An Ill Wind From the East

Title: An Ill Wind from the East
Authors: Mel & Tarabeth
Characters: James & Quinn
Implements: Hand & Paddle

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

They had done all of their talking on the drive home from Vancouver. So upon arriving back at their cottage there was little to be said.

Quinn followed James to the study, and watched with tears in his eyes as James retrieved the paddle from the desk before he sat on the couch. Still with no words, James pulled Quinn close and unbuttoned his very tight, very short cut off jeans and pulled them down. Quinn blushed at the shake of James' head upon discovering that his husband was not wearing underwear. As tight as the jean cut offs were it would have been impossible to get a layer of anything between Quinn's skin and the denim.

"I'm sorry," Quinn whispered. He did mean it, but he wasn't sure that any spanking and paddling would relieve the guilt he was feeling. He had purposely defied James. He had purposely made James worry. He had purposely and with a hurtful intent put on the provocative jeans and headed towards Vancouver. He had no intent to cheat on James, and did nothing other than a little harmless flirting, but he was hurting and wanted James to feel the same.

There was a small amount of relief in the fact that James was disciplining him. It at least hopefully meant that James was planning to punish him and clear the slate; that hopefully they could move on and past this. But Quinn wasn't so sure. He wasn't sure if he could forgive himself for being bitten by the green monster of jealousy, and he wasn't sure if he would allow James to forgive him for being bitten.

James stared sadly at the bared bottom lying over his lap, a bottom which he would soon turn an angry shade of red. His mind rolled back to the events that led to this moment.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Steve Waterman and James had been friends practically from the first day Steve had begun working at the Royal York. James had been the head concierge at the time, Steve had been hired to work the night shift and James spent the first week training the other man in the ways of the Royal York. During that week the two men began what would become a deep, lifelong friendship.

Though both were gay they knew from the outset that they were not suited to have a sexual relationship. They were both Alpha Tops in search of partners who would compliment their natures not one who shared the same urges to be in control. James and Steve both joked, that they'd killed each within a week if they'd tried.

Steve had called prior to his visit to say that he needed to get out of Toronto for a while, and was finally going to take James up on the invitation to stay at the Inn for a while. James was elated to hear Steve was coming, but sad to learn of the reason for his friend’s visit. Steve had just broken up with his lover, of the last five years, and was suffering a broken heart.

James had spoken frequently to Quinn about his friend and had been very excited when he shared the news with his husband that Steve would be arriving in a few days.

James reserved the best room in the Inn for his friend and took time to ensure that things were in perfect order. When he thought about it, he realised he should have noticed the way Quinn reacted to the preparations, as the flames of the younger man’s insecurity were being fed. Sadly even for a Top hindsight is always 20/20.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Two weeks earlier:

James had been doing a lot of work with the local businessmen and artists to plan some fall events that would increase tourism in Jade Heights. The meetings were primarily in the evening and Quinn was feeling a little neglected, as James was gone for the third night in a row.

In order to relieve his loneliness, boredom, and feeling of neglect, Quinn decided that maybe a little quality time with his favourite butt plug and his right hand was called for.

Quinn pulled the toy box out from under the bed and removed the luvbud butt plug. It was his favourite. The plug had a suction cup on the bottom, which was helpful for solo insertion, and he loved the texture of the small raised nubs all over the surface.

He removed his shorts and boxers, and poured a generous amount of lube into his hand. He squatted and inserted his index finger into his rectum and swirled and wiggled it around a bit to stretch himself. He felt his cock begin to grow hard and then pushed both his index and middle finger into his ass. “Mmmm,” he moaned as he rocked up and down on his fingers.

Once he felt adequately stretched, Quinn moved into the bathroom. He closed the lid on the toilet and firmly pounded the luvbud onto the toilet seat to ensure it would stay in place. He poured a copious amount of lube over the plug. He separated his butt cheeks with one hand and held the bud in place with the other as he slowly impaled himself. He grunted as the plug pushed in. He could never get himself as stretched and prepared as well as James did it, and the intrusion was a bit more painful than he would have liked. But once in place, it gave Quinn the lovely full feeling he desired.

Quinn released the suction on the plug and walked back into the bedroom. Once there he poured more lube into the palm of his hand, lay down on the bed and began to stroke his cock.

James arrived home from his meeting with only one thing on his mind; he wanted his husband and wanted him bad. He’d been working too many hours on the tourism promotions and too few hours on his marriage. He could see the signs of a neglected Brat in Quinn’s attitude the last few days. Though Quinn hadn’t gone so far as to get himself into trouble with James, he was a bit snarky and it was high time James got back to the role of husband and Top.

As he walked in the front door of the cottage James could here a slightly muffled moan coming from the direction of the bedroom. He peered inside the room; the site that met his eyes was one hundred percent proof of his neglect of his husband. Quinn lay moaning and naked on the bed his eyes were closed, and his legs spread wide. The end of a butt plug was protruding from him, and his hand was wrapped around his cock slowly stroking it. Around his genitals was the gold cock ring James had given Quinn, it shone with the reflected light of the single lamp in the room. The moaning was accompanied by mumbled words that James couldn’t make out.

As he watched his own cock grew hard with need, James stepped silently into the room, and stripped off his clothes, Quinn was still oblivious to his arrival as he lay on the bed lost in whatever fantasy he was conquering in his furtive imagination. He cautiously moved until he was standing beside the writhing man, bent over and gently blew a cool breath over the ridged pole Quinn was stroking. As soon as his husband’s eyes opened, so did his mouth to speak but James silenced him with a touch of his finger against the younger man’s lips.

James pulled Quinn’s hand away from stroking his own cock, and he took a soft cloth from the nightstand to wipe away the excess lube. He climbed up onto the bed and kneeled between his lover’s spread legs. Bending over he took Quinn’s erection into his mouth and swallowed deeply, he reached down and grasped the suction end of the butt plug and began to manipulate it, so that its nubby surface was scraping repeatedly over his lover’s prostate. Then he moved his mouth up and down on the rock hard erection, using his tongue to slide into the slit at the end each time he pulled off, then he would swallow deeply again until his nose was pressed against Quinn’s pubes. It took only a few moments until the younger man was thrashing and screaming out his release.

James held in every drop of cum until Quinn had collapsed sated onto the bed. He lay down beside the nearly breathless man and pulled him into his arms; he pressed his mouth against Quinn’s forcing the lips open with his tongue, allowing his husband to share in the essence James had held it in his mouth.

Quinn tasted the saltiness of himself; he thought it odd sometimes that he enjoyed the taste of his own cum, maybe because it was a follow up to a mind numbing orgasm. He also noted that it always tasted best when combined with the taste and feel of James’ mouth.

Quinn’s hands explored James’ body. He loved the way James’ skin stretched tightly over the muscles of his back and shoulders. When wet with James’ sweat this skin was smooth and very sensitive. Quinn loved to run his hands up and down James’ back, and feel the strong muscles, but also to tease the slightly ticklish skin.

Quinn could feel James’ rock hard erection against his belly, and James was emitting soft groans in response to Quinn’s touch. Quinn stopped his stroking of James’ back and turned himself over onto his stomach. He wiggled his ass against James’ erection. “You know you could remove the luvbud and plug me with something else,” Quinn said.

James was very aroused and overcome with the mood to play; he put on his best Top face and gave a sharp smack to the wiggling ass. "Oh I’m going to plug you my boy.”

His cock was raging hard with need and the site of Quinn laid out wantonly before him had James on edge. He didn’t want to cum too soon and take away from the fun, so he reached into his bedside drawer for his leather cock ring. He snapped it into place allowing its tightness to hold him back.

“Up on your knees my boy,” he commanded. When Quinn was in position James took hold of the butt plug and pulled it almost all the way out, then gave it a push back in. He repeated this manoeuvre several times until Quinn was panting and begging James to get on with it and fuck him. Finally he pulled the nubby little plug out of his husband and tossed it to the side.

He took his raging erection and placed it at Quinn’s entrance rubbing it over the quivering hole, teasing both his husband and himself. “I’m gonna plug you now boy!” He shoved his cock inside with a single thrust; Quinn had used enough lube when he’d inserted the luvbud that James had no problem sliding into place. He began to piston in and out of the hot tight channel and then took hold of Quinn’s cock feeling it harden again in his hands. James pulled on the cock in his hand at the same time he pounded Quinn’s prostate with his own ridged member, he kept up the assault until he was sure the younger man was ready for a second climax.

Knowing he could hold out no longer, James unsnapped the leather ring and allowed his balls to draw up and send their exploding load deep within his husband. Quinn wailed out his release a second later. James was just collapsing against his husbands back when the phone began to ring.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn smiled and laughed at the glee and excitement James was exuding since he hung up the phone. “James has a friend coming to play,” he teased. Quinn had only met Steve on a couple of occasions and they had been short. The first was at he and James’ wedding, and Quinn was far too entranced in James to pay attention to anyone else. The other time when he and James were in Toronto, they had gone to dinner with Steve and his partner. It had been a nice couple’s night out.

As James started the preparations for Steve’s visit, preparing the best room in the Inn, making plans for he and Steve to do things while Quinn was at work. Quinn started to feel that James’ was going a bit overboard. The more Quinn thought back to the way James talked about Steve, he started to realise that James saw Steve as more than a friend. Steve was the handsome, well educated, fun, big city man that Quinn had always feared would take James away. And now Steve had broken up with his partner and was running to James.

James had sent Quinn off to work with a kiss, on the morning Steve's flight arrived at the Kelowna Airport. He left the cottage a few minutes after his husband departed and made the drive to retrieve his friend. He'd been concerned about Steve, as he'd sounded depressed when they'd talked the evening before. James still found it hard to believe that Mica had left Steve for another man.

The reunion of the two friends was nice, but Steve was definitely depressed and in need of some T.L.C. They got back to the Inn in time for lunch. They ate on the terrace; the weather was turning cooler but still nice enough in the sunny afternoon to enjoy their meal el fresco. They talked outside until they became chilled, then moved indoors, and sat on the sofa in the living room, while Steve poured his heart out. Finally having heard the whole sad tale through, James could see Steve was feeling emotionally spent.

"Why don't we take a walk?" James suggested. "It would do us both good to stretch our legs and enjoy a change of scenery."

They walked along the main street of town looking in all the shops and laughing at some of the sites. They stopped for coffee at Tim Horton's, where they ran into Quinn's brother Rowan. James could barely make the introduction he'd been laughing so hard at a raunchy story they'd been reliving from their days working at the Royal York.

Rowan arrived back at the mine and handed out the warm coffee to his father and brothers. "Hey Q, I met James' friend. They were having coffee and laughing it up. It must be nice for James to have an old friend in town."

"Ya," Quinn said, trying to hide his jealousy. He wanted James to have a good time with his friend, but something just didn't feel right. Wasn't this guy supposed to be devastated about breaking up with his boyfriend? Why were he and James yucking it up at Tim Horton's?

Quinn took his coffee and turned to go back work, only to find Patrick, standing directly behind him. "What's wrong Quinnie, afraid James' has a new boyfriend? I remember this guy; he was hot. I'd do
him, and I don't like dudes. It's gotta be pretty hard for James to keep his hands to himself."

Quinn tossed his coffee to the side, and lunged at his brother. "Fuck off, Patrick," Quinn hollered.

Aedan and Sully each grabbed one of their younger brothers and pulled them away from each other, as their father yelled, "Enough! That's it! I'm issuing each of you a safety warning; you're done for the day. Get out of here and go clock out."

"Pop," Quinn whined.

"I'll see you in the morning, Quinn," his father said before he returned to work.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Quinn said banging his head on his locker.

"Dude, it's only your second. You go to class and it'll be fine. I'm the one that's suspended for the rest of the week," Patrick chided.

Quinn pushed past Patrick without a word.

He arrived home from the mine and showered. James was either at the Inn or still out with Steve. The three men had plans later for dinner at the Inn. James would probably be home soon to change.

Quinn was drying off when James came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his Brat, and planted kisses on Quinn's neck.

"I got a safety violation today," Quinn said with a bitter voice.

James sighed; he turned his husband's nude body around to face him and hugged him tightly. Then he took the towel from Quinn's hands and guided him over to sit on the closed toilet seat, which he covered with a second towel.

Quinn opened his mouth to speak, but James silenced him with a finger pressed over his soft lips. He continued the job of carefully drying every inch of his husband's body no crease or crevice was left without his attention. Once Quinn was dried James took some natural hemp body lotion and began to rub it over his lover's back and shoulders in a soothing massage. Quinn tried on a couple of occasions to speak but James insisted on silence while he worked. He completed his work kneeling on the floor giving an incredible foot massage.

He stood and guided Quinn into the bedroom and sat down with him on the large bed. "That my love is a tiny showing of how much you and your beautiful body mean to me. Now you may explain to me why you put what means that much to me, at risk enough to get another safety violation."

Quinn blushed with embarrassment. How could he have been jealous? When was he going to get it through his thick head that he belonged to James, and that was never going to change? He figured he had already disappointed James enough by getting the safety violation; he didn't want to further hurt James with his tale of jealous rage.

"I was tired. I didn't sleep very well last night; I think I was nervous about Steve coming for a visit."

An inner voice was telling James that this was not the real story behind the safety violation, but he hoped that the truth would come out once the consequences had been applied. He looked at the bedroom clock; they had ninety minutes until they were to meet with Steve. Though not optimal, postponing would be worse.

"Go and get the paddle," he quietly commanded in a tone that brokered no argument.

"James, we have to be at dinner soon. I can't go to dinner right after you've paddled me. What would your friend think?"

"What Steve thinks or doesn't think has nothing to do with this Quinn. Dinner plans can be changed, this cannot. This is between you and I, this is about a promise I made to you the last time you were sited for
a safety violation at work. Now go and get the paddle please, you will not like it if I have to go for it."

Quinn took a hiccupped breath and turned and left the bedroom for the study. He could count on one hand, maybe even one finger, the times he had been sent to fetch the paddle. The study was usually reserved for punishments, especially if the paddle was involved, and it was usually James who retrieved the evil leather paddle from the drawer of their desk.

Quinn sat at the desk for a moment before he opened the desk drawer and tears began to fall down his face. How did he end up here? How many times had he been paddled for doubting James’ love? James never gave Quinn reason to doubt the unending amount of love he had for his husband; it was Quinn's own insecurity that had so many times caused a strong sting and ache in his butt. How many times had he been paddled for allowing Patrick to get the best of him? Far too many than he cared to remember, Quinn reached down and opened the desk drawer and retrieved the paddle. His heart ached that he could have ever doubted the beautiful man that would use that paddle to remind him of his role and obligations in their marriage. Quinn put his head on the desk, with his cheek resting on the paddle and began to sob.

James realised that Quinn was not returning as quickly as he should, so he decided he'd better check on his Brat's whereabouts. When he entered the study he saw Quinn bent over the desk sobbing onto the leather of the paddle.

Quinn didn't seem to notice his arrival until James placed a gentle hand on his head. "Come on baby I think we need to have a talk." He gently guided his husband to his feet, taking the paddle from his hand; he purposely left it sitting on the desk. He took Quinn to the sofa and pulled him down beside him. "Quinn this is not about being punished for a safety violation. I know you well enough to see that, now I'd like to understand what has you this upset. I'd like you to talk to me my love."

"I'm just tired James," Quinn answered. He wiped away his tears, and took a deep breath, but kept his eyes lowered, and his body language guarded. "I hate when I disappoint you, and you know I always get more emotional when I'm tired. There's nothing else James. I’d tell you."

James’ lips thinned, he knew Quinn was not telling the whole story. However he also knew that his husband could be as tight lipped as a clam when he wanted to be, and whatever was bothering him, would not come out easily. However usually the emotional release of a spanking did wonders for loosening Quinn's tongue and attitude.

"Very well," he said with a sigh. "Let's get this done."

He fetched the paddle himself and brought it back to the sofa. Quinn was still naked from his shower so there was no delay in getting him down to the bare. He guided his lover across his lap, and placed a gentle hand on the naked back. "I will not accept you taking undue risks with your health and safety Quinn. I hope this punishment will help you remember that in the future."

With that he began what would be a long painful spanking, he deeply reddened the skin of his husband's bottom and half way down his thighs with his hand before he picked up the paddle and applied a dozen stinging swats. It was harsh but the circumstances were such that James could not in good conscience go easy on Quinn.

By the time he was finished Quinn had moved beyond simple crying to gasping sobs, which tore at James’ heart, causing tears to form in his own eyes. It took all of his strength to wipe away his own tears before his husband could see them. He pulled Quinn up into his strong arms, and wrapped the soft blanket from the back of the couch around him. James spoke quiet words of love and reassurance that the punishment was done and Quinn was forgiven.

He prayed now that his husband would talk and explain what was making him so sad, but he would have no such luck. Quinn eventually cried himself to sleep in James’ arms, he hadn’t lied when he’d said he hadn’t slept well the previous night, and the long day and punishment had taken their toll.

James was somewhat disappointed that Quinn fell asleep without talking, however he knew his husband was tired and the sleep would do him a world of good. Now he only had to get him into the bedroom, unfortunately there was no way for him to simply stand and carry Quinn off to bed, his lover was only very slightly smaller than he.

He gently stroked the side of Quinn's face. "Sweetheart, let's go to bed okay? You'll be much more comfortable there." Quinn was sleepy and compliant as James helped him to his feet and guided him to the bedroom, the soft blanket wrapped snugly around him.

James turned back the duvet on their king size bed and Quinn lay down on his stomach still clutching the blanket. James carefully placed the duvet over him and then walked around to the other side of the bed and lay down still fully clothed on top of the covers, and rubbed Quinn's back until he fell back into a deep sleep.

Once he was sure Quinn was sleeping James slipped out of the bedroom shutting the door silently behind him.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

James went to kitchen can called Steve's suite. Hey buddy," he spoke quietly. "I'm afraid we've had a change of plans. Quinn had a rough day at work and he's not up to going out tonight. To be honest he's fallen asleep and I'm not comfortable about just leaving him home alone. Do you mind coming over to the cottage, and we'll order in some Chinese?"

Steve seemed more than happy to go along with the change for the evening and an hour later the two friends were sitting in the living room eating plates of Chinese food and talking. James had been sure to order Quinn's favourite dishes as well and put a generous amount aside for his husband when he woke.

After they'd had their fill, Steve again fell back to the topic of his broken relationship. He talked about how he'd been so madly in love at first, however after time he realised the feelings were cooling but hadn't admitted it to himself that they really didn't have a lot in common and were trying to base a relationship on lust rather than real love.

James smiled, and wrapped an arm around his friend’s shoulder. "Then you've got to keep reminding yourself about how it really was, not how you wanted it to be. Real lasting love can be found I'm sure of that, he's just not the right the one. I guess even the smartest of us can be taken by a pretty face and later find out it was nothing but a shallow sexual thing with no substance."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn was woken by his bladder. He tried to ignore its demand to be emptied, but lying on his stomach made it shout louder, and he was not willing to role onto his back to avoid having to get up. He slowly skooched off the bed, still on his stomach, and groaned as the skin on his backside was stretched as he stood. He slowly padded to the bathroom, and could hear a mumbled conversation coming from the lounge. Quinn relieved his bladder, and as he washed his hands realised that he looked a bit of a fright.

Deciding he should try and make himself presentable, he washed his face, applied some eye drops and a bit of moisturizer. He went to the bedroom and carefully pulled on a pair soft boxer briefs, jeans, and one of James' sweaters. He quietly opened the bedroom door, and paused for minute to make sure he had a grasp of his emotions. As he stood in the doorway, he heard James' words. "Real lasting love can be found I'm sure of that, he's just not the right one. I guess even the smartest of us can be taken by a pretty face and later find out it was nothing but a shallow sexual thing with no substance."

Quinn was hit by a ton of bricks at the words of his husband. He gasped trying to catch his breath, and quietly closed the bedroom door. In a daze Quinn fell back onto the bed and cried himself back to sleep.

James had peeked into the bedroom a couple of times during the evening but Quinn was still sleeping soundly. By eleven o'clock Steve said he was tired and was heading back to his room at the Inn.

James bade his friend good night and headed for the washroom. He noticed a freshly wet face cloth lying on the counter and the bottle of eye drops out of the medicine chest. Quinn had obviously been awake at one point. James was puzzled his husband hadn't at least come out looking for something to eat.

He finished up in the washroom and crawled into bed, sliding under the covers he reached over to wrap Quinn in his arms and was shocked to feel the jeans and sweater his husband was dressed in. He stroked Quinn's hair gently. "Baby are you awake?" he asked quietly.

Quinn debated feigning sleep, but he realised he was dressed and James would probably make an effort to actively wake him, so it wouldn't do much good. Quinn took a hiccupped breath and nodded into James' hand.

"Sweetheart, what's bothering you? And please don't tell me you're just tired or that it's from the paddling you got earlier. I know you love and this is not your normal reaction."

He continued to stroke Quinn's soft hair. "You obviously thought of coming out to join us at one point this evening as you are dressed. I want to know what has been bothering you today and what made you change your mind about coming out and getting some dinner this evening?"

James was worried and though he didn't want to push too hard after having punished Quinn earlier he would if he felt it was needed.

"Would you tell me if you were falling out of love with me?" Quinn asked.

James should have been surprised by the question, however his husband was sadly known for his level of insecurity. "Oh my love if I live a thousand lifetimes I could never fall out of love with you. You are my world, my everything."

He pulled Quinn over and kissed him possessively, this time he was surprised as his husband made no move to respond to the kiss, except to lay stiffly in his arms.

James reached up and turned on the bedside lamp so Quinn could see his face as he spoke. "Quinn Seamus Sweeney, I love you, now and for forever. There is no falling out of love. Okay?"

Quinn paid little attention to James words. He was only focused on the fact that James had avoided answering his question. He stayed stiff, and his voice relayed little emotion. "So, is that a 'no' you wouldn't tell me?" he asked.

"Quinn are you hearing me at all? How can I tell you something that could never happen?" James sighed when he wasn't answered.

"Very well let me try this again from another angle. If ever in my life I had been or ever in the impossible future were to find myself, to quote you 'falling out of love' with anyone I had thought myself in love with. Then yes I would tell that person, because I do believe that if you've had any kind of relationship with someone then you owe that person your honesty. However my beloved when someone is as burned into a soul as much as you are burned into mine then falling out of love would not be possible."

He looked at Quinn to gage the effect his reply was having on his husband, but it was hard to tell since Quinn wouldn't look at him. "Does that answer your question? Because if it does I'd like to ask my own question, why are you asking this, and what is bothering you?"

Quinn got out of bed, and undressed. The king size bed was feeling very small. Quinn wanted his own space, and he felt that James had encroached into it. He looked at James’ body and at the large empty space that was James’ side of the bed. “Your friend just got me thinking,” he said as he crawled back into bed. He knew better than to turn his back on James, but was also not prepared to turn into his husband. It had been several hours since his paddling. His butt was recovering, but the idea of lying on his back was not appealing. So Quinn turned onto his stomach. “It’s late, and I have to work in the morning, can I please go back to sleep now?”

James knew he was being shut out, what he still didn't know, or couldn't figure out, was why. Something had Quinn's insecurity revved up.

"Of course you can go to sleep my love." James leaned over to give his husband a good night kiss, it felt as affectionate as kissing his mother. He sighed and lay back against his pillow, "good night sweetheart I love you."

As he lay his head down against the pillow he made a promise to himself that tomorrow he'd work on ensuring that Quinn was feeling well loved and appreciated.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn woke first the following morning. James had adjusted his schedule with Steve's visit to have more free time, so hadn't needed to be up at is normal ungodly hour. Quinn quietly got out of bed and went into the en suite. 'Ugg, what a mess,' he thought when he looked into the mirror. He relieved himself, climbed into the shower, and stood under the warm spray feeling numb. He turned and rested his head on the shower wall; he didn't want his marriage to be over. James was his world.

James padded into the bathroom, relieved himself then quickly divested himself of his sleep pants and climbed into the shower with his husband. He slid his arms around Quinn from behind and kissed the back of his neck.

"Good morning love. How's the most important person in my world feeling today? Pass the body wash, I'll do your back." He picked up the large sea sponge and held his hand out waiting for Quinn to hand him the bottle."

'Damn him,' Quinn thought. James always had a way of making Quinn feel so special, so loved. He could calm Quinn and make him feel safe, like no one else ever had. Quinn began to doubt what he had overheard the previous night. James had promised he would never lie. He picked up the body wash and handed it to James. But Quinn was sure of what he had heard. "How long were you and Steve together?" he asked.

"Together?" James was momentarily confused by the question, when suddenly the light dawned! He took Quinn by the shoulders and turned him around to face him.

"Is that what your mood has been about? You're jealous of Steve? Quinn I told you long ago that Steve and I are friends and only friends, not friends with benefits, not former lovers, nothing more than friends. I knew right from the outset that I had no interest in Steve in that way, he's a good friend but not a lover. So we have never 'been together' nor will we ever be. Okay? Now turn around and I'll wash your back and when we're done here, I want you to call your Dad and see if he can arrange for you to take a float day from work today. I want you to spend the day with me and Steve; I want you to see for yourself that you have nothing to be jealous of."

He ran the soapy sponge down his husband's broad back. "Besides I'd like you to be with us. I can show off my handsome husband and we can show Steve that there are good and loving relationships out there, and give him hope that he will find one for himself."

Quinn leaned into James, appreciating the attention and support. He stayed quiet and enjoyed the touch of being washed, because he suspected what he had to say may not go over well. "James," Quinn said, "I can't take the day off. I got sent home yesterday, I'm already having a day taken out of my pay check."

James reached around Quinn and turned off the shower, he tossed his husband a towel as they stepped out.

"Babe the loss of a day's pay isn’t the end of the earth for us. And you do have three paid float days a year. If I recall correctly you should still have one left for this calendar year. Now I know it's last minute notice and that you may not be able to book off today, however I would still like you to call and ask. I really would like you to be with me today if at all possible."

Quinn agreed. Spending the day with James sounded nice. He had been a bit of a prat the night before, and as a result didn't get the full benefit of reconnecting with James after his spanking. He was still feeling quite needy of his Top, and the thought of spending the day with him seemed perfect.

Quinn got dressed in a pair of cargos and James' favourite hunter green sweater. He called his dad, and found that it would be fine for him to take the day off. His father had already called one of the Sweeney cousins in to replace Patrick, and said he knew that another of the cousins would also like to pick up a day's work.

Quinn found James in the kitchen pouring coffee. He gave his husband a soft kiss and took hold of his mug. "Pop okayed my float day," Quinn said with a smile. "Spending the day with you sounds great. Thank you for asking."

James smiled happily and returned Quinn's kiss. "There’s no need to thank me for wanting to spend the day with you. It's always my pleasure to be with you."

He glanced up at the clock and grinned back at his husband. "Steve and I agreed to meet at nine, and it's not even eight yet, that gives us over an hour to kill. I figure it will take about ten minutes to eat breakfast, and I have an idea for how to fill the rest of the time." He added with a leer.

Before Quinn had a second to respond he found himself dragged back to the bedroom, divested of his clothing and stretched out on the bed. James began by kissing Quinn deeply, possessively devouring his mouth before moving downward kissing and sharply nipping his way to his lover's ridged cock. He quickly engulfed the straining erection laving and sucking it from base to tip and back again. As he sucked he pushed Quinn's legs wide apart and began to toy with the tight puckered opening below. He'd placed the lube on the bed before falling on top of the younger man, so he was able to reach the bottle and pump out enough to begin the process of stretching and preparing Quinn to accept him.

When he felt his husband getting close to climax James released him from his mouth and clamped down on the base of the cock to hold back his impending orgasm. Quinn moaned in frustration, which only gained him a slightly evil laugh from his husband. "You'll wait for me boy," he commanded.

Within seconds he had Quinn's legs up over his shoulder and his own raging hard on positioned at his husbands entrance. "Mine!" he growled as he slid himself into the welcoming warmth. He took Quinn with long powerful stokes moving faster and harder by the moment.

Quinn's hands were grasping and clawing at the skin of James’ back, leaving red lines across the lightly tanned expanse. James groaned and took hold of the younger man's cock and stroked it to a tumultuous climax. With his own following seconds later as he pumped his seed into the body of the man he loved.

Quinn gave a small whimper when James pulled out of him. He lowered his legs, and turned he and James over, so that he was lying on top of James. Quinn rested his head on his husband's chest. He was heavily relaxed, to the point of almost melting into his lover. "I'm going to feel that all day," he said with a smile.

James could hear the lightness in Quinn's voice and could feel the change in his husband's demeanour.

"So what's on today's agenda?" Quinn asked.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn's question was answered as they dressed and hurried out the door to meet Steve. They headed off to Kelowna in James' car where they spent the day shopping and touring the beautiful little city. There was a bite of autumn in the air but it was a sunny day and the colours of the trees were spectacular.

James had doted on Quinn through the day ensuring that his husband felt loved and special. He bought Quinn a chocolate and tan coloured Adirondack coat that the younger man had stopped to admire. When Quinn attempted to protest the cost, James informed him that if he wanted to spoil his husband it was his god given right.

Steve seemed genuinely happy today which made James feel better for his friend. All and all it was turning out to be a wonderful day.

On the way back to the car they stopped at one last shop, just inside was a display with cheap novelty toys for kids. Steve started to laugh as he picked up a kewpie doll. When James spotted his friend holding the toy he practically burst into tears he began laughing so hard.

"I still have it you know." Steve said giggling.

"No way!" James laughed. "You kept that thing? Oh my god that was so funny." He turned to include Quinn in the story. "We went to the Ex, you know the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, what year was it? 2000 right?" Steve nodded in agreement.

"Anyway we're at the Ex and wondering down the midway when this barker stops us and asks if I wanna win something for the little lady." At this the two men began to laugh breathlessly.

When James calmed again he went on to explain. "You see it was hotter than hell that day everyone was stripped down to their skimpiest clothes to be able to deal with it. Steve had kinda long hair at the time and his hair goes real curly in the heat. And he was wearing these short shorts and a pink t-shirt, so when the barker only saw a bit of Steve who as turned away from him, the guy figured he was a girl. Well when Steve, his mustache and rainbow pride shirt, turned around the guy just about shit himself and did even more so when I said to Steve, 'would you like me to win you a doll honey?' Well we couldn't pass it up so I played the game and damned if I didn't win this stupid plastic cupie doll. As we were walking away we could hear the barker mumbling under his breath about fairies on parade. Steve here carried that damn doll around the rest of the day."

For the most party, Quinn enjoyed his day with James. The additional time, special attention, and James' spoiling, in addition to spending the day in close proximity to his Top, were vital in his post paddling reconnection. It was nice to watch James enjoyment while spending time with Steve. But Quinn still felt a little jealous about the connection James had with his friend, it saddened him that Steve had known James longer than him. Quinn had to work very hard to hide his jealousy that James had won a prize for a sweetie other than him.

James was both pleased and relieved that the extra time spent with his husband seemed to pull them back on track as a couple, the remaining days of Steve's visit went remarkably well. He and his old friend had fun together and included Quinn whenever the younger man wasn't working.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Steve was to fly home to Toronto late on Friday afternoon, he would fly back out of Kelowna, and so James would take him there while Quinn was still at work. Quinn had said his good-byes to Steve before leaving for work that morning, leaving James and Steve to themselves for the remainder of the day.

Unbeknownst to James, Steve had made some plans for a special thank you luncheon for his old friend. He had found a brochure in the lobby of the Inn for a Winery in Kelowna that had an award winning dinning room. Steve made reservations at the Grey Monk Winery for noon informing James only that morning that they needed to be near Kelowna prior to that time.

When they arrived in the area Steve sat in the passenger seat of the car with his printed out map and gave directions to James. As they drew up to the Estate gate James finally realised their destination. It was too late at that point to suggest another place and he didn't want to disappoint his friend. But something in his gut told him that this was one luncheon he might be wise to neglect to mention to his husband. Grey Monk Estates Winery was where James had taken Quinn for his birthday this year. It was a highly romantic dining room and they had enjoyed it tremendously, Quinn had several times referred to going back again, calling it a very special place for them as a couple.

The two friends were enjoying a wonderful lunch when James excused himself from the table between courses to go to the washroom. While he was gone the cell phone in the pocket of the jacket he had left on his chair began to ring.

Steve pulled out the phone. "James Lefebvre's phone." He said. "Oh hi Quinn, he's just gone to the men's room. We're at the Grey Monk Estates Dining Room near Kelowna having a wonderful lunch, sorry you had to work." He listened while Quinn spoke quietly. "I'm hoping I can talk James into coming to Toronto soon for a visit home, you too of course," he added. Listening again he replied. "Okay. Do you want to wait for him to return or will I tell him you called?" After Quinn's answer he said his good-byes. "Alright then. Take care and thanks again for a great visit with you guys. I miss James’ company and it meant a lot to me. Bye now."

He replaced the phone in James pocket thinking it an odd request that Quinn would say, 'Don't bother to tell James I called.' I'll catch him later.'

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Three hours later as the two friends stood outside the security station in the airport thanking each other for a great time. Steve began to feel odd about Quinn asking him not to tell James he'd called. There was something in the tone of Quinn's voice that was bothering him.

"Listen James this might be nothing, but I have to tell you. Quinn called your cell phone while you were in the john at the dining room. He asked me not to tell you he called saying he'd catch you later, but he sounded very strained to me. I'm feeling a bit concerned for him."

At this James perked up. "Did you happen to mention where we were?" he asked.

At Steve's nod James felt the proverbial shit hit the fan and he'd been totally unaware of the stench until that very second. Not wanting to upset his friend he simply thanked him for the heads up and they departed with a promise to talk soon.

James called Quinn's cell the very second Steve went through security and continued calling it the entire drive home but all he got was voice mail.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

Quinn was quite pleased when his father released he and his brothers for the day because the hydraulic spreader broke down. He grabbed his cell phone to call James, hoping that he could meet up with James and Steve, and then maybe have a nice dinner with James in Kelowna. He even thought maybe he would take James someplace romantic, someplace special to apologize for his jealousy.

He wished that the Grey Monk Winery wasn't so impossible to get into on a Friday night, because he would love to spoil James, at the place James had so nicely spoiled him for his birthday. Even though Grey Monk was most definitely out, he knew there were a lot of other lovely restaurants in Kelowna they could go to.

Quinn was a bit put out when Steve answered James' telephone. When Steve informed him that he and James were having lunch at the Grey Monk, Quinn's heart sank. He had thought of the winery as a very special place that he shared only with his husband.

The fact that James would take Steve there for a goodbye lunch made Quinn realise that James did have stronger feelings for Steve than he was letting on. Well either that, or his feelings for Quinn weren't as intense as he had been led to believe.

Quinn climbed in the Bronco and drove home. He showered to wash away the grime from the mine, and as the flow of the shower fell over him, he sat down on the tiled shower floor and cried into his hands. He didn't understand how James could purposely hurt him like this. He wanted James to understand his hurt and his heartache—he thought of the perfect way.

He got out of the shower and dried off. He moussed up his hair, oiled up his body, and applied just a hint of eyeliner to enhance his blue eyes. He threw a very tight, and very short pair of cutoffs, a black leather belt, and black boots into a travel bag. Before he left he put his cell phone on the kitchen table, and then climbed in his Bronco. He figured he would get to Vancouver just in time for Friday night at the clubs. He hadn't been to the Pump Jack for a long time.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

James drove as quickly as it was safe to do, hoping the police didn’t stop him. He prayed to find Quinn home when he got there, but knew he was out of luck when he pulled up to the cottage to see the bronco missing from it's spot.

He was angry when he found Quinn's cell phone sitting on the kitchen table flashing with the messages he'd left on it. There was no note or message to be found in the cottage. So he began his search on the phone, calling everyone he could think of who might have seen his wayward husband.

After speaking to Quinn's dad and learning they'd been off work since before noon his stomach clenched. None of the brother's had seen him. James called all the usual haunts in town and every friend he could think of to no avail. By the time he'd finished the calls it was past seven pm and still no word.

What he thought of next was not exactly legal but he was desperate for answers. James had access to all of Quinn's personal financial information; they shared all of that with each other. He would have no problem on the phone pretending to be his husband and answering the questions that a credit card company might ask if reporting a card missing. He would ask about the last charges on Quinn's card pretending to ensure that they were legit, these hopefully would tell him where his husband had gone.

Fifteen minutes later he sat staring at a list of two charges for this afternoon: a sixty-dollar charge at a gas station in Bridal Falls, and a thirty-dollar charge at The Pump Jack in Vancouver.

Damn, that did not make James happy at all. First of all Quinn going all the way to Vancouver without a word wasn't exactly acceptable and going to a club like The Pump Jack on his own wouldn't never fly with James. That place was a sea of men on the make, leather daddies, s/m worshipers and a whole list of other sordid activities.

James suddenly tore into the bedroom and pulled open the bottom drawer of Quinn's dresser, he tossed out the contents and furiously noted the missing shorts. He checked the cupboard and found the black leather boots gone as well. Damn that boy was out for trouble.

Making his mind up quickly James went to the closet pulled out his tight leather pants, black silk shirt, boots, gloves, and leather cap. He hadn't worn these in a long time but he knew he'd need them to get into that club and retrieve what was his, if it wasn't too late already. He got dressed, slicked back his hair and got on the phone to a friend who owed him a favour.

Less than an hour later he was in a small floatplane on the way to Vancouver; the plane landed in the harbour area only a short taxi ride away from The Pump Jack. His friend's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how James was dressed, but he discretely said nothing only promising to wait for James to return.

James walked into The Pump Jack radiating TOP on the hunt so strongly that a couple of huge leather men practically tripped over themselves to give him a wide berth.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

Quinn arrived in Vancouver and found parking near the bars. He hopped into the back of the Bronco and changed into his boots and shorts, applied another bit of mousse and eyeliner and walked the two blocks to the Pump Jack.

It was still early when he arrived, so he went up to the bar and ordered a drink. Quinn slowly sipped his drink. He had come here to make James jealous, not to actually cheat on his husband. Quinn loved and respected James too much, he didn't want to, nor could he ever, cheat on his precious husband. He made sure he stayed sober enough to thwart the many advances being made at him. He had no intention of dancing with anyone, nor would he allow anyone to buy him a drink, but he sure looked good standing at the bar, batting his long eyelashes, and having some risqué banter with a few handsome tops.

He was doing just that, when the bar grew quiet, and Quinn noticed men stepping out of the way to allow a strong handsome man through to the bar. Quinn's eyes slowly looked up the man, starting at his oil-tanned black leather engineer boots. The boots were well worn, but also lovingly taken care of; they had a heavy lug sole and the nickel hardware shown bright. The boots were covered by a tight pair of zip front leather jeans, which looked as if they were tailor made for the body that was sporting them. A beautiful black silk shirt was carefully tucked into the low waisted pants. Having eyed the sturdy boots, tight pants, and sexy shirt, Quinn knew he was gazing at HIS Top, and was growing harder the closer James moved towards him.

Quinn knew he was in big trouble, but at that moment it didn't matter a bit. James had come for him. His husband, his Top, had come to claim him.

James spotted Quinn within moments of walking through the door. Seeing his husband leaning up against the bar, dressed in nothing but those indecent shorts and boots was both infuriating and arousing to the Top. The large blond leaning over and talking to Quinn was lucky he wasn't touching, or James would have removed the man forcibly.

James strode across the room and planted himself in front of the blond; he hadn't even looked at his husband but directed himself to the other Top. "The ring on that boy's finger should have told you to keep back. I suggest you move immediately away from what is mine and don't show your face to me again." The blond just nodded and backed quickly away.

Once he was sure the man was dealt with James turned to face Quinn. He took hold of the wide black belt on the younger man's shorts and yanked him forward until Quinn was pulled up tightly against him. With his free hand he grabbed the tightly encased butt and squeezed hard. He pulled his boy into a hard, crushing kiss, forcing open the pliant lips and possessing the sweet mouth. Quinn tasted of rum and Coke, but not too strongly which James was glad of, the boy was not drunk and therefore capable of dealing with the current issues.

Once he felt Quinn melting against him, he released the kiss. "You boy should not be here. Most especially looking like that. We have some talking to do. Where is the Bronco?"

Quinn took hold of James hand, and spoke quietly. "Two blocks down the street." He took a deep breath. "Thank you for coming." He gave James a weak smile. "You look really hot." Quinn was a mix of emotions; his erection was painfully confined in his way, way, too tight shorts, but he could also feel tears threatening behind his eyes. "I wasn't sure you would. I wasn't sure you still wanted me."

James reached up and caressed his husband’s cheek. "Boy if you'd have gone to Timbuktu, I'd have found you and come to claim you. You are mine Quinn; we said the words 'til death do us part'. I meant them then I will mean them always. NO one and nothing is more important to me than you."

He grasped Quinn's bicep and held it firmly as he guided his husband across the bar and out the door. He made very sure to make a show of taking that, which was his, out of this place by his strength of force.

Who the show was for was not totally clear even to James; he did it so Quinn could feel the possessiveness he craved from his Top. He did it for his own ego, to assert his power and control and to display it publicly in a way that he couldn’t in their lives back home. He did it because he wanted any other Top who had even glanced at Quinn this night to know he had no chance of ever touching this gorgeous man who was his and his alone.

They continued down the block in silence, James did not release or lighten his hold until the reached the passenger door of the Bronco. He held out his hand to Quinn. "Key," he demanded.

Quinn bent over and extracted the single key from his boot, the only place he could have placed it, while wearing those shorts. James took the key, unlocked the door and held Quinn until he was inside and buckled into the seat belt. Quinn was shivering nearly naked in the cool autumn air. James retrieved a sweatshirt from the back of the truck, and tossed it to Quinn as he climbed into the drivers seat. "Put it on." He started the engine and turned the heat up full.

He pulled out his cell phone, dialed a number then spoke. "I've found what I came for Dave, thanks for the ride I owe you big time. I’ve got other transport now. I'll talk to you soon."

He drove for several blocks, until spotting a Tim Horton's drive through; he ordered two large coffees, and a chicken salad sandwich. He handed Quinn one of the coffees and the sandwich. "Eat, and listen while I talk." He calmly explained all the details of the lunch at Gray Monk and how he had been unaware of the location until his arrival there with Steve. He went on and discussed what he had done to find Quinn and what his feelings were. When he was through he glanced over at the younger man.

"Your turn my boy, start talking."

“I got off work early, the hydraulic spreader broke down, and Pop sent us home. I was really excited, because I thought I could come meet you and Steve. I was hoping that you and I could have a romantic dinner in Kelowna.” Quinn’s voice hiccupped. “So I called you to find out where I could meet you, and then Steve answered your phone.” Tears began to fall down Quinn’s cheeks. “I was pissed he answered your phone. It’s kind of an intimate thing to do, most people would just let it ring through to the message centre, and tell their friend it had rung. But, then he said where you two were.” Quinn’s voice was now interrupted by soft sobs.

James pulled the car off the highway, and onto an abandoned rural road, so he could pay full attention to his husband.

“I’m sorry James; I’m so sorry. I thought you took him there. I thought you took him to Gray Monk, to a place that is so special to me. And I thought that either it wasn’t that special to you, or that Steve meant more to you than you said.” Quinn undid his seatbelt and slid over the large bench seat to cuddle close to James. “I know you told me I didn’t need to be jealous. But, Steve’s everything I’m not…I was angry with you. I wanted you to see that other people could want me, I wanted you to feel the hurt and jealousy that I was feeling.” Quinn was overtaken by his sobs again. He and James sat quietly until he regained his composure. “I know I don’t deserve it, but I really want…I really need to feel you inside me. Please, will you fuck me? Will you claim me? Here, now? You don’t have to let me come; I don’t deserve it. I need your smell on me, your cum inside me. I need to feel your strength possessing me.”

James had held Quinn while he cried out his sadness and guilt. Though he knew the guilt was far from gone, it would take his boy sometime to let go. Quinn was a very tactile man; his need for physical connection was always very strong. It was one of the reasons that corporal punishment worked so well for him. It allowed him to physically feel and deal with his emotional self.

Sex also played a huge role in Quinn's emotional well being. He and James had very well defined roles in sex right from day one. Quinn was the consummate bottom sexually, he loved the feeling of being taken and possessed, and James was more than happy to oblige him. It wasn't that their sexual activity was always as edgy as Quinn was requesting now, they often just enjoyed loving and touching, and of course did not have penetrative or anal sex every time. However when they did, James topped exclusively and Quinn was more than happy about that.

So James knew very well what Quinn was asking for now and the emotional reasoning behind it. Quinn needed a physical demonstration that James still wanted him, words were simply not enough for the younger man. The boy needed to feel it, and James would give him what he needed.

He released Quinn from his arms and pulled the Bronco off road behind a few trees. Though it was late the moon was nearly full that night and provided enough light for them to manage by.

"Get out," he ordered Quinn sharply. James pulled a tube of lube from the glove box before following his lover out of the truck. They walked to the back of the truck, where James lowered the tale gate. "Drop the shorts and bend over it!" he directed, pointing to the open truck gate.

James opened the front of his tight leather pants and released his now growing erection. He pressed himself up against Quinn's back and reached around to grasp his husband’s turgid cock tightly in his fist. "Mine!" he growled possessively. He quickly lubed and prepared Quinn and penetrated him in a single stroke. Quinn gasped out at the sharpness of the intrusion, but James paid no heed, he began to thrust deeply into the beloved body below him. He continued to hold Quinn's cock firmly in his hand, but provided it no stimulation; he concentrated all his efforts into obtaining a hard fast climax.

"You are mine boy and don't you ever forget it even for one single second. You ever doubt that you are all that I need or want again, you think back to this moment and know that I own you, all of you!” With that James came with a roar and planted his seed deep within his husband. He shuddered and leaned heavily over Quinn's back. "Just as much as you own me," he whispered softly.

With that he pulled from Quinn's body offering the other man no release from his own sexual tension. He gave a sharp smack to the round butt bent over the truck. "Get those shorts up and get back in the truck!"

As Quinn followed his orders, James made his own way back to the driver’s side. He prayed what he had provided was enough to stem his husband’s fears and doubt. Before he climbed in the seat he discretely wiped the tears from his face.

Quinn watched his husband closely, as he climbed into the Bronco. James was being everything Quinn needed him to be, but Quinn could see the hurt in James’ eyes, and could feel the heaviness of his Top’s pain in the air.

Quinn lay across the seat and rested his head on James lap. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I depend on you so much to fix things that I often don’t think about the toll that takes on you.” Quinn turned his head and planted a soft kiss on James’ thigh. “I’m sorry for being so selfish. You’re everything to me.” Quinn moved to adjust his head, and noticed a small bulge in James’ pocket. He ran his thumb over the small bump, and recognized the round shape of James’ pocket watch. “Toujours le votre, toujours le votre. I love you, forever,” he said.

James stroked Quinn's hair, then pulled him upward and into an embrace. "My love, you didn't hurt me. I'm only feeling sad, that you've been hurting and that I haven't been able to fix that. But we're going to go home now and we’re going to deal with this issue in the way that works best for us as a couple."

James reached into his pocket and pulled out the beautiful gold watch Quinn had given him for his birthday. He flipped open the cover and pointed to the dial showing the day and time. "Until this says Monday at seven a.m. you and I will be glued at the hip. We are going to spend every second of the rest of this weekend together, until I am satisfied that you know exactly how vital you are to me."

He gave Quinn a hard kiss then guided him back to his own side of the bench seat. "Seat belt on please, we still have a long drive ahead of us." James got the truck started and turned back to the highway headed for Jade Heights.

The rest of the ride home was a mix of emotions for Quinn. He was full of admiration and titillation towards James. He’d always been a bit sad that he hadn’t known James, when James cruised the clubs in his leathers. He’d always thought that James could rule a room, but to have watched his Top command the attention of everyone at the Pump Jack was a huge turn on. He was still painfully hard in his too tight shorts, and when he would sneak a shy look at James, dressed as he was, Quinn could feel an uncomfortable chafe from the denim. He could still feel James in him. He was feeling well stretched from the sex, well connected from the extreme intimacy of the act, and well filled--from the cum James had left behind. But, Quinn found that his mood would change from arousal to apprehension with the curve of the road. He would pull his feet up onto the seat, hold his knees to his chest, and chew at his knuckles until James would calmly pull his hand away from his mouth. From apprehension Quinn’s mood could swing to needy, and he would rest his hand on top of James’ on the gearshift, or hold his husband’s hand. Over the course of the seven-hour trip home, Quinn’s mix of emotions cycled through many times.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

Quinn got out of the car for a pee when they stopped for gas in the wee hours of the morning. He made for the driver’s side of the Bronco to drive the remainder of the way home, but as he was climbing in, his butt was met with a firm swat and James told him to scoot all the way over the passenger side. Quinn pulled a blanket from the back and wrapped it around himself for the rest of the drive home. He was feeling shattered, when James finally pulled the Bronco into the Inn’s drive.

James guided his husband into the study when they got home, part of him just wanted to take Quinn and tuck him safely into bed. However he knew it was best that they get this over with, Quinn needed the absolution that a punishment would provide. Considering the guilt the younger man was carrying, James was going to have to make this one count and follow it up with a weekend of total connection. He planned to follow up on his earlier decree, until Monday morning Quinn would not be further from him than arms reach, he wouldn't even be using the toilet without James at his side.

He retrieved the heavy leather paddle from his desk drawer and brought it over to the couch. He shook his head as he divested Quinn of his shorts, though he'd known that his husband had worn no underwear, he still was displeased with the fact. Without discussion he guided Quinn across his lap. He made quick order of a sharp hand spanking, through which Quinn made no sound, but when he brought the paddle down on the pinkened flesh the younger man jumped.

James did not let up on the paddling for several minutes, by the time he stopped Quinn was beyond crying to the point of gasping and sobbing out his sorrow.

When Quinn realised that the paddle had stopped falling, he slid slowly to the floor. Kneeling in front of James, he rested his head in his husband’s lap and continued to sob. James began to offer words of love and comfort, and Quinn felt his breathing start to even out. James ran his fingers through Quinn’s hair, and eventually the sobs subsided, but the throb in Quinn’s rear became more pronounced, and so did the demands of his full bladder. He slowly stood, and let out a groan at the feeling of his very sore skin stretching over his aching butt. “I’ll be right back,” Quinn hiccupped. “I’ve got to pee.”

James stood and followed Quinn from the den down the short hallway to the washroom. As his husband walked through the entry, James placed his hand on the small of Quinn's back, just above the scarlet coloured cheeks, and escorted him in.

Quinn turned giving James a questioning look. "I told you until Monday morning at seven a.m. you and I are glued at the hip. You go nowhere out of my reach until then, not even the toilet."

Quinn gave a small sigh, but was in no mood to argue with James. He relieved his bladder, washed his hands, and fell into James arms. "Can we go to bed now?"

James nodded and the two men entered the bedroom, undressed, and crawled under the covers. Quinn quickly attached himself to James, draping himself across James' side. A few tears dripped from Quinn's eyes onto his husband's chest. "I'm so sorry," he said with a yawn.

"I know you are baby, it's over now so just go to sleep and you'll feel better in the morning." James held his husband in his arms, while he tenderly caressed his back until Quinn drifted off to sleep. Despite how tired he was it took James more than an hour to follow his husband into slumber. His mind kept reviewing this day’s events and the things that had led up to them. He wanted the next two days to be totally about them as a couple.

Saturday went by fairly well, Quinn actually seemed to enjoy James' constant closeness and attention, he laughed as James accompanied him to the toilet and even went along good-naturedly when James had to relieve himself. James always seemed to be in contact with him whether it was sitting at the breakfast table as they each read a section of the newspaper, James with one hand holding the paper and the other stroking Quinn's arm. Or standing at the reception counter at the Inn while James talked with a guest he had his foot hooked around Quinn's leg.

They talked a lot, shed a few tears, made love three times and fell asleep together.

Quinn had lay awake in bed for a long time. Yesterday had been nice. He had enjoyed the closeness to James. The talks, the touching, and the sex; it had all been wonderful. But the thought of another day on James' leash was not appealing to him. He quietly got out of bed and slipped on his running gear. A good run in the crisp autumn air would be refreshing and hopefully allow him to get his bearings back. He was just about out the bedroom door when he heard James' voice.

"Woe boy, hold it there and wait for me." James Called as Quinn was slipping from the room.

"It's cool James; I'm just on my way out for a run. I'll be back in about an hour or so," Quinn replied and continued on his way to the front door.

James scrambled out of bed and managed to grab his husband by the arm just as the younger man was opening the front door. He pushed the door closed with his foot and spun Quinn away from it, placing a swat on the behind he'd left good and tender less than 30 hours ago. "What part of no further than arms reach from me until Monday at seven a.m. didn't you understand boy?"

Quinn sighed; he rolled his eyes at James. "Look James, I got it. We love each other, we treat each other nicely, and I talk to you when I'm upset. Can we give up this stupid attached at the hip thing now, so I can go for a run?"

James was not impressed with Quinn's words or his attitude. He turned his husband around and planted a swat on his backside. Then took him by the arm and dragged him back towards the bedroom. "You can just put an end to that temperament of yours right now." He instructed as he guided Quinn to the bed. "Sit down and don't move, while I get dressed."

Quinn waited until James was undressed and in the process of putting his jock strap on, when he got up from the bed. “I’m not waiting for you, because I’m going by myself,” Quinn said. He darted out of James reach, and out the front door.

"Quinn!" James shouted at the slamming door. "God damn it to hell," James cursed to himself.

He quickly finished dressing and walked out the front of the cottage to see if he could spot his defiant husband. The cottage was set towards the back of the large property upon which the Inn was situated, so James jogged out to the street and looked in all directions, but there was no sign of Quinn. He could have headed down one of the side streets, and James had no way of knowing which.

Rather than go chasing all over town, James walked slowly back to the cottage, changed into dress pants and a shirt and went to do some work at the Inn. However once there he couldn’t concentrate on his work, he sat in his office with the door closed for more than forty minutes staring at the wall.

The Inn's weekend manager seemed to sense his boss's mood and took special care to ensure James wasn't disturbed. It was unusual for James to not keep the door to his office open, so that he could talk to and schmooze with his guests. James was very hands on and meticulous about his business, nothing would go without his notice down to the smallest detail. However this Sunday someone could have set fire to the kitchen and the Inn's owner wouldn't have even blinked.

Finally realising he was getting nothing done; James gave his apologies to his two staff members and headed back to the cottage with a request that he not be disturbed unless it was urgent.

James sat in the living room with a magazine in his hand, but could think of nothing but Quinn. He went over and over in his mind the actions he'd taken since Friday. He had been certain that his decree that they remain within constant reach of each other for the weekend had been right. He'd felt very strongly that Quinn needed that reassurance of his love and the reinforcement of his control. It was the right thing for their discipline relationship.

The only question was if it was what had made Quinn run this morning? He heard the front door opening and knew he would soon have the answer to that question.

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

~*~    ~*~    ~*~

The beginning of Quinn’s run felt fabulous. He was pleased that he had slipped away from James. It was a beautiful crisp morning. He loved the feeling of the cool air in his lungs. The freedom of feeling his lone body moving through the quiet empty streets. He ran through the neighbourhoods enjoying the crunch of the leaves under his feat, and the beautiful array of colours of the trees: cinnamon, bronze, ruby, mustard, copper and gold.



Quinn stopped running; he bent over and rested his arms on his knees. He was breathing hard.


He looked at his wedding ring.


He could feel the psychic brand of the beautiful cock ring James had given him.


He took a deep breath and began to run again, at a much slower pace this time. The morning was beginning to come alive. Families were leaving for church. Friends waved as they were out picking up their morning papers. He ran past Mason and Billy’s. Their leaves had been raked into a large pile. He didn’t see either of the men, but noticed that there was laughter and giggles coming from the moving pile of leaves. It should have been a joyous sight, but it saddened him. He felt very alone.

Quinn was still quite a way from the Inn at this point. His loneliness was growing, and he picked up his pace. He ran past the park, where he and James loved to walk and feed the ducks in the pond. His feeling to be near James grew stronger, and he again increased his pace. When he could finally make out the Inn in the distance; he increased his run to a sprint. He bound through the front door of the cottage and into James’ arms. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you. I need you.”

James was a bit startled by Quinn throwing himself into his arms as he did. Though it was somewhat satisfying to hear the litany of apologies, and declarations of love, James knew this issue would not be resolved so easily, as simply accepting them and trying to move on.

There had to be consequences for Quinn's actions and despite the fact that James had paddled him barely thirty hours earlier, he was going to have to follow up on this. It was the shape of the follow up that James needed to decide upon.

He gently extracted himself from Quinn's arms and looked the younger man in the eye. "I'm glad you're home boy, and I know that you're sorry, but that doesn't make all this better. I'm really upset about this situation; I thought we'd worked things out the other night but that is obviously not the case. I need some time to think about this before we move onward and I want you to think about it too. So let's move into the den, you can plant yourself in the corner until I call you."

Quinn got up and moved to the den. He hated standing in the corner, and the thought of not being with James at the moment was starting to panic him. "Will you be in the Den too?" Quinn asked. "Are you still going to stay with me until tomorrow morning? You were right; I needed that. I need you close."

James positioned Quinn in the corner, and assured his Brat he would stay in the den. As Quinn's time in the corner grew longer he grew more guilty about having defied James' and gone for the run. Tears began to fall down his cheeks, and those eventually turned to quiet sobs.

James’ heart was tugged at by the sobs coming from the corner. It was not an easy thing to sit and listen to the one you love crying, and to ignore their sorrow. He sighed deeply; he had to decide what to do, but was unhappy with the initial conclusions his mind kept jumping to.

He sat in an old tapestry wingback chair, less than three feet from where his husband stood. The den was a small room, which held James’ desk, a soft leather sofa and the tapestry chair. The wall behind the desk was lined with books and the paned window looked out over the lawn to the Inn. It had become the room where discipline was meted out, but also the room where he and Quinn had talked through most of the important issues of their lives.

His mind slipped back to a talk they'd had the previous year when Quinn had been off work during the annual three month closing of the mine for the winter season. Quinn had become bored with the normal work he did with his dad and brothers during the off-season. Quinn’s father had a small business repairing and rebuilding snowmobiles. There wasn't always enough work to keep all the men busy and being the youngest and not having children to support Quinn would often find himself with little to do. James had suggested that in the future Quinn should plan a project for his time off.

James was suddenly struck with an idea that would fill much of Quinn’s time during the off-season and help emphasize the discipline aspects of their relationship. After taking a few minutes to consider the details he finally felt ready to deal with his beloved, if somewhat defiant, Brat.

James stood and moved behind Quinn, he placed a gentle hand on his husband’s shoulder. "Okay babe it's time for us to talk. " Quinn turned around to face him and fell into his arms crying softly. James guided him to the sofa and they sat with Quinn leaning heavily against James side. "Before I tell you about what I have in mind, I want you to tell me what you were thinking about when you were out running."

Quinn took a few breaths to calm himself and prepare for the discussion ahead. “When I woke up I was feeling really guilty and anxious. I felt like I was going to explode if I couldn’t get rid of that energy, so I decided to go for run. At first it felt great; it was releasing the tension and it’s beautiful outside today.” Quinn stopped hoping that was enough of an answer for James, but James nodded at Quinn to continue. Quinn sighed and continued to explain to James how the initial freeness he felt soon turned to loneliness. He explained how he felt such a strong urge to be near James that he quickened his pace to get home to be near his husband.

James had been rubbing his hand up and down Quinn's arm as his husband spoke and continued to do so as he replied.

"I do understand your desire to go for a run to expend your pent up energy, and I'm glad that while running you came to understand what I was aiming for when I made the decision that we would remain closely together for the entire weekend.

However I am very unhappy about the way you left the house. Had you gone out before I woke, I would have been angry with you, as you knew that you shouldn’t have left. But you not only went out, you defied my authority right to my face by running out as you did while I was dressing. This on the heels of what happened on Friday tells me that I need to put some serious work into ensuring that the balance of power in our relationship is returned to its rightful place and kept there.

This is what I’ve decided; you will not be working for your father while the mine is shut down this winter. Instead the small storage room next to the den here is going to be your winter project. You will totally gut that room; you will install new insulation, and dry wall. You'll refinish the floor, paint, decorate and furnish that room in the manner befitting a place set up for only one purpose; the administration of discipline.

You will do this only if you still want discipline to be a part of our relationship. You actions today do make me wonder about this; frankly I'm a bit hurt and still angry with them. So I’m going to go now and take a walk to clear my head. If you are serious about maintaining a discipline relationship you will come with me, but not speak to me while I walk. When we get back if you still want this I’ll punish you for your actions today, you will take on this project without a word of complaint about not working for your dad during the down time and we will move past this.

If you decide that you no longer want discipline as a part of our relationship then we'll have to talk about how we want things to be. Either way Quinn, I love you, and we'll work it out but right now I just need a stretch of quiet time to think."

James stood and walked to the front door, getting on his shoes and jacket, wondering but not allowing himself to look and see if Quinn was following him.

There was no doubt in Quinn’s mind as to his answer; he got up off the couch and silently followed James out the door.

James breathed a silent sigh of relief when he noticed Quinn was behind him. He walked for more than half an hour quietly thinking and allowing his nerves to calm, and his mood to mellow. Quinn walked silently beside him the whole way. He did not touch James; he walked with barely a hair’s distance between them.

They walked down the quaint main street of town giving nods and hellos to neighbours, but did not stop to engage anyone in conversation. James led the way through the park and past the children’s playground; it was pleasant to hear the laughter and squeals of happiness coming from the young ones. He paused for a few moments to watch the Canada Geese as they foraged for what food they could find--to sustain them for their flight south. It seemed to James they were late leaving this year, perhaps that was a sign of a mild winter to come.

As James turned the corner that would take them on the return route home he slid his arm around Quinn's back and pulled the younger man up against him. He was gratified to feel Quinn snake his arm around his waist and hold on tightly. When they arrived at the front door of the cottage James turned and pulled Quinn into a strong hug and kissed him. "I love you babe. Let’s go inside and talk."

They quietly removed their outerwear and entered the den hand in hand. Once they were seated on the couch, James looked Quinn in the eye. "I need to hear it from you Quinn. Do you still want to have discipline as part of our relationship?"

Quinn nodded. It had been difficult for him to stay silent on the walk, he had so many things he wanted to say to James and many questions, but now that he had the opportunity to talk he needed a moment to find his voice. He took hold of both of his husband's hands, and looked James firmly in the eyes. "I love you, and I am yours. I do want discipline to be a part of our relationship. James, you’re the head of our family. I love your leadership and dominance, but that doesn't mean I always find it easy to submit and follow. The fact that you are willing to re-examine our relationship means the world to me, and so does your willingness to tightly reel me in. Now all of that said, do you still want discipline to be a part of our relationship?"

James pulled Quinn into a tight hug and kissed him firmly before sitting back to meet his eyes again. "It takes incredible strength to submit to someone else, to accept their dominance over you. I want you to know that you and your willingness to take that role in our relationship awes me. I know that it’s not always easy to submit to me, and what I ask of you. That's why I want us to be able to discuss this openly. I want you to tell me when you’re struggling, it would be a whole lot easier on both of us--and on your backside--if you would talk to me rather than take off as you did this morning."

James could see tears glistening in Quinn's eyes and knew they needed to move on. "I love you so much, and yes I do want us to continue to have a discipline relationship. And now that I'm sure we're both in the same place in that area it's time we dealt with this morning’s mess. Despite your already tender butt I have no intention of letting this go easily. Out and out defiance is not something I will tolerate. Stand up please."

He guided Quinn to his feet and reached up to pull the younger man’s running pants down, he shook his head when he saw his husband was wearing only a jock, leaving his butt cheeks exposed. ‘Well,’ he thought, ‘it nicely frames my workspace.’ He carefully pulled Quinn down across his lap and ensured he was settled before he proceeded to deliver a thorough hand spanking--which covered not only the exposed buttocks but a good ways down each thigh as well. Though he chose not to use the paddle James was extremely capable of getting his message across with the use of his hand. Most especially on a butt that had been well paddled less than forty-eight hours earlier.

Quinn yelped at the first swat and continued to do so until his yelps turned to sobs. He quickly curled into James when the punishment was finished. As he sat on James' lap, James removed his running pants and his jock strap and covered him with the blanket from the back of the couch. Quinn didn't remember at what point James laid down on the couch and pulled Quinn on top of him, but he was glad he had; it was a much more comfortable position. He rested his head on James' chest and softly cried, while James rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head calming Quinn with words of love and forgiveness.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to admit you want discipline in your relationship when you know it’s going to lead to an immediate spanking, and admitting that when you already have a freshly paddled ass can be even harder. But it was the truth. Quinn appreciated and was thankful for the dynamics of he and James' relationship, and his role in it.

The End

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

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