Playful Flurries

Title: Playful Flurries
Authors: Mel & Tarabeth
Characters: James & Quinn
Prompt: Snowflake
Implements: Hand and Paddle
Warning: This story contains a BDSM scene.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn pulled the Bronco up in front of his parents’ home. As an adult, he was amazed at how small the three-bedroom home seemed. How his parents had managed to raise five boys in this house, and made it feel big enough surely had to do with the love and discipline that helped to hold the walls up.

He walked in the door, and was immediately accosted by his three four-year-old nieces. “Uncle Quinn!!! Uncle Quinn!!!” they shouted. The girls were all wearing frilly little dresses, and each was in a varying stage of readiness. Ava was having her hair done, Blyth was putting on her shoes and socks, and Caitlan was waiting her turn doing summersaults across the couch. Rowan and his wife Carolyn were off celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary, and their triplet daughters were staying with Grandma and Grandpapa Sweeney. Quinn had arrived early to pick up the girls, as his father had asked.

“Hi Ma,” Quinn said, kissing his mother on the cheek as she continued to braid little Ava’s hair.

Mrs. Sweeney kissed her youngest son. “Hello, Baby. Your Papa’s in his study waiting for you.”

Quinn gave his mother a slightly worried look. Although he was thirty-five years old, there was still a slight chill that went through his body when he thought about being summoned to his father’s study. His mother gave a slight laugh. “Aye, my young one, you have nothing to worry about. It’s a good thing.” She gave her tall and muscular youngest son, a swat to his butt with the hairbrush, to get him moving.

“Ma!” Quinn yelped, with a rub to his butt as he made his way to the study. His yelp had sent the triplets into a fit of giggles. Grandma Sweeney was a tiny thing, but as all her sons and grandchildren knew well, she could wield a mean hairbrush. And the grandchildren always got a bit of glee at seeing their big fathers and uncles taken to task by the small woman, especially when it was playful.

“Good Morning, Pop,” Quinn said as he took a seat in front of his father’s desk.

Quinn’s father nodded to his son, and pushed a plain white envelope across the desk to his son.

“What’s this?” Quinn asked.

“Why don’t you open it and see,” his father responded with a large grin.

Quinn opened the envelope, and withdrew a cheque made out to him. A very large cheque that made Quinn’s eyes pop wide open, and his father give a large belly laugh. “You look just like your older brothers’ when they got theirs. Now, yours is quite a bit larger, because you married much later then your brothers. And, dear Lord, if Patrick ever marries, and stays married, that man could end up a millionaire.” Papa Sweeney shook his head as he thought about his playboy son.

“I don’t understand,” Quinn said as he looked down at the cheque for just a bit over $30,000.

“Every month since you were born until you graduated from high school, your mother and I put away at least $50 for you as a college fund. But you, like your bothers, never went to university.” Quinn’s father’s voice took a prideful tone. “When you came to me to tell me you were coming to work at the mine with me and your brothers, I put the money away, to give to you on your fifth wedding anniversary, just as I did with Rowan, Sully and Aiden.”

Quinn felt tears in his eyes. “Pop, this is too generous,” he said.

“No, my good son it’s not. Your mother and I saved that money for each of you boys. You have each become good men, and we love you and your partners. Since we didn’t need to invest in your education, we are investing in your families. That money is yours to do with as you please. Your brother’s used the money to help buy or redecorate their houses. You and James do as you see fit. All your mother and I ask is that you use it in some way to reseal your love of one another.”

Quinn felt a tear fall down his face. “Thank you sir. I will,” he said.

“Now there is one more thing you have to promise,” his father said.

Quinn nodded.

“This money was a surprise to you. You had no idea it was coming, because when I gave the money to your brothers I asked them to save the surprise for each of you younger boys.” Mr. Sweeney paused. “Now Lord only knows if Patrick will ever settle down, but every night your mother says a prayer.” Quinn and his father both gave a snort at the same time. “But when and if he does, I ask that I be able to surprise him with this gift, in the way I have you. Can you promise me that?”

Quinn nodded and got up to give his father a warm and thankful hug. “Thank you so much Papa. Is it okay, if I don’t tell James for a while, I want to figure out a way to surprise him.”

“Of course,” his father said. Mr. Sweeney ruffled his son’s hair. “Now I think you need to thank your Ma, and I believe there are three little girls out there waiting on a tea party at their Uncles’ Inn.”

Quinn thanked his mother, and then it took he and his father another forty-five minutes to properly install the three little car seats in the Bronco, and another half hour to install three excited little girls into their seats.
~*~  ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn couldn’t believe how thankful he was that the drive from his parents’ home to the inn was no more than fifteen minutes. Shortly after he left, Blyth announced she had to go potty. Ava announced she too needed a restroom, and Caitlan not wanting to be left out announced she was feeling car sick just as Quinn pulled the Bronco into the main drive of the Inn. Within ninety seconds, three little girls had unbuckled themselves, and ran out the door of the Bronco, up the steps of the Inn, and straight for their Uncle James. “We’re here, Uncle James, we’re here!!!!” the girls shouted with excitement. “Do you have our party all set up?”

James grinned at the sight of the three little beauties running towards him. He squatted down to their level and gave each one a hug and kiss. He put on his best maitre'd voice. "Everything is set up in the dinning room ladies. If you'll follow me I'll show you to tea."

He led the girls into the Inn's small dining room, set up in the alcove of the large bay window was a beautifully laid out tea service. Trays were laden with tiny finger sandwiches and small fairy cakes. A fine china tea service was beautifully displayed along side a centrepiece of pink roses and Queen Anne’s lace. The three girls squealed with delight as James seated each one.

Quinn came into the dinning room and took a seat with the girls. James gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek as he reached for the teapot.

"May I pour?" he asked. He poured out milky tea into each cup. "Please help yourselves to the sandwiches."

Quinn looked up at his husband. “It’s wonderful James. Thank you.” He kissed his husband on the cheek. “You are always so good at these prissy girly things,” Quinn teased his Top.

James gave his husband a glare and turned back towards the girls and smiled. "Ladies," he whispered loudly, "I just found out that The Nutcracker Ballet is being performed in Kelowna the week before Christmas. Uncle Quinn and I are going to give you tickets to see it as part of you Christmas present this year!"

James had to wait for the squealing and cheering to calm down before he could continue. "Now sadly that week is very busy for me here at the Inn, so I can’t go. However your Uncle Quinn is off work with the mine shut down, and is going to take you to see it. Won't that be wonderful?"

He gave Quinn a smile and blew a kiss at him.

Quinn’s mouth fell open with outrage and fear. He closed his mouth and then nodded at his husband. “Touché,” Quinn said with a smile to James. “I’m sorry.” He turned his attention to the girls. “Maybe if we are really nice to Uncle James, he will see if someone can work for him, or if he will let Grandma come with us.”

James smiled back at Quinn, and replied, “Maybe.” He kissed each of the little girls and then Quinn, and begged their forgiveness that he had to get back to work. He promised he would come back and join them as soon as possible.

Quinn sat at the table with the small girls, several of their dolls, and stuffed animals. He played along for as long as he could, but deciding he also needed to have some enjoyment, he decided it was time to become icky Uncle Quinn, which had the desired affect of…

“Uncle Quinn, mommy says you shouldn’t pick your nose,” and, “Uncle Quinn, that’s gross,” which was followed by an extreme amount of giggles. He realised he had taken it to far when James walked in and immediately his cute darling little nieces turned into tattle tales.

“Uncle James,” Caitlan whined, “Uncle Quinn isn’t using his manners. He picked his nose.”

To which Ava chimed in with, “and he burped, really loud, three times.”

Blythe waved her hand in front of her face. “I think he farted, too.”

James reacted with mock outrage. "That's disgusting," he replied. "Tell me ladies, when you are at grandma and grandpa's table what do they do if you don't use your manners?"

Ava immediately piped up. "Grandma stands us in the corner."

"Well then given the fact that Uncle Quinn here is Grandma's youngest child--I'd say she'd stand him in the corner, wouldn't you?" he asked conspiratorially.

"Oh yes," all three girls said together.

"Okay then we should do the same." James walked around the table to stand by Quinn's chair. "Into the corner with you, young man, until you learn to use some table manners." He guided a somewhat surprised Quinn to the corner of the dinning room, and then returned to the table.

"You ladies don't mind if I join you. Do you?" he asked. James enjoyed a few of the treats with the girls, and then a few minutes later called to his husband, "Quinn, have you learned your lesson?" James was using a stern voice, but it wasn’t masked very much by James playful personality.

“Yes, Sir.” Quinn turned from the corner and gave his husband a smile.

“Well then you may join us,” James said returning his husband’s smile. Quinn pulled up a chair and placed it next to James’. He dropped a kiss on his husband’s lips as he sat down. The rest of the afternoon went by very quickly with the two men enjoying their time with the little girls. Quinn was amazed that it was soon time to return the triplets to their grandparent’s home.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Quinn spent the next several months plotting out his plan to surprise James. He got quotes, met with travel agents and contractors, and arranged the plot with the staff at the Inn. Stanley, Mrs. Chelsea and Velma were all in on the plan. They each knew how hard their boss worked, and the kindness he gave each of them; they were excited about their role in the execution of the plan.

Quinn met with decorators, and did a lot of shopping. Some of this he did in combination with purchasing the supplies he needed for the renovation of the new discipline room. He kept to his word and made no complaints while he reconstructed the room. There were days that he found it very difficult to work on a room that he was designing for the sole purpose of future discipline. When he found himself growing cranky or frustrated over that revelation, he would close his eyes and focus on his commitment and love for James…and on the occasion that didn’t work…he would loose himself in his plan. He had to fully revamp the timetable he and James had agreed to--taking his plan into account. He would do a little extra work each day, hoping that James wouldn’t realise he had picked up the pace.

He made sure that all of the Inn’s ordering was done and the bills were paid—he swore all of James’ suppliers to secrecy. He worked with Stanley to ensure that the Inn would be fully staffed--various Sweeneys picking up shifts here and there. He planned menus with Mrs. Chelsea. Confirmed the month’s bookings with the guests, and he would sneak in the contractors and decorators when James was off running errands.

Luckily James’ passport was up to date, but Quinn had to get his updated. He packed the items he didn’t want to take through customs and mailed them ahead to he and James’ destination.

He paid the household bills, and arranged for his nephew to come and water the plants. He had to save the majority of the packing for the morning of the trip, because James would have noticed a large quantity of his clothes and toiletries missing.

Finally it was time to let his husband in on the secret. James’ arrived home to have lunch with Quinn, as had become habit since the mine had closed for the winter. The car was packed. Quinn had a wallet full of traveler’s cheques, plane tickets, hotel and car rental confirmations, and both the passports. He had packed their iPods, cell phones, chargers, and books and magazines to read on the plane.

Quinn met his husband at the door with a big kiss. “I have planned a little holiday for us. Everything is packed and planned and all you need to do is get in the car with me.”

James erupted into a load of Toppy questions.

Quinn laughed. “All right, I knew you’d do this.” He kissed his husband again. “I’m not telling you about the plans, they’re a surprise, and you’re on a need to know basis. But I have allocated two hours for you to go back to the Inn and verify that your terribly handsome, intelligent, brilliant, sexy, and wonderful husband has taken care of everything.”

Being out of the loop had James feeling frustrated and curious beyond belief. His staff just smiled and refused to answer him when he asked what they knew of the vacation Quinn had planned. No one would even tell him how long they were to be gone.

All that he was assured of was that the Inn would be well staffed while they were away and that everything had been taken care of. Stanley and Mrs. Chelsea both promised to call his cell if any problems arose.

So James took a deep breath, headed back to the cottage, and his beloved. His Toppy nature was screaming at him to demand answers, one of his largest concerns was how this vacation was being financed. He knew that no extra funds had come out of their bank accounts, and he was worried that Quinn had taken on debt to pay for it. However something deep down inside told him to keep that demanding Top's voice quiet, and give his husband his trust. Whatever Quinn had planned he'd obviously worked very hard at it, and James would not spoil his moment.

James gave Quinn his best trusting smile and climbed into the car. He wasn't too surprised when they drove to Kelowna and caught a flight to Vancouver. However the amount of luggage had him wondering just how long they were to be gone, four suitcases between them seemed to indicate this was to be more than just a few days.

He was shocked when they arrived in Vancouver and Quinn informed him they would be catching a connecting flight to San Francisco. Everything was incredibly well organized and the executive class seats were luxurious--which again had James thinking about finances, but Quinn had so many distractions for him that he didn't dwell on the subject.

It was after nine-thirty when they arrived in San Francisco and almost eleven by the time they had picked up their baggage, cleared customs and drove the beautiful new grey Infinity FX to the hotel.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

James swallowed when they arrived at the Fairmont Hotel, having worked for years at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, James knew what the cost of accommodations were and he was now getting edgy enough that he felt he had to ask. However Quinn moved so quickly from the car to the check in counter that James had to wait. His level of curiosity grew by the second as Quinn accepted a sizable package from the Concierge and put it with the luggage being taken to their room.

Finally they were in their room, which turned out to be a small suite with luxurious appointments. James pulled Quinn into his arms and kissed him deeply. He pulled back slightly, smiled and added. "Babe this is incredible." He waved his arm to indicate their surroundings. "The flight, the car, this suite, are all spectacular, and I don't want to question what you've arranged, but love, how are we affording this?"

Quinn laughed and looked down at his watch. “Wow, you restrained yourself for twelve hours; he kissed his husband, and then answered. “Well first off, Steve hooked us up with the hotel. It’s nice that you have friends in high places within the Fairmont Corporation. He’s a very nice man. I’m glad you have a good friend like him.”

James smiled at Quinn’s revelation, “Steve is a good friend and I’m very happy to know you’ve gotten past your jealousy of him. However his assistance with the hotel cost does not cover things like executive class plane fare and a luxurious rental vehicle. Those are very expensive my love.”

“Oh,” Quinn said, “I just used my college fund.”

James gave Quinn a puzzled look.

Quinn again kissed his husband, and began to explain about his summer meeting with his father. He slowly undressed as he told the tale. He never told James the full amount of money his father had given him, or his plans for the rest of the money. When Quinn finished his story, he was wearing only his gold cock ring. He laid himself out on large luxurious bed, making himself available for James’ pleasure. “If you think back, you’ll remember that Rowan, Aiden, and Sully each took their wives on fabulous vacations for their fifth wedding anniversaries. Hopefully that answers some of your Toppy questions. Will you now please get naked and fuck my brains out?”

James was both relieved and pleased with Quinn's revelation about his college fund. He was very curious about what Quinn had planned for this vacation. However, his train of thought was distracted by the sight of a very naked, very sexy, very wanton man, laid out on the bed before him.

He leered at his husband, and decided that Quinn had been in charge of things for long enough today. It was time he reasserted himself, even if he was intending to do exactly what Quinn wanted. "Are you trying to tell me what to do, Boy?" He growled.

"No Sir," Quinn said with a smile. The tone of James' Voice was making him grow hard. "I was just asking nicely, because I've been a very good boy."

James slipped out of his role for a moment and cracked a smile at Quinn's reply. It took a moment to put himself back in his Top persona. "I'll give you that, you have been a good boy today. However, you are still my boy and I won't tolerate my boy trying to take charge. Understood?”

Quinn nodded solemnly.

"Now that we have that clearly established, I'm going to fuck you into tomorrow." James quickly stripped, and joined Quinn in the bed. He pulled his husband firmly against him and kissed him aggressively, before rolling them over so that he had Quinn pinned to the bed with his body weight. He spent several minutes kissing and caressing the beloved body in his arms, rolling them from side to side. He ran the tips of his fingers up Quinn's spine causing the younger man to shiver. He pinched his nipples firmly rolling them between his fingers until Quinn moaned in protest. He reached down and stroked his lover's cock, but pulled away as Quinn thrust into his hand.

Finally he allowed his hand to wander lower and tease the tight entrance with his fingertip. After several minutes of teasing he forced Quinn's legs apart and kneeled between them. "Lube!" he demanded.

"Um...," Quinn said. He was painfully hard, and didn't think his next comment was going to go over very well. "It's still in the…uh…suitcase..." Quinn quickly slid out from underneath James, but he wasn’t quick enough.

James landed a firm swat to his ass. "You better hurry, Boy," James growled.

Quinn was thankful he had packed the lube in an easily accessible pocket. He arrived back at the bed and handed the bottle to his Top. "Sorry Sir."

Normally James had no problem with his role as the firm, commanding Top, it wasn't just a part he played in a game with his partner. It was the life he led with his husband 24/7. Not that they were always 'on' but even in the lightest most vanilla moments in their life, the undercurrent of power was always there.

However he had such a sense of lightness of being right now that he was having a bit of a time keeping up the part. When he swatted Quinn he'd had to force the growl into his voice to cover up the fact that he wanted to laugh.

His beloved boy was now lying back on the bed, his eyes naked with need. Need for James to take him and make love to him--and after all the work Quinn had done to make this vacation such a wonderful surprise--James would provide what his lover needed.

He took a generous amount of the lube and carefully prepared Quinn and himself. By the time he had them both ready his cock was aching with need and it became easier to follow through with the promised 'fucking into tomorrow'. He slammed deep and hard into the welcoming warmth of his husband and set up a driving rhythm that was fast enough to excite but not so fast as to end things too soon. He carefully removed the ring from around Quinn’s cock, and took its length into his fist and began to stroke and squeeze until the younger man let out a howl at his release. James fallowed him over the crest and into what felt like oblivion seconds later. He collapsed over Quinn's body unable to move for several moments.

Once he caught his breath he took in the look of complete satisfaction and bliss on his husband's face, and James knew he'd succeeded in his efforts.

He grinned when Quinn looked up at him. "Feeling good Babe?"

Quinn nodded and curled into James. His eyes grew heavy as he enjoyed the afterglow of sex, his husband’s gentle caresses, and he was quickly asleep.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

When Quinn awoke the next morning, James was in a large fluffy hotel robe, sitting at the small breakfast table and watching the fog roll into the city. Quinn got out of bed and strolled over to his husband. He sat down on James’ lap and gave him a soft kiss. “Mmmm, good morning. I can’t believe we’re really here. I’ve been planning this for so long, it was starting to feel like it was just a dream.” He pinched James, and when James let out a muffled yelp, Quinn laughed. “Nope, not a dream.”

“I only kind of have plans for us today. They kind of depend on your mood.” Quinn watched as James raised his eyebrows. “So, don’t say, ‘no,’ until you’ve heard me out.” Quinn went and retrieved the box he had gotten from the concierge and set it on the table in front of James. “We’re in a different country, in the gayest city in the world, no one knows us here.” He pushed the box towards James.

James looked down into the box, and then back up at Quinn.

“Please, please can we play?”

James was taken aback by the contents of the box, lying inside; very neatly folded and arranged were his full leathers. He'd only worn them once in the past six years and that was the day he'd gone to retrieve Quinn from the bar in Vancouver.

Before moving to Jade Heights, James had been an active player in the leather scene of Toronto. But he'd given up that lifestyle the day he met Quinn Seamus Sweeney. He no longer wanted to be a player; he wanted and had the permanence and security of marriage now. Not that he and Quinn had set up some domestic haven of vanilla-ness; hell Quinn was currently remodelling a room in their home whose sole purpose would be the administration of discipline. However that was just between the two of them. They would often `play games' in the bedroom, but he'd never taken Quinn out to play, he'd never really desired to.

"Babe, what we have together is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of or wished for. I love you and what you've done here for us, planning this vacation the way you have...well it is so special I just don't know how to thank you. You know, you haven't even told me any details, how long we're to be here, or what else you have planned."

He gave Quinn a smile and kiss. "I don't want to disappoint you in anyway by denying you what you're asking for. But playing in the club scene here, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with that. I could never let anyone else touch you nor do I have any interest in playing with any other boy. Going out to a club together would require a great deal of public discipline, which you may not enjoy. It wouldn't be at all like playing at home."

Quinn knew that he was going to have to be very delicate in how he handled this conversation, or it would quickly turn into a flat out NO. He knew that if they went out to a club it would be totally on James terms, and he would have to follow them to the letter of the law—that was part of what excited him about the prospect. “Can we order some breakfast? I’ll tell you more about our trip, and you could tell me what it would look like if we did go to the club?”

James smiled and nodded. “That sounds like a good idea.”

Quinn retrieved the room service menu and came back to the breakfast table and sat on James’ lap. James caressed his naked husband as they read through the choices. He ordered crab eggs Benedict, and Quinn blueberry and pear flaxseed pancakes.

Quinn put on his big fluffy robe to answer the door when the attendant arrived with breakfast. Breakfast was placed on the small table. Quinn signed for the meal and wished the man a good day. He picked up his breakfast tray and moved to the bed.

James had appreciatively enjoyed the feel of his naked husband sitting on his lap and was disappointed when Quinn had donned the robe to answer the door. Not that he would have allowed Quinn to be undressed in front of the server, but seeing him cover up was a shame. "Get that robe off Boy, you've got nothing to hide from me." He commanded, as Quinn was about to settle onto the bed with his breakfast.

Quinn quickly obeyed his Top and dropped the offending garment to the floor before shimmying onto the bed with his tray. James moved in beside him with his own breakfast.

“So,” Quinn said, giving James a smile of pure love, “we are spending today here in San Francisco. Tomorrow after breakfast we are going to the snow. We will be there for ten days, and then drive back to San Francisco and fly home. Today, I thought we could go to Union Square and do a little shopping, maybe have lunch in China town. This afternoon we’d go to the Castro--to be with our people—and have dinner there. I was hoping we could come back here, have a drink in the Tonga Room and then go to the dungeon.” Quinn shyly smiled at James. “You’re turn.”

"It sounds like you’ve planned a wonderful time for us both; I'm looking forward to spending some time wandering the Castro this afternoon. It's been a long time since I was last here and I've heard there have been some changes."

He took a mouthful of his breakfast and let out an ecstatic moan. "God this is good." He reached over snatched a forkful of Quinn's pancakes. "Mmmm, your pancakes are pretty good too." he laughed at Quinn's protest.

"Now back to the day, I'm still not sure about the dungeon though, IF we go you need to be prepared to accept all my rules. There are things you might want to do or try that I would say no to, and I would not accept any argument or begging on the matter. You have to accept anything I'd tell you, without question. Including me saying it's time to leave whether that is three hours or three minutes after getting there. Could you deal with that?"

“I can do that,” Quinn said.

James rolled his eyes.

Quinn stuck his tongue out. “I can. I could be a very good submissive.” Quinn stopped talking, and grew very serious. He looked James directly in the eyes. “I don’t want to play with anyone other than you; I only want you. I don’t want you to play with anyone else either.” Quinn blushed. “I think you’ve just gotten me over my jealous streak, and I don’t ever want to see you with anyone else. I just thought it would be fun to be out with my Top, to show how lucky I am to be your boy, to play on big fancy equipment we don’t have at home. I look at this as a once in a lifetime experience. I will do exactly as you say, and I won’t ask to do it again.” Quinn lowered his eyes. “But if we find something we just have to have, I may need to build it for our new room.”

“Okay babe, we’ll go. I only hope it lives up to your expectations. As far as big fancy equipment goes well.... we’ll just have to see about that. Though...” he said thoughtfully,”I have had fantasies of tying you to a St. Andrew’s cross.”

The two men finished their breakfast, got ready and headed out for their day of touring. James enjoyed the variety of things available in the city that they didn’t see in their small town. He’d grown up in Toronto and though he never regretted for a second his move to Jade Heights he did occasionally miss the conveniences of city life.

They had an incredible lunch in China Town and took in the very touristy Fisherman’s Warf and a cable car ride before spending the rest of afternoon in the Castro.

They sat at the traffic light waiting to turn left from Market Street onto Castro, and Quinn clasped James hand when he saw the very large rainbow flag hanging at the entrance to the Castro. They found parking quickly, enjoyed expressing lots of public displays of their affection. They wondered through the shops, having fun joking about all the gay novelties and souvenirs. They spent a good deal of their time in the leather store.

As the fog rolled in over the hills, they decided to return to the hotel for dinner. They dropped the days shopping off in their room, changed for dinner and went down to the dining room to enjoy a five star meal.

In the elevator on the way back to their room James was beginning to feel that old thrill of anticipation before going to a dungeon. He hadn’t thought he’d be excited about it, but after their shopping trip to the leather store in the afternoon, he couldn’t help but get aroused thinking of taking his husband, his Boy, out to show him off. He slipped his hand lower from where it had been wrapped around Quinn’s waist; he cupped the rounded cheek and gave it a possessive squeeze.

Quinn's body tingled with excitement as James clutched his ass. He could feel James beginning to emit dominant pheromones; he blushed a bit at James public display of affection. James was usually careful about these things. Although they were standing at the back of the elevator, and no one could tell where James hand had moved to, it was all the more exciting that James would assert himself like this with the elderly couple standing in front of them. Quinn loved being dominated by James. Not only was it sexy as hell, but also he loved being possessed by and belonging to James; his husband always made sure that Quinn knew he only belonged only to James.

The elevator came to a stop at their floor and they had to go around the old couple. James was feeling particularly bold probably the fact that they were in the gay Mecca--San Francisco--that was doing it. So instead of releasing his hold on Quinn he pulled the younger man even tighter against his body and guided him out of the elevator and down the hallway to their room.

He pulled the pass card from his pocket and opened the door. “Get inside; you have about ten seconds to get naked Boy.”

Quinn quickly moved into the room. He toed off his boots while he unfastened his jeans. Quinn had become very adept at getting naked quickly. He removed his sweater, as he shimmied out of his pants, and lastly removed his socks as he lifted his legs out of the pile of clothes resting around his ankles.

James took a long minute to admire the body on display for him. He’d been thinking a great deal about what he wanted to do with Quinn for this evening and decided if the boy wanted a real once in a lifetime experience he was going to make it good.

He took Quinn by the biceps and led him into the huge bathroom. James pulled a pair of scissors from his toiletry bag and instructed Quinn to stand still and keep quiet, he proceeded to trim away all of Quinn’s pubic hair, leaving only a short stubble.

James had never trimmed Quinn before. Quinn had on occasion shaved himself, but this was a new experience. And although it was James who was cutting away his pubic hair, James who was a part of him, his partner, his intimate, his dominant. James, who fucked him, spanked him, loved him, cared for him, and cleaned him inside and out. But standing in front of James having his pubic hair cut away was somehow different. James was careful not to hurt him, but he wasn’t especially tender, which Quinn supposed was fine; they weren’t planning a tender evening. He just hadn’t really thought it would start this way. He felt a bit humiliated as he watched James cutting away and disposing of his pubic hair. He gave a little snort, and thought maybe that was a good thing. He didn’t really think that an erection at this point would be such a good thing.

Quinn stood watching as James started the water and took a razor and shaving cream into the large walk-in shower with them. “I like a clean boy to play with,” was all James said as he took the shower sprayer and soaked Quinn’s crotch area well with warm water and then applied a liberal coating of shaving cream.

Quinn enjoyed being shaved much more than he had the trimming. This was more intimate, James applying a razor to him. The razor softly running over his skin began to send his brain racing away with pleasure. He knew there was nothing to worry about—sometimes Quinn thought James loved his cock and balls more than he did—and he loved them a lot. He was pulled out of his happy oblivion with a slap to his ass. James instructed him to spread his cheeks and bend over. Quinn did as instructed and felt James carefully running the razor around his hole.

James did a thorough job of shaving away the remaining hair, from Quinn’s crotch, balls and even the bit from around his ass. James then proceeded to shave away Quinn’s under arm hair and the light dusting of chest hairs. He didn’t bother with the leg hair as Quinn didn’t have too much. Once he was satisfied with the job he’d done on Quinn he had the younger man wash him thoroughly to further his movement into sub-space.

James sat down on the tiled shower bench. He opened the shower door and grabbed two small plastic bottles with long nozzles. He removed the orange plastic lid coving the nozzle with his teeth and signalled to Quinn with a pat to his lap. Quinn draped himself over James knees, and quickly felt his cheeks parted, the Fleet enema nozzle inserted, and the mineral oil being squeezed inside his bowels. The first enema bottle was removed from his ass, and quickly replaced with the second. Quinn felt James remove the nozzle from his rectum as the last of the oil drained into him. James rubbed circles on Quinn’s back for several minutes until he gave the beautiful butt a pat and allowed Quinn to get up and relieve himself. A more subdued Quinn returned to the shower for a final scrub down. James felt his need for domination grow looking at the boy he had meticulously cleaned both inside and out.

“Time to get dressed.” James guided Quinn to an open area of floor beside the large dresser where the bags from their shopping trip--as well as the box containing his own leathers that Quinn has so thoughtfully had shipped from home.

James had Quinn apply a very light dusting of powder to their skin in the bathroom to ensure the leather would slide easily over their skin. “You may dress me first Boy,” James ordered.

Quinn carefully removed James' clothing from the box. He picked up James' leather pants and kneeled on the floor before James. He offered his Top one leg of the pants at a time. Quinn focused on James' beautiful feet as his husband slowly inserted his foot into the leg of his pants. Quinn worked the pants up just enough to allow James' foot to touch the carpet, and then did the same with the other. He then took hold of the waistband and slowly stood up raising the leather pants. Quinn shuffled the leather over James' strong firm ass, and carefully tucked his husband's thick cock into the pants.

He left the pants unfastened, and guided James to sit in one the large winged chairs near the breakfast table. He again kneeled at James feet. Quinn lifted James' right leg and rested it on his knee; he massaged James foot, using his thumbs to knead the sole, pad, and each of the toes. When he completed the massage he pulled a soft black cotton sock over the foot, and then repeated his ritual for James' left foot. He took hold of one of James' expertly shined boots, and held the boot open for James' foot. His top slipped his foot into the boot, and Quinn supplied strong resistance when James' pushed hard to get his heal into the shoe. Quinn did the same with the other boot and then zipped them both. He took James by the hand and led him back towards the bed. He picked up the black silk shirt and held it open for James to slip his arm into. Quinn walked around his husband, admiring his toned back and shoulders, before offering his Top the other sleeve. He kneeled again and began to button the lower buttons of the shirt, when he reached the lower part of James chest, he stood and fastened the final buttons. Quinn carefully tucked the shirt into James' leather pants, walking around his husband and maintaining contact with him at all times. When he was again facing James. He buttoned James leathers, and then with one hand held on to the fastened button and held it away from James' abdomen. He took hold of the zipper and slowly pulled the zipper up; careful at all times to not catch any part of James. "Sir would you like your hat and gloves now?" he asked.

“I’ll put those on before we go.” Quinn had been sporting a major hard-on while dressing James. James reached forward and took firm hold of it. “Don’t go expecting this to be satisfied Boy, if you’re very good you might be allowed some relief tonight, but don’t count on it. Now let’s get you dressed.”

Together they had picked out Quinn’s wardrobe for this evening, however while his husband had been in the changing room, James had added a couple of items the younger man knew nothing about. He was anxious to see how Quinn would react to them.

James removed the black leather open backed full body harness from the first bag and carefully ensured that the straps were straight. He slipped the harness over Quinn’s head and then buckled the harness straps around his chest. He proceeded to fit the cock ring over Quinn’s raging erection. He pulled the two straps attached to the cock ring around Quinn’s balls and under the curve of each cheek bringing them around his hips, and then hooking them to the O-ring in the middle of Quinn’s middle chest, the other straps went over Quinn’s shoulders and around his chest.

Once the harness was tightened James drew out the first surprise item. Quinn had tried on a leather jock which he thought James had purchased when in fact James had bought a slightly different version--a restraining jock with four straps three that held the cock tightly in place against the body and the fourth that wrapped firmly around the balls. He smirked when he saw the look on Quinn’s face as his husband noticed the jock was not the one he’d chosen. “This should ensure you don’t get off unless I say so boy.” James had Quinn step into the jock and then slid his husband’s cock through the opening in the front carefully ensuring that it didn’t cause any pinching where it met the harness opening. He then proceeded to firmly tie the now weeping cock into place.

James was grinning rather evilly at Quinn’s moan when the last restraint wrapped around his heavy balls. He stood back to admire the site of his husband so perfectly restrained in the body harness and jock. “Beautiful,” he said as he pulled the full leather chaps they had chosen from the next bag.

He had Quinn step into the legs of the chaps and snugly tightened the buckle at the front. James walked around to the to stand behind his husband and he adjusted the laces right above Quinn’s perfectly exposed cheeks--both the harness and jock left him easy access to his husband’s opening. He gave Quinn a sharp swat on the butt followed by a possessive squeeze. "Get your boots on boy, then I'm going to warm up this backside of yours. No boy of mine will enter a dungeon with a lily white butt."

James watched as Quinn quickly pulled on socks and then put on the polished black leather boots pulling the laces tight and adjusting the chaps down over the top of them. While Quinn was bent over James took advantage and applied several more swats to the exposed butt. He smirked each time Quinn yelped, and was pleased that his boy continued what he'd been told to do. Once ready James guided his husband over to the wing-backed chair he'd sat in earlier. "Bend over the arm," he commanded. When Quinn was in place James took his hairbrush from the dresser and proceed to apply a number of firm swats to the younger man's already pinking skin. He was careful not to put too much strength into his arm, just enough to cause the skin to deepen to a very nice deep rose colour, one that would keep until well after their arrival at the dungeon.

James hadn't just lit his ass on fire; he had thoroughly teased and aroused his Brat, by softly running smooth wood over his cheeks and on occasion sliding the brush handle along Quinn's crack--causing Quinn's erection to painfully strain against the straps of his jock.

James placed his hand on Quinn's back and helped him to stand. Quinn stood straight and gave a bit of a wince as his hot flesh tightened and stretched. He put his hands on his butt to feel the heat radiating from his cheeks, and was very aroused, but he was also growing a little apprehensive about the trip to the dungeon. Quinn was quite an exhibitionist; he would have had no problem strolling through the hotel in the assless chaps, but he was a little concerned about his bound, exposed and raging cock.

"You're beautiful my boy, I just have one more thing to add before we go." James pulled a square, velvet covered, jewellery box from the bag; he opened the box to reveal a fine stainless steel collar lying on a bed of black satin. The collar had a small o-ring attachment for a leash. "You are my boy and I want them all to know you're taken, this collar will ensure there is no doubt in anyone's mind, including yours." He opened the hinged collar and wrapped it around Quinn's neck using the tiny screwdriver to close it.

Quinn beamed with delight at his collar. It was one more thing that meant he belonged to James, and he loved it. He ran his hands over the smooth metal, embedding it with his love and trust for the big dominant Leatherman that stood before him.

"Get your coat on, it should be long enough to cover everything vital as long as you don't go reaching up." James laughed as he took a moment to put on his leather cap and gloves.

Quinn grabbed his leather jacket. It was a well-worn black leather jacket he had owned for years. It looked very nice over his new outfit. He buttoned up the coat, and realised James was correct about reaching. He could feel the bottom of the coat brushing just below his exposed ass.

James and Quinn exited their room. James had loaded his travel bag with the remaining items from the afternoon’s shopping excursion. He took Quinn by the hand, and held it during their elevator ride down to the garage and walk to the car. Quinn shivered when they entered the garage and a rush of cool wind ran up his jacket and over his bare butt and cock. James smiled at him. "Okay, over there Boy?" he asked as Quinn climbed into the passenger side of the car. His bare ass stuck immediately to the leather car seat, and Quinn emitted a low hiss. It wasn't very far to the dungeon, but navigating the many one-way streets of San Francisco added to their drive time. James was glad there was a large public parking garage across the street from the club. He and Quinn got out of car, and James once again took hold of Quinn's hand as he led them to the large black door that was discretely labelled The Vault.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

He turned to Quinn before opening the door. “You will walk one step behind me, keep your eyes down, and your mouth closed while I deal with the necessary paper work. It will take a few minutes to fill out the membership forms and pay the fees. Under no circumstances are you to interrupt me or move from your place unless I tell you to. Understood?” James asked seriously.

"Yes Sir," Quinn answered.

Quinn watched as James opened the door. He then held the door open while his Top entered, and assumed his place of one step behind. James walked to the front desk and informed the Dungeon Mistress that he wished to purchase a membership for both he and his Boy. He filled out the paperwork, and had Quinn show ID and sign where needed. James removed his jacket and then asked for Quinn's.

Quinn blushed when his pink bottom and restrained cock were made public, but he said nothing. His head was swirling by the mixture of embarrassment, excitement, and arousal as he and James were taken on a tour of the dungeon. The Mistress explained the rules of the space before they were left alone to play.

James thanked the dungeon mistress for the tour as she departed and then turned to look at his partner. He couldn't help but smile at the sight; he could see the mixture of excitement and embarrassment in the body he knew better than his own. The cheeks of Quinn's face were almost as pink as those on his butt, his eyes were wide open and pupils dilated and his tightly restrained cock was close to bursting the straps holding it in place.

Looking around the large main room of the dungeon, James determined they would start there before moving on to one of the private rooms. There was a beautifully crafted restraining table in one corner, which was currently unoccupied. He snapped his fingers to gain Quinn's attention then walked over to the table expecting the younger man to follow him obediently.

Seconds later Quinn stood submissively at the side of the table awaiting his Top's instructions.

James placed the toy bag he'd brought with them on the floor and quickly inspected the restraining system. He placed a small towel over the narrow end of the table and brought the wrist cuffs up to lie along the length of the table. He pulled a leather blindfold from the toy bag and tied it securely over Quinn's eyes.

Quinn’s sudden intake of breath indicated his surprise at this manoeuvre. He was a little taken aback by the blindfold at first, but he soon found it allowed him to focus only on the sensations in his body, contact with James' body, and James voice. Everything else in dungeon just seemed to become mood music.

James guided his submissive to the end of the table and placed a hand on the back of Quinn's neck. "Bend over." he said as he pushed his boy forward. Once the younger man's upper body was lying across the table James took one arm at a time bringing it up across the table and securing it in a leather cuff, adjusting the length of the restraint until Quinn’s arm was fully outstretched, but not overly stressed. When he was satisfied with the arm positioning James moved on to spread Quinn's legs apart and restrain his ankles to the corners of the table legs. Lastly, he moved to the head of the table and lowered the adjustable front legs so the tabletop was at a thirty-degree angle causing Quinn's bare ass to thrust upward into the perfect angle for his Top's attention.

Quinn's breath was coming in short pants. James placed a gentle hand on his husband's back and bent down so he could talk softly into his ear. "You okay baby?" he asked gently.

Quinn gave a sharp nod of his head.

"Tell me again." James spoke seriously. "What's your safe word?" He wanted Quinn to think about the word they had discussed and remember to use it if the scene became too much for him. He wanted the experience to live up to Quinn's expectations of submissive thrills, and in no way traumatize or upset the man he loved more than life.

Quinn felt safe with James’ hand on his back, and hearing his husband's soft comforting voice in his ear.

"Red," Quinn said. He and James had agreed to use the basic stop light colors for checking in with each other--green meant go, yellow was proceed with caution, and red was stop.

Quinn was excited to get on with the play. Being bent over the table made him feel a little less embarrassed, as his raging and restrained cock, was now our of site.

Feeling satisfied that Quinn was in a good place James stood and retrieved the toy bag. From it he pulled out a small leather paddle, a bottle of lube, a small tube of Ben Gay rub, a very realistic looking vibrator and a mid sized butt plug. He placed each item carefully on a small table that stood to the side of the restraining table. He continuously reached over and touched Quinn lightly to keep contact.

James stood back and admired the sight of his boy restrained in this position. Though he'd given up on this lifestyle some time ago, he had to admit that seeing Quinn displayed like this was thrilling. He could feel his cock straining against the tight leather of his pants and enjoyed the sensation tremendously.

Anxious now to begin James picked up the small paddle and stepped up to the table. He touched the edge of the paddle to the top of Quinn's butt crack and slowly traced it downward watching the shiver go through the boy's body. He then lifted the paddle and brought it down in several sharp smacks to each cheek. He picked up the vibrator, lubed it well and set it to low placing the tip of it against Quinn's opening he traced it lightly around in small circles, before pushing it against the tight sphincter.

Quinn let out a low moan as the intruder pushed past the ring of muscle and slid in about three inches before being pulled out again. James increased the speed on the vibrator and thrust it in again this time a bit deeper before pulling it out. He kept up the assault on Quinn's hole moving deeper with each thrust until it was in full length. He left it inserted for several minutes adjusting the speed of the vibrations up and down at various intervals--until Quinn was panting hard and began to hump the table in search of release.

James yanked the vibrator out, picked up the paddle and delivered a dozen stinging swats to the already pink cheeks. This had the desired effect of calming Quinn's state of arousal to a manageable level.

He left Quinn moaning while he prepared the butt plug for insertion. He put a tiny amount of Ben Gay into the palm of his hand, then added a generous amount of lube and mixed the two together with his finger before applying the slippery substance to the long black plug. The Ben Gay would take a few minutes to be felt but it would soon create a nice bit of heat against the tender tissues of the rectum.

James placed the blunt end of the plug against Quinn's hole and pushed firmly. Quinn gasped as the widest point of the plug breached his ring and then slid in deeply while his sphincter closed tightly around the narrowest part, leaving the flanged end with its ring attachment protruding from his ass. The wide point of this particular plug rubbed nicely against Quinn prostate giving him a spark of sensation with each movement of his body.

Quinn's body was on fire with sensation. His butt was seriously hurting. James had done a serious number on his cheeks. Each swing of the paddle now elicited a grunt, and took a few minutes of breathing to calm from.

His sphincter was so thoroughly stretched, and it had not been gently stretched or prepared. He had panted through the pain while it was quickly stretched to maximum capacity and held there.

His balls ached, they were ready to shoot their load, and longed for release from their restraint.

Quinn's prostate was emanating pleasure and ecstasy out to his abdomen—causing his abdomen to pull tight.

His cock was so sensitive that the slightest movement and friction were painfully pleasurable.

His heart fluttered with pleasure, his nipples were erect, and he was covered in a thin layer of perspiration--that sent chills through his body, as James blew softly over it.

James released Quinn's ankles and then wrists from the restraints taking a moment to gently rub all the contact points. He gave a firm swat to his boy's butt and guided him to stand.

James could see Quinn was flying on sensation, and enjoying the experience so far. He guided his Brat across the room to a tall St. Andrews cross. He deliberately left the blindfold on so Quinn could hear but not see the other action in the room. But James had the opportunity to enjoy the view of one sub being tied in an intricate rope suspension while another whom was tied over a spanking horse was being alternately caned and flogged by his two tops.

He carefully tied Quinn to the cross and extracted a suede flogger from the toy bag. He spent the next half hour alternately teasing Quinn with the sensations the multi-tailed black and blue suede could provide. It could feel sensual when caressed over the skin or pack a real wallop and all manner of sensations in between.

James stopped several times during the play to ensure his boy was coping well, because Quinn was perspiring heavily and moaning about the burn of the plug up his ass. Each time James was given nothing but the 'green' signal to continue.

The younger man's back and butt were covered in small red marks where the flogger had kissed his skin, and James was revelling in the mastery he had over his sub. Finally his own level of arousal reached the point where he was ready to move on to some more intimate play.

James pressed himself right up against Quinn's back allowing his husband to feel the hardness of his cock pushing against the leather and growled deeply. "You are mine boy and I've got a private room for us I’m going to tie you into a swing with your legs stretched wide and fuck you. The only way you're going to get to cum is from being fucked. Do you hear me, because this..." he reached around to Quinn's tightly restrained cock and squeezed it. "this is getting no play at all."

Quinn nodded. “Yes, sir.” His whole body had been so amazingly played with he really didn’t think his cock was going to need any play. Quinn knew he would come hard when allowed. And all he wanted at that moment was to feel James inside him.

Quinn walked slowly. He made sure to stay behind James, with his eyes down, which really wasn’t all that difficult--he still had the blindfold on and could only go where James led. Quinn felt the flooring change from concrete to carpet. He heard a door close, and then felt James’ hands gently touch his face pulling the blindfold off. He squinted, the dungeon was dimly lit, but his eyes had been denied access to light for a significant amount of time, that they still needed a moment to adjust.

Quinn looked at James. He wanted to smile, to kiss the sexy, dominant man that stood before him. This is where he felt he lacked as a sub. He still wanted the romance, and the opportunity to giggle. He was so happy to be where they were, and to be doing what they were doing. He wanted to roar with joyous laughter at the site of his small town conservative inn owner. He felt the edges of his mouth begin to curl, and felt himself quickly turned around, and upended over James’ strong thigh. He received a flurry of firm swats.

“Remember your place Boy,” James growled. Quinn was lowered from his husband’s thigh. James removed his leg from the step of the boot blacking station. “Get out of your boots and chaps,” James ordered.

Quinn did as instructed, and stood in front of James wearing only his beautiful collar, body harness, and restraining jock.

James whistled at the site. He backed his Boy up, so that Quinn’s butt felt the leather of the big harness swing that hung from a strong well-crafted wood frame. The boy let out a little yelp as the leather rubbed against his back and butt.

“Sit,” James instructed.

Quinn sat down.

“Lay back,” the large leatherman ordered.

Quinn laid back, the shape of the harness causing his legs to stand up in the air.

James took hold of one of his boy’s legs and fastened it to a cuff on the top of the swing, and then did the same with the other leg. James slowly walked around Quinn, running one hand softly over and around Quinn’s body. When he reached Quinn’s head, James leaned down and possessively kissed his husband. He retreated from the kiss, dragging the stubble of his whiskers against Quinn’s cheek. He stopped and rested his head against Quinn’s ear. “Are you still with me, my love?”

“Yes sir,” the boy answered.

James nodded and then stood and took each of Quinn's arms and restrained them to the suspension straps of the swing. He slowly walked around the swing checking to see that Quinn was in place and also admiring the view. He moved to stand between his boy's outstretched legs and gave a gentle push against Quinn's butt and watched with slight amusement as he swung back and forth.

Taking hold of the ring on the butt plug James began to slowly pull it from Quinn's body. Just as the widest part was about the breach the ring of muscle James let it go, and it snapped back in, forcing a groan from the well-restrained man. James continued to play with the plug twisting and pulling without quite removing it. While he played he'd occasionally flick Quinn's aching balls or scrape his fingernail along the younger man's perineum. Very quickly Quinn was writhing and causing the swing to sway wildly. But James just held the straps and kept up the torture for several more minutes.

Finally deciding he'd waited long enough for his own satisfaction he carefully undid the button and lowered the zipper of his pants releasing his own raging erection. He noted with a smirk that the butter soft leather was soaked with pre-cum and would need cleaning. James didn't bother removing his shirt or pants just pushed the shirttails back to allow his hard cock to thrust forward. With a single pull James removed the plug from Quinn's ass and replaced it with his cock before a wail of protest could pass through his sub's lips.

James took a moment to adjust and regain his control before he began to thrust in and out of the hot channel. He could feel the slightest amount of burn from the telltale remainder of the Ben Gay within his lover, but it did nothing to quell his erection, if anything it seemed to add to his pleasure. James then grabbed the straps on the swing and used them to force Quinn's body up and down on his cock.

Quinn was moaning and thrashing in ecstasy as James slammed against his prostate again and again. After several minutes James felt his balls draw upwards and knew he would quickly crash over the edge. He grasped the snap on the restraint around his boy's bulging testicles and released them from the confining leather. Quinn let out a howl as he came. James roared feeling shot after shot of cum leave his body and enter his lover.

The large Top fell forward over Quinn and was grateful for the strength of the well-made swing to hold their combined weight. It took James several moments to regain enough of his senses to pull himself up and away from the sated boy in the swing.

James retrieved a moist washcloth and carefully washed the cum off Quinn's stomach and chest, and gently wiped around Quinn's still open hole. He quickly cleaned off his own sensitized cock and tucked it tenderly back into his pants.

James bent and kissed Quinn as he moved around and released each restraint, he guided his husband back to his feet and held him for a moment as he swayed unsteadily. Once he was sure Quinn was okay he undid the straps holding up the now soft cock and pulled the restraining jock down allowing Quinn's tackle to hang free leaving the younger man only clothed in the body harness.

Though grateful to be free of the tight jock Quinn gave James a questioning look and asked. "Am I going to have to go home with my cock and balls hanging down bellow my coat hem?"

Seriously put out by his boy's mouth, James once again had him upended and applied a short but sharp spanking to the beet red butt. "Are you questioning me boy?" He asked as he returned Quinn to his feet.

Quinn was shocked into remembering they were still in the dungeon, and that James would not tolerate any questioning from him even if they were finished playing for the night. A few tears escaped Quinn's eyes, as he responded with a respectful, "No sir." He was further shocked when he realized that at some point James had opened the door and this little scene was observed by the occupants of the main room. That along with the fact that he was standing essentially nude in front of all of them, had his face as red as his butt. He quickly lowered his eyes and awaited his Top's instructions.

Satisfied that his point had been made James pulled a full leather jock with a roomy butter soft pouch from the toy bag and handed it to his sub. "If you think you can behave you may put this on, and then get your chaps and boots back on."

When he was dressed Quinn followed James back through the main room to the lobby. They stopped at the front desk, and James spoke to the dungeon mistress. "Thank you for the use of your facilities, Mistress. You have a superior place, I know my boy will remember this evening for a long while."

The large dark haired woman smiled and nodded towards Quinn appreciatively. "You're welcome back here anytime. It's always a pleasure to see a beautiful boy like yours being well punished.

The Mistress gave James two bottles of water, and James handed a bottle to Quinn instructing his boy to have it finished before they returned to the hotel.

The time at the dungeon had been a wonderful experience for Quinn, until his final spanking, which had turned into a show for the whole dungeon. His tears had stopped falling by the time James bid their goodbye to the mistress, but he was beginning to stew on the fact that the wonderful evening had ended with a spanking. He realised he had violated James' rules of behaviour, and he should have trusted that James would not allow, or make him return to the hotel with his jewels dangling for the world to see, but he was sad he had ruined their wonderful experience.

His butt was on fire, and that made it difficult for him to clench and hold all of James' cum inside him. He felt he had embarrassed himself enough; he didn't need cum leaking down his legs too.

As they left the dungeon, and James immediately pulled his Brat as close as possible for the walk back to the car. During the walk James expressed his immense love of his husband, how well he had behaved, what a wonderful experience it had been, and began to tell Quinn how he would care for him when they returned to the hotel.

James’ voice had immediately begun to relax Quinn. When they got to the car, James pulled Quinn into a warm embrace, and planted several soft and sweet kisses on his husband’s lips. He then placed a towel on Quinn’s seat before he helped him to sit down.

Quinn released a hiss of pain when his bare butt touched the towel. The endorphins of the evening had kept him from realising how much impact his poor bottom had taken.

Quinn was hurting, exhausted and quiet on the ride back to the hotel. He was very appreciative of James constant touch and loving comments. They arrived at the hotel, and James opened Quinn’s car door. He pulled his exhausted boy close and ushered him into the hotel, up the elevator, and into their room.

As soon as they reached the room, James carefully undressed Quinn and guided him into the shower. Quinn was left alone under the warm spray for only a few minutes while James undressed. Once in the shower, James gently washed Quinn’s body, and then his own. He turned the shower off and dried them both off.

James led Quinn to the bed, and softly instructed him to lie down on his belly. James removed a bottle of soothing oil from the bag on the dresser. He slowly massaged and soothed his Boy’s burning butt and back. Quinn was fading into sleep when he heard a knock at the door. He turned and looked at James with questioning eyes.

“Crawl under the covers baby,” James said. He put on his bathrobe and opened the door for the room service attendant, who had a tray full of fresh fruit, various deserts, and two large pitchers of ice water. James signed for the order, thanked the man, and walked him to the door.

As James walked back into the bedroom he could see Quinn about to climb out of the bed. "Just stay put please. I'll bring this to you."

He wheeled the room service cart beside the bed, and then went back over to retrieve the final item he'd secreted from the store that afternoon. He smiled as he showed Quinn the square cushion. "It's covered in silk and filled with gel, you should be able to sit on it in without too much discomfort." He helped Quinn roll over, and placed the cushion under his Boy’s butt helping into a sitting position with pillows behind him for support.

Quinn hissed and grimaced as his butt met the material but soon found the gel distributed his weight much more comfortably.

"How's it feeling sweetheart?" James asked, with genuine concern for his husband's comfort.

"Pretty good," Quinn replied with a smile. "I didn't know they made anything like this, or I would have gotten one right after the first time you spanked me."

James shook his head. "The use of that cushion is at my discretion Boy. There are times when sitting on a tender butt is a good reminder for you, so don't go expecting to use it whenever you like."

Quinn frowned but truly wasn't surprised by James' edict; he'd been told more than once over the years that a sore but was a good lesson.

James sat down beside Quinn and poured them both a large glass of water and handed one to his husband. "You need to rehydrate, so drink that up please."

Once Quinn had downed the glass James refilled it, picked up some fruit and began to feed his aching husband, alternating the fruit with forkfuls of Tiramisu. After James had fed Quinn a mouthful of the rich dessert he leaned over and kissed him forcing his mouth open to share the rich flavour with him. They sat for a while sharing the food and kisses until both had had their fill.

James could see Quinn was fading. "Come on baby let's get you up to use the washroom then you can get some sleep." In the washroom he carefully inspected Quinn's tenderized butt, ensuring the damage was not too bad.

Once they returned from using the facilities and brushing their teeth, James helped Quinn back into bed and situated him comfortably on his stomach. James crawled in beside him with his arm draped gently over his lover's back.

He listened for a while until Quinn's breathing changed to the slow deep breaths that indicated sleep before he allowed himself to follow his husband into slumber.

Quinn had a difficult night sleeping. He found when he was able to sleep; it was the sleep of the exhausted—heavy and full of strange visions. He awoke many times needing to relieve his bladder; he stumbled, wobbled, moaned and grunted his way to the toilet as quietly as possible each time. On the occasion that he woke James, he would find his husband by his side helping him to move, stabilizing him at the toilet, tucking him back into bed, and cooing him back to sleep with his soft deep voice.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Quinn was the first to wake the next morning. He laid quietly listening to James sleep. He hurt, but decided it was a good hurt. He had lived out a fantasy. His lovely sweet James had donned the attire of his secret identity--Leatherman. Both men, the noble innkeeper and the kinky sadistic leatherman, were Quinn’s superheroes, but he alone knew all the combined attributes of James Lefebvre—Super Husband. James Lefebvre who had answered the call to the holy order of Tophood. James, who had taken the vow to protect, lead, love, and administer discipline to his bare bottom. James, took this vow seriously, for the good of mankind and the safety of Jade Heights—James, followed a sacred code known only to he and Quinn. Quinn loved this firm, strong, kinky, moral, cuddly, dominant, romantic, iron palmed, ticklish, athletic, horny, flower arranger and family man extraordinaire sleeping beside him.

Quinn cautiously and quietly rearranged himself on the bed. His sore bottom stuck out from under the bed covers, feeling the comfort of the cool air soothing his naked ass, he moved his head towards the energy source he worshiped. He slipped his mouth over James’ soft member, burying his nose in the scent of his husband’s musk, and he slowly began to lick and excite the wonderful cock attached to his man.

James awoke to the wonderful feeling of a warm wet mouth wrapped around his rapidly hardening cock. He lifted his head from the pillow and saw Quinn had situated himself with his butt outside of the covers. The redness had mostly faded, however a number of small bruises had bloomed across the surface. It was a typical result of a dungeon session such as they had participated in, but not something typical to his relationship with Quinn. Not that Quinn hadn't had some minor bruising before, but these marks, though small, were peppered over the surface of his buttocks and a few on his upper back from the flogger.

James was about to comment on the marks when Quinn deep throated him, with that kind of stimulation it took all of his concentration not to cum right on the spot. However after last night James wanted to make this morning special for his lover. He put his hand to the side of Quinn's head to distract him and then pulled his ridged dick from the hot mouth that had been engulfing it.

"Come'r baby," he whispered, getting Quinn to turn he pulled the younger man up into his arms and kissed him deeply. Quinn was soon sucking as hard on James' tongue as he had been on his cock. Coming up for air James began kissing and tonguing his way down Quinn's neck. He put the middle finger of his right hand against Quinn's lips and it was quickly sucked in as deeply as his cock and tongue had been. When the finger was thoroughly wet he pulled it out and moved it down into Quinn's crease slowly circling and penetrating the tight ring of muscle. He continued to tease and stretch the hole with his fingers, as his mouth moved down Quinn's back. He stopped only when he came to the multiple little bruises.

"You should see yourself," he said huskily. "You're covered in my marks." James placed a tender wet kiss on each and every mark while his fingers continued their game of stretching and exploring. He repeatedly reached deep and scraped over Quinn's prostate for a brief second then would pull out back again. By the time James had placed a kiss on every single bruise Quinn was writhing and humping against the bed.

Quinn loved the feeling of James’ fingers inside of him. But his butt cheeks were not the only part of him that was sore, and he was not sure if he wanted to test whether anal sex would also leave him hurting during the days long drive. Quinn wiggled, manoeuvred, and used a little of his brute strength to position himself on top of James. He was a little sad at loosing the feeling of James’ fingers teasing and pleasuring him, but he had other ideas. He dangled his cock in front of James’ face, and then reattached his mouth to the tip of James’ throbbing member. Quinn had to stop his fine oral work when he felt James take his balls into his mouth.

James understood the reason for Quinn's manoeuvre and decided not to try and pursue his anal play, but instead concentrated on his husband's balls for a while. Quinn had the most extraordinarily sensitive pair; the poor boy couldn't manage to remember his own name when James sucked on them like this. James had quickly reduced Quinn to incoherent groaning, mumbling, and muttering. When he felt Quinn had reached the point of no return he moved his mouth to suck on the steel hard rod that Quinn's cock had become. James was rewarded seconds later when his mouth was filled with his lover’s seed.

Quinn collapsed on top of his husband, exhausted from the orgasm James had sucked out of his body. Well maybe not fully collapsed. He had been prompt up on his knees. So his butt was still up in the air, but his chest and upper body were resting on James abdomen, and his head was resting on James’ thigh, with James’ erection standing at attention and slightly waving at him. Quinn was getting ready to take full possession of the beautiful cock, when he heard his cell phone ring.

Answering the phone in the middle of sex was basically a huge no, no. But today was a big day in renovations at the Inn. Quinn climbed off of his husband and made a quick dash for his phone.

“Hello,” Quinn said, slightly panting. He quickly took his conversation into the bathroom and locked the door. “What do you mean they didn’t deliver the rug yesterday?” Quinn asked Stanley. Quinn’s brothers had been working hard, prepping and painting one of the two remaining rooms at the Inn that needed renovating. James had been saving money for these renovations, but thought it would be another couple of years before they were completed. In the other room, Papa Sweeney and a couple of the Sweeney cousins were stripping the old carpet, and sanding and prepping the room to restore the beautiful old wood floor. A large rug was supposed to arrived yesterday, so that it could be put down, before the new four-poster bed was delivered and assembled today.

“Okay, let me call the store and then I’ll call you back. Oh, you already spoke to them. It’s backordered? Since when? Six fucking weeks! NO! I don’t want another rug, that’s the one James has had his heart set on for ages! I’m sorry Stanley I didn’t mean to raise my voice to you.”

"What the hell!" James exclaimed when Quinn leaped off the bed and went running into the bathroom with his cell phone. It took James a moment to move from where he'd been lying under the warmth of his lover's body. But the cool air and muffled conversation from the bathroom soon had his erection flagging and his ire growing. He climbed from bed, wrapped the large bathrobe around himself and followed Quinn to the bathroom. He was shocked when he found the door locked. Neither he nor Quinn ever locked the door on the other, James rapped sharply on the wood. "Quinn Seamus Sweeney open this door right now!"

“James, please hold on. I’ll open the door in a minute.”

James could feel his face growing red and had to take a deep calming breath as Quinn called out for him to "Hold on". Whatever his husband was up to and whomever he was talking to, he was working very hard to keep it a secret. Quinn had turned on the faucet in the washroom and the running water was muffling his voice to the point where James could not make out the words.

The very toppy part inside James was telling him to kick open the door, not that he would follow through on it, but it was momentarily tempting. Instead he followed the rational voice, and leaned against the wall with arms crossed; knowing Quinn couldn't stay inside the bathroom forever.

Quinn took a deep breath, and focused his attention back to Stanley. “Oh Stanley that’s a great idea. I’m sorry I got upset. Yes, thank you for letting me know, and thank you to you and Rowan for sorting that out. I’ll call him later to say thank you. I owe you big time.” Quinn laughed. “Yes, I know Stanley, but I don’t think James would let me stash a snow bunny in my suitcase and bring her home. Okay, I’ll do my best. I promise. Thank you again. Bye.” Quinn ended his call, and opened the bathroom door.

As the door opened, James saw a rather sheepish looking Quinn step out. James didn't speak but just extended his hand palm up and waited.

Quinn grimaced slightly and placed his cell into the waiting hand.

James flipped open the phone and pursed his lips in anger when he discovered the list of callers had been deleted from the memory. Secrets had no place in a relationship such as theirs, and his husband was obviously keeping one from him. He took Quinn by the arm and guided him back to the bedroom; he pointed to one of the chairs by the small table and waited for Quinn to sit. He made a point to ignore the hiss that escaped his Brat's lips as the tender butt met the thinly cushioned chair seat.

"I'm waiting for an explanation Quinn, and it had better be a good one."

"I can't tell you right now. I know you hate secrets, and I'm not allowed to keep them from you unless it is about a present. Those types of secrets we agreed were okay. I took a call about a present for you, and I can't tell you any more right now," Quinn said. He was feeling very relieved by his explanation, he surely couldn't be in any trouble.

James sighed and sat himself down on the bed. He scratched at his stubbled face while he looked at Quinn. "A present, huh?" he asked.

Quinn nodded and smiled enthusiastically.

"This vacation is an incredible present, and you've got something else in the works as well?"

Once again Quinn nodded.

"Okay I won't ask any further about it then, you are fully entitled to keep that to yourself."

He shook his head at Quinn's relaxed expression. "I do have half a mind to re-pink that backside of yours for leaving me hanging like you did just to take a phone call, and for the rude way you spoke to me from the bathroom. But, given the beautiful marks currently marring your butt I won't go that far. However I think an apology might be in order, don't you?"

Quinn fell out of his chair and onto his knees. He seductively crawled over to James and looked his Top firmly in the eyes. Quinn took hold of the belt of James' robe, and untied it. "I'm very sorry I left you unsatisfied, and that I was rude to you." Quinn opened James' robe. "Please accept my apology," Quinn said as he lowered his mouth onto his husband's cock.

James' leaned back onto his elbows and spread his legs wide, allowing his husband full access. His erection had flagged considerably after Quinn had run off to the phone, but it took only moments wrapped in that warm wetness before it was back full force. He decided to enjoy the moment and just relax and allow Quinn to do all the work. After all the man did have a very talented mouth--especially when he was using it for things other than getting himself into trouble.

Quinn used his tongue to swirl around the head of James' cock, and delve into the slit. He worked his mouth up and down the shaft paying special attention to the underside until James was panting hard and ready to cum. James took hold of Quinn's head and thrust once, twice, three times towards the back of his Brat’s mouth. He let out a yell as he came hard, sending his hot release down the younger man's throat.

When he could think again James bent down and pulled Quinn up onto the bed with him. "I love you babe," he kissed his husband deeply.

“Mmmm, that was nice. I love you too.”

"Now why don't you tell me about our plans for today?"

Quinn was excited to talk about their day. “Well, first I think we need to have some breakfast and then get ready and pack up. We’re going to the snow today. Oh, no,” he said making a disgusted face. “It involves a lot of sitting and driving.” Quinn paused when he heard James begin to laugh. “It’s not funny,” Quinn said with a pout.

Quinn cuddled into James. He could feel the convulsions from James’ laughter, and began to laugh himself. “Okay maybe planning a trip to the dungeon the night before a long drive was not one of my better plans.” He kissed his husband and gave a flutter of his long eyelashes. “Do I get to use my fancy new pillow?” he asked with a bit of pleading in his voice.

James pulled himself together enough to stop laughing. He ran his hand down Quinn's back and very gently cupped one of the tender butt cheeks.

"I love your plan, and though it may be uncomfortable for you. I have to confess that watching you squirm in your seat from the marks I placed on you is something of a turn on for me. By the time we get where we're going you won't be the only one squirming in their seat." He gave Quinn's butt a light tap.

"However not wanting to torture you too much my love I'll happily allow you the use of the cushion. Now what's say we get going before half the day is gone?"

The men showered, dressed and packed while waiting for their room service breakfast. James took the luggage to the car while Quinn checked them out of the hotel. Quinn had been looking forward to driving the fancy all terrain vehicle into the mountains, but James vetoed that idea, concerned that Quinn wouldn’t be able to appropriate navigate the snowy roads while squirming around on his sore bottom.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

They left the city, driving over the Bay Bridge and proceeding up highway 80 to Truckee. When they saw the first signs of snow, James stopped so they could take pictures, and to lob a snowball or two at each other. When they arrived in Tahoe City, they ate a late lunch at a lovely little restaurant overlooking the lake. After lunch they proceeded around the lake to Incline Village and the Hyatt Regency Resort, Spa and Casino.

Overall it had been a pleasant drive, but Quinn was exhausted, sore and maybe a little bit cranky from sitting in the car for the three and half hour drive. James left the car with the valet and both men headed into the registration desk. They were kindly welcomed, and asked if they were checking in. Quinn responded affirmatively and gave his name.

The clerk clicked at the keyboard a bit. “Hmmm, I’m not showing a reservation. Could it be under another name?” the clerk asked.

“No,” Quinn said firmly.

“Why don’t you try Lefebvre. That’s L-E-F-E-B-V-R-E,” James said kindly.

“I didn’t put it in your name James. All our reservations are in my name, because I didn’t want anyone to call you and ruin the surprise,” Quinn said with a huff.

“No, I don’t show anything under that name either,” the clerk said.

“Look!” Quinn began with a raised and angry voice. It was late afternoon, and the lobby was empty as most of the guests were still out on the ski trails and slopes.

James placed his hand on Quinn’s back to try and calm him.

It didn’t help. Quinn pulled the confirmation paper work out of the file folder he was carrying with all the details of the trip. He slapped the paper down on the counter. “I have my confirmation number and information right here!”

James moved his heavy hand down to Quinn’s butt as a warning. “Is the hotel full?” James asked pleasantly; his hand let Quinn know that he would handle the rest of the check-in process.

“No sir,” the clerk responded. “I’m sorry your confirmation is all in order; I was easily able to find your reservation with your reservation number. I apologize for the confusion Mr. Sweeney,” the clerk said to Quinn. “Hmmm.” The clerk frowned.

James could feel Quinn’s body tense underneath his hand.

“It seems your cottage isn’t quite ready. We had several of our chambermaids call in sick today. There is someone in your cottage just finishing up right now. If you don’t mind, can I offer you complimentary drinks and appetizers in the bar while she finishes up in your cottage?”

Quinn started to protest, but felt James’ hand applying pressure to his butt.

“That would be very nice, thank you. You’ll send someone to get us when our cottage is ready?” James asked.

“Yes sir, it should only about twenty to thirty minutes. Please leave your luggage with me, and I’ll have it waiting for you when your cottage is ready.”

Quinn sat down at a table at the bar. “I wanted it to be perfect,” he said sadly.

James took his hand and assured him that it was, but Quinn didn’t seem to be convinced. He was quite for most of their time in the bar and on their walk to the cottage. It was early evening when they entered their small cottage at the ski resort. Both men were showing signs of exhaustion from the previous nights activities, and their long drive into the mountains.

When they entered the room they noticed that the radio was softly playing, the bed was turned down, and a fire was burning in the fireplace. They didn’t speak, but just quietly unpacked their belongings—hanging coats in the closet, and putting clothes into the beautiful bureau. Quinn took their toiletries into the bathroom and put them into drawers. He was in the process of toeing off his shoes when he felt James’ hands on his waist. James turned him around and pulled him close. As the men began to move together, Quinn noticed the song coming from the radio:

Don't go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore

James placed his hands inside the back pockets of Quinn’s jeans—giving him greater control over the sway of Quinn’s body. Quinn’s arms were laced through James’ arms and up the strong broad back, his hands finally resting on his husband’s sturdy shoulders. Quinn could feel James’ whiskers on his cheek. He so loved when James was on vacation and allowed his face to retain a small bit of stubble. He could feel James’ soft breath on his neck, and hear his husband’s beautiful deep voice softly singing into his ear.

I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are

Don't go trying some new fashion
Don't change the color of your hair
You always have my unspoken passion
Although I might not seem to care

They slowly danced around the room, moving as if one being. The firelight graced their faces with soft shadows, and they eventually ended up in front of the large balcony window. Snow was falling and leaving a beautiful white blanket over the landscape. Quinn bent his head back with a large smile and released a small laugh as James’ voice tickled his neck and ear.

I don't want clever conversation
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone that I can talk to
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you.

As the song drew to a close, both men stopped dancing and rested their foreheads together, and Quinn joined his husband in song.

I said I love you and that's forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are.

Their lips met and they kissed passionately to the sound of the saxophone playing out the song.

As they broke from the kiss James looked at Quinn's beautiful blue eyes. "I do you know. Love you just the way you are. Every handsome, funny, smart, generous, stubborn, exasperating, and beautiful inch of you."

Quinn's stomach chose that moment to growl noisily, causing James to burst out laughing. "Add hungry inch of you to that list. I'm getting the impression that the appetizer we had in the bar didn't satisfy you. So what do you say we go and get some dinner? From what I could see when we walked passed it, The Lone Eagle Dining Room certainly looked nice.

The two lovers quickly changed into khaki's with shirts and sports jackets as that seemed to suit the casual elegance of the dining room. James was impressed with the wide selection on the menu and mulled over his choices for some time before he finally decided on a first course of panko crusted portobello mushroom, with herb country cheese, arugula, and chipotle chutney; while Quinn had the coriander cured salmon with wild mushroom and dried cherry salad. They both savoured the flavourful dishes nibbling frequently from each other’s plates.

James second course choice of butternut squash soup with prosciutto di parma and granny smith apples had him moaning almost orgasmically at the rich flavour, even if Quinn turned his nose up at the idea of enjoying a soup made from any kind of squash. Instead the younger man ordered the traditional French onion soup, and had James laughing as he struggled to eat it without having long strings of melted cheese dangling from his lips.

As they waited between courses they talked about the next day’s activities which would include a run of cross country skiing at the Royal Gorge Ski Resort. James decided their first day should start at some of the lower elevation flatter runs and then build up to the more challenging runs over the week. Though they were both accomplished skiers, and in good physical shape, they hadn't been out since the prior year and James was insistent that they take their time to get back into form. Some of the runs at the resort included some steep inclines that James was not as comfortable with, he'd never taken to downhill skiing and personally felt that once you started taking on too many steep inclines you were no longer doing cross country.

Quinn was about to begin his argument against starting out at what he considered the 'kiddie' runs; when the waiter brought out the main course. The sight and smell of the sizzling beef tenderloin, potato and gorgonzola tart smothered in cipollini onion sauce, distracted him enough that James was able to slyly gain his agreement for the easy runs on the first day out. Not that James couldn't have simply laid down the law and told Quinn they would do as he decided, but it was nicer to have Quinn's agreement rather than having to play the role of dictator.

By the time they were finished the calorie-laden meal they both felt the need of a walk. They donned their warm coats and walked along the snow-covered pathways around the resort. After an hour in the chilled night air they made their way back to their cottage, tired but contented with the day.

When they returned to the room, James went to the loo, and Quinn stripped the bed of its big comfortable duvet and pillows. He then stripped himself.

James returned to the main room to find his shameless Brat lying on the duvet in front of the roaring fire. Quinn was on his belly with a couple of pillows positioned under his hips to prominently display his butt. He held a bottle of lube in his hand. “Make love to me?” he asked softly.

James nodded, and shed his own clothes, folding them neatly and resting them on a chair. He got down on the floor and leaned over his husband; he kissed Quinn behind the ear, and continued to drop kisses down Quinn’s back. He slid his fingertips over Quinn’s body, being sure to hit his husband’s erogenous zones and ticklish spots. When James reached Quinn’s butt, he tenderly spread the cheeks that had been so kindly presented to him. He ran his tongue in circles around the beautiful puckered opening, occasionally slipping his tongue inside. As Quinn began to pant, James ran his tongue down Quinn’s perineum and around the younger man’s balls. He was careful not to give the sensitive testicles too much attention. James continued to hold the cheeks open with one hand, and applied little bits of pressure to the anus. With the other hand he flipped the lid on the lube and poured some into his hand and then dribbled some over his thumb and his partners opening. James dipped his thumb into Quinn’s ass, and slicked his own cock. He placed his hands on Quinn’s hips and slowly entered his lover making long slow thrusts in and out of his husband. He smiled when he felt Quinn come all over the pillows; he then made a final thrust—embedding himself fully as he exploded inside of his sweet Irishman. James then collapsed on top of Quinn, keeping his cock securely nestled inside his beloved.

“I love you,” James whispered into Quinn’s ear.

“Forever?” Quinn asked.

“Forever.” James assured.

They cuddled and talked, eventually pulling other blankets off the bed to cover themselves. Quinn had tossed the soiled pillow to the side. Thankfully their majestic bed had been full of pillow. James had been spooning and petting Quinn when he noticed that Quinn’s breathing had changed and his husband begun to emit a soft snore. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Quinn’s bladder awoke him at some point in the middle of the night. He answered the call of nature, and then delicately woke James, so they could both crawl into bed.

They lazily slept in the next morning. Quinn called and ordered room service, before he climbed into the shower with James. Breakfast was simple and filling—a good way to start a day that would be spent on the ski trails. He and James donned their ski attire.

James went to the small snack shop and filled his camel back with water and Quinn’s with coffee. He packed several energy bars and a few pieces of fruit. Quinn went to the concierge desk to pick up he and James’ ski equipment. James had been shocked to realize that Quinn had shipped their skis to the hotel, so they wouldn’t need to rent. “It is always so much nicer to use our own equipment.” Quinn had told him.

It was a thirty-minute drive to the trails. Quinn had already purchased their passes. He had bought them early in the year--and because he and James were skiing during the low season--had gotten an amazing price.

They sat on the tailgate of the car and changed into their boots. James did a quick double check of their packs, applied sunscreen to any part of Quinn’s body that he thought might possibly get hit by the sun. They locked up the car, hoisted their skis and poles over their shoulders and trekked from the parking lot to the base of the trails. Quinn began to head towards the lift that would take he and James up to the intermediate trails. He had no desire to spend the morning let alone the full day on the easy green trails.

James stopped and looked at the signage for the various trails, he'd studied the resort's trial system thoroughly and knew immediately that the path Quinn was headed down lead to the longer intermediate trails, that he'd designated for their second or third day out. He was about to call out to his husband to stop when he reconsidered his stand.

His mind flashed various visions of the man he was married to; Quinn on the job at the mine muscles rippling beneath his t-shirt; Quinn playing baseball throwing a pitch that left the batter swinging at air; Quinn easily outdistancing him when they ran together. His husband was a very physically fit man. There was no reason what so ever that Quinn could not handle the intermediate trails. No Toppy reason of safety that he could honestly evoke.

Though James worked hard to keep himself in good shape, his job did not require much physical effort, and he had never been as skilled at sports as his husband. Was he being fair to hold Quinn up for his own personal sake? Just because he needed a build up to the harder trails really didn't mean that Quinn did. He sighed, having made up his mind he jogged after his beautiful athlete. 'This might be a bit of dirty pool', he thought, 'and it could always backfire on me but I'll take my chances.'

As he caught up to Quinn he stopped him and gave him a quick kiss. "I can't handle that one on our first day out love, but I know you're more than up to it. So I'll meet you at the Summit Station Day Lodge for lunch at one o'clock okay?"

‘Damn it,’ Quinn thought. ‘How does he do that?’ “I don’t want to go by myself. This is our vacation. I’m fine to spend today on the kiddie trails, as long as I’m with you.

James laughed. "I don't want to go by myself either love. I know you’re a stronger skier than I am. However, just because I need to start off a bit slower than you doesn't mean I need to go on the kiddie trails either.”

“But,” Quinn said, with a teasing smile, “I will not be caught dead on the Sleeping Beauty trail.”

“How about we head down to the Lodge Track Trails, they have a nice balance of easy and intermediate trails. The Deer Lake and Stage Coach Trails will give us a morning warm up, so I can get my ski legs back. We can have lunch at The Wilderness Cafe, and then you can drag this old man out and make him sweat around Kidd Lake and Devil's Outlook. Does that sound like a reasonable first day out to you?"

Quinn agreed and the two set out for the chosen trails. Part way around the second easy trail, even James was getting frustrated by the slow moving beginners they kept having to pass, so they turned around and headed out for a run at Kidd Lake Intermediate before lunch. James was very glad of the water in his camel back, he had nearly depleted it by the time they reached the cafe. He and Quinn arrived happy, hungry, and high from the endorphins released from their exertion.

They both enjoyed hearty vegetable soup and grilled paninis before heading back to the trail for the afternoon. Much to James surprise they made their way up to The Birds Nest trail and enjoyed the incredible view of Mount Mildred, before heading back to the SUV.

James was about to suggest that Quinn do the driving back to the hotel when he saw the grimace on the younger man's face, as he sat on the hard bench to take off his boots. Obviously his butt was still sore enough to be an issue for him.

James sat beside Quinn and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. 'The hell with onlookers' he thought. "Still pretty tender babe?"

"Yeah a bit." Quinn answered.

"We'll have a nice soak in the Jacuzzi when we get back to our cottage and I'll give you a massage, okay?"

“Yes please,” Quinn replied. Just the thought of the warm water and powerful jets followed by the soothing of James firm hands was making Quinn feel better.

They arrived back at the cottage and stripped out of their ski gear. The Jacuzzi sat in their private yard. James donned his robe and flip-flops; Quinn donned nothing.

Quinn took long quick strides out to the Jacuzzi. He stepped down onto the bench, and then rested his hot and tender butt in the cool snow while his legs felt the heat of the water.

James let out his deep and robust laugh. “Please be careful you don’t freeze anything vital.” He took off his robe, slid out of his rubber shoes, and slid into the water, resting on the full lounge seat. “Turn the jets on, will you baby?”

Quinn turned the jets on high. Taking James’ comment to heed, Quinn decided that not all of his body was benefiting from the freezing cold of the snow. He slipped into the Jacuzzi and let out a loud sigh of pleasure as he felt his muscles releasing a day’s worth of tension.

James relaxed in the hot pulsating water, his muscles were achy from their day on the trails; this was the perfect way to recover.

The timer for the jets shut them off after thirty minutes, Quinn was reaching for the controls to reset them, and James covered Quinn's hand with his own. "Leave them off please, thirty minutes is long enough, we've discussed the potential hazards of over exposure to hot tubs before."

Quinn frowned but didn't argue.

James stood and held his hand out to his husband. "Come on baby, I believe I owe you a massage." James pulled himself and Quinn up out of the tub. He wrapped his lover up in the heavy terry robe he'd worn outside to the tub and grabbed a towel to wrap around himself.

"Go inside and lie on the bed I'll be right with you." He gave Quinn a pat on the butt got get him moving. James quickly pulled the cover over the Jacuzzi and followed his husband inside. He retrieved the bottle of Badger Sore Muscle massage oil. It was one of Quinn's favourites. He loved the wonderful ginger scent and the way it increased the circulation to his aching over worked muscles. James would often use it to massage his husband after a long day of work at the mine.

Quinn was laid out on his stomach across the bed. The marks on his back had nearly disappeared and his butt was looking better. James kneeled on the bed beside him and began by kissing the back of Quinn's neck. "Just relax sweetheart this should help you feel a lot better," he whispered into his husband's ear.

James straddled Quinn's hips; he pumped out a palm full of oil and began working the muscles of Quinn's shoulders. He had taken a class some years ago on the healing art of massage and prided himself in being able to give a thorough deep massage--that left the recipient in a state of bliss. James worked over every muscle group in Quinn's arms, neck, back; even his hands and feet were given tender care and attention. He ensured the sensitive buttocks received just the right amount of pressure to alleviate the ache without irritating the bruised skin.

He spent almost a full hour working Quinn's body with his touch getting lighter and gentler as he went. By the time he'd finished Quinn had slipped into a deep and contented sleep; which had been James’ plan from the start. He knew Quinn had expected it to turn into a sensual massage leading to some hot sex, but James knew what his husband really needed was good peaceful sleep. They still had plenty of vacation time in front of them to enjoy the sexual aspects of their relationship to the fullest, but tonight Quinn would get the sleep he needed.

James carefully pulled the warm duvet over Quinn's sleeping form and curled up beside him falling into a contented sleep alongside his husband.

Quinn awoke well rested to the feel of his husband’s morning erection applying wonderful pressure against his buttocks. There was no point in wasting a good erection. Quinn wiggled his body, and pressed himself against James in an attempt to wake his husband. He was quickly rewarded by a warm growl, as James’ arms enveloped him.

They spent the morning lazily making love, and as they enjoyed their laziness they decided that the day might be better spent taking advantage of the resort’s spa instead of over exerting themselves on the trails. They called down to the spa and booked several treatments. First was a ninety-minute couple’s massage, they followed that up with a relaxing steam in the sauna, and then nice long showers. The showers were wondrous as grapefruit oil infused into the steam that was emitted through the shower’s vent. The shower left both men feeling relaxed, healthy and very invigorated. James and Quinn were escorted to a large comfy sofa in front of a large stone fireplace to await their next treatments. They were then separated while they each received a hot towel face treatment. When they joined up again, James gave a robust laugh to his husband who was looking overly pampered. He pulled Quinn close, and teasingly growled into his ear. “I don’t like other people giving you that look boy.”

Quinn laughed back. “Back at you Mr. Pot.”

They were served a gourmet lunch in front of the fire, before they were escorted back into the spa for hand and foot grooming. Upon returning to their small cottage, Quinn napped and James caught up on his recreational reading. When he awoke, Quinn suggested a walk along the shore before they went to dinner. It was a romantic walk. The waves of the lake were softly lapping over the rocks on the shore. James and Quinn held hands, and enjoyed the crisp air, and gentle light of the sunset.

The next two days were full of exertion; James and Quinn hit the ski trails early and were often the last to leave the parking lot at the end of the day. They followed their routine of earlier in the week, coming home to a warm refreshing Jacuzzi and giving and receiving late evening massages.

On the fifth morning of their journey the men dressed in jeans, boots, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. Quinn drove them over Mt. Rose and into Virginia City. They spent the afternoon drinking sarsaparillas and gambling small amounts of money at the slot machines and black jack tables at the Bucket of Blood Saloon. They also enjoyed strolling the wooden walkways of the small western mining town.

Towards the end of the day they stopped in at the old-time photo shop, and took a picture of James dressed as a Sheriff, and Quinn a convict locked in a jail cell.

The evening drive home was quiet. A storm was hitting the Sierras and James was cautious of the drive through the snow flurries.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

James and Quinn awoke to a beautiful view from their cottage window. The evening storm had left a beautiful covering of fresh powder over the landscape. They dressed in their ski attire and did their usual morning stop for the equipment, water, coffee, and snacks. Quinn made toward the driver’s side of the car and James stopped him. Quinn made a fuss, seeing no reason he shouldn’t drive. He missed James’ look around the parking lot, but was unable to miss the firm swat applied to his butt. After a small pout Quinn made his way to the passenger side of the car. He was surprised when James pulled the car into Northstar, instead of continuing down the road to the Royal Gorge.

“I thought I might watch my boy tear up the slopes on his snowboard today,” James said.

James had to chuckle at the look of surprise and pleasure on Quinn's face. James had no love for even the notion of snowboarding or downhill skiing. He'd tried downhill a few times and simply could not get comfortable with the speed and lack of control he felt. He knew that the skier should be in control of his descent, but he could never seem to attain the level of control he wanted. Quinn had once made a point that the downhill skiing/snowboarding did require giving up a little control to the elements and that James the Uber Top was simply unwilling to release even that small bit of control over all that he was.

However James love of Quinn, and his desire to make his boy happy, allowed him to let go enough, to let his husband enjoy the thrills of snowboarding; while he waited and watched from the bottom of the slope.

They went into the rental shop and managed to find a suitable snowboard and boots for Quinn's use, along with purchasing him the appropriate lift ticket. Once Quinn had donned the boots, James walked him over to the lift, gave him a quick kiss, an admonishment to be careful, and sent him on his way.

James found a good spot on the deck of the lodge, treated himself to a large hot chocolate with whipped cream and syrup and sat watching for his lover to begin his descent.

Quinn moved quickly down the hill, James had to hold his breath as he watched his husband flying up and gaining airtime. He knew this was part of the thrill of boarding but it still it put him on edge. However the look of exhilaration on Quinn's face as he came sliding towards the lodge was payment for James nervousness.

Quinn skid to a halt at the bottom of the slope, causing a nice spray of snow. He gave James a wave and made his way back over to the lift.

James returned Quinn’s wave, and smiled a bit as he highly suspected that his husband was holding back considerably on the antics he would have performed if he had not been aware of James watching closely.

Quinn moved to the wooden line, looked behind him and sat as the metal chair approached him. On the way up the mountain he watched the other skiers and snowboarders, analyzing their techniques. Quinn got a little sad when the ski lift passed over the terrain park. He would love to have some time practicing tricks on the rails. He saw a kid do a perfect 180 grind, and he ached inside. He had let loose with a couple of tricks down the hill on his first run--popped a few wheelies and a couple of butters. He took a deep breath and decided to enjoy his day on the downhill, because a trip to the terrain park would most likely end in one of two results, James having a heart attack or Quinn having a very sore butt for not following James’ safety instructions.

Quinn hopped off the lift and inched his way over to the top of the trail. This was a much longer trail than the first he had done. He decided he would be safe, but also show James a few more tricks on his way down.

By the time he reached the bottom of the hill he was a big happy ball of adrenaline rush. He locked his board in the racks and ran over to James on the deck. “Wadda ya think?” He said with a huge grin.

James returned Quinn's grin with one of his own, "What I think is that you are incredible and very sexy. I also think that you would very much like to spend some time on the terrain park, doing things that you normally do when you're out with your brothers. Things like I'm seeing the other boarders doing over there. So I want you to go play and pretend I'm not watching and I'll pretend that it isn't scaring me half to death."

Quinn was left momentarily speechless, with a rather stunned look on his face.

James stroked his hand down the side of Quinn’s beautiful face. "It's okay babe, I want you to have fun. This vacation is for you too. I'm not foolish enough to believe that you stick to the bunny slopes when you go out with your brothers. I've had to learn to deal with it when I'm not looking, well now I figure it's time for me to deal with it when I am looking. Just don't go too crazy okay?"

Quinn talked quietly into James ear. "Do you promise not to have a heart attack or take one of your fancy new paddles to my butt for any of my tricks?"

James gave an exaggerated sigh. "Well I promise to leave the paddles out of it, BUT the old ticker I can't give any guarantees on. Patrick did say everything was good during my last physical, but at my advanced age you just never know."

He couldn't help but let out a laugh; he gave his husband a swat. "Go have fun baby, show me what a stud I'm married to.”

Quinn laughed. "I don't trust Patrick's stress test. Next year I think he should have you run on the treadmill while I tell you stories of my ill spent youth as a slutty boarder. That should give your heart an appropriate work out."

James growled his disproval, and Quinn quickly grabbed his helmet. "I promise to be careful and very studly just for you." He took James by the hand and led him to a better area to view him on the terrain park.

Quinn did quite a few runs, showing off his best tricks for James. As it approached lunch time the light flurries that had been present most of the morning were coming down bigger and faster. Quinn swooshed to a stop near James. "I'm exhausted and it's getting ugly out here. I think this storm would be much more fun if viewed sitting by a toasty fire in our little cottage."

James wholeheartedly agreed with his Brat's assessment of the weather and his level of exhaustion, he'd come to the same conclusion just as Quinn had begun his last run, and was going to call him in if he hadn't chosen to do so on his own. They returned the rental equipment and made their way to the SUV. Quinn once again made for the driver's seat but was firmly ousted.

"You've already admitted to being exhausted babe, and given your opinion of this rapidly deteriorating weather situation; did you really think I was going to allow you to drive?"

Quinn frowned and shook his head as he made his way to the passenger door. James followed him, glanced around the parking lot and seeing no one in visual range he grabbed his husband, spun him around an pressed his back up against the door. He ground his body into Quinn's and took his mouth in a deep, hard kiss that left them both breathless.

"You were beautiful up on that hill today, very, very studly and I intend to show you my appreciation for the show when we get back to the cottage. I want you to think about that the whole way back, think about how I'm going to lube you and take you hard, fast and deep."

They enjoyed a long afternoon of sex, good food ordered from the kitchen, more sex, a soak in the hot tub, a light dinner--also ordered in, and an evening of cuddling and petting while they watched a movie on the big screen. They fell asleep in each other’s arms before the movie finished, waking late the next morning feeling lazy and decadent.

The remainder of their vacation was filled with similar days of enjoyment and they passed so quickly that neither man could believe it when the morning of their departure had arrived. James turned the driving over to his beloved partner for their return trip to San Francisco; which allowed him to take in the scenery he had missed on the trip out.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

By the time the final leg of their journey home was complete James was feeling very anxious to check on things at the Inn. This was the longest time he'd been away from his business since he and Quinn had been on their honeymoon. Though he had every faith in his staff, the Inn was still his baby and he couldn't help but be concerned over things.

He was somewhat surprised when Quinn insisted on accompanying him to the Inn on their arrival home. Usually his husband would stay at their little cottage and do the unpacking while James checked on the business. So with his husband at his side James headed over to the Inn.

“Welcome back,” Stanley said.

“Thank you,” James and Quinn responded together. James was surprised to see all of his staff at the front desk.

“How was everything,” James asked. He assumed it had all gone well, since he hadn’t heard from his staff at all during his vacation.

“Well,” Stanley said, “we had some issues with the Water Avens and the Enchanter’s Nightshade rooms. We weren’t able to book guests into them the entire time you were gone.”

James’ relaxed disposition quickly tensed up. “Why? What were the issues?” he asked.

“I think it would be better if we showed you,” Mrs. Chelsea said.

James nodded.

Quinn took hold of James’ hand. He knew his husband was nervous and tense, and Quinn hoped that his touch would help to calm his husband.

James, Quinn, Stanley, Mrs. Chelsea, and Velma all climbed the stairs towards the guest rooms. James stood outside the door with the beautifully painted sign saying “Enchanter’s Nightshade”. He took the keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. He slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door.

James absolutely loved his little Inn, though it only had twelve guest suites he had worked very hard to make it into a place that brought together the ideals of comfort, service and a touch of class.

When he'd purchased the property it had been on a rapid slide into shabbiness. Most of the rooms were outdated, and worn. He'd sunk all of his savings and used a large portion of his line of credit to bring the Inn up to standard, which included redecorating the guest suites.

Though all the rooms had received fresh paint, linens and upgrades as needed. There were still two rooms, which had yet not received a proper makeover. He'd simply taken the best of what there was from all the original suites and made the Water Avens and the Enchanter's Nightshade rooms as nice as possible. He charged a lower rate for them, as they weren’t quite up to the standards of his other suites.

James had hoped to be able remodel the Enchanter's Nightshade room sometime in the next year, as long as the current economy didn't cause too big a down turn in his reservations.

So when the door swung back and revealed a room more beautiful and luxurious than he'd ever envisioned, James was stunned and found himself unable speak.

“Are you okay?” Quinn asked. “Is it okay?” He had used James’ drawings, paint chips, fabric swatches, and other items he could find in James’ original room designs, but Quinn had kicked everything up a notch. He and the rest of Sweeney clan had built a large wooden wardrobe cabinet, as the old house didn’t have closets. His brothers had stripped the room of its carpet, sanded and varnished the beautiful wood floor. There was a large floor rug, with a boarder of Enchanter’s Nightshade. In the center of the rug was a large four-poster bed. The bed had plush down bedding, and a beautifully embroidered duvet--the duvet cover, and several matching pillows, were special ordered to have a mixture of the small white nightshade and deep ruby trillium hand embroidered onto them. Quinn had the contractors install large seated bay windows in each of the rooms. The windows complimented each other in the Inn’s architecture, and gave wonderful views of the garden below. The window seat was piled with a mixture of pillows, some of which had embroidery matching the duvet.

The bed had green velvet curtains tied at each corner. The velvet was reflected in some the plush pillows on the bed, and on all the window hangings in the suite.

There were two tobacco coloured leather wing chairs and ottomans sitting with a small mahogany tea table. Quinn and his brothers had done a perfect job in their purchasing and wood crafting to match the stain on all of the furniture, and to ensure that all of the pieces had an antique hew.

On the tea table sat a ceramic tea set, the cups taking the lovely outline of the nightshade, with the pattern continued on the pot, sugar and creamer.

On the dresser and top of the wardrobe sat large cloche terrarium gardens, and above the dresser hung a triptych of Enchanter’s Nightshade chalk drawings, each with a small signature reading, ‘QSSL’.

The room was full of small intricate details, too many for James to take in during his first look. “There’s more to see,” Quinn said. He pulled James towards the bathroom. The floor, walls, and shower were all covered with antiqued slate--laid out in beautiful mosaic patterns. From the ceiling hung a Victorian domed rainfall showerhead. Set back into the small bathroom cove was a classic pull chain toilet, and two Queen Ann legged basins lined the sidewall.

Quinn leaned into James, and whispered in his ear. “I thought we might spend the night here.”

James pulled Quinn into his arms and kissed him deeply. When he pulled out of the kiss he smiled and shook his head in wonder. "Spend the night? Boy you may never get out of this room again." He laughed. "You are unbelievable, do you know that? I just can't believe you did all this and did it without me knowing a thing. This must have taken months of planning and arrangements.

Everything is so incredible I'm totally overwhelmed, the workmanship is spectacular, and your chalk drawings are beautiful, Quinn Seamus Sweeney-Lefebvre. I love you so much." He pulled Quinn in for another kiss only to be distracted by a subtly clearing throat; he'd forgotten that Stan, Mrs. Chelsea, and Velma were still standing in the doorway to the room.

James laughed as he straightened himself up and put on a serious face. "So you said there was also a problem with the Water Avens room?"

Stanley put on a mock frown and replied. "Yes sir, I'm afraid it's worse than this room."

They exited the beautiful suite and went to the suite across from it. James put the key in the lock and walked into another showpiece of a room.

Though the Water Avens was a somewhat smaller room than the Enchanter's Nightshade the decor and luxury easily matched it. The floors had been refinished in the same rich beauty of the other room and the rug, which stood in the centre, was a solid plush purple, with moss green fringe, the exact shades of the Water Avens wildflower embroidery on the duvet. The duvet was lying atop a huge sleigh bed that stood so high--small wooden steps were placed on either side of the bed so the guests could climb in.

A beautiful wardrobe of similar styling to the previous room stood along one wall and two over stuffed club chairs with wildflower tapestry covers stood in front of the bay window. A tea table separated them, upon which stood china tea service that James swore matched the tapestry chairs exactly.

Over the long dresser were more sketches by the artist simply signed as ‘QSSL’, the beauty of which brought a tear to James’ eye.

The ensuite bathroom rivalled that of any five star hotel with black marble floors, vanity tops, and shower surround. A large tub with whirlpool jets filled nearly half the room and plush towels hung on heated towel bars.

James could barely contain his emotions over all that his husband had done. He had spent what was obviously the entire monetary gift from his parents on their vacation and these two rooms. James knew that it would have cost a great deal more if the Quinn and his family hadn't done the lion’s share of the labour themselves.

He looked to Quinn, tears freely running down his face. "I have no idea what to say to you my love. Beyond thank you, thank you, thank you." He then turned to his staff members who were beaming at him.

"And to you three who obviously helped orchestrate this, well all I can say is when the profits climb from the extra money I'll get renting these suites. Then so too will certain peoples’ salaries."

James gave Mrs. Chelsea and Velma each a hug and kiss, but kept Stan to just a hug not wanting to make the poor guy squirm too much.

Stan, Mrs. Chelsea and Velma went back downstairs to attend to their jobs and left James and Quinn alone in the Water Avens Suite. Although the room was full of luxury, Quinn sat on the floor at the foot of large sleigh bed, and James sat next to him. Quinn played with the soft green fringe on the carpet.

James’ appreciation of the renovations had been wonderful, but Quinn still needed a little reassurance that what he had done was okay. He had helped with a large part of the Inns’ renovations over the years, but everything he had done before had been under James’ direction. “Is it really okay that I did this without your permission? I know that this is your Inn, but we live here on the property…and pop said he wanted me to use the majority of the money to do something to solidify and to reseal our love. I think our vacation definitely did that, but I was hoping that putting the rest of the money into the Inn, would be like investing in our home and the business that helps to sustain us.” Quinn looked into James’ eyes waiting for the love and reassurances that would quiet his inner critic.

James wrapped his arms around his husband and gave him a kiss. He drew a deep breath and spoke slowly and thoughtfully "My love, you and I have a very special kind of relationship, one that not many other people could understand or would want to live in. The power exchange is exciting sexually; it suits both of us emotionally, and has given us a quality of commitment that a lot of people envy.

Permission is a big issue with us and we have run the gambit in that area over the years. We've both agreed that we like the power of decision in our relationship to be in my hands. You have ended up over my lap a number of times for making decisions in areas that the average person considers to be their prerogative as part of being an adult. This doesn't mean that I don't consider you to be a fully functioning adult; it just means that you have stepped outside of the parameters that you and I both set for our relationship.

You have told me yourself how much better you feel when I keep you close and on a short leash. I think we have proven time and again that if you so step out of bounds and I don't reel you in hard, then we have trouble.

So let's look at what's gone on here since last summer when you got that money from your parents. You kept that information a secret from me for all these months, you went ahead and made plans and spent a great deal of money on a vacation without my permission. You then went and did major renovations to our Inn--again without my permission. You even had my staff keeping secrets from me. So as beautiful as it all is--this truly does not fit within the boundaries of our relationship. You really have dug yourself in quite deep my boy." James could feel Quinn's body stiffening against him as he spoke, he watched as the younger man began to wring his hands together.

James climbed to his feet and put a hand out to his husband. "Let's deal with this now," he said seriously. He pulled Quinn up and turned him around to face the footboard of the bed. He reached around and undid the jeans and shoved them along with the boxers to the floor. "Put your hands on the bed and bend over please."

When the white globes of Quinn's butt were perfectly exposed--and at the right angle--James laid down two very hard swats leaving a bright red outline of his hand on each cheek.

While Quinn was hanging tightly onto the bed, James leaned his body up against Quinn's back and whispered softly into his ear. "Don't do it again or next time I'll double that. Now leave the pants and shorts where they are and get that naked ass of yours next door to the Enchanter's Nightshade, where I'm going to fuck you into tomorrow. If you can be there before I count to ten I'll fuck you into next week."

He laughed as Quinn toed off his shoes and pulled out of the pants and boxers that had pooled around his feet. "I sure hope no one is in that hallway or they are gonna be so jealous of me, when they see my beautiful boy," he called out as Quinn made a mad dash for the door.

“You are a wicked, wicked man, Mr. Lefebvre.” Quinn opened the door of the Avens’ suite and peered out into the hallway, checking to see if the coast was clear—as his head peered out the door—he gave his husband a sexy little shake of his butt, and then raced across the hallway into the Enchanted suite.

Quinn smiled at the luggage sitting inside the suite; Stan was such a wonderful man. Quinn removed a bottle of lube from the suitcase, ensuring he didn’t experience the same issue he had on the first night of their vacation. He removed his shirt, and started the shower. When the water was just the right temperature, he set the bottle of lube on the shower ledge and stepped inside.

James laughed as he watched his husband's butt streaking across the hallway. It reminded James of a white tailed deer running through the woods. He took a couple of leisurely moments to take in the beautiful room his boy had worked so hard on. He picked Quinn’s clothing up off of the floor, and then quietly closed the door and followed Quinn across the hall.

The shower was running when he entered the suite, so James locked the door and divested himself of his own clothing and slipped quietly into the spacious bathroom.

Quinn was a beautiful sight standing under the Victorian style waterfall shower. With his head tipped back and the water pouring over his face the younger man looked positively decadent. James couldn't help but notice the lube bottle placed so prominently on the shower ledge; the boy was obviously following the scout motto to be prepared.

James slid into the shower behind Quinn and wrapped his arms around his lover. He slid his hands up and down the smooth skin; chuckling to find it was still as devoid of hair as it had been the night of their dungeon visit. Quinn had at least temporarily decided to keep the smooth look. James placed wet kisses up and down the back of his husband's neck. "You feel so good baby, I'm going to take you so hard you won't be able to sit for days," he growled.

“Days?” Quinn said. “I take you away for a romantic luxury vacation, and I renovate two rooms of your ‘baby’, and all I get is days? Sheesh, I think that would at least be good for a fucking that’d keep me standing for a couple of weeks.” Not waiting for James response, Quinn turned around to face his husband, and gave him a very thorough kiss. Quinn returned his tongue to his own mouth and separated from the kiss. “Mmmm, I love the way you taste.”

“Stop talking,” James ordered. He reattached his lips to Quinn’s, and they kissed with the warm rainwater cascading over their bodies. James pulled out of the kiss and spun Quinn around. “Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs.”

Quinn did as instructed, and released a soft moan as he felt James’ slick fingers penetrating him.

James leaned into his husband, and whispered into his ear, “Tu es si sexy! Je vais te faire quelque chose d'horrible tu cul!”

Quinn melted at James’ accent and dirty talk. He replied with the one submissive phrase he knew. “Faites comme vous voulez”

James let out an evil laugh, "do as I please? Oh, I fully intend to do exactly as I please and just for the record, I don't need your approval you sexy little, ill mannered, brat." With that James thrust his ridged cock deep within his beautiful lover. The swollen red crown of which rubbed repeatedly over Quinn's prostate sending sparks of pleasure right up through the younger man's gut. James chose an alternating rhythm with each thrust he would slowly pull back, so just a bit of his cock remained inside of Quinn, and then he would thrust in hard and fast.

Quinn moaned with each withdrawal, and gasped with each inward thrust. As he continued fucking, James reached around and began to squeeze and pinch Quinn's nipples rolling them between his fingers, until the nubs went from their usual brown to a swollen angry red.

When James could feel Quinn was approaching the edge he pulled out harshly and swatted the wet butt he'd just been reaming.

Quinn let out a yelp of outrage from the sharpness of the swats and the sudden loss of James' cock; which he'd been so enjoying. "Turn around boy," James ordered.

When Quinn was facing him James pulled him into his arms and kissed him forcing his tongue deep into his lover's mouth, as he grabbed and roughly kneaded his butt. Quinn tried thrusting up against James to get some friction on his own needy cock but that only gained him another hard swat to the butt. "I'm in charge here." James growled into his ear.

He pushed Quinn down to his knees leaving the younger man to watch as James took a small amount of liquid soap and washed his own cock under the fall of warm water. As the soap rinsed away James held his cock out and rubbed it over Quinn's lips. "You want this boy?"

"Yes. Yes please." Quinn begged.

"Then take it all boy," he commanded as he thrust into Quinn's mouth. Within moments James felt himself cumming and Quinn greedily swallowed every drop of fluid deposited in his mouth.

It took James several moments to recover--standing with his arms on Quinn's shoulders for support. Once he regained his breath he pulled his lover to his feet and held the still unfulfilled man in his arms. He could feel Quinn's hard cock pressing against him, he reached for the bottle of lube he'd left on the shelf and pumped a generous amount into his right hand, scooping some up onto the fingers of his left hand. He thrust the lubed fingers deep into Quinn's well stretched hole and grabbed his cock with his right hand and began to alternately thrust in rubbing hard against the nub of the prostate, while pumping the ridged pole. It took little time before Quinn was screaming out his release. He sagged against James--his knees having suddenly turned to jello as the warm water washed away his cum.

"Feeling better babe?" James asked. At Quinn's nod, James turned off the shower and guided his boneless lover out to stand on the heated floor while James dried them both gently with the warm towels.

The two lovers were soon settled into the deep soft bed with James spooned up against Quinn's back holding him tightly. "Je vous aime à jamais." James whispered just was they drifted off to sleep in the beautiful room that had been decorated with love.

~*~  Finis  ~*~

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