and kissed him softly.  "We're almost there, my boy."  Lowering his voice he emitted a small growl.  "It will well be worth it when I take you later tonight."  Quinn felt a jolt of excitement travel to his cock.  He squeezed James' hand back, took a deep breath, and was ready to continue on with their day.  

The plane had a smooth landing.  They made their way out of the plane, and James stopped to check the monitors for their baggage claim information.  They saw Steve and Jean-Jacques waving as they left the security portion of the airport and they made their way over to their friends.  Steve and James hugged while Quinn and Jean-Jacques shook hands.  Steve, James, and Jean-Jacques began to speak in French, and Quinn took a couple of steps behind James in nervousness.  

"Oh, Quinn, I'm sorry."  Steve pulled Quinn into a hug.  "I’ve gotten so used to it; I just forget to speak English.  We'll behave, promise."

"Thanks," Quinn said.  He was appreciative that Steve noticed his nervousness, but unhappy that James had not, and he gave his husband a dirty look.

James gave Quinn’s hand a squeeze.  “No worries, Quinn, we’ll stick to English, I promise.”

"Are you two hungry?" Steve asked.  "It's about ninety minutes to Lac-Ste-Jean.  Do you want to stop and eat on the way, or would you rather wait until get there?"

Quinn's muscles contracted around the butt plug, and he gave James a pleading look when he realized it would be almost two more hours until his butt was plug removed. 

James looked to Steve and shook his head. “No thank you, we’re not hungry yet, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we’d really love to get to the inn and get settled.  It’s been a long flight and we’re rather tired.”

They quickly gathered their luggage and were settled into Steve’s SUV and on their way to the small village of Lac-Ste-Jean.  Steve and Jean-Jacques sat in the front and James and Quinn cuddled together in the back seat.  Though the drive was pleasant and the scenery beautiful, decked out as it was in its wintery splendour, James could feel Quinn squirming beside him.  He wrapped his arm around his husband’s shoulder and gave a comforting squeeze.  “It won’t be long, my boy,” he whispered. 

James glanced up and saw a knowing smile on Steve’s face, which was reflected in the review mirror.   Steve Waterman was one of the few men James knew for sure shared his absolute devotion to topping.  James had been so happy for his friend when Steve wrote him about meeting Jean-Jacques last summer.  From Steve’s description the man was a natural submissive and their relationship had Steve positively glowing with happiness. 

Steve had met Jean-Jacques while on a weekend trip to Quebec.  The younger man had apparently been the chef at a tiny bistro where Steve and a friend were dining. 

The food was spectacular and Steve was preparing to send his complements to the chef when the sound of voices raised in anger arose from the kitchen.

The shouting was quickly followed by the crashing sound of cookware hitting the floor and further screams laced with obscenities that would curl the hair of a seasoned sailor.  The kitchen door flew open, and a handsome young man dressed in chef’s whites stormed out followed by a grey haired gentleman in a tuxedo. 

“Jean-Jacques!  Return to this kitchen at once!” The grey haired man shouted in heavily accented French.

“Never!” came the shrieking reply of the younger man.  “I’d sooner die than cook another morsel for a plebeian pig like you!”  The young chef ran out the door of the bistro and disappeared from view. 

The older man looked around the small dining room and smiled weakly to his patrons.  “My apologies for that scene madams et monsieurs, please accept a selection from our pastry tray with my compliments.” The man went and gathered his waitstaff into the kitchen for what was obviously a meeting to discuss the restaurants sudden lack of a chef.

Steve and his friend finished their meal, declining the proffered pastry.  It was pouring rain as they left the bistro.   Steve bade his friend good-bye.  He huddled under his umbrella and set out on the short walk back to his hotel.  Less than a block from the restaurant he spotted a figure dressed in white slumped on the ground in the doorway of a closed shop.  As he approached he heard quiet sobbing coming from the soaking wet man. 

Steve could no more walk past a man alone and in distress than he could walk past a child in the same circumstance. It was simply not in his nature to ignore those in need.  He crouched down, holding his umbrella so it covered both of them. He laid a gentle hand on the young man’s shoulder.  “Monsieur etes-vous bien?” he asked.

The face that looked up at him was red from crying and soaked both from tears and the rain dripping down from his head of curly black hair.  Large blue eyes blinked in surprise, and the beautiful face looked warily at the stranger speaking to him. “Oui bien merci” He mumbled as he turned his head away.

Steve felt himself immediately attracted to the young face and completely unwilling to leave this man huddled as he was in the doorway.

“Come you don’t want to sit out here in this rain.  There is a cafe in the hotel down a few doors down.  Why don’t you join me for a coffee, and you can tell my about the horrible plebeian monster who was your former employer.”

The young man looked up at him startled. “You were at Chez Marcel?”

“Yes that was quite a scene you put on when you left.  I’d love to hear about it over coffee.”

Pulling himself up from the doorway, the young man looked down at his soaking wet, filthy chef’s attire.  “Monsieur, I am hardly presentable to sit in a respectable cafe.  But thank you for the offer.”

Steve pulled off his trench coat and wrapped it around the shoulders of the startled cook.  “Now you are more than presentable and since you are wearing my coat I feel it only appropriate to introduce myself.  I’m Steve Waterman.”  He held out his hand.

A grin crossed the young man’s face as he accepted the proffered hand.  “Jean-Jacques La Point.”

“I’m pleased to meet you Jean-Jacques. Shall we go and get that coffee.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

By the time the four men arrived at the inn; Quinn was getting decidedly uncomfortable. 

They gathered their bags from the back of the truck, and Steve guided them in the front door of the beautiful old manor house.  Sensing his friends needed some time alone he decided to bypass the initial tour.  “You guys look like you could use an hour or so to freshen up and have a little rest.  Why don’t we show you to your room and Jean-Jacques and I will prepare some dinner.”

James readily agreed, and they were led up the stairs to a spacious if rather out dated room on the second floor. 

“I’m afraid it’s not very pretty yet,” Steve apologized.   “But the linens are fresh and the mattress comfortable.  Please take your time; it will be at least ninety minutes before dinner.” 

James thanked his friend.  When the door was quietly closed, James pulled his lover into his arms and whispered huskily into his ear.  “You were very well behaved during the trip boy.  I just might have to reward you.” 

Quinn was exhausted and uncomfortable; he rested his head on James’ shoulder and smiled slightly at his husband’s comments, but it was James’ husky voice that had the most effect on Quinn.  The dominance exuded in James’ voice, and the growl that followed it affected Quinn’s whole body.  Adrenalin pumped through his body, waking him up.  His stomach and heart fluttered in anticipation, and his cock hardened.  

James ran his hands down Quinn’s back and into the waistband of Quinn’s jeans and boxers.  He began to knead his lover’s firm butt cheeks. 

Quinn softly moaned at the pleasant sensation. 

James thumbs slipped into the crevice of Quinn’s beloved ass and under the base of the plug, and he gave it a small tug. 

Quinn groaned in pleasure and gently thrust his hips against James. Their erections rubbed against each other.

James bit at the side of Quinn’s neck, leaving a small red mark before he pulled back.  “Lose the clothes my boy.”

Quinn stripped, taking enough time to make James growl again but not enough to force him to take action.  Moments later he was naked, his proud cock standing at attention for the pleasure of his fully dressed husband.  

“Beautiful.” James said in appreciation.  He ran his hand down Quinn’s side and once again cupped the firm butt cheek before taking some time to diddle with the plug, moving it about enough to have Quinn panting.   “Let’s get this out shall we?”

“Oh God, yes,” Quinn moaned.  

James guided Quinn into the en suite bathroom and over to the tall claw foot tub.  “Bend over and grasp the side.”  

Quinn did as commanded and soon felt James tugging on the plug.  James took the time to carefully withdraw it from Quinn’s body so it caused no more discomfort than necessary.  He tossed the plug into the sink and rubbed Quinn’s back gently.  “Do you need to relieve yourself?”

Quinn nodded and James discretely left him alone in the washroom to take care of business.  

Quinn poked his head out of the door when he was finished, and James held up a box containing a mineral oil enema.  “Do you want to do it yourself, or would you like some help?”

Apprehension was welling up inside of Quinn.  Steve had led both him and James to a room on the other side of the manor from the kitchen, and to where he assumed the living quarters were, but it was rare for Quinn to take an enema away from home, and on the rare occasion that he did, he and James were usually in a hotel.  Although technically they were in a hotel now, it didn’t feel like that to him.  He was so very wanton of James affection and dominance, but was nervous about how and if they could be displayed during their time in Quebec.  Timidly blushing, Quinn asked, “Would you help me?”

James had to chuckle after more than five years of marriage and a countless numbers of enemas Quinn could still blush fiercely when they performed one.  “Of course.” James returned to the bathroom.  He ran the bottle under hot water to warm the solution then instructed Quinn to bend over the side of the tub again.  He quickly had the contents emptied into Quinn’s and stayed with him, rubbing his back until Quinn indicated the need to expel.  

When they returned to the bedroom, James quickly stripped out of his clothes and sat on the side of the bed.  Without a word of instruction, Quinn dropped to his knees and took James’ length into his mouth.  

James moaned with pleasure. Quinn had the most talented tongue he’d ever known, and he could easily manage James’ considerable girth.  James gently caressed his husband’s head as Quinn pleasured him.  However he didn’t want things to end too quickly, so before he got close, he pushed Quinn off.  “Come’re,” he said as he pulled Quinn up from the floor.

James found it gratifying to see the desire reflected in the beautiful blue eyes staring at him.  He guided his lover until he was supine in the bed.  Quinn looked so wanton and sexy laid out with his legs spread and his cock leaking onto his belly.  James wanted to give his boy as much pleasure as he himself was getting.  He moved so that he was kneeling between Quinn’s splayed legs and bent over to orally worship the body he loved.  

He took his time kissing, nipping and sucking all of Quinn’s erogenous zones, from his neck where he left several small red marks, to the chest where the brown nipples were hard and swollen from his attention.  As he worked his way down, he dipped his tongue into Quinn’s navel and laved it and then moved down further to engulf Quinn’s rigid cock with his mouth. 

Quinn let out a slow moan; his toes curled, and he arched his back in pleasure.  A day’s worth of anticipation for this moment had quickly put him on the edge.  “Ja…..mes I’mmmm goanna cum,” he panted.

James cupped Quinn’s testicles and massaged and tickled them, causing Quinn to thrust into James’ mouth.  James swallowed, talking, all of Quinn’s cock into his mouth.

Quinn felt his balls pull up, and he screamed James’ name as he came.

James released Quinn’s cock from his mouth, and slid his body up so he was lying on top of his husband.  “Enjoyed that did you?” James asked. 

Quinn, in post orgasm bliss, struggled to find words.  “Mmmm, yes, I love you; I love the things you do to me.” 

James smiled and leaned down to kiss his beloved.  He looked deeply into Quinn’s bright blue eyes as he pulled out of the kiss.

“I want you.  I need you inside me. Please,” Quinn begged.  Quinn loved oral sex, his husband was very talented, but Quinn often felt incomplete when sex didn’t involve feeling James inside of him—he felt it completed their union and truly made them one entity.

James growled in pleasure at Quinn’s need.  He slid down and kneeled between Quinn’s legs.  “Since you asked so nicely,” he said, raising Quinn’s legs onto his shoulders.  He pumped some lube onto his hand and slicked his cock; he then easily slid two fingers inside Quinn. 

Quinn moaned in pleasure as James expert fingers stretched and teased him. 

James positioned himself at Quinn’s entrance, and he slowly pushed forward.  Once fully embedded, James stopped and reached for one of Quinn’s erect nipples.  He pinched and pulled, and Quinn arched into him with pleasure.  “You play with them,” James said.  “I want to watch you play with them.”

Quinn placed both his hands over his nipples.  He rubbed his palm over the pert nubs; he teased his nipples by running them through his spread fingers. 

“Yes, just like that,” James growled.  He began to take long and slow strokes, appreciating that he was on vacation and could take time to make long, slow love to husband.  He and Quinn’s moans and groans set a lovely soundtrack to their lovemaking, until eventually James grunted loudly and sent his seed deep inside of Quinn. 

Quinn tightly pulled James down on top of him as James fell in exhaustion.  The lovers whispered softly to each other until they fell into a short slumber.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James woke and rolled over to look at the clock; there were still about twenty minutes before he and Quinn would be expected to join Steve and Jean-Jacques for dinner.  He reached for the lube and pumped a small amount into his hand. 

Quinn was lying on his stomach, hugging a pillow, and softly snoring.  James rolled onto his side so that the length of his body was in full contact with Quinn.  His cock hardened against Quinn’s thigh as he thought of the next three weeks. 

James softly ran his hand up Quinn’s thigh and into the beautiful crevice of Quinn’s ass.  His palm rested on Quinn’s cheek as his middle and index fingers gently teased Quinn’s hole.  He could feel his cum still embedded within his husband’s well-lubricated anus. 

He kissed Quinn’s neck and began to speak quietly.  “Time to wake up baby.”

“Mmm, do we have to?” Quinn asked in a gruff sleepy voice. 

James dipped his fingers inside of Quinn, eliciting a groan.  “Yes.  I have somethings to tell you.  You are to be quiet and listen carefully.”  James nipped at Quinn’s neck.  His voice was raspy, wanton, and full of emotion.  “You, my love, my boy, bring so much joy to my life.  So much love that I never even imagined was possible.  My life is complete with you--fulfilled with you--filled with you.”
“I lov…” Quinn began. 

James placed a finger over Quinn’s mouth and ran his tongue up the back of Quinn’s neck ending just behind Quinn’s ear—where he nipped and bit leaving his mark.  “Shhh, I’m talking now.”

Quinn moaned softly in affirmation.

“When we went to San Francisco you said you could be a good submissive, and you were.  While we are here, in Lac-Ste-Jean, you will be my submissive, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, until we board the plane to leave.  I will do what I want with your body.” James pushed his fingers deeper inside of Quinn and he began to ensure that Quinn was properly stretched.  After a day in the plug and the recent sex, his boy was open and slick. 

“You will happily oblige, or I will warm your butt.”  James quickly withdrew his fingers and applied a very firm swat to Quinn’s bum. “Raise your ass, boy.” 

Quinn pulled his knees up under his body and left his head on the pillow. 

James took the glass plug off the bedside table.  It was slightly smaller than the silicon one Quinn had worn all day, so it wouldn’t hurt him.  But it did have a round base instead of the thin flange that had sat nicely between Quinn’s firm cheeks during the day’s travel.  James placed the plug at the well-stretched sphincter.  “Bare down for me, baby.”

Quinn gave a small push out, and he grunted as the plug drove forward.  His cock twinged with pleasure at the steady pressure the plug put on his prostate.

“Don’t get too excited, boy.” James ran his finger along Quinn’s perineum. “Everything this cock...” James firmly grasped his husband’s penis. “…does over the next three weeks is with my permission.  I think I’m going to need to warm that tush, so you have a strong reminder of what will happen if you disobey me.”  James picked up his favourite leather paddle and ran the smooth surface over Quinn’s ass cheeks.  “I’m going to be very strict with you over these coming weeks.” James applied a fierce swat, and he smiled as a ripple flowed across Quinn’s cheek from the impact, “Your butt is going to pay the price for each and every act of disobedience or naughtiness.  There will be no warnings; we will stop what we are doing, and come back to this room.   I will take your pants down, place you over my lap, and spank you.” 

Quinn gasped.

James continued the paddling, constantly changing the impact of the swats.  As Quinn’s butt turned a rosy red, James voice spoke softly and was again full of love and gentleness.  “You have no need to be nervous about our time here.” 

Quinn grunted as he heard another thud from James wicked paddle landing on his ass. 

“I love you. You are always safe with me.”

“Uh! James! Please!” Quinn pleaded. 

James landed a particularly hard swat.  “Did I give you permission to speak?”

“Ow! No, sir.”

James slowly ran the paddle up Quinn’s ass crack.  “That’s better, my boy.  I’m going to take such good care of you.  You will be well loved, worked hard, properly pampered, and fucked regularly.” James caressed Quinn’s balls.  “Turn over.”

Quinn complied and rolled over onto his back.

“Spread your legs and hold them up,” James instructed.  James gave a tug on Quinn’s pubes.  “Tomorrow these go,” he growled.  James picked up the new silicon cock cage; he slid his left hand under Quinn’s balls, and his right hand stretched the silicon ring.  He slipped the ring around the heavy balls and well pleasured cock.  His voice returned to the soft tone that was full of assured dominance.  “Baby, you have nothing to worry about.  I am totally yours.  I will give you all your instructions—you just have to do as I say—no worries about what anyone is thinking or doing.  You just think about pleasing me, and I will make sure to please you.” James stretched the cage over Quinn’s cock. 

Quinn felt the thick strap running from the ring to the cage separating his balls.  James slipped the lock into place securing the cage and ring.  He helped Quinn up off the bed and pulled him into a strong kiss, forcing his husband’s mouth open with his tongue. 

Pulling out of the kiss he instructed, “Tonight you will only speak when spoken too, and you will happily do everything I tell you, or you will go to bed with a very hot bottom. Jean-Jacques has been living as Steve’s submissive for over a year now.  He has been trained very well and tonight he will teach you how you as a submissive are expected to behave during a formal dinner for Dominants and their submissives.  Now get dressed my beautiful boy.  We are due for dinner.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Steve slid up behind Jean-Jacques and wrapped his arms around his beautiful partner as he stood at the stove.  "That smells incredible, mon cher, James and Quinn will be very impressed."

Jean-Jacques leaned back into the embrace.  "I hope so. I know James is very special to you.  They both seem very nice, though Quinn was a bit quiet."

"Yes, he was, but I'm sure you'll find he opens up once he's used to us."  Steve reached over and stuck his finger in the sauce and brought it to his mouth for a taste.  "Mmmm wonderful.  Turn it off for now, we need to have a talk."

Jean-Jacques began to protest but a firmly placed swat silenced him.  "Don't argue; just turn off the stove and come with me to my office."

Jean-Jacques quietly obeyed and soon found he was kneeling in front of Steve's chair, looking up at his top with curiosity.

"When we first made plans for James and Quinn to come and visit, you asked me about how we would maintain our lifestyle in front of them.  At the time I told you that it would be the same as when we are in front of any of our guests once the inn opens.  However, mon cœur, after I spoke with James last week I agreed that things would be a little different than that.  James is also a Top; he and Quinn live in a discipline relationship, not in a D/s relationship such as ours.  However they do play a bit at sub/Dom, and for this vacation James wants to give Quinn the gift of fulfilling his fantasy to live as strictly as we do.  So during their visit, we will live our relationship in complete openness.  I expect nothing more from you than I normally do; you will be obedient and well behaved or accept the consequences. There simply will be no subtlety in it."

Jean-Jacques looked slightly horrified.  "You would spank me in front of them?"

"No, mon petit, that is private.  However I will not hesitate to place a well deserved swat or to express my pleasure or displeasure at your actions.  I can assure you that James will hold Quinn to the same standards. If anything James can be sterner than I.  When we were playing in the clubs in Toronto, all the serious subby boys would flock to him."

Jean-Jacques shook his head, "No one is better or stricter than you, mon grand.  I am the luckiest sub in the world."

Steve stroked J.J.'s hair. "For that my little sub, you may get to cum this evening."

Jean-Jacques smiled and lowered his eyes in response to Steve’s praise.

“Baby, you will instruct Quinn of the expectations of him during dinner service.  He will not be responsible for any of the serving; you know that as my submissive it is your job to serve dinner to our guests.  I would like you to teach him how to properly set the room and table.” Steve kissed J.J. on the forehead. “This will be fun, my love, since we left Toronto we haven’t had the opportunity to have a formal D/s dinner party.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


James and Quinn walked down the grand staircase hand in hand until they reached the dinning room.  James pulled Quinn close and whispered into his ear.  “All right my love, you will now go in and join Jean-Jacques.  Remember to speak only when spoken to.  Jean-Jacques has been given permission to instruct you in setting a formal table and of your role in dinner, but you two are not to discuss anything else at this time.”  He placed both of his hands possessively on Quinn’s ass.  “Don’t be nervous, my boy; just remember your job is solely to please me.”

“Yes, sir, I will,” Quinn responded. 

James gave Quinn’s ass cheeks a firm squeeze.  “Good boy.  I love you.” James turned Quinn around and gave him a swat to get him moving into the dining room.

Jean-Jacques was standing next to a beautifully hand crafted china hutch.  Draped over his left arm was a freshly ironed tablecloth, two place mats and two fine linen napkins.  “Good evening.  I will explain your role during dinner as we set the table.  Dinner is served totally for the pleasure of our partners.  We will set a formal dinner service to honour them.” Jean-Jacques set the place mats and napkins down on the hutch.  “Can you please help me place the table cloth?”

“Yes, of course,” Quinn answered.  He took hold of one of the ends of the tablecloth and the two men carefully placed it on the table. 

“Please help me move the extra chairs to the side of the room.  We will only leave two chairs--one at each end.”

Quinn gave Jean-Jacques a confused look.

“It is assumed that submissives will kneel at the right hand side of their Dominant,” J. J. answered. 

Quinn blushed. He had kneeled beside James many times, but only ever in the privacy of their own home. 

“I will explain to you what the symbolism of each action is as I set a place for my sir.  You should follow my example as you set a place for yours.”

Quinn nodded. 

Jean-Jacques picked up a place mat and handed the other to Quinn.  He placed the mat on the floor to the right of what would be Steve’s chair.  “This is where I will kneel after I have served each course.  You should place yours to the right of James’ chair.”

Quinn laid the mat on the floor.

Jean-Jacques picked a brass charger and two dinner plates up from the china hutch and waited for Quinn to do the same.  He placed the two dinner plates on top of the charger.  “One plate is for sir and the other is for me, if he should desire to offer me food.”

Quinn placed a charger and two dinner plates in front of James’ chair.  He was starting to feel anxious.  Would James choose not to feed him? What if he wanted more of something and he accidentally asked for more—would James spank him?

“Quinn? Quinn?” Jean-Jacques walked over to his guest.  He placed a hand over Quinn’s shoulder.  “Mon ami, it will be all right.  I have prepared a very nice meal; our partners will be pleased, and they will take good care of us. Don’t be nervous.   It works best if you put all your energy into ensuring that James has a wonderful experience.”

Quinn smiled. He still felt a bit nervous, but it was not difficult for him to want to please James. 

“But first we must finish preparing the table.” Jean-Jacques picked up a silver knife and fork.  

Quinn nodded and picked up silverware for James. 

“We place the knife and fork in an X across the dinner plate.  When sir is ready to be served, he will remove the cutlery.” J.J. retrieved two beautiful crystal goblets and two small crystal plates.  “We place both the water goblet and wine glass upside down on the small plates.  When sir is ready for his beverage, he will turn the goblet over.  As long as the glass remains uncovered it is my duty to keep it full.  Sir will place the small plate over his goblet if he is finished drinking.”

“Now we must adorn the table, to make it fit for royalty.” Jean-Jacques began to place various sized silver and crystal candlesticks all over the dinning room table.  He handed Quinn a silver lighter.  “Can you please start lighting the candles?”

Jean-Jacques placed a small menu and the linen napkins at each place to add the final touches to the formal place settings.  He smiled at the elegance of the room. “I think we are ready for our sirs to join us.  Wait here and I will go and get them.”

Jean-Jacques held open the door to the dining room while James and Steve entered.  James was awed at the magnificence of the room. The table was beautifully set, full of candlesticks of varying heights each topped with a dancing flame.  Quinn was standing to the right of James chair, and James went and stood beside him.   

To James, Quinn looked a bit worried about what to do. He hadn’t received any instructions, should he pull out James chair.  What if he did and it wasn’t what James wanted?  He gave James an anxious look. 

James smiled at his husband; he pulled him close and ran his hand reassuringly over Quinn’s back. His hand ran down from Quinn’s back to his ass, and James gave it a slight squeeze.  “Go ahead and pull my chair out.”

Quinn heard Steve’s chair slide on the floor and did as he was instructed, and saw Jean-Jacques place a napkin on his partner’s lap.  Quinn lifted one of the two napkins at James’ place setting and carefully flicked it open.  He lowered his eyes to show submission to his husband, but found he was quite happy to focus them on James’ crotch.  He carefully laid the napkin across James’ lap and slowly ran a finger from the inseam of James’ pants down his inner thigh.

James’ growled and placed a hand on Quinn’s butt and squeezed firmly. 

“Good Lord, it’s not like you are newly weds.  Can’t you keep your hands off each other at the dinner table?”  Steve teased. “Quinn, how do you put up with him?”

Quinn nervously glanced to James, who nodded.  “It’s his rugged handsomeness, sir; it mesmerises me.”

James squeezed Quinn’s thigh.  “See, Mr. Waterman.  I’m ruggedly handsome.  You on the other hand…” James teased.

“I am gorgeous and charming,” Steve replied. 

James rolled his eyes and looked at Quinn. “It’s a shame when someone so young becomes delusional.  However I do understand that Quebec has some very good facilities for those who have lost touch with reality.”

“You see J.J. this man is impossible!  It is fortunate though that he does have excellent taste in husband’s and good food.  And so before James or I die of starvation let’s eat.”

James looked at Quinn. “Kneel.”

‘Hmm, this was new,’ Quinn thought.  He wanted to reply that he wasn’t a puppy, but figured it was still early in the evening and courting trouble at this point would not bode well for him, so he quietly kneeled in front of the place mat beside James.  He rested his butt on his heels and bowed his head. 

James could see that Quinn looked slightly uncomfortable by the arrangement. He put his hand on his husband’s head and gently carded his finger through the thick, dark hair.  He then quietly said, “Just let yourself settle in, boy.  You’ll do fine.”  James removed the knife and fork from his dinner plate, and raised his voice so he could be heard by everyone in the room, “From what Steve tells me, Jean-Jacques, this is sure to be an amazing meal.” J.J. placed a plate of romaine and baby mixed greens with candied walnuts, blue cheese, pears and bell peppers tossed with champagne vinaigrette on top of James’ dinner plates. 

“I do hope you find it to your pleasure, sir.”  Jean-Jacques filled both James’ water and wine goblets as James turned them over. 

James took a bite of the salad and sighed with pleasure.  “Oh, Jean-Jacques, you are a master.  I think this is the best salad I’ve ever had.”

“I’m glad it pleases you.  I hope it also pleases my sir and your boy.”

“Yes dear boy it is wonderful, and I am very pleased with you,” Steve answered. 

James filled his fork with a bit of lettuce, cheese, pear and walnut.  “Open your mouth, my love, I think you will really enjoy this.”  James held his hand under the fork as he filled Quinn’s mouth with a taste of the salad.  Despite James’ efforts to keep from dripping salad dressing, several small drops dribbled down Quinn’s chin. 

Quinn turned his head in embarrassment.  He lifted his hand to his face to try and wipe the stray drops away. 

“Stop that,” James ordered.  “Look at me.”

Quinn turned to look at James, but found it hard to look him in the eye. 

James placed his hand on Quinn’s chin and tilted his face upwards.  He then used his napkin to wipe away the stray salad dressing.  

When James and Quinn had finished a second serving of salad, James turned his salad fork upside down on the salad plate, indicating that he had finished.  Jean-Jacques got up from the floor where he had been eating his salad while Steve sipped wine and lightly played with J.J.’s hair.  HH e cleared away James’ salad plate.  He replaced it with a large soup bowl full of Mussels a la Mariniere, and placed a small hot baguette and butter on James bread plate. 

“Merci,” James said.

De rien,” Jean-Jacques replied as he refilled James wine glass. 

James handed the wine glass to Quinn.  “For you my love.” James tore off a piece of bread, buttered it and then dipped it in the wine sauce containing the muscles. He held his hand below the bread to stop any dripping and held the bread to Quinn’s lips. 

Quinn’s eyes closed in delight as he tasted the wine soaked bread.  When he opened his eyes, he gave James a questioning look. 

James smiled. “No, boy, I didn’t make any menu suggestions.”

Quinn raised his eyebrows at James, giving his husband a teasing look. 

James voice turned stern.  “Are you questioning me, boy?”

Quinn lowered his head.  “No sir.”

James placed his hand under Quinn’s chin.  “Steve worked for one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.  In that capacity one has to know the likes and dislikes of VIPs.  He has dined with us many times, and as I am sure he views you as a very important person, he has paid close attention to your likes and dislikes.  Now stop pouting and give me a kiss.”

Quinn gave James a bashful smile and a soft kiss. 

Steve laughed.  “Are you two getting fresh at the dinner table, again?”

“I was just explaining to Quinn that you may have a chance of making this place go—as all your training as an hôtelier was by a highly skilled and talented man.  And I do believe Jean-Jacques’ cooking will become the talk of town.”

“I would thank you for that if you hadn’t also paid yourself a huge compliment in the process,” Steve teased. 

As the dinner continued, Jean-Jacques and Quinn found themselves sitting on their partners’ laps and being fed delicious mussels and bread.  James permitted Quinn another glass of wine and had encouraged him to share some of his expertise in general wood working when the subject of repairing the inn’s porch came up in conversation.  James also praised Quinn’s skill as an artist and had Steve and Jean-Jacques in stitches as he regaled them of the story of the body painting and streaking some of the brats in their town had partaken in last summer.  Quinn was feeling more relaxed as the main course finished.

Steve placed his napkin on the table as he spoke.  “James, Quinn, let’s move on to my study to enjoy our dessert and coffee.  Jean-Jacques will serve us.”

Without thinking Quinn spoke up.  “Jean-Jacques may help you?”

Steve looked up slightly surprised; he glanced at James and gave his friend a supportive nod.  “Excuse me for a moment will you?  I’ll meet you two in the study in say five minutes?”  He got up and followed Jean-Jacques into the kitchen.

James stood and with a nod indicated that Quinn should follow him out into the hallway.  Quinn realized he’d made a faux pas; his head was hanging and he seemed intent on staring at his shoes.  James reached forward and took Quinn’s chin in his hand and tilted his head back until their eyes met.  Quinn’s eyes were wet with tears.  “Okay it’s not that bad, boy, however you did speak out of turn and after hearing that Steve said Jean-Jacques was to serve us you should have quietly followed.  Before bed tonight I’ll give you five with the paddle and that will be done.  Okay?”

Quinn nodded and leaned slightly towards James, hoping his Top might pick up on his need for a hug.

James wrapped his arms around his beloved brat and gave him a hug and rubbed gentle circles on his back before kissing the side of his face.  “Okay, baby, let’s go wait in the study for Steve and Jean-Jacques.  Just remember to obey and speak only when spoken to.”

Quinn replied with a soft, "Yes, sir," and took James' hand and followed him into the study.  Upon entering the study, he noticed two large comfy looking leather wing chairs and two large throw pillows on the floor beside them.  

James tugged Quinn by the arm and pulled him over towards one of the chairs.  He seated himself and pointed to the cushion to his left. “It’s time for you to kneel, my boy,” he softly commanded.

With that Steve came in followed by Jean-Jacques.  The young submissive carried a large tray with coffee and dessert.  Steve took a seat opposite James and smiled as Jean-Jacques placed the tray on the round coffee table that separated the two chairs.

Jean-Jacques knelt on the floor by the table and with eyes lowered he poured coffee into china cups handing one to James.  “Coffee, sir?” he asked.  James took the cup.  Then Jean-Jacques lifted a smaller tray holding cream and sugar and held it while James fixed his coffee to suit his tastes.  He repeated the process with Steve and finally Quinn. Following the same order he handed out plates filled with fruit and cream filled pastries to each of the men before he prepared his own coffee and took his dessert and knelt on the cushion beside Steve’s chair.  

Quinn’s mouth watered at the smell of the delicate pastries.  He couldn’t wait to taste the thick cream oozing from the inside of the flakey shell.  He looked up to James for permission to begin his dessert. 

James nodded his approval at his sub while he tucked into his own dessert.  “This is delicious Jean-Jacques.  I don’t know how Steve stays so slim if you bake like this for him.”

Jean-Jacques blushed slightly at the praise.  “Thank you sir I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

Steve laughed and petted J.J.’s head.  “Believe me we don’t eat like this every day this was a special treat for tonight.  However you are right this boy can bake like no tomorrow, he took extensive training in France.  Didn’t you, my little love?”

J.J. was feeling very happy with the praise.  “Yes, sir. I spent a year at pastry school in Paris.”

“Well it certainly shows,” James replied. “Don’t you agree Quinn?”

“Yes, sir.  It is wonderful.  We may have to ask to take the recipe home to Mrs. C.”

Dessert and James’ petting had relaxed Quinn considerably.  He had been worried about being submissive to James in front of their friends, but he found as the evening wore on he was thrilled to show off that he was James Lefebvre’s boy. 

They spent another hour in the study enjoying their coffee and conversation, mostly between the two tops with the subs joining in only when spoken to.  James could see that Quinn was growing uncomfortable with kneeling so long; even on the thick cushion, the Quinn was not used to this position.   

“Steve, this has been a delightful evening.  However Quinn and I have had a long day and are growing fatigued I hope you’ll excuse us if we head off to bed?”

“Of course, my friend I think J.J. and I are also ready to call it a night.  Is there anything you need before retiring?”

“Thank you, no.  We’re good.”

They said their good nights and soon James and Quinn were closing the door of their room behind them.  James removed the black leather paddle from his suitcase and sat on the side of the bed.  “Strip down, boy,” he ordered.  

Quinn’s body tried to respond to James’ order, but was halted by the chastity device.  He was nervous about his bedtime paddling, but it was hard if not impossible for Quinn not to be turned on when James ordered him to strip.  He smiled at his husband and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

“Move it, boy, let’s get this done.”

Quinn’s stomach flip-flopped as he detected sternness in James’ voice.  He stopped his sexy striptease and removed his clothing as instructed.  He folded his clothes neatly and placed them on the wooden chest at the end of the bed.  Quinn stood naked with his head bowed in submission in front of his Dom.

James had to smile at the nervous look on his boy’s face.  He had no intention of making this paddling too serious. However he wasn’t going to let Quinn know that quite yet.  “Over my lap,” he commanded.  Once Quinn had obeyed and was draped across James’ lap, he gently pulled apart the tight butt cheeks and grasped the end of the slender glass plug, eased it out, and tossed on the bed.  Quinn let out a sigh as the plug left his body.  James picked up the small black leather paddle and ran it lightly across Quinn’s bottom.  When he felt Quinn squirming, he raised the paddle up about ten inches and brought it down in a light, crisp slap on his right cheek.  It was enough to be felt but hardly painful.  He repeated this on the left side then back to right again and to the left.  He then finally brought the paddle up a little higher than before and landed a final slightly firmer swat in the center.  He placed the paddle on the bed beside him and sat stroking the slightly pinked skin of his lover’s back side.  

Instead of feeling pain, Quinn found himself feeling aroused by the light paddling he’d received.  His cock was straining against the chastity device.  Though he was uncomfortable; he was also getting aroused. The knowledge that his arousal and satisfaction was completely out of his control was a major turn on for the submissive man.  Quinn let out a moan of pleasure when he felt two of James fingers slip inside of him.

With Quinn still laying across his lap, James began a slow session of erotic torture.  The fingers of his right hand pumped in and out of the slick hole while he used the nails on his left hand to very lightly scrape up and down Quinn’s back, raising goose bumps on the smooth flesh.  He twisted his right hand around so his fingers could stimulate Quinn’s prostate with each stroke.  

James continued the exquisite torture for several more minutes, and then while keeping two fingers still inside Quinn, he used his left hand to lightly swat each butt cheek several times.  “Stand up!”  James ordered.

Quinn was panting hard; he tried to stand with James fingers still inside him and almost slipped to his knees, a movement which earned him another swat.

“I said, stand!”

Quinn’s hands hit the floor, leaving him in a position quite similar to downward facing dog.  James’ fingers were still buried deep inside of him.  He slowly walked his hands towards his body until he could safely place them on his thighs and push himself to a standing position. 

James carefully turned them both around.  He used his free hand to bend Quinn over the bed.  He continued to torture Quinn with his fingers, while at the same time unfastening his pants.  He pumped lube into his hand while his pants fell around his ankles.  “Are you ready for me, boy?” James asked as he slicked his cock. 

“Yes,” Quinn panted. 

James easily entered his well-stretched and very aroused partner.

Quinn’s heart filled with bliss when James entered him.  Being taken by James while his cock was restricted from growth truly appealed to Quinn’s submissive side.  He found that consenting to have his body used solely for James’ pleasure brought him great joy.  That wasn’t to say that he didn’t love to cum during sex, but this was a gift of pleasure to his husband that brought Quinn an entirely different sensation to lovemaking—this was something he had only ever done for James, only wanted to do for James—it was a deep and private act of intimacy that made his whole body swell with pleasure. 

James came deep inside his beloved.  Though James had decided to deny Quinn an orgasm this night, it didn’t mean he was denying him love.  

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James kissed Quinn on the cheek.  “It’s time to wake up, my boy.”  Morning arrived far too quickly for Quinn.  It was three hours earlier in Lac-Ste-Jean, he wanted to lie next to James and sleep for many more hours, but James had plans for Quinn.  He reached under the covers and pinched and twisted one of Quinn’s nipples.  “Get your self ready, boy.”  He slid his hand down Quinn’s body and placed his finger at Quinn’s entrance giving a little push.  “Who does this hole belong to?”

“You, sir.”  Quinn’s cock strained against the chastity device. 

James ran his fingernail over Quinn’s perineum, causing him to squirm in pleasure.  “You like it when I touch you like this?  When I tease your body?  Use your body?  When I make you my toy?”

“Mmmmm, yes, sir,” Quinn answered. 

“Boy,” James raised his voice. “Do I do this for your pleasure or mine?”

“Yours, sir, I am here to be used for your pleasure.”

“Do you like it when I deny you pleasure?”  James asked.   He pumped lube into his hand and spread it over his fingers.

“Sir, I love everything you do to me.  I love being the receptacle of your cum.” James circled his fingers over Quinn’s opening, causing Quinn to moan with pleasure.

“I’m going to stretch your hole wide and fuck you hard and fast and make you ache with need.”  James spread his fingers and stretching the sphincter wide. 

“Uhhhhh. Yes, sir.  Use me.” Quinn panted.

“I love to see your beautiful cock straining against that device.  Boy, who’s decision is it when you get to come?”

“Yours, sir, I only come when you say.”  Quinn groaned as James’ fingers massaged his prostate.

James released his deep and joyful laugh as he cupped Quinn’s balls.  “You mean you never touch yourself?  You never waste your seed when I’m not around?”  James gave a squeeze and rolled the swollen balls in his hand. 

“Only if I’m thinking of you, sir,” Quinn said. 

James head fell back and he laughed louder.  “You are a very bad boy, but your quick thinking and flattery will save your ass from the paddle for now.”  James slicked his cock with lube.  “But it won’t save your ass from my cock.”  He thrust into Quinn.  Quinn grunted in pleasure as James thoroughly used him.  It was a hard and fast fuck.  The room filled with the sounds of their bodies pounding together and their voices responding with primal need.  James shouted his climax and shot his cum deep inside his boy.  

The two men laid together in exhaustion until James decided it was time to start their day.  “We stink, boy, and it’s time for me to make your body smooth to the touch.”  James tugged on Quinn’s pubic hair.  “I’m going to remove the restraining device so I can shave you.”  James stopped and let out a slow growl.  “But I warn you, boy, if you can’t control your cock from getting an erection while we shower I will paddle your ass.”

After their shower, James had Quinn wash his chastity device.  He then talked Quinn through the process of restraining his cock.  When the device was in place, James called Quinn to him, and closed the lock—securing it so that only he would be able to release Quinn.  He then pulled Quinn’s nude and hairless body to him, wrapping his arms around his brat.  He spoke softly in Quinn’s ear, and Quinn shuddered slightly as James breath tickled his face and ear.  “Remember, boy, while we are here you are always my submissive.  We will build up your rules and your responsibilities each day.  Yesterday you were to speak only when spoken to—today in addition to that you will also mind all of my instructions without argument.  Can you do that?”

“Yes, sir,” Quinn replied.

James leaned into his husband and kissed him possessively--opening Quinn’s mouth with his tongue.  “I love you, boy.”

“I love you too sir.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Quinn finished taping his side of the room and slid to the floor.  He was tired and angry at himself for not being at his peak to help with the renovations.  Quinn wanted to ask James what was next, but he hadn’t been spoken to—so he decided to just sit and rest until he was able to ask. 

James noticed that Quinn’s taping and tearing had stopped and turned to see what his husband was up to.  He found Quinn resting on the floor, looking overly tired and a bit uncomfortable.  He gave Quinn a soft smile, hoping that his brat would respond to his request without a fight.  “Hey, babe, you’re looking pretty exhausted.  Yesterday was a long day, and I think your body could use some more sleep to help you adjust to the time change.  I’d like you to go upstairs and have a rest before dinner.”

Quinn stood up and tried to put a refreshed look on his face.  “No, James.  I’m good.  I was just taking a short breather before I came over to help you finish the taping.”

James face fell, and he walked over to Quinn and removed the tape from his hands.  He softly held Quinn’s hands and looked into the sleepy blue eyes.  “Babe, what was your rule for today?”

Quinn felt his chest tighten, and he lowered his eyes.  “To do just as you say—without arguing.”

James placed his hand under Quinn’s chin and raised his face so they were once again looking directly at each other.  “And…” James prompted.

“If I said, ‘no,’ you would take me upstairs and spank me,” Quinn whispered. 

“Yes,” James said.  “We need to go and take care of that.”

Quinn took a hiccuped breath as James took hold of his hand and began to guide him towards the large entry hall and the grand staircase.  He flushed red as they quietly passed Steve and Jean-Jacques on the way to their room. 

Once in the bedroom, James closed the door softly and took a seat on the bed.  “Pants off please.”  Quinn slowly removed his pants and stood in front of James in his boxers and t-shirt.  “Shorts as well, please,” James commanded.

Quinn shucked his boxers down, revealing his cock still enclosed in the chastity device which James had chosen to leave in place this morning, much to Quinn’s surprise and displeasure.

James pulled Quinn forward and guided him over his lap, ensuring that he was as comfortably situated as possible.  He raised his hand and brought it down in a resounding smack, he spanked quickly over the entire butt and down the tops of both thighs until Quinn was squirming and gasping miserably with bright tears filing his eyes.  James stopped the spanking as quickly as he’d started it and lay his hand to rest on the hot red skin.  “I expect you to be obedient, Quinn, no arguing when you’re told to do something.  Have I succeeded in making that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” Quinn whispered.

“Okay, then let’s get you into bed for that nap.  Do you need to pee?”

Quinn slipped off of James lap and stood.  He nodded in response to James’ question and headed towards the en suite bathroom.  James followed him and stood waiting while Quinn tried to gingerly sit on the toilet seat to pee; the chastity device making it impossible to stand.  Once he’d relieved himself, James took a moment to wipe off the device and squeeze a small amount of lube inside to keep Quinn’s cock from becoming chafed. 

Quinn was still a bit sniffly, and he leaned against James for support. 

James put his arm around Quinn’s waist and guided his submissive brat towards the bed.  “Arms up,” James instructed.  Quinn did as he was told, and James pulled Quinn’s t-shirt off.  James lifted the covers off the bed. “In you go, my boy.”

Quinn crawled into bed and gave his husband a sad and slightly pleading look. 

James smiled.  “Want me to rub your back?”

Quinn nodded. 

“Scoot over.”  James toed off his shoes, lay down on top of the covers, and dropped soft kisses on Quinn’s neck as he began to rub Quinn’s back.  “So you’re getting that my being here as your Dom 24/7 involves taking the good and bad?” James questioned. 

Quinn yawned.  “Yes, but I’d like it better if I were just your hot, sexy submissive sex toy and you left out the spankings?”

James kissed Quinn’s forehead, “I know you well enough to know that you would end up unsettled and unhappy if I left out the spankings.  You might not like to admit it, but you crave the discipline as much as you crave the kink and the sex.”

Quinn snuggled into James and was quiet for a few moments. He ducked his head under James’ arm and emitted a yawn.  “Yes,” he quietly responded, “I do.”

James let out a light sigh of contentment; it was always good to get a verbal confirmation of Quinn’s happiness with the lifestyle they led.  Being the dominant one, he sometimes feared that he might go too far and make his partner feel diminished.  He knew Quinn’s desires were strong, but he never wanted to cross the line.  

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James slowly and quietly slid out from under Quinn when he noticed Quinn had fallen asleep.  He made his way out of the suite and back towards the main entrance of the large house. 

“Damn it.” He heard Steve yell. “These aren’t the right screws.  I’m not going to be able to get the banister primed and stained until I get these repairs done.”  He turned to J.J., “Mon chou, do you have the list of stuff we need from Home Depot?”

“Oui,” Jean-Jacques answered.  He pulled the list from his back pocket and handed it to his partner. 

Steve looked up and saw James coming down the stairs.  “Quinn didn’t sleep very well last night and is still a bit jet lagged, so I thought he could really use a bit of rest.”

“That jet-lag is a killer.  It took Jean-Jacques almost a week to recover last summer when we were in France,” Steve responded. 

Jean-Jacques blushed a bit, and Steve pulled him close and kissed him on the nose.  “But it wasn’t too bad; it just meant we spent more time in bed that first week.”  Steve gave Jean-Jacques butt a little squeeze, causing the French man to let out a bit of a squeak.  “In fact Jean-Jacques hasn’t slept very well the past few nights.  He’s been nervous and excited about you and Quinn coming to visit.  Jean-Jacques, baby, why don’t you have a rest?  James, I’ve got to run to Home Depot.  It’s a few towns over.  It will probably take a couple of hours.  Do you want to come with me?”

“Sure, that’d be fun,” James answered. 

Steve pulled Jean-Jacques into a hug, and spoke quietly into his ear. “Dors, mon bébé.” He steered Jean-Jacques towards their bedroom with a gentle swat.  Turning towards James he said, “Well, old man, let’s hit the road.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


James was enjoying the scenery as they drove down the country roads, his mind wandering back to his husband and how much he enjoyed playing this openly and freely while with his old friend and his partner.  He’d never seen his friend as happy as he was with J.J., he’d been lucky to find the perfect partner to live the lifestyle they both appreciated. 

“So, my friend, you and J.J. seem to have it all going for you.  You’re both committed to your business.  You are obviously deliriously happy with your lifestyle and in love with the boy.  So you want to tell me why you haven’t married him yet?”

Steve sputtered, having forgotten his friend’s blunt honesty.  “We had a wonderful collaring ceremony where we committed to each other for life.  I didn’t really see either of us as the marrying type.”

“That’s a cop out and you know it.  You own an inn together; you’ve made a commitment to be that boy’s partner and Dom.  You both would benefit from the legal protection of marriage, to say nothing of the fact that your beautiful boy deserves more from you.  You say you really didn’t see either of you as the marrying type, but did you ever ask J.J. what he wanted?”

Steve found himself sputtering again.  He hadn’t thought of them as the marrying type, but Steve thought he had caught Jean-Jacques admiring James’ and Quinn’s wedding rings on more than one occasion.  They hadn’t ever discussed marriage, and Steve had just always assumed that was because J.J. wasn’t interested.  Now he felt like a huge ass.  He cherished Jean-Jacques.  He wanted to spend the rest of his life with his hot tempered French-Canadian chef.  Why hadn’t he thought to give their relationship the protection that marriage could provide?

James watched Steve chewing on his lip as Steve thought about his words for several minutes.  When it seemed obvious his friend was letting the idea of marriage overwhelm him, he decided to speak up and get Steve back on track.  “Stop stewing on it and make a decision.  If you need me to, I can certainly paddle some sense into you when we get back to the inn.”

That brought Steve out of his head space and made him laugh.  "No, I don't think I need you to do that, but thank you for the offer."  Steve said the last bit with all the sarcasm he thought James' offer deserved.  "I think you’re right.  We should probably get married.  I'll need to talk to Jean-Jacques about it.  How would you feel about making a stop at the jeweler’s after Home Depot?”

“Don’t take that sarcastic tone with me, boy.” James teased.  “And there is no probably about it.  You should get married, and I can guarantee that J.J. will say yes.  He’s totally in love with you; he wears your collar.  He wants your binding lifelong, legal commitment. And I’ll be more than happy to visit the jeweler’s with you.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

The temperature in the kitchen had risen by ten degrees and Jean-Jacques chef’s whites were covered in flour and other food splatters. Sweat dripped down the sides of his face as he was trying to decoratively wrap the salmon en croute while turning every few moments to stir the hollandaise.  The timer on the proofing oven went off, telling him the bread had finished its initial rise and needed to be cut and rolled into the baguettes.  Suddenly smoke and steam rose from the cook top as the pot of asparagus boiled over.  

 “Putain! Nique ta mere!” J.J. swore as he pulled the pot from the stove; the boiling water poured into his formerly perfect hollandaise, leaving a mess of floating cream coloured sauce and greenish water.  Looking into the pan at the ruined sauce, J.J. lost his temper and threw the pot of asparagus towards the sink, sending green spears flying throughout the room.  

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Steve stored the two gold bands he had purchased in his coat pocket, and he and James grabbed the many bags of merchandise from Home Depot from the car. 

“Wow, that smells nice,” James said while he waited for Steve to open the front door. 

Steve frowned. “It shouldn’t smell like anything because the boy is supposed to be sleeping.”

“I’m going up to my room to rest with Quinn until dinner.” James said. 

“Thank you that would be helpful.” Steve took a deep breath before he made his way to the kitchen.  Entering the kitchen he began to turn the burners of the stove off.  “Mon horreur, you were supposed to be resting.” Steve took Jean-Jacques by the hand and applied a series of firm swats.  “You can go kneel by my chair and wait for me.”

Jean-Jacques’ eyes quickly filled with tears.  His meal was ruined, and now he was in trouble with Steve.  “I’m sorry, sir, I just wanted to make a nice dinner for our guests and I needed to practice this meal for our inn’s menu.”

Steve kissed the top of Jean-Jacques’ head.  “Go on now; we’ll talk in a couple of minutes.” Steve steered his anxious submissive towards their living quarters with a swat.  He shook his head at the mess.  Jean-Jacques’ years of training and general perfectionism usually made him an extremely clean and organised chef, but when he was out of sorts, he cooked wildly and sometimes dangerously.  Steve turned off the rest of the appliances and put the perishable goods away.  He stopped in the bathroom and ran a wash cloth under cool water before making his way to the study.  He sat in down in his large leather chair. 

Jean-Jacques stayed kneeling with his head bowed to the floor.  Steve gently placed the wash cloth on his submissive’s neck.  He gently ran his fingers through J.J’s hair.  “So, why don’t you tell me what that was all about?”

"It wasn't about anything." J.J. lied. "I just wanted to make a nice meal and while doing so try out some of the food for our menu.  I'm sorry I made a mess.  The asparagus boiled over and spilled into the hollandaise, and I lost my temper."  

“I asked you to rest.  Why didn’t you do as I asked?” Steve decided to try a different approach.  He was a patient man; he normally gave J.J several attempts to talk, but sadly sometimes their conversation were best had with J. J. over his lap. 

“I tried...I went to our room and lay on the bed but I was just couldn’t settle and I love cooking, which is as good as resting...” He chewed on his lip and then glanced up at his Dom’s disapproving look and quickly added, “Most of the time.”

Steve tapped Jean-Jacques’ head.  “But not so much when you are worked up?”

Jean-Jacques shook his head. “Non, pas tellement,” he quietly replied. 

“Easy, mon amour, what is bothering you?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.  Things just didn’t go well in the kitchen.  I’m sorry I made a mess and lost my temper.”

“Okay, then love, please go and get the paddle,” Steve instructed. 

 J.J.’s eyes shot up, he’d not been expecting to be paddled, but the stern look on Steve’s face stopped any protest from leaving his mouth.  He rose shakily to his feet and walked over to Steve’s desk.  The bottom drawer contained the wicked leather paddle he so hated.  He slowly lifted it from its resting place and carried it back over to where Steve sat.  He slid to his knees and held the instrument up to his Dom.  

“Thank you, boy,” Steve replied.  He took the paddle and set it next to him on the chair.  “Take your coat and pants off.”

With trembling hands J.J. began to unbutton his white jacket.  He looked up at Steve pleadingly.  “Sir, I....” But he could find no more words so he slowly removed the jacket and folded it neatly and placed it on the floor beside him.  He then undid the drawstring on his pants and stood long enough to toe off his shoes.  He removed and folded his pants and placed them with his jacket before he knelt down again. He was wearing only his white socks and the locked narrow gold collar Steve had put around his neck when he’d accepted him as his sub. He wore no underwear as per his Dom’s orders. 

Steve ran his hands softly through Jean-Jacques hair, and wiped a tear from his cheek. “Last offer before I take you over my knee, boy.  Do you want to share with me what your frantic cooking was about?”

“There is nothing more to share, sir.” J.J. was determined that he wasn’t going to say anything more; it simply wasn’t important. 

“All right then, stand up.”  Steve took J.J. by the hand and guided him over his lap.  Usually when Jean-Jacques was this worked up it had to do with him not feeling he was living up to his own image of perfection.   Steve saw this as disobedience.  Jean-Jacques’ only job was to live up to his Dom’s requirements, not some mythical level of perfection.

Steve ran his hand over Jean-Jacques’ bare ass.  “You are way too hard on yourself, and that makes life a lot harder than it should be for you.”  He landed a hard swat.  “My submissive is perfect.” He landed a harder swat on the same spot. “My business partner is perfect.”  A third, and yet harder swat landed on top of the other two. “My partner is perfect. You are perfect for me the way you are.”

Steve landed a firm swat mirroring the spot of the first three, but on the other cheek.  “You don’t need to try harder for me, unless I tell you too.” He landed a seconded firmer swat on top of the first. “I haven’t told you to.” The third swat, the firmest yet, landed on top of the previous swats.  “Have I?”

“No, sir,” J.J. yelped. He was squirming hard trying to avoid each swat as it fell on his vulnerable backside, not that he could with the way Steve was holding him.  Tears were escaped his tightly clenched eyes and dripping onto the rug below him. His Top meant business and his butt was paying the price.  

Steve stopped the spanking and ran his hand gently over Jean-Jacques’ butt. “Were you fretting over what James and Quinn think of you?”

“I...I just wanted them to see how good you are as a Dom,” J.J. sobbed.  “And show them what a good sub I could be for you.”  

Steve turned Jean-Jacques over on his lap and wiped away a few stray tears.  “Oh Jean-Jacques, you are a wonderful submissive.  I could never have asked for better.” He kissed the Frenchmen softly on his lips.  “If what you made last night for dinner and the time the four us spent together having dessert did not prove that you are a fantastic sub, they can go to hell.”

Jean-Jacques curled into Steve’s lap and revaled in the attention.  “Thank you and I’m sorry I upset things tonight.  Can I go and finish working on dinner?  I’d still like to make a nice meal.  James and Quinn worked hard for us today they deserve to be well fed.  I promise I’ll be good and won’t throw any more pots.”

“Not tonight, love.  We still need to deal with the earlier pot throwing, and then I think it would be best if we ordered in.” Steve held J.J firmly and placed his finger over J.J’s lips as he began to protest and wiggle in anger. “Ah, ah, ah, mon horreur.  You can make another big meal over the weekend.  We all worked hard today and an easy meal that will be quick with no clean up will be nice for all of us.  I thought after dinner we could get out the paint chips, fabric swatches, and pictures of the furniture and show those two what this place is going to look like when we are finished.”

“But the salmon will be wasted!” J.J. said, hoping to change Steve’s mind if he thought good food was being ruined. 

“Do you argue with me, boy?”

J.J. blinked, realizing he was getting himself in deeper.  "No, sir."

“All right then, let’s get this spanking over with.” Steve patted Jean-Jacques’ hip signaling for him to stand.  Once J.J. was up, Steve nodded towards his lap, and J.J. gave a sad look before he draped himself over his Dom. 

Steve made quick work of finishing the spanking.  He was sure to make his point, but wanted to get on with the evening and knew he was going to need enough time to bring Jean-Jacques back to a good place.  After giving J.J. time to calm, Steve steered him to the shower and delicately and lovingly washed his boy.  He loved the intimacy of bathing his partner; it was one of his favourite things.  After the shower, he tucked the two of them into bed for a short rest before they needed to meet James and Quinn for dinner. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Jean-Jacques was the first to awake.  He rolled over and opened the door to the bedside cabinet and slid out the dark stained wicker basket that contained his various cock rings.  He reached for the red velvet pouch, which held one of his most prized possessions.  He opened the small bag and removed the leather and steel English cock cage and ran his fingers over the soft worn leather, remembering the evening he had received this gift. 

Jean-Jacques greeted the doorman of the Queen’s Quay Tower.  He was dressed in the simple white linen pants and tunic that Steve had purchased for him.  His heartbeat quickened with excitement—tonight he would become Steve Waterman’s submissive.  He pressed the call button for the elevator that would take him up thirty-four floors to his future Dom’s loft. 

He closed his eyes during the ride up in the elevator, trying to picture the formal ceremony.  He was startled by the ding, which informed him it was time to exit onto the Steve’s floor.  He took a deep breath and stepped out of the lift.  Each step he took towards Steve’s loft filled his heart with joy over his impending commitment. 

Jean-Jacques knocked twice on the large wooden door, knowing this evening was going to forever change his life for the better. 

Steve answered the door, and held out his hand to Jean-Jacques.  The Frenchman looked so pure and innocent in his simple white linen pants and tunic.  Steve gave a light squeeze to Jean-Jacques and then pulled his handsome lover to him for a passionate and possessive kiss.  Breaking from the kiss, Steve continued to hold J.J.’s hand, leading the Frenchman over to the large wall of windows that looked out over the exquisite Toronto skyline.  The loft was lit by a few well-placed candles and the lights of the busy city. 

Steve stopped so that he and Jean-Jacques stood facing each other.  There was a small black table standing next to the two men.  The table held the gold collar that would forever represent Jean-Jacques’ submission. The present Steve had purchased for his lover was hidden in a red velvet pouch.  A copy of the men’s contract of service printed on fine parchment, a fountain pen, and an inkwell completed the items needed for their binding ceremony.

Steve was dressed in black leather riding pants, an English Top Harness, biker boots, and two leather armbands worn just above his bulging biceps.  The chest harness accentuated his firm chest and chiselled stomach. He looked into J.J.’s eyes, seeing devotion and love staring back at him. “Strip,” he instructed. Once Jean-Jacques stood before him naked, Steve nodded that it was okay for him to start.

Jean-Jacques gave a sweet smile, before he began, “I, Jean-Jacques La Point, am here to offer my submission to you, Steven Waterman.”

Steve lifted the gold color off of the table, and wrapped it around J.J.’s neck. “By taking this collar, this gold band, and placing it around your neck I accept the gift of your submission and accept you into my service.” Steve picked up the key and locked the collar in place.  He then returned to stand in front of his submissive.

Jean-Jacques placed his hand over the golden collar now locked around his neck. “I pledge my loyalty and love to you today and for always.”

Steve felt a swell of emotion building in his throat as he heard Jean-Jacques’ pledge of love. “I promise to honour your love and loyalty, by pledging my faithful love to only you for all of time.”

J.J. lowered his hands. “I renounce my independence and freedom of choice and gift them to your care.”

Smiling at his boy, a tear of joy rolled down Steve’s face. “I will always remember that your submission is a gift you give to me.”

Steve reached his hand out and J.J. placed his hand inside his partner’s hand as he spoke the words, “Whatever pleases you to give or to take from me I will accept without protest.”

 “I pledge to never betray your trust as I make decisions for you, for myself, and for us as a couple. I will strive to earn that trust every day and to remind you how grateful I am that you choose every day to give it to me.”

Jean-Jacques kneeled on the pillow lying on the floor between him and Steve. “I will gladly take my place kneeling before you and offer my body to your service.”

Steve stepped forward and brushed the Frenchman’s cheek with his thumb. “I vow to remember that your submission, service, body and will have been given to me by a man strong and courageous enough to bow to me in love.”

Looking up at his Dominant partner, J.J. continued with his oath.  “I accept with joy whatever restrictions you place upon my freedom of movement or sexual gratification.”  

“I am honoured by your gift of independence and flesh.  I swear to reward your merit with appreciation, pleasure, and love, and I will respond to negative behaviors with appropriate consequences and discipline.”

Jean-Jacques took a deep breath and looked deeply into Steve’s eyes. “I will accept whatever discipline or punishments you so chose to decree.”

Steve smiled at the beautiful man who was pledging himself to him. “I will always use my best judgment regarding my treatment of you and your needs, and will listen as well as I command.”

“I will be honest with you at all times and communicate openly about my health and wellbeing.”

Steve bent down and kissed Jean-Jacques on the top of his head. “And I will be honest with you as I communicate openly about my decisions, our lives, and our relationship.”

“Your word shall be my law, from now until I leave this plane of existence.”

Steve helped Jean-Jacques to stand and took hold of both of his hands.  “I will forever cherish your service and submission.  I promise to rule with justice and mercy, always making decisions out of my love for you and the wellness of our relationship. I love you Jean-Jacques La Point.” Steve squeezed both of J.J.’s hands.  “You may now kiss your Dom.”

Jean-Jacques leaned into the kiss; he opened his lips as Steve’s tongue forced its way inside.  He let out a soft moan as ravaged his mouth he couldn’t believe how much he was trembling in his lover’s arms.  They’d kissed hundreds of times and never before had Steve made him tremble like a virgin bride.  But he knew tonight was different; he had taken the final step to a permanent relationship.

Steve reached down and picked up the red velvet bag and placed it in Jean-Jacques’ hands.  “That my beautiful submissive boy is for you.”

“Qu'est-ce que c'est?” Jean-Jacques asked.

Steve smiled at his partner’s curiosity.  “Why don’t you open it and see.”

J.J. untied the strings holding the velvet bag closed and opened the bag.  He removed a sterling silver cock ring surrounded by two leather straps, each containing a number of snaps.

“Shall I?” Steve said, holding out his hand. 

Jean-Jacques smiled. “Yes, please.”

Steve led J.J. over to the armless black leather sofa.  He sat down and took hold of Jean-Jacques’ cock.  “This, boy, is an English cock cage.  I give this to you, my little Frenchman, so that you remember that your cock belongs to the descendant of the English.” He slid the silver ring up Jean-Jacques’ cock. He ran one strap up the back of the Frenchman’s testicles and then snapped the two straps into place. binding the cock and balls together. Steve stood up, so that he could look his partner in the eyes.  He kept a hand cradling his submissive’s balls.  “My dear sweet boy, you have a tendency to hold your needs and anxieties in, fearful that they may demonstrate you are not perfect.  If you find you cannot tell me something or you need more of my time or attention, you just buckle yourself into this.  Remember you belong to me, and when I see you are wearing it, I will know that you are in need of me.”

J.J.’s heart felt like it was bursting with love.  He knew he’d found his life’s mate when he found Steve.  He was everything that Jean-Jacques needed and wanted.  After the vows they had just exchanged, having the silver ring and straps wrapped around his cock and balls made him feel very loved and possessed in a way he never thought possible.  “Je t'adore, mon titan.  No one could ever fill my heart as you do.”

Steve pulled Jean-Jacques into an embrace and growled into his ear, “I plan on spending the rest of my life filling you up.”

Steve awoke and rose up on one hand as he watched Jean-Jacques slide the silver ring up his cock and then snap the straps into place around his heavy balls.  He moved up behind his partner and kissed him on the neck.  “Turn and look at me, mon couer. I want to ask you something.”

When Jean-Jacques turned he saw Steve holding open a small leather jewelry box holding two gold bands.  He took a deep breath and looked into Steve’s eyes. 

“Jean-Jacques La Point, will you marry me?”

Jean-Jacques felt a shiver go up his spine; he couldn’t have been more surprised had Steve sprouted wings and flown across the room.  “Yes…oh yes.  Mais oui. Yes! Yes, mon couer, I will marry you.” J.J. threw his arms around Steve’s neck, planting kisses all over his face.

Steve took J.J.’s face in both his hands and passionately kissed his soon to be husband.  “I think we should take advantage of James and Quinn being in town.  How would you feel if we asked them to escort us to the court house tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” J.J. asked incredulously. “I...I…” He hesitated at the speed at which Steve wanted to move, but then realized there was absolutely no reason to delay.  “I can’t think of anything I would like more.  They can bear witness to our marriage and share in our joy.”

Steve pulled Jean-Jacques into another kiss; this time he lowered one of his hand’s from J.J.’s face and cupped the younger man’s balls.  “Now, it seems to me that before I popped the question, you looked in need of a proper fucking.”

J.J. had been aching for his Dom to fill him; now he shivered with the excitement of being both proposed to and being made love to.  “Yes, yes please fill me with your huge member.  Make me feel it for the rest of the day.”  He wiggled his ass seductively against Steve’s rapidly growing cock. 

Steve nipped at J.J’s neck.  “My huge member?” he asked, not able to keep the smile out of his voice.  He rubbed his erection against Jean-Jacques’ ass.  “Would this be the huge member you want to be filled with?”

J.J. moaned then responding to Steve’s humour he replied, “Yes, that one, unless you have another to offer.”

Steve landed a swat on the Frenchman’s hip.  “Stop being cheeky and hand me the lube,” the older man growled.

“Yes, sir.” Jean-Jacques cock jumped and hardened further at the burn of the swat and the commanding tone in his Dom’s voice.  He reached for the bottle of lube on the bedside table and handed it to Steve.  

Steve smiled at J.J.’s response to the swat.  “Get on all fours, boy,” he commanded.  Steve slicked his fingers with lube and slowly worked them into his submissive boy.  He took a long time to stretch Jean-Jacques teasing and tormenting him by brushing his fingers over J.J.’s prostate and stroking his throbbing dick. When he noticed Jean-Jacques beginning to leak wetness, Steve ran his finger over Jean-Jacques slit gathering precum and then raising his hand to J.J.’s mouth. 

Jean-Jacques opened his mouth and drew the finger deep inside suckling on it.  He often thought being fed his own juices shouldn’t turn him on but it did.  There was just something so hot about taking what his Dom fed to him.  But now he was aching for Steve to fill his ass as well as his mouth.  He sucked harder on the finger in hopes of encouraging Steve to take him.  

Sensing his partner’s need, Steve quickly lubricated himself and slid inside of J.J.  He couldn’t help but groan in pleasure at the tightness of  Jean-Jacques’ ass.  He pulled J.J. up and held him close, as he stayed buried deep inside of his lover.  “Je t'adore. Je t'adore.”

J.J. gasped as he was filled, “Moi aussi, je t'aime.  More, more please."

Steve placed his hand on J.J.’s back, pushing gently to signal to Jean-Jacques to bend back down.  Steve took hold of his partner’s hips and began to thrust.  Slowly at first, but building momentum as he continued to surge forward.  His thrusts grew faster and firmer, the sound of their fucking echoing through the old manor.  Steve was sure that J.J. would feel him for long after they finished, and that thought drove him over the edge. He came spilling his seed deep inside his love.  He collapsed onto the bed, pulling Jean-Jacques down with him.  He slid his hand around J.J.’s still raging hard cock.  “Hmmm, what should I do with this?” he asked as he continued to stroke his partner.  “I could leave you uncomfortably bound for the rest of the evening.” He dropped kisses down J.J’s chest.  “I could lick it and tease it horribly with my mouth, or…” Steve trailed off and buried Jean-Jacques’ cock in his mouth.  He swirled his tongue around and when Jean-Jacques arched his back in pleasure Steve released the snaps on the strap around J.J.’s balls. 

Jean-Jacques was so caught up in the sensations Steve was forcing on his body that he was incapable of thought. When he felt the snaps on the cock cage release, his balls drew up against his body and he fell over the edge.  He wasn’t sure but thought he’d actually lost consciousness for a few seconds.  He was so out of it he wasn’t even aware that Steve had moved until he felt Steve’s lips pressed against his own.  Steve’s tongue forced its way into his mouth, and he felt it fill with the salty taste of his own cum.  Steve’s tongue possessively explored Jean-Jacques’ mouth and left him melting submissively beneath Steve.

~*~    ~*~   ~*~


“I’ll get it,” Steve said in response to the ring of the inn’s doorbell.  He returned a few minutes later to their sitting room carrying two pizza boxes.  He scattered the tile trivets across the antique coffee table and set the hot boxes down. He opened the pizza boxes and revealed the two hot steamy pies before he resumed his seat on the sofa next to James. 

Quinn and Jean-Jacques were sitting on the floor next to their Doms.  Steve looked and noticed that everyone seemed happy with their bottle of beer.  “Quinn, J.J. before you serve us dinner I would like to make a toast.”

James gave his good friend an approving smile and nod. 

The four men raised their beers.  “This evening I asked the wonderful man who has been my committed life partner and submissive to become my husband and he said yes.  I would like to offer a toast to him for making me the happiest man alive.  Á toi, mon amour.”

The beautiful smile that had graced J.J.’s face since Steve’s proposal grew more beautiful with the slight flush of his cheeks, "Á nous," he replied. 

James stood and pulled his friend into his arms in a hug then kissed him on both cheeks.  “Congratulations, my friend, I’m very happy for you.”  He then knelt beside J.J. and repeated the kiss.  “He doesn’t deserve you,” he teased, “but I know you have made him very happy, and I wish you both many, many years of happiness together.”

Quinn leaned into Jean-Jacques and kissed him on the cheek, and Steve bent to accept Quinn’s congratulatory kiss.  Quinn looked up at James, causing James to whisper in his ear.  Quinn raised his beer, “Félicitations.”

“So,” Steve said, “we thought we would go down to the courthouse tomorrow and make it official.  Would you two be willing to stand up for us?”

“We’d be honoured.” James replied for both he and Quinn.  “We would also like to take you both out for dinner afterwards.  I know no restaurant can compete with Jean-Jacques’ culinary skills, but I hope we can find a satisfactory one nearby.”

Steve smiled down at his fiancé. “We would love that.  J.J. has a friend who owns a wonderful little bohemian crêperie in the village; we love to go there. I think it would be a great place to celebrate our wedding. I’ll call after we finish our pizza and reserve a table. But right now I think you boys need to serve up some of that pizza for James and I.” 

J.J. bowed his head, knelt up to the coffee table, and served the pizza.  He took a pizza cutter and carefully slid it along the cuts made in the restaurant to ensure that each slice was perfectly separated.  Jean-Jacques was the consummate chef, he couldn’t stand to serve a sloppy plate.  He used his silver pie server to place pizza on each of the plates, and used a paper napkin to wipe off the drops of grease that had fallen on the rim of the plate.  He then handed the plate to Quinn and waited until Quinn could present the first slice to James as the guest top. 

Quinn picked a cloth napkin up from the table and lightly shook it open.  He turned towards James and laid the napkin across his Dominant’s lap. 

~*~    ~*~   ~*~

oh, me and my baby driving down 
to a hilly seaside town in the rainfall 
oh, me and my baby stand in line 
you've never seen a sight so fine 
as the love that's gonna shine

~City Hall by Vienna Tang

Steve hung up the phone, satisfied that arrangements had been made for their wedding this afternoon.  The clerk in the registrar’s office had made it very clear that Steve was most fortunate to get an appointment for a wedding on the same day.  Normally these appointments had to be made at least a couple of weeks in advance.  However there had been a cancellation this afternoon at two p.m. so Steve and Jean Jacques could be married then as long as Steve got down to the city hall post haste and filled out the license form and paid for it within the next hour. 

He looked at his watch; it was just past nine a.m. A glance to the corner of the room confirmed that J.J. was still kneeling submissively. He knelt with his butt resting against his ankles, his hands upturned and open palmed on his wide spread thighs and his head bowed.  It was one of Steve’s favourite positions for his boy; very sexy and submissive.

J.J. was dressed in the palest gray drawstring sweats that hung very low on his slender hips and a white tight fitting Hensley shirt and sock covered feet.  Steve wished the boy could have been nude or just in a skimpy jock, but it was the dead of winter in an old inn, and he wouldn’t have Jean-Jacques chilled.

Steve had wanted to get his beautiful sub bathed and prepared for their wedding, but now that was going to have to wait while he ran downtown for the marriage license.  He had told J.J. that he wasn’t to be out of his sight at all this day, he didn’t want his boy getting worked up or nervous about the wedding, and the best way to keep him calm was to keep him in deep sub space.  He walked over to stand in front of his lover and touched his head.  “Stand up, boy.”

J.J. gracefully rose to his feet but kept his head bowed as was expected.   Steve took a slender leather leash from his pocket and snapped it onto the hook on Jean-Jacques’ collar.   Then giving the leash a gentle tug he headed out into the front hall of the inn.  He took J.J.’s pea jacket from the closet and threaded the leash down one sleeve before holding it for Jean-Jacques to put his arms in.  He wrapped a warm scarf around his neck and did up the buttons before handing J.J. a woolen toque and gloves to put on, then finally helped him slide his feet into sheepskin boots.  J.J. remained silent and still as Steve dressed in his outer wear. 

Steve took the loop on the leash from where it dangled out of Jean-Jacques’ coat sleeve and slid it over his wrist before taking J.J.’s hand in his own.  James and Quinn were still in the dining room; he took Jean-Jacques along with him to the doorway and smiled briefly at the sight of James sitting at the table reading the newspaper and Quinn kneeling beside him, eating fruit from James hand. 

“James, Jean-Jacques and I have to go and pick up the license at the city hall.  We’ll be back in less than an hour.”

James looked up from his paper, “Okay we’ll see you then.  Is there anything we can do for you while you’re gone?”

“No, my friend, just relax and enjoy.  This is our wedding day, and we aren’t going to be doing any work.”

Steve had to chuckle when he saw Quinn breaking form by looking up at them as they spoke.  The boy was lovely, but he wasn’t a full time committed sub, James would have to do some serious training if he ever wanted to live the D/s life with him 24/7.  However he knew that neither of them was interested in living such a life. 

He headed out to the car with Jean- Jacques in tow; he opened the passenger door and pointed to the seat.  Jean-Jacques was usually the one to open the door for his Top, but today he’d been leashed and didn’t get to make any moves without Steve’s direction.  J.J. climbed in obediently and sat still while Steve did the seatbelt up around him, cinching it snugly.  

When they arrived at city hall, Steve came around and opened J.J.’s door. He removed his seat belt, before taking the leash discretely around his wrist again, and held Jean-Jacques’ hand while they went inside to take care of business.

Steve filled out the appropriate forms while Jean-Jacques waited at his side.  It was a bit awkward keeping his hand in J.J.’s the whole time but he wanted that contact to be maintained, a couple of times he had to let go but kept the leash that tethered them together well hidden from the view of anyone near them.  Jean-Jacques began to shift about and squirm as they waited in the second line with their completed forms.  Steve gently stroked the back of his partner’s hand and spoke to him in a soft whisper.

“Easy my boy we won’t be much longer.  Soon you will be home where I am going to take good care of you.  I will bathe your body, shave all the hair from it, oil and anoint you. You will know you are mine.”  Jean-Jacques calmed down and stood still as they finished up with the paper work. 

They were soon back at the inn with outer wear returned to the hall closet.  Jean-Jacques followed Steve up the stairs just as Quinn and James were coming out of their bedroom. 

Quinn looked at Jean-Jacques following Steve with the leash attached to his collar.  Quinn leaned into James, “Oh my God!  He’s got him on a leash like a dog.”

James noticed that Quinn’s rude comment had been overheard by both Steve and Jean-Jacques.  “Quinn, silence!” James emphasized the order with a sharp swat to the younger man’s backside. “Kneel now!”

Quinn glanced at James incredulously but saw the serious look in his partner’s face and quickly complied.  Dropping to his knees, he was slow though to bow his head as he’d been taught and did so only when he felt the pressure of James hand pushing downward. 

“Steve, Jean-Jacques, I apologize for Quinn’s rude behaviour; he will be punished appropriately and will come to you both later to offer his own apologies.”

Steve nodded, “Thank you that will be fine.”  He then gave James a knowing smile, before changing the subject.  “The ceremony is scheduled for two p.m. so we should be ready to leave here by one-thirty if that’s all right with you?”

“Yes, we’ll be ready to go before then.” James replied while keeping a hand on Quinn’s bowed head.  He could feel Quinn squirming and knew he’d have to deal with his boy’s behaviour immediately if he was to have him recovered and in a decent mood prior to the wedding.  He didn’t relish spanking Quinn today, but he had little choice after his boy’s rude outburst.  Quinn was going to be one sore and sorry boy before the next hour was out.  Such rudeness from a sub could only be answered with a paddle. 

Steve led Jean-Jacques back to their suite and closed the door.  He pulled his sub into a hug.  “I hope you weren’t upset by Quinn’s remark; he’s not used to all our ways, and I’m sure he found the leash shocking.”

Jean-Jacques shook his head, “No, sir, I like Quinn, and I know he meant no harm.  I’m sorry for him that he’s going to be punished for his outburst.”

Steve kissed J.J. tenderly. “He wouldn’t be any happier than you would be if he didn’t get punished.  It will clean the slate for him just as it does for you.”

“You’re always wise in these things, mon cœur.” 

Steve smiled and gave Jean-Jacques another kiss.  While they were kissing, Steve untied the drawstring on J.J.’s sweats and slipped them past his partner’s lean hips before they fell to the floor.  “Step out, please,” Steve ordered. 

Jean-Jacques toed off his socks at he stepped out of his pants. 

Steve slipped his hands under J.J.’s shirt and ran the palms of his hands up his torso.  “Raise your arms, mon chou.” As Jean-Jacques raised his hands Steve pulled the Hensley off.  Steve pulled his now naked love to him.  He held his fiancé tightly as he seductively ran his hands over Jean-Jacques’ back and buttocks. 

Jean-Jacques arched his head back and moaned in pleasure.  Steve began to kiss and nip at the now exposed neck.  “Mon chou from now until we begin our wedding ceremony you are to remain silent.  We are now going to go into the bathroom, where I will bathe and prep you for our wedding day.  When we get in the bathroom, I want you to kneel on the bath mat next to the radiator, so that you will stay warm while I run the bath.  Nod if you understand your instructions.”

Jean-Jacques nodded his head and followed Steve into the en suite bathroom.  He knelt as he’d been instructed and watched as his lover prepared the bath.  Steve’s touches and instructions both excited and calmed him at the same time.  He was always turned on by the way his Dom handled him, but it also calmed his nerves about the coming ceremony.  He couldn’t wait to feel Steve’s hands bathing him.  But mostly he couldn’t wait until he could call this large, strong man his husband. 

Steve removed several bottles of mineral oil enemas from under the sink.  He placed his hand on Jean-Jacques’ back. “Lean forward, head on the floor, butt in the air.” Steve instructed.  He pumped lube into his hand and inserted his well lubed hand into J.J.’s pert backside.  He kept one hand on Jean-Jacques’ lower back and slowly massaged and teased his lover’s prostate. 

Jean-Jacques began to grow hard, and Steve withdrew his finger, replacing it with the tip of the enema bottle.  He squeezed quickly, emptying the bottle and repeated this action two more times. 

J.J. felt the warm mineral oil sliding inside him; it wasn’t long before he felt the cramping begin.  He knew he had to relax and let the oil work for at least ten minutes, but it wasn’t easy to stay in position and let it happen.  He took slow deep breaths until the cramping grew strong, then he began to pant and squirm. Steve’s warm hand was rubbing his back and soothing him.  He wanted to wait for his Dom’s okay to release; it was important to him that he give all control to Steve.  As the cramping worsened, he concentrated giving his all to his lover and only then did he begin to feel himself slip into subspace.

Steve was contented to watch Jean-Jacques squirm.  He loved to supply comfort to his sub when he was distressed or uncomfortable, but he also took pleasure in being the cause of J.J.’s need to fidget.  He waited until he felt his boy’s body relax into subspace.  “You may go.”

While Jean-Jacques relieved himself, Steve turned the taps on the large tub and adjusted the water to just the right temperature.  He removed one of the fine crafted glass bottles from the cupboard and poured essence of sandalwood into the water.  The dominant hotelier removed his shaving brush from its stand, and poured shaving powder and water into the marble bowl.  He began to mix the shaving cream.

“Come here, my boy.” Steve said.  He gently lifted Jean-Jacques onto the soft towel sitting on the bathroom counter.  “Scoot back and spread your legs wide.”

J.J. watched as Steve applied the thick soap to his groin using a badger shaving brush.  His body hair was always kept clipped short so being shaved wouldn’t be too difficult.  It tickled as the brush ran over his sensitive skin.  Steve was meticulous in his work, making smooth strokes until all the hair vanished above his penis.  Then he began the more sensitive work of shaving the wrinkled skin of his testicles. 

J.J. squirmed slightly which earned him a swat to the inside of his thigh.

“Stay still boy” Steve ordered.  Soon Steve had moved on to remove the downy hair on J.J.’s legs, even the couple of hairs on his big toe were sliced away.  Once the lower half was done Steve placed J.J.’s hands on top of his head and then lathered up and shaved the hair away from his arm pits.  Finally the few sparse hairs on his chest vanished.  “Off the counter and bend over it.”  Steve instructed.  When J.J. was in place Steve lathered up the crack of his ass and shave away any trace hairs that might have remained on his body.  Steve slipped his arm around Jean-Jacques’ waist and pulled his boy to him.  “Mmmm, I can’t wait to fuck my husband’s brains out tonight.” 

J.J. closed his eyes and leaned his head back onto Steve’s shoulder.  His Dom kissed the happily smiling cheek, while pinching one of the cheeks on the lower part of Jean-Jacques’ body.  Steve laughed when his submissive gave a little jump and yelp. 

“All right my boy, let’s get you into the bath.”  Steve held his partner’s hand as the Frenchman stepped into the bath.    

J.J. let out a hiss as his freshly shaven skin came in contact with the steamy scented water, but he soon allowed the heat to sooth and relax him.  He watched dreamily as Steve picked up the large sea sponge and poured a generous amount of liquid soap on it and began to tenderly wash his body.  Not an inch of skin was ignored as Steve rubbed the soapy sponge over him. 

His head was tipped back and water poured over his head.  Steve worked the shampoo into his scalp with firm fingers.  Finally when he was rinsed clean of all traces of soap and shampoo Steve helped him up and stood him on a bath mat as he dried him with thick warmed towels.

Steve led his partner into their private kitchen, and slipped an apron over his head and then fastened it around his hips.  He nipped at Jean-Jacques’ neck and patted him on the ass.  “Make us something light to eat while I have a quick shower.  When you have finished, place it on one of the breakfast trays and bring it back into the bedroom.”

Jean-Jacques nodded, waiting for his Dom to leave to open the refrigerator. J.J. opened the fridge to peruse the contents.  He needed to get something prepared fairly quickly but wanted it to be delicious too.  He smiled when he spotted the little wrapped packet with the left over puff pastry he’d made a few days before.  He pulled it out along with fresh goat’s milk cheese. He turned on the small convection oven to heat. Then he quickly rolled out the pastry placed it on a baking sheet and brushed it with garlic seasoned olive oil and popped it in the oven to start baking. Then he sliced fresh tomatoes sprinkled them with sea salt and lay them on paper towel to drain the excess moisture.  He crumbled the goat’s cheese into a bowl and chopped up some fresh basil from his window garden.  When the pastry was about half cooked he removed it from the oven and layered the sliced tomato over it, sprinkled on the goat’s cheese and basil and popped it back in the oven.

When the tart was cooked, he sliced it into squares, put them onto plates along with a quick salad he’d made while it was baking, added two glasses of iced tea, and carried the tray into the bedroom.

Steve was drying his hair with a towel when he entered the bedroom to find Jean-Jacques sexily draped across the bed.  Steve climbed onto the bed, and began to nibble at J.J.’s body. 

Jean-Jacques giggled as Steve’s mouth tickled his skin. 

Mon chou, let’s eat this delicious meal you’ve made for us.” Steve prepared a bite of salad and held it up to Jean-Jacques’ mouth. 

Jean-Jacques fed Steve a bit of the tart.  They continued this way until they were finished.  Steve set the tray on the bedroom floor and reached into the bedside table for Jean-Jacques’ English cock cage before sitting back up.  “Spread your legs, mon bébé.  I need to make sure you are properly chaste on our wedding day.”

J.J. squirmed as Steve fed his cock and balls through the openings in the cage and snapped it closed.  He chewed on his lip to keep from crying out as Steve ran his tongue up the length of his cock, leaving him wanting more. 

Steve guided Jean Jacques to his feet and went to their wardrobe and removed J.J.’s best black suit, a white linen shirt with French cuffs and a silver satin tie.  He pulled black socks from the bureau and laid everything out on the bed.  He helped J.J. into the tailored shirt and carefully did up each button, turned up the cuffs and inserted gold and pearl cuff links.  He held the pants open and instructed J.J. to step in, smiling at the look of surprise on his soon to be husband’s face.  “That’s right, luv; you’re going commando. Now step in.”

Once Jean-Jacques was dressed, Steve led him over to the corner.  “I want you to stand here and think about how much I love you and that in the next hour you’re going to be mine, both by the commitment we have already made but also by legal matrimony.”

Steve watched his partner with great glee as Jean-Jacques radiated love and happiness from his place in the corner.  “Stand up straight,” Steve firmly ordered; he had to try hard to contain his laughter when J.J. stood up straight and the corners of his mouth turned up in a great smile.  Steve removed his black suit from the closet, and dressed. “Come here, mon horreur.”

Jean-Jacques turned from the corner and ran into Steve’s arms. 

Steve applied a playful swat to J.J.’s butt.  “Hey, you’re wrinkling my suit.”

Jean-Jacques squeezed Steve tighter. 

Steve applied a less playful swat.  “How about you pick out cufflinks and a tie bar for me?”

Jean-Jacques smiled and went straight to the red leather jewelry box.  He withdrew the vintage platinum and sapphire matching cufflinks and tie bar that he had given Steve for Christmas. 

Steve smiled, “I was hoping you would choose these.  Would you like to put them on me?”

Jean-Jacques nodded and attached the jewelry to his soon to be husband’s tie and shirt. 

Steve slipped on his jacket then pulled J.J. back against him so he was standing behind his boy as they faced the full length mirror.  He pressed his head against the side of J.J.’s, and ran his hands down the fine wool suit. “You are beautiful my love.  We make a perfect pair.  Que penses-tu?”

J.J. smiled and nodded; he wanted to reply, but he maintained the silence as he’d been instructed.

“Now it’s time we get going I’m sure James and Quinn will be ready and waiting for us.” 

The two men headed down to the lobby of the inn. James and Quinn were standing at the desk both in grey flannel slacks and cashmere sweaters, James’ was green and Quinn’s was the same blue as his eyes.  They hadn’t traveled with suits but still looked very stylish. 

Upon closer inspection, Quinn’s normally blue eyes were tinged with the red of having recently been crying.  Jean-Jacques felt sympathy for his friend but was reassured when he saw Quinn’s smile and James wrapped his arm comfortingly around his husband’s waist.

~*~    ~*~   ~*~

oh, me and my baby driving down 
to a hilly seaside town in the rainfall 
oh, me and my baby stand in line 
you've never seen a sight so fine 
as the love that's gonna shine at city hall

~ City Hall  by Vienna Teng

They arrived at city hall and made their way to the council chambers.  Steve and Jean-Jacques checked in produced the needed the paperwork along with the substantial cheque.  He was paying a hefty additional fee for not having made his wedding appointment forty-eight hours in advance.  James’ eyebrows rose when he saw the cost of the wedding, but he knew from his own experience that he would have paid any fee required when he married Quinn.  He was just a bit shocked because he and Quinn had only paid $150 for the officiate at their wedding. 

“Would you like to have a photograph taken?” the receptionist asked. 

“Yes, please,” Steve replied. 

“That will be an additional $150 payable directly to the photographer.  Here is his card.  You will need to present him with payment before the wedding.”

Fees paid, they did what everyone did at weddings waited and fretted in equal proportions. They smiled when they watched a couple who looked to be in their seventies exiting the chambers followed by what seemed to be a gaggle of children and grandchildren. 

The clerk called out for the Waterman-La Point party.  The men stood and followed the clerk into the office.  Steve spoke for a moment with the photographer and handed the man a cheque for the pictures.  The Justice directed the wedding party to take their places.

The ceremony was performed in French with each of the grooms taking their vows solemnly. 

Quinn listened carefully.  He didn’t understand a lot of the words, but he did smile at the few he could follow. 

Soon the Justice was pronouncing Jean Jacques and Steve to be married.  Steve pulled J.J. into his arms and kissed him.  It was a brief but intense kiss, sealing the promise of the long and happy future they would share together. 

They newlyweds posed for photographs with their best men, and the entire group was smiling with the genuine joy of the moment.

James patted Steve on the back.  “Good man,” he said. 

Steve pulled James into a hug.  “Thank you, my friend.”  Steve released James and pulled Quinn in for an embrace.  “Thank you for standing up for us.  I don’t think Jean-Jacques and I could have asked for a more loving couple to share our wedding day with.”

“You’re welcome. James and I are very honoured you asked us to stand up for you.”  Quinn replied.  Steve and Quinn each returned to their respective partners and took them by the hand as they exited the Council Chambers. 

“James,” Steve said, “I forgot to mention that I booked a suite for Jean-Jacques and I at Le Château des Amoureux.  You won’t mind having the Inn to yourselves tonight, will you?”

James smiled at Steve.  He was grateful for the opportunity to have some alone time with his husband.  “No, not at all.  What time are our reservations at the crêperie?”

“Six o’clock, which gives us time to get back to the Inn so Jean Jacques and I can pick up our overnight bag, and lose the jackets and ties.”

“Sooner the better,” James replied.  “I’m starved.”

The two couples had a wonderful meal at the crêperie, James ordered a bottle of champagne and he and Quinn toasted the happy couple. 

After dinner Steve and Jean-Jacques dropped James and Quinn back at the Inn and made their way to the hotel in the Quebec City for their wedding night.  They checked in and the bellboy led them up to their suite, Jean-Jacques was astounded at the beauty of the rooms.  Steve had gone all out and reserved them a luxurious suite with all the amenities. 

As soon as the bellboy departed, Steve took J.J. into his arms and kissed him deeply.  “I love you mon cher.  Let’s see if I can find some suitable music so I can dance with my beautiful new husband.”

Steve dragged Jean-Jacques with him to the suite’s stereo system.  He wrapped his arm around J.J.’s waist and pulled his husband close, so that Jean-Jacques’ butt was up against Steve’s hips.  They swayed together while Steve turned the dial through CBC 1, a religious station, past the Canadiens’ game, and finally settled on a classic rock station. 

They continued to move together as one while they were serenaded by an orchestra of violins.  Steve took hold of Jean-Jacques’ hand and spun him around before he pulled his husband into a tight dance hold.  They began to slowly dance as they heard the soft and strong masculine voice of Elvis Presley croon. 
Wise men say only fools rush in But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay, or would be a sinIf I can’t help falling in love with you 

Like a river flows surely to the seaDarling so it goes, some things are meant to beTake my hand, take my whole life tooFor I can’t help falling in love with you
Jean-Jacques rested his head on Steve’s shoulder and softly sighed.  He was feeling complete and total bliss.  They continued to dance when the song ended until Steve turned down the radio.  Their lips touched and they kissed and petted their way over to their honeymoon bed. 

Steve undressed his beautiful husband and then removed his own clothing before he laid them both down to make love for their first time as a married couple.

~*~    ~*~   ~*~


James and Quinn returned to the inn by themselves.  James sat Quinn down on a chair in the small lobby and instructed his boy to stay put until he came to fetch him.

Quinn squirmed on the hard wood chair.  He was still sore from the paddling he had received before the wedding.  He really just wanted to crawl into bed and have a good cuddle with James.

Twenty minutes later James returned to the lobby.  He gave Quinn one of his most winning smiles and held his hand out to introduce himself.   “Quinn, won’t you please follow me back to my office.  I’m Mr. Lefebvre; I’ll be conducting your interview today.”

Quinn followed James through the halls to their room.  James opened the door and Quinn was shocked to find that James had rearranged the furniture. The room now more closely resembled an office.  On one side of the desk was a small wooden chair that looked just as uncomfortable as the one he had been seated on in the lobby.  James motioned Quinn to the wooden chair.   “Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

Quinn grinned; sometimes dreams can come to life.

~*~    ~*~   ~*~

During the last week of James and Quinn’s stay in Lac-Ste-Jean they had explored several more aspects of the sub/Dom relationship including rope bondage and caning.

Several days before James and Quinn were scheduled to leave, Quinn threw a bit of paddy.  He was working on a charcoal sketch of the bed and breakfast to present to Steve and Jean-Jacques as a grand opening present, but the sketch wasn’t turning out to his liking.  He had already received several warnings about the long strings of obscenities leaving his mouth when James gently removed the sketch from Quinn’s hands and ordered his boy to kneel. 

Quinn feeling stressed about the quality of his art and the short amount of time he had left to finish it refused James request, and not so politely asked for this sketch pad to be return.  The situation elevated to what Quinn would describe as their first and last experiment with a cane.  Though Quinn did admit to having a certain fascination with the beautiful alignment of raised red marks it left, he wasn’t enamored of the painful experience in getting them.

And on the final night’s stay at the bed and breakfast James demonstrated his expertise with rope bondage; he’d become quite skilled during his days as a Dom in Toronto.  James used some intricate knots and patterns to secure his boy in a position that held Quinn open for James’ enjoyment.  He spent the entire evening, torturing Quinn with feathers and floggers, and hot wax and ice, finally bringing them both to such explosive orgasms that Steve and J.J. heard their screams from their suite on the other side of the Inn. 

~*~    ~*~   ~*~

As Quinn was putting the final toiletries into his and James’ suitcases, James called to him. “Come here, boy!”

Quinn lowered his head in submission and walked over to his Dominant.

“Drop your pants,” James ordered. 

Quinn’s head shot up in protest, and was shocked to find himself quickly spun around and several firm swats applied to his backside. 

“Boy,” James raised his voice.  “I told you to drop your pants.” 

Fumbling with the buttons on his jeans, Quinn finally got them unfastened and down.  He watched as James reached into his pocked and removed a small key.  “I thought I’d release my husband from being my submissive.”

Quinn raised his head and smiled.  “Yes, please, sir.”

“I’ve loved playing D/s these few weeks, but I’ll be happy to be back to our normal.” James slipped the key into the little gold lock and released Quinn from the chastity device. 

Quinn placed his hand on James’ cheek.  “Je t’aime, mon aubergiste dominant. You always dominate me in the most perfect ways—whether it be as my top in our marriage or as my Dom in play.  Thank you for this lovely gift of play.  My butt and I are very happy we will not have to submit to you and your evil paddle on a daily basis.”

James pulled Quinn close.  He rested his hands on Quinn’s bare ass.  “You were in training.” James said with an evil smile. 

Quinn gave a bit of pout. “Well, it will be good to get home, as I have already completed my brat training.”

“Oh, I think brat training is a life long process.” James patted Quinn’s butt. 

“As long as you are always the instructor, I can live with that,” Quinn said, leaning in for a kiss. 

James returned the kiss then smiled.  “All right turn back around, my boy.  Playing sub/Dom might be over, but you still wear a plug for flights. I want my boy calm and knowing I’m in charge, not spinning out of control with nerves about flying.”

Quinn pouted and sighed, but gave into James’ instructions.  Deep inside he knew James was right; he was a very nervous flyer, and wearing the plug was a constant physical reminder that James had him and would take care of him. 

James quickly lubed a medium size rubber plug with enough heft to be felt by the wearer.  Once inserted he patted Quinn’s butt then pulled him up into his arms and gave his husband a very possessive kiss.  “I suggest you get those jeans back up, boy, because Dominant or Top I will not put up with you baring all on our trip to Toronto.”  James tossed the chastity cage into the suitcase. “Let’s get these cases closed and head downstairs; Steve and Jean-Jacques will be waiting for us.”

James and Quinn’s time in Quebec had come to an end all too soon.  However, they felt good about what they had helped Steve and Jean-Jacques accomplish.  The inn was looking beautiful and the chef and inn-keeper would hold their grand opening in only a couple of weeks’ time.:D

Steve and Jean-Jacques drove them to the airport, and James and Quinn departed with promises to visit again once the bed and breakfast was open and operating.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


It was late afternoon when James and Quinn’s plane landed at Lester B. Pearson International Airport. James’ mother had spent most of the day making preparations for a wonderful family dinner, but she wasn’t willing to miss meeting her oldest son and his husband at the airport, so she left James’ younger brother, Timothy, at home with a list of instructions.  He mostly just needed to make sure the house didn’t burn down while the roast cooked. 

Quinn had been a part of the Lefebvre family long enough now that family visits no longer caused him anxiety; instead, he looked upon them as a chance to be spoiled by James’ mother Lillian.  Quinn was the first to spot his in-laws as he and James exited the secured area of the airport.  Lillian was immaculately dressed and James’ father David, matched her in a crisp pair of slacks, a polo shirt and blazer.  Lillian pulled her son into a tight embrace, and Quinn gave David a hug.  “It’s good to see you again, sir.”

David returned the hug with a pat to Quinn’s back.  “Will you please stop calling me sir; I’ve told you before it’s David, or Dad.  Sir makes me feel like an old man.” This was said with a look and a voice that was so much like James it made the Quinn look twice to ensure it wasn’t his husband admonishing him.  

“Yes, sir, David.” Quinn blushed.  James ran a gentle hand over his partner’s back as they changed places. 

Lillian gave Quinn a big kiss. “I’ve a nice roast in the oven at home for you two and Quinn I have buttered baby peas just for you.”

“Thank you,” Quinn said.  “I think they said our luggage is arriving at carousel seven.  James, which way do we need to go?”

James pointed the way, and he and Quinn soon had their luggage, and the family was on their way to the parking structure.  James loaded the bags into the back of David’s Lexus and they were all headed towards James’ parents’ suburban Toronto home.

James watched out the window as they passed through the city.  “I can’t believe how much new growth Toronto is seeing. Every time we’re here there are new condos and office towers.”

“Yes,” David said with a sigh.  “It’s getting to be too much.  Mom and I have been doing some serious talking about moving out of the city when I retire next year.  Uncle John and Aunt Berta have bought a place in Bradford that’s just beautiful.”

“Mom was telling me about it in her last email.  I think that would be great for you but what about Timmy? Does this mean he’ll actually have to find a place of his own?” James asked, laughing.  He’d been teasing his younger brother about still living at home with his parents.

“Don’t you tease your brother,” Lillian admonished.  “Besides I think he’ll be moving sooner than you expect.  This new girl Dana is pretty special. I think she might be the one.”  

 “He does tend to go on about her when he calls,” Quinn laughed.  He’d had the opportunity to talk to Dana on a couple of occasions, and he and James had discussed how they could often hear her interjecting in the background when they spoke to Tim on the phone. 

They soon found themselves pulling into the driveway of the Lefebvre home.  Quinn could understand why his in-laws may want to move out of the city, but he found something very special about the house that James had grown up in; he would be sad if the Lefebvres decided to sell it.  It was a beautiful two story detached brick house.  It was made all the more lovely by the snow blanketing the ground. Quinn could imagine a young James traipsing around the neighborhood with a sled in tow.

David helped James and Quinn with the luggage while Lillian unlocked the front door.  Quinn stepped into the house and was greeted by four puppies, barking, nipping and begging for attention. 

Lillian laughed as she bent to pick up two of the pups. “And just who let you guys out of your pen?” She asked, knowing full well the answer to that question was coming down the hall towards her.

“They wanted to greet the family.”  James younger brother Tim, bent and picked up the other two puppies.  “Hey, Quinn, you’re looking good, bro.  I hope that brother of mine is treating you right.”

“He always does.” Quinn replied aloud while thinking to himself, ‘Of course that depends on what you consider treating me right to be? Because I’ve spent the last three weeks bound in kinky sex toys, being spanked on a regular basis, and kneeling at your dear brother’s side.’

Quinn set his bags down in the hall and reached for the puppy that was wiggling its way out of Lillian’s hands.  “Hello, little…,”--Quinn held the dog up,--“…girl.  What’s your name?”

“That is Miss Genevieve Rose, she is quite a little charmer,” Lillian answered. 

The puppy began to cover Quinn’s face with kisses.  “James,” Quinn turned to his partner. “I think we need a puppy.”

James shook his head. Why was he not surprised?  His mother had told him about the puppies.  He had a sneaking suspicion that his husband would find them irresistible.  However, he wasn’t really sure if he wanted to add a puppy to their lives or not.  “Why don’t we finish getting in the door before we start discussing puppies.”  He chided.  

He carried the suitcases further into the hallway, dropped them, and pulled his younger brother into a hug.  “Timmy, it’s good to see you, little brother.”

Tim returned the hug. “Good to see you too and the name is Tim!”

James gave Tim a shit-eating grin and patted him on the face.
“Anything you say, Timmy.” He then turned to his mom while making a show of sniffing the air appreciatively.   “Mmmmm that’s a prime rib roast if ever I smelled one.  I’m looking forward to this dinner.”

“Well, boys, dinner should be ready very soon.” Lillian handed her other puppy to Quinn. “James take the bags up to your room.  Quinn could you please help Tim put the puppies back with their mother. I’m sure Tosca is missing them.  Then why don’t all my boys go have a drink, and I’ll call you when dinner is on the table.”

Quinn followed Timothy back to the laundry room.  They set the puppies on the floor, and the little dogs went to their mother to try and nurse—at six weeks the puppies were ready to be weaned, but as they were still with their mother they nursed when given the opportunity. “Do any of the dogs have homes yet?” Quinn asked. 

“Dana wants the little red boy,” Tim answered, pointing to the puppy that was currently chasing its tail.  “My mom’s friend Grace, who owns the father, wants Maximillian, the blonde one.  But Rosie and her sister are still up for grabs.”

“Rosie?” Quinn scrunched his face. “Why would you call her that? She looks much more like a Genny.”

Tim laughed as the two men went to meet James and David in the lounge.  “James, I think you’re going to have to figure out how to get a puppy back to Jade Heights,” Tim teased as he entered James and Quinn’s room. 

James rolled his eyes as he turned to his brother. “Can you tell Mom we’ll be down in a few minutes? I think we’d both like to change and use the washroom before dinner.”

With Tim gone and the bedroom door closed, James gave Quinn’s butt a playful swat. “We’ll discuss the puppy later.” He stated not giving his brat a chance to start the list of reasons they had to bring one home with them.  “In the mean time, let’s get that plug out of you and wash up.”  

Quinn was quickly distracted from the puppy issue when James’ offered to remove the butt plug he’d inserted some four hours earlier.  Quinn swiftly stripped out of his jeans and boxers and bent over the bed.  He shook his ass at his husband. 

James smiled and ran his hand over the smooth butt; he teased Quinn by gently tugging the ring on the plug and releasing it a couple of times before he pulled it out completely.  “If my family wasn’t waiting downstairs, I’d fill that hole with something even better than this plug.  But that’s going to have to wait.” He gave Quinn a sharp swat.

“Ouch,” Quinn gave a bit of a pout as he tried to rub the sting away. “I’ll forgive you, if you promise to make slow passionate love to me.  I loved my time as your submissive, but I’m looking forward to the slow caresses that my husband spoils me with.”

James pulled close for a kiss.  “I promise, but we really shouldn’t keep my folks waiting much longer.  Let’s get changed and washed up.” The two lovers were quickly changed and headed to the lounge to join James’ father and brother for drinks.

David was seated in a burgundy leather chair and Tim across from him on the sofa. “You boys get all settled in?” David asked.

“Yes thanks Dad, the room is great.  Though I’m still heartbroken you and Mom didn’t keep it as a shrine to me.” James teased. 

David laughed, “Your mother wanted a guest room and somehow the poster covered walls and door filled with holes from your dart board didn’t quite cut it for her.  Would you boys like a beer or something stronger?”

“Beer’s good for me,” James replied.

Quinn bit his lip for a minute.  He was a bit dehydrated and tired.  “No, thank you, David I think I’ll wait until dinner.  Could I just have a tall glass of ice water?”

“Of course,” David replied while scooping ice into a high ball glass and filling the glass with water from the crystal pitcher that matched his fine barware.  “So how were things in Quebec?  Are Steve and his partner getting their bed and breakfast together?”

James gave Quinn a smile of approval; sometimes he underestimated Quinn’s ability to judge his own needs.  He knew it was his toppy nature, but he needed to watch that he didn’t go overboard with it.

“Yes their B & B has really come together. I think they’ll make a real go of it--especially now that the economy is on the upswing.”

“They worked us pretty hard.  We helped them get the three guest rooms on the ground floor ready, and the top floor rooms are all painted, and the wood floors and the bathrooms are all working and fitted with basic fixtures.”  Quinn chimed in, proud of the work he and James had done with their friends.  “They are going to start taking guests in the middle of March, and then finish the upstairs once money starts coming in.”

Tim spoke up. “You guys will have to come help me when I get a place of my own. I’m sure some free labour will come in very handy.”

“I thought you were going to live with Mommy and Daddy until you were fifty,” James teased.

“Bugger off, James.”

“James, don’t pick on your brother.”  David chided. “I’m sure he’ll move out by the time he’s forty.”

“You guys are so not funny.” Tim stuck his tongue out.  “Quinn you lived at home with your folks until my brother corrupted you, didn’t you?”

Quinn smiled and was happy to play along.  “Well yes, but I lived in the apartment over the garage that had been my grandmothers, and I gave up my Star Wars sheets when I was 10.”

“Quinn, that was so uncool,” Tim shook his head while the other men in the room laughed.  He was relieved to hear the doorbell ring.  “Thank God,” “That must be Dana.”

“He really is too easy,” James laughed. 

“Just don’t give him a hard time in front of his girl.” David admonished.  “We actually like this one, and I don’t want her scared off.”

“Okay Dad I’ll play nice.”

Seconds later Tim entered the room with an immaculately dressed, petite brunette on his arm.  James always knew his brother had an eye for beautiful women, but this one wasn’t just beautiful she was classy looking with a warm smile that lit up her face.

“Dana, this is my brother James and his husband Quinn.”  Tim indicated the two men as he introduced them.

James stood and held his hand and out to the young beauty.  “Dana, I’m pleased to finally meet you in person.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.  Tim has been promising me a trip out to your inn.  I’m hoping maybe this summer.  I hear Jade Heights is beautiful in the summer,” the young woman responded while she held her hand out to Quinn. 

Quinn shook the hand held out to him.  “It is gorgeous in the summer.  We have an amazing garden society, and they have the whole town in bloom.  We would love to have you and Tim as guests.”

Lillian entered the lounge.  “Good evening, Dana dear, you have perfect timing.  David will you come carve the roast while Dana and the boys get seated in the dinning room?”

Soon the family was seated at the table and the food was being passed around as everyone helped themselves to the fabulous meal.

“So are we all set for the big game on Sunday?” James asked. 

“You want to believe it!”  Tim enthused, “I can’t wait to see us kick some American butt.  This is the Olympics at their best.  These games have been the best ever for Canada.”

“Well now that the women took hockey gold the men had better do the same,” Dana added. “This is our game in our Olympics, it would really put us over the top.”

Quinn thought of the women celebrating on the ice with cigars and drinking Canadian.  “I don’t know why everyone got so worked up about their celebration.  I thought it was great to see those moments of sheer joy after having worked so hard to realize their dream on home ice. I’m looking forward to seeing the Kid and the rest of guys do the same on Sunday.”

James nodded his head. “I am too.  Sid the Kid hasn’t lived up to his potential in these games.  I really expected more from him.”

“I think we all did,” David added. “I wonder just how hard he’s been on himself over his lack lustre performance.”

“I think he’s been holding out for his goals to really count.  Now that it’s the gold medal game he’ll come through.” Quinn wanted to defend his favourite player. 

“Let’s hope you’re right, babe.”  James replied.

They finished out a very nice evening telling family stories and laughing.  James did his best not to embarrass his younger brother with Dana present.  He found himself quite taken with the lovely young woman and began to picture her and Tim as a serious couple. 

James silently noticed that each time his mother went to check on the puppies she was followed by Quinn offering to help.  Tim was right his husband was enamoured with them.  It was going to be hard on Quinn to go home without one in tow. 

It was after midnight when Tim left to drive Dana home, and James and Quinn said their good nights and headed off to bed.  As soon as the bedroom door closed, James pulled his husband into his arms and began to kiss the side of his neck.  “Love you so much.” He murmured. “Get your clothes off and let me show you just how much.”

Thirty minutes later the two were quite sated and contentedly sleeping.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

The puppies were out of their pen happily playing with various toys and totally oblivious to the fact that history was about to be made.  It was twelve minutes and thirty seconds into the overtime period. James, Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Lefebvre, Tim and Dana were sitting in the family room on the edge of their seats watching the Gold Medal Men’s Hockey game.  The score was tied: Team Canada - 2 and Team U.S.A - 2.  Their eyes were glued to the screen as they listened to the announcer call the game.

“Back ahead now comes Sidney Crosby.” 

“Crosby tries to dance through.” 

“Miller guides it away to the corner.” 

“Crosby up with it there.” 

“He passes long to Jarome Iginla who sends it back.”

“Crosby SCORES!!!!!”

“It’s over!!!!”


The family jumped to their feet, hooting and hollering their joy as Team Canada won the final gold medal of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  Quinn hugged James and they bounced together.  “I told you Sid would pull it off.” Quinn said into James’ ear. 

Horns started to honk, and the family could hear the neighbours coming out of their houses to cheer.  “Let’s go see what’s happening,” Tim said to his family as he made his way to the front door.  He held the door as his parents, James. Quinn, and Dana made their way into the yard and then followed after them; he was followed out the door by a little brown puppy. 

It seemed like the entire city was outside at this moment, people cheering, and car horns blaring.  Someone had their car stereo blaring out O Canada and most people began to sing loud and proud.  James was grinning as he listened to Quinn’s slightly off key rendition.  None of them sounded like they belonged on Idol but it was beautiful nonetheless; a proud moment for their country. 

As the song was coming to the end, James noticed a movement out of the corner of his eye.  He spotted a small brown ball of fur contrasting against the white snow at the end of the driveway.  He tore off the porch in a mad dash just as the puppy reached the road, scooping her up in his arms only seconds before a car with horns blaring and flag waving drove over the spot where she’d been. 

The small face with snow clinging to its nose and ears looked up at James with the biggest brown eyes he’d ever seen.  ‘I’m totally fucked,’ he said to himself and the pup.  His family came running down the driveway after him.

“Oh, James, honey, thank you so much.” Lillian wrapped her hands around James and the little puppy.  “Genevieve Rose what are you doing out here?” She scolded the small dog, who cuddled further into James for protection. 

Lillian looked at the wide open front door. “Timothy David, did you leave the front door wide open?”

Tim’s face immediately looked guilty. 

“Please go shut the door, and check on the other puppies to see if Miss Genevieve was the only escapee, or if we need to search the neighbourhood for any others.”

Quinn looked at his husband, who was cradling the puppy close to his body to make sure she stayed warm.  He began to laugh when he heard James whispering sweet endearments to the baby dog.  Quinn wrapped his arm around James’ hips and looked down at the dog.  “She’s got you too; does this mean we get to take her home?”

James sighed at the lost cause situation he found himself in.  “I don’t know; you’ll have to ask Mom if she’s for sale, and how much she wants for her.”  He replied, knowing full well his mother wouldn’t take a nickel from her family for the pup.

Quinn waited while Tim informed Lillian that the rest of the puppies were safe in the house, before he addressed his mother-in-law.  “Lillian, would it be possible for James and I to purchase Genny from you?”

“Genny,” she sweetly laughed, “Well if she already has a nickname I think she needs to go home with you boys.  I would love for you two to have one of Tosca’s puppies.” Lillian lightly slapped James on his shoulder. “And James Lefebvre you know I would never make you pay for one of the puppies.”  Lillian dropped a kiss on each of James’ and Quinn’s cheeks.  “It will be wonderful to see her when we visit you in Jade Heights.” 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


Later that night James lay reading in bed while Quinn finished up in the bathroom. He looked up from his book as his handsome husband came into the room wearing only a pair of silky sleep pants that hung low on his hips.  James couldn’t help but smile at the stubble of hair that would soon be the fine treasure trail leading from below his navel.  Quinn always hated it when the hair started to grow back in after James had shaved him.  He complained incessantly about the itching. 

“Come on, sexy, and get into bed.” He patted the spot beside him.  “I’ve been thinking about the new addition to our family.  We’re going to have to make special arrangements with the airline to get her home.”

Quinn crawled into bed. James set his book on the bedside table, and Quinn snuggled up next to him, resting his head on James’ chest.  “What do you think we’ll need to do? I don’t want her down in the plane’s hold all by herself.  She’s too little and will be scared.”

“We’ll call in the morning, babe, but I don’t know if we have much choice about where the airlines put her.” James began to rub Quinn’s back as he felt the anxiety rising in his brat.

“James, she’s not riding in the hold.  We’ll have to drive her home if that is our only choice.”

James sighed, “Okay before we get all worked up let me go online and see what information I can find.”  James got out of bed and retrieved his laptop from his bag and got it started up.  Within minutes he had the airlines information on traveling with pets section.  He smiled as he read the description of those pets permitted in-cabin travel. “We’ll have to purchase a soft sided kennel bag that fits within the 16 X 17.5 X 8.5 inch restrictions to fit under the seat at take off and landings, but given Genny is so small she should fit just fine.”

Quinn gave a huge sigh of relief.  “I don’t know why you bother to get all worked up about these things; we could have just called the airline in the morning.”

James rolled his eyes at his brat. 

“What else does it say?”

“It says, your pet must be fed and watered in the four hours prior to check in.  And to feed your pet only a light meal prior to departure and provide a quick drink of water before check in. Food and water is not permitted in the kennel.  So we’ll have to be sure that she’s well taken care of beforehand.  Perhaps mom’s vet might give us a small tranquillizer so that she can sleep through most of the flight.  Hmmmm...” James paused, and then quickly added, “I wonder if the vet can prescribe tranquillizers for brats as well as pets.  It would certainly make for a quieter flight.”

“You think you are so funny,” Quinn teased. 

James closed his computer and set it on the shelf of the bedside table.  He pulled Quinn into a kiss and settled them both back under the covers.  “Yes, I do,” James answered.

The two men lay quietly with James lightly running his fingers over Quinn’s back.  “Do you think we can still take the shuttle home from Kelowna or should we call my dad and ask for a ride?”  Quinn asked. 

“I think we could take the shuttle, but perhaps it would be easier on all of us if we got a ride.  If your dad can’t get us, I’m sure we could coerce one of your brothers.”

Quinn squirmed slightly and began to scratch at the new hair growing in over his pubis.  James grabbed the scratching hand, slapped it lightly, and pulled it behind Quinn’s back.  “Don’t scratch.” He admonished. 

Quinn continued to squirm.  “It itches,” he whined, “and I thought I stopped being your sub several days ago.”

“You did, but I didn’t stop being your top.”  James slid his hand into Quinn’s sleep pants and wrapped it around Quinn’s cock.  “I was thinking maybe I could do something to distract you from the need to scratch.”

James slid his hand down Quinn’s rapidly hardening cock and fondled his balls until his lover was squirming and moaning beneath him.  He pushed Quinn’s sleep pants down his legs and tossed them aside then bent and drew Quinn into his mouth and began to lick and suck greedily. Quinn splayed his legs allowing James to move between them, he licked his index finger as he worked the cock and then slipped the wet finger into Quinn, up to the second joint and teased at the entrance gently finger fucking him with it. 

James looked up from his work and grinned. “Like that baby?”

Quinn groaned, “Oh God yes!”

James smiled. His husband had never been quiet during sex, but that didn’t mean that he and Quinn would be advertising their activities to the whole house.  James placed his mouth up to Quinn’s ear and quietly growled. “I’m glad.  Now hush, boy. The whole of North York doesn’t need to know what we are doing.”  James added some lube to his fingers and then slid two inside Quinn teasing and stretching his partner. 

Quinn bit his lip and quietly groaned and grunted as James pleasured his prostate. 

When he felt Quinn was properly prepared, James kneeled up and slicked his own cock with lube; he pulled Quinn’s legs up onto his shoulders.  Aligning his cock with the now slick and stretched opening, he slid in with one smooth thrust.   James chuckled at the sight of Quinn biting down hard on his lip to keep from crying out at the sudden intrusion.  James quickly set up a pounding rhythm which had both of them ready to climax rapidly.  This wasn’t the time for a long slow fuck; they were both seeking quick satisfaction, and that’s just what he intended to give them.  A few quick pulls on his lover’s ridged member had him spurting out his release across his stomach. 

The spasms in Quinn’s rectum that followed his orgasm were all that were needed to send James following his lover over the edge. 

James collapsed across Quinn’s body, gasping for breath. After a few moments, he pulled away, groaning at the mess they were both in.  “Come on, baby, let’s grab another quick shower.  We’ll sleep a lot better after cleaning this mess off ourselves.”

“You want me to move?” Quinn questioned.

James laughed. “Yes, because, baby, you are the wet spot, and I don’t feel like listening to you whine all night that you are uncomfortable.”

“You are a horrible fiend,” Quinn pouted. 

“Yes, but I intend to be a clean horrible fiend.” James pinched Quinn’s nipple. “And I intend to be a horrible fiend with a clean brat.  So up you go.”

Quinn took hold of James’ hand, using it for leverage to get up from the bed.  “Okay, but you’re doing all the washing,” Quinn said with yawn. 

James laughed as he pulled Quinn towards the bathroom. “All right, my spoiled brat, I’ll wash you nice and clean.”

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Quinn held the small puppy in his arms.  She wagged her tail with excitement and released tiny little barking sounds as Quinn fed her another cookie while James paid the vet’s bill.  “Are we ready to go?” Quinn asked, giving the puppy another cookie? “Did your mom give you directions to the pet store she uses?”

“Yes just down Yonge Street to Eglinton, it will only take a few minutes to get there.  Let’s take our little girl and get her outfitted.”   James scratched Genny behind the ears.  He was growing more and more enamoured with the little pup by the minute.  He only hoped that Quinn wouldn’t get too upset when they had to discipline her during training. 

Quinn struggled with the puppy while he and James made the short drive to the pet store.  Genny wanted out of Quinn’s hold to explore the car.  “Hey come back here,” Quinn said as the puppy crawled up his chest and onto his shoulder.  Quinn gently grasped the puppy by the scruff of her neck and brought her back to his lap.  “I’ll give you a cookie if you stay here, and you, little girl, are making the ride home in your carrier.”

James had to smile at Quinn’s attempt to discipline the puppy, perhaps things might go better than he expected.  He pulled into the parking lot of Bark and Fitz pet store.  His mom had recommended this store.  He looked in the window and was taken aback by how much it resembled an expensive boutique for humans, not the kind of pet store he recalled from his childhood.  “Would you look at this place?! I can see why my mother likes it, looks like the kind of store she’d shop at for herself.”

Quinn grabbed a small cart as he and James walked into the store.  A store clerk greeted them as they walked in, “Welcome to Bark and Fitz.  It looks like you have a new puppy. She is gorgeous.”

Quinn smiled with pride.  “Thank you.  Yes, we are flying home with her in a couple of days, and we need to get her fully outfitted before we leave.”

“Well we have list of supplies for new dog owners, and I can help you find anything you need.” The store clerk handed Quinn the several page pamphlet full of suggested items to purchase.

James glanced over Quinn’s shoulder and looked at this list, it went on, and on.  “What are puppy training pads?”

The clerk grinned. “Oh they are wonderful, instead of the old fashioned news papers these are absorbent pads that don’t leave a mess on the floor and deodorize at the same time.  You absolutely have to have them.”

“Can you show us those?” The clerk led the men toward the back of the store and to the clean doggie section of the store.  Quinn was fascinated at all of the options and started to fill the cart.  “Oh, we definitely need some of these pick up bags.  And a Shapoopie, we have to have a Shapoopie.” Quinn continued to add puppy training pads, carpet cleaner, and a lint brush.

“Quinn, sweetheart we have to take everything on the plane with us. I’m sure we can get some of these things once we get home and save paying extra for having over weight baggage.”

“James, we don’t have a pet store in Jade Heights.  We’re going to have to get everything here and pay for an extra bag or the over weight fee.  She needs these things.”  Quinn and Genny gave James a firm look.  Quinn looked at the list the clerk had handed him.  “Now we need to go look at collars, leashes, and harnesses.”  He turned to the sales clerk.  “Could you show us those?”

James sighed; he knew he could argue and probably should but seeing Quinn this happy and excited seemed to overwhelm his good sense.  “Please let’s keep this to what will fit in one suitcase okay?  I really don’t want to have to buy the supplies their own seat.”

Quinn smiled.  “Thank you,” he said quietly to James.  He realized he had been pushing and appreciated that James had backed down.  Quinn thought this little puppy might be great for keeping him out of trouble.  Quinn turned to the little dog. “Got that Genny, James says we need to keep your purchases down to one suitcase.”  The puppy raised her ears and tilted her head.  “I know,” Quinn said, “but no worries, he didn’t specify a size.”

James heard the remark and growled gently. “It had better fit in the standard size restrictions, boy, or someone will be paying for it with more than his wallet.”

“She’s a little dog; I’m sure we can fit all of her gear in a standard bag.” Quinn smiled nervously at James.  Genny nuzzled her head into Quinn’s armpit.  “I know baby, his growl is scary.  Why don’t you go give him some kisses while I try some of these collars on you?”

James took the pup into his arms and held her gently as Quinn sorted through scores of patterned collars, slipping several around Genny’s neck.  James groaned at some of them but when Quinn placed a multi-coloured one with a dog bone pattern around her neck grinned.  “Now that one is cute,” he smiled at how sweet the puppy looked. 

“I think that’s the one,” Quinn smiled at his husband.  James was an elegant and polished man who exuded power and dominance.  Quinn loved the softness and gentleness with which James held the puppy.  It was a tenderness that Quinn often saw as being only his, and he knew that Genny was already a very loved and perfect member of their family.   

“Why don’t we get it with the matching leash and harness?”

The clerk happened to be roaming back around to James and Quinn.  “Oh you’ve decided to get the Bright Bones collection.  We have adorable bone shaped dog tags.  If you are interested I could start their engraving and have them ready for you when you are ready to check out.”

They ordered the tag with Ginny’s name and their home phone number and the made their way to the cash with the cart full of supplies.  James grimaced at the total but said nothing as he handed over his credit card. 

It took James two trips to the car to carry everything out as Quinn was too busy chatting with customer who had come in with another cocker spaniel.  James got the car started and finally ended up honking the horn to get his husband’s attention. 

Quinn huffed as he climbed into the passenger seat with the puppy.  “It’s very rude just to honk for someone.  I was only listening to that sweet lady tell me about her dog’s eye problems.   Do you think we should have Ginny seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist? I don’t want her to have eye problems.”

James rolled his eyes. “Honey we were just at the vet.  She’s fine.” He leaned across the car and kissed Quinn and then the puppy.  “I thought you were going to put her in the carrier for the trip back?”

“No, I want to put a blanket in there for her before she goes in it.  I’ll hold her.”

“Okay but if she pees on you don’t complain to me.” James teased as he pulled away from the store.

By the time they got home Quinn had a damp spot on his pants but he wisely kept the complaints to himself.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

When they got home they put Genny’s new blanket and several stuffed toys in with she and the other puppies for her last night in Toronto.  They wanted her to have something with comforting smells for the flight and when they arrived home in Jade Heights. 

Lillian made a lovely dinner for James and Quinn’s last night in Toronto.  She made her mother’s recipe for Tourtiere.  It was a wonderful comfort food full of good memories that her whole family loved.  She loved to entertain and to spoil her all of her boys. 

The family stayed up late playing cards and visiting.  When the clock chime indicated it was 12:30 James bade his family good night and tried to shuffle Quinn upstairs to finish with the packing, but Quinn had to stop by the puppy pen first to wish Genny a goodnight. 

Quinn snuck downstairs and removed the jeans he had been wearing earlier in the day from the dryer while James was in the restroom.  He wasn’t able to fit quite all of Genny’s new supplies into one suitcase, and found himself stuffing dog toys into every possible spare inch of he and James’ other bags.  Quinn had refused James help with the packing of Genny’s things, so James sat on the bed and watched his husband’s creative packing with enjoyment. 

“C’mere you,” James called to Quinn as the last of the puppy products was stored away.

Quinn quickly shed his clothing and pulled on a pair of sleep pants before he curled into James for night. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Morning came early at the Lefebvre house.  James and Quinn said their good byes to Tim as he got ready for work, and Tim said he was looking forward to a bringing Dana to the Inn in the summer. 

It took all for men to load Genny and all the luggage, and then David, Lillian, James, Quinn, and Genny climbed into the car for the trip to Lester B. Pearson International Airport. 

Lillian couldn’t help shedding tears as she said good bye to her oldest son and his husband.  James and Quinn gave kisses and hugs to the senior Lefebvre’s and then joined the line for people checking in with special travel arrangements.  A sticker tag was applied to Genny’s carrier, and the small family made their way outside to give the small dog one last chance to relieve herself before they reached Kelowna. 

The men stopped for coffee on their way to the gate and gave Genny her tranquillizer inside a dog treat about 20 minutes before they were due to board.  Finally James and Quinn’s rows were called and they boarded the plane them home. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

“Oh look there’s Dad.” Quinn waved to his father as he and James entered the baggage claim area of the Kelowna airport. 

Quinn gave his father a tight hug.  “Hi, Pop, thanks for coming to get us.  Would you like to meet Genny?”

Patrick smiled.  “I’d love to, but why don’t we go outside where you can let her out of that carrier.  I’m sure she would love to stretch and use the loo.”

“Why don’t you two take her outside, and I’ll wait for our bags.  Quinn will you bring a cart back with you so we can load the luggage?” 

James watched as Quinn and his dad headed out of the terminal.  His father-in-law seemed out of breath; he wished one of Quinn’s brother’s had come for them.  Patrick looked worn out.  

He waited as the luggage made its way down the carousel and had it all lined up when Quinn got back with the cart.  Patrick followed him with the puppy in his arms, a smile played on his seasoned face. 

“I’m dying to get home and I’m sure Ginny wants to get settled too. Let’s get these suitcases to the car.” James said as he and Quinn loaded the bulging bags onto the cart.

The drive back to Jade Heights seemed to take a longer than normal, but finally Patrick was turning into the Inn’s driveway.  James smiled at the snow covered facade; he picked the puppy up and held her to the car window. “Welcome home, Ginny”


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