Prologue--Le Chef, Le Mineur, les Aubergistes Dominants, et le Chien

Authors: Mel and Tarabeth
Characters: James, Quinn, Steve and Jean-Jacques and introducing Genny and the Lefebvres
Authors' note: A huge thank you to Natasha for her betaing. 
WARNINGS: The prologue contains fantasy non-consensual touching, sexual activity, and BDSM content including flogging, paddling, spanking, whipping, chastity, medical play, and bondage. This story is primarily D/s and has a lot of sex, if this makes you uncomfortable you will be happy to know it is not necessary to read the prologue for the story to make sense

~*~     ~*~     ~*~ 


Quinn felt James pull the blankets up over them.  He rested his head on James’ chest and fell asleep to the feeling of James’ fingers running through his hair.

Young Quinn Sweeney was alone in the world.  He’d been raised in a remote community in the British Columbian interior.  He was the only child of staunchly catholic parents. Quinn had been sheltered his whole life, now his parents had been lost in a tragic accident and young Quinn had to make his own way in the world. 

He’d always been very good with numbers and had received an on-line degree in accounting from the British Columbia School of Business.  So he headed off to Vancouver in hopes of obtaining a position in a bank.  He was thrilled when he got an interview on his first day in the big city.

Quinn arrived thirty minutes early for his interview at the Independent Bank of Vancouver--a fact that did not go unnoticed.  He felt as though he was being watched, but all he could see was a large mirror next to the door to the human resource manager’s office.

Quinn waited in the bank lobby while the HR manager, James Lefebvre, read through his resume.  The manager smiled evilly as he read through the resume on his desk.  This boy had no family and knew no one in Vancouver; he was ripe for the picking. 

Quinn noticed a tall and powerful looking man open the door to the human resource manger’s office.  The man smiled at him, and Quinn found him to be very attractive.  The man led Quinn into his office.  “Quinn, won’t you please come in.  I’m Mr. Lefebvre; I’ll be conducting your interview today.  Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.”

James watched Quinn’s tight little ass as he walked across the room and took a seat on the small hard chair across from James’ desk.  James purposely put out chairs that no one could sit on for more than a few minutes without squirming and fidgeting.  They were shorter than most--the seats were narrow and made from solid wood covered with only the thinnest piece of material to make it appear padded.  This kept all his interviewees at a disadvantage. 

The chair behind James’ imposing desk was thickly padded; the leather creaked softly as he sat down. He opened the folder containing Quinn’s resume, making the appearance of reading it for the first time.  “Let me just read this through before we begin,” he said with a smile. "It says here that you attended the British Columbia School of Business, is that correct?" The Human Resources Manger asked the gorgeous young man.  

"Yes sir, that's correct," Quinn answered.  James was pleased he seemed to be making Quinn   nervous.  

"And you studied accounting? What was your grade point average?" The manager peered down at the young applicant from his tall chair.

"Yes sir, I received my Bachelors in Commerce degree.  I had an A average." Quinn swallowed nervously.  

James noticed that the boy was nervous, and felt his cock tingle with excitement.  He got up out of his chair and walked over to his office window.  "We only hire those with over a ninety-seven percent average," James said.  He let loose the cord on the window blinds, and they fell loudly to the ground causing the young man to startle in his chair. 

"Oh," Quinn said sadly, "I only earned a ninety-six average."

"Well, we have on occasion hired men with slightly lower scores if they were able to pass the company’s physical exam, had other needed skills, and received approval from the Manager of Human Recourses."

"I am a very hard worker, I take directions very well, and I'm very healthy, sir.  How does one go about gaining your approval?" Quinn was in desperate need of this job.  He hadn't realized how expensive it would be to try and set up life in the big city.  

“Those are very fine attributes you’re claiming young man.  However here at the Independent Bank of Vancouver we require proof of an applicant’s claims.  I would need to see just how hard you can work, and how well you take directions, and of course your physical exam would have to have exemplary results.   If your claims prove to be true, I might have a position for you.  I’m actually looking for someone to work directly under me, a personal assistant who would be willing to work long hours, and the tasks assigned would be very hard.  I need someone who can relieve me of the overflow and be willing to have a lot of work thrust upon them.  Could you be such a person?”

Quinn was trying unsuccessfully not to squirm, but his nervousness along with the small hard chair was making him very uncomfortable.  “Yes...yes, sir I’m sure I could take on such a position and prove my worth to you.”

James raised an eyebrow as Quinn squirmed again on the chair.  “Do you have a problem sitting still, Quinn?”

“What? Oh no…no, sir.  I guess I’m just a bit nervous.”

James smirked inwardly but kept a very serious face towards his young interviewee.  “Well...I suppose that I could try you out for a few days and see if you can live up to your claims.  That is of course if you pass the physical examination.” 

“Oh thank you. sir.  I’m sure I’ll do the job to your satisfaction.  Where do I go to take the physical?”

James leered.  “Oh you don’t need to go anywhere.  It just so happens I’m a licensed physician’s assistant, and I perform all the physical exams for new applicants.”  James pointed to a door behind his desk.  “That is the washroom.  You’ll find an examination gown on the hook behind the door.  Remove all your clothing, leave it in the washroom, put the gown on, and then come back out here.  I’ll set up for your exam while you’re changing.”

Quinn walked up to the indicated door but found it locked when he tried the handle.  He looked back to James.  “The door is locked, sir.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” James reached in his pocket and pulled out a small remote control.  When he pushed the button, the door released and popped open. “There you go.”

When Quinn disappeared into the small room, James pushed a second button on the remote and the mirror on the wall beside the door changed to one-way glass which looked right into the washroom.   James watched the young applicant while he turned his office into an examination room.  He exchanged his suit jacket for the white lab coat on his coat rack.  He opened a cabinet and pulled out a folded black leather mat and spread it across the top of the long credenza that stood near the window. Two slots were built into the end of the credenza; he fit a stirrup into the slot on each side. Further up the unit, he fitted handle bars with leather straps. 

James watched the young Quinn strip off his clothes while he continued to transform the room.  Finally he laid out a tray filled with medical examination equipment. 

Inside the washroom, Quinn had stripped off all of his clothing and hung them neatly on a hanger. He rolled his socks and stuffed them into his shoes and then reached for the white gown hanging on the back of the door.  He was shocked at the shortness of the gown; it barely reached the tops of his thighs, and it had only one tie at the neck.  Try as he might the gown would not keep his dignity covered in any way.  Finally resigning himself to the fact that Mr. Lefebvre would see him naked anyway, he held the gown closed at the back and slowly opened the door and walked out into the office.   Quinn turned abruptly as the door to the washroom clicked shut behind him, locking his clothing within.

“Come and stand over by me Quinn,” Mr. Lefebvre directed.

Quinn nervously walked over to the older man. 

James picked a stethoscope up off of the tray of instruments.  He noticed that Quinn blushed when he looked at the instruments on the tray.  Quinn didn’t know what most of the instruments were, but he knew he didn’t like the look of them.  James stood in front of his interviewee and lifted the meagre gown up to Quinn’s chest, so he could place the cold diaphragm of the stethoscope over Quinn’s heart. 

Quinn startled at the coldness of stethoscope. 

“Stand still,” James directed.  James noticed that Quinn’s nipples were fully erect; he smiled and was glad that he had turned the temperature in the office down. “Turn around.”

Quinn turned, and James undid the tie of the gown, brushing it over Quinn’s shoulders while he moved the stethoscope over the young man’s back. 

“All right, I’m now going to be checking your posture, flexibility, and stamina.” James placed his hands underneath Quinn’s arms and slowly ran them down Quinn’s side.

 Quinn flinched as James’ hands ran over a ticklish spot.  James landed a very firm swat to the applicant’s bare backside. “Stand still, boy.” James ordered as his hands continued to run down to the curve of the Quinn’s ass. He gave the cheeks a firm squeeze, which caused Quinn to yelp.  James landed a second firm swat directly on top of his previous one.  “A professional decorum is required Mr. Sweeney.”

“Yes, sir,” Quinn replied. 

“I’m going to need to get a few readings before we begin the testing.” James stood closely behind Quinn so their bodies were touching.  He hoped that Quinn could feel the beginnings of his erection pressing on Quinn’s butt cheek.  He took hold of Quinn’s wrist.  “Hmmm, your heart is beating awfully rapidly, Quinn.”

James stepped away from Quinn.  “I need you to spread your legs out, bend over and touch the floor.”  As Quinn bent down the small gown fell to the floor.  Quinn reached for it, and James said, “Leave it. I don’t think you’ll need it anymore.”

If Quinn thought he was embarrassed before, now it was as if his whole body was blushing.  He knew in this bent over position that James could fully see all of his most intimate body parts.  He winced when he heard James snap on a rubber glove.  Quinn soon felt two slippery fingers run from his perineum up to his hole.  He gasped when James placed a hand on his back and thrust two fingers inside of him. 

“I need to get you lubed so that I can insert the thermometer.  It is larger thermometer than most clinicians use. It is designed to stay in place and record your temperature at various times during your testing.”  James pushed a prostate stimulating butt plug into Quinn, causing the young applicant to grunt.  James pulled a remote control from his pocket and pressed the button that turned the butt plug on. 

Quinn’s hips thrust forward. 

“You’ll feel a minor sensation each time the thermometer is recording your temperature.  All right you can stand up and turn around to face me.”  James pushed the button on the remote control and smiled as he noticed Quinn’s cock begin to harden.  “Now for the first test, you will need to do ten jumping jacks.”

Quinn looked astonished, ‘jumping jacks in the nude?’  But the look on Mr. Lefebvre’s face told him the man was serious.  Resigning himself to the task, Quinn closed his eyes and began the jumps.  He could feel his hardening penis bouncing up and slapping his belly as he jumped. 

James watched the now rather hard cock bouncing as Quinn jumped.  During the eighth jump James pushed the button on the remote control again.  He smiled as Quinn let out a gasp when the butt plug sent a jolt to the young man’s prostate. 

Quinn stumbled and lost track of his count, his cock was now standing ramrod straight.  Embarrassed, he stopped jumping and put his hands forward to cover his erection.

“What have you stopped for?” James demanded.  “I said ten, now you’ll have to begin again!”

“I’m s...sorry, sir, I...”

“Young man, if you’re interested in this job you need to pass this examination.  Now either get on with it or get dressed and leave.  I won’t ask you again.”

Quinn swallowed hard; he was half tempted to do just as Mr. Lefebvre said and get his clothes and leave.  However, he knew that jobs were hard to come by, especially for someone with no experience.  “I’m sorry, sir.  I’ll start again.”

Quinn quickly completed the required jumps, he was panting and painfully erect by the time he was done.  He was terribly embarrassed by his erection and prayed that the horrible thermometer would be removed from his anus. He was sure it was the thermometer causing him to be so hard.

“Very good, now please take a seat on the examination table.”  James indicated the converted credenza. 

Quinn took a look at the table, startled to see the stirrups and handles; he gingerly sat on the padding near the lower half of the table.  Mr. Lefebvre took his wrist in hand and checked his pulse.   Then placed a hand against his chest and counted his breaths. 

“You’re somewhat winded from a small amount of exercise.  If you wish to work for us, you’ll have to get in better shape, young man.  However, I am willing to help you with physical training; I know a number of exercises that will improve your stamina.”  James picked up a clip board and wrote a few remarks before he returned to Quinn.  “Now if you’ll just lie back, I can begin examining you.”

Quinn nervously reclined on the table; it was too short for his long frame so his legs dangled off the end. 

“Feet up in the stirrups,” James ordered.  

Quinn struggled to get into the position Mr. Lefebvre had commanded.  He felt so exposed and vulnerable.  His cock was hard from the stimulation of the thermometer in his butt, and he had goose bumps on his skin from the cool temperature of the room.  He placed his feet in the wide spread stirrups.  He tried to pull his knees together and cover his erection with his hands.

James moved to stand at the bottom of the credenza; he pushed Quinn’s knees to the side.  “Knees apart and grasp the handles at the sides of the table please.”   When Quinn obeyed James carefully assessed the young man’s position. “Scootch down so your butt is at the edge of the table please.”

Quinn used the handles to push his body farther down the table.  James quickly moved and wrapped the leather strap around one of Quinn’s wrists securing it solidly to the handle. 

“What...what are you doing that for?”  Quinn yanked at the strap. 

“Put your other hand back on the handle.  I need to ensure you keep your hands away from the procedure area.”  James reached across and tied Quinn’s other hand down before he could object further. 

James opened a sterile instrument tray, donned fresh gloves and picked up a plastic syringe with a long narrow tip.  “This will make insertion of the catheter easier.  Please be still.”  He took hold of the end of Quinn’s cock and pressed the syringe into the small opening. 

“What are you doing?”  Quinn squirmed, his voice sounding highly alarmed. 

“I require a clean urine sample and this is the best way to obtain it. Now lie still and be quiet,” James snapped.  He squirted the cold contents of the syringe right into the opening of Quinn’s cock.  He held the cock straight up from Quinn’s body and massaged it to push the gel further down the urethra. 

“Oh God, please stop!”  Quinn protested.  The gel was burning the inside of his cock, but he was more worried because James’ stimulation was bringing him close to coming.

“Did I not tell you to be quiet?”  James asked.  He continued to hold Quinn’s cock in his hand and used his other hand to give a firm backhanded swat to the inside of Quinn’s thigh.  The swat landed only an inch from Quinn’s vulnerable balls. 

Quinn gasped and bit down on his lip to avoid further chastisement.  He couldn’t believe this was making him even harder.   It was as if this was turning him on.  But no, that couldn’t be; his father had explained the facts of life to him--having a man do this to him was not what was supposed to excite him. He was only supposed to receive pleasure from a woman he was married to if someday he ever found her.   Why was this strong dominant man making him feel this way?  This was wrong or else his father would have told him.

James smiled at the reaction he was getting from the Quinn.  The boy obviously was a natural sub; this was going to be easier than he’d dreamed.  As he stared at the boy’s frightened and confused look, James felt something he hadn’t expected.  This boy was getting under his skin.  Could he have found himself a sub he could love? 

Unsure of where this would take him, James decided to continue what he was doing.  He released Quinn’s cock and tore open the package with the catheter.  He added a generous amount of lubricant, took the tubing, and grabbed the hard cock again and began the slow job of sliding it deep inside.  He knew it would burn and cause discomfort as it breached the internal sphincter of Quinn’s bladder.  He watched Quinn’s face as he fed the tube in further.  The boy was sweating and biting his lip, but he wasn’t protesting any more.  Something inside this boy was getting off on this. 

Quinn gasped as the tube pushed into his bladder.  James quickly moved the end of the catheter over a dish to catch the uncontrolled flow of urine leaving the young man’s body.  There wasn’t a lot of urine; Quinn had used the toilet when he’d changed, but it was sufficient for James to see the blush of embarrassment it caused.  James clamped off the catheter and continued to examine the young body spread out before him.  He fully intended to examine every inch of Quinn to gauge the reactions he got. 

As much as James wanted to focus on Quinn’s most intimate parts, he decided that he would gain some wicked pleasure from leaving the butt plug and catheter in place while he did mundane tasks such as checking Quinn’s ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.  James used his otoscope to examine the orifices of Quinn’s head, being sure to press the vibrator’s remote before he moved from one opening to the next. 

James ran his hands up and under the young job applicant’s chin, feeling around his throat, and triggering Quinn’s swallow reflex.  The devious HR Manger found he was highly impressed by the combination of the boy’s gag and swallow ability; these would come in handy at some point later when Quinn had James’ long, thick cock fucking his face. 

James ran his hands down to his patient’s chest.  He thought that Quinn might be moving into subspace, and he definitely didn’t want the boy to enjoy this exam too much, that would take all the fun out of it for him.  He took hold of each of Quinn’s nipples and squeezed hard and smiled inwardly when Quinn yelped. 

Quinn was becoming more confused about his feelings.  Part of him wanted to protest, this wasn’t what should happen during a physical examination.  But something else was in play here, James Lefebvre was so strong and dominate, Quinn didn’t want to leave he wanted more.  ‘Oh god, what’s happening to me?’ he thought.  His cock was aching with need; the catheter was painful and thrilling. 

Mr. Lefebvre pressed down on Quinn’s abdomen and drew the young job applicant’s mind to the present moment.  He moaned loudly. 

 “Quiet, boy!” James smacked his hip. 

“I’m sorry, sir,” Quinn quietly answered. “I don’t mean to protest, it’s just that…” Quinn trailed off, fearing he had said too much. 

“It’s just what?” James gave Quinn a very severe look. 

“I’m sorry, sir this is just different than other medical exams I’ve had.”

“Young man, I thought you wanted this job.”  James took hold of the base of the butt plug and tugged it out of Quinn’s ass, causing Quinn to grunt. 

“I do, sir.”

James took a hold of Quinn’s cock and began to slowly remove the catheter.  “That isn’t the impression I’ve gotten from you Mr. Sweeney.  Maybe we should just end this interview here.”

Quinn gritted his teeth from the discomfort of having the catheter removed.  “Please, Mr. Lefebvre, please.  I really do want this job.  I want the opportunity to work for you.  I’ll do anything.”

A feral grin crossed James’ face; he had this boy just where he wanted him.  “Well, perhaps we can work something out my boy.  I’d need to be sure that you’re really willing to fulfil the needs of the job.  It will involve being a dedicated personal assistant to me.  I need someone who is available 24/7.  I work long hours and have a lot of stress.  I will need your assistance in helping me to relieve that. Are you willing and able to take orders and give your all to the job?”

“Yes, yes I’ll do anything you want, sir.” 

“Very well, let’s finish up this exam, and I’ll see how you respond.” 

James turned from the table and picked up a large tube of K-Y Jelly; he squirted a large amount onto his gloved hand.  He stood between Quinn’s well spread legs. The virgin hole was slightly red from the stretching.  James took hold of Quinn’s cock with his left hand and quickly shoved two slick fingers up inside the boy’s ass.  He turned his fingers and felt for Quinn’s prostate; as soon as he found the walnut sized gland, he began to scrape his fingers over it while simultaneously pulling on the hard cock. 

Quinn felt pleasure he had never before experienced.  He’d never been sexually intimate with anyone and especially not a man.  He new he’d been sinful when he touched his cock and wasted his seed.  He’d fantasized many times about having something inside his ass, but he’d never tried anything for fear he might hurt himself.  He held his breath as James continued to massage his prostate and stroke his cock. 

“Don’t struggle, boy, I need a sperm sample.  You’re going to have to just breathe through it.”

Quinn released his breath and was soon quickly panting until he grunted out his release.  This strong, dominant man standing between his legs had just changed his whole world, because something that felt this good surely couldn’t be sinful.   

James held a small container over Quinn’s cock as the cum shot hard from his body in long ropes.  It was obvious the boy hadn’t cum recently. James realized that this boy had very little if no sexual experience. He’d probably only allowed himself release when his body was beyond itself with need.  Quinn’s background in rural B.C. as the only child, of what James was sure were strict parents, had made this boy shy and naive. 

James held the little cup up to look at it, as if assessing the quality.  “Excellent sample, boy, I’m sure that we’ll find it to be healthy.”

Quinn was panting hard, recovering from his orgasm.  “Yes, sir, thank you, sir.”

“Boy, I think it’s time for me to ensure you can fulfil the most important part of the job.”  James opened his fly and his long, wide cock sprung from his pants.  “This cock needs a hole, boy, and you’re going to provide it without protest.  Is that clear?"

Quinn looked at James’ large penis; he felt himself become aroused again.  He was nervous that it would hurt, but he couldn’t think of anything he had ever wanted more than for James to put his cock inside of him.  “Yes, sir…very clear.”

Quinn was already well stretched.  James applied lube to his throbbing cock and placed it against Quinn’s slightly quivering hole. 

“Take a deep breath and push out a little bit,” James said softly.  He wondered where that came from.  He had planned to take this boy quick and hard, and now he was feeling for this shy virgin.  “You’ll enjoy it if you relax and breathe.”

Quinn nodded. 

James pushed and felt his cock slip past the sphincter; he stopped when he heard Quinn’s gasp of pain; uncharacteristically waiting until he felt the quivering muscles relax enough.  He slowly eased further inside, moving inch by inch until he was fully seated inside the young body.  “Oh God so...tight,” he murmured as the virgin hole grasped his cock.  Unable to restrain himself further, James began to slowly thrust in and out.  Answering his body’s needs, he set up a driving rhythm.  He slowed down when he felt he was getting close to the edge; he didn’t want this to end too soon. 

James watched and listened to Quinn’s responses; the boy was working past the pain and beginning to enjoy the sensation of being fucked.  He was struggling mightily to pull his hands out of the restraints.  James could tell the boy wanted to touch himself by the way he was struggling to free himself, but that was something James would not allow.  Only he ever brought his boys off, and even then it was not frequently. James liked his boys to be well restrained and in need at all times. Quinn would learn that lesson soon; James had a chastity device with a secure lock on the tray of supplies. 

Soon the need to cum overcame James’ enjoyment of fucking and his thrusts became frantic and hard.  Finally driving as deep as he could into Quinn’s body, he came with a shout filling the once virgin hole with his seed.  

James body fell forward and his head rested on Quinn’s chest.  He dropped several kisses on the Quinn’s chest and then looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and saw bliss.  He could feel Quinn’s hard cock pressing on his belly.  “Was that your first time, boy?”

Quinn nodded. 

“It will not be your last.”  James thought about adding today to the end of that sentence. 

Quinn closed his eyes and swooned.  “I hope not.”

James stood up and smiled.  “It will however be the last time you cum today.” 

Quinn opened his eyes and saw that the bank manager had picked up a leather paddle. 

James slid his arms under the younger man’s knees and lifted them out of the stirrups, pressing them to Quinn’s chest, making the submissive man’s ass very vulnerable to the paddle.  James paddled the sexy round butt until it was rosy red, Quinn was breathing hard, and his erection faded.  James placed Quinn’s feet back in the stirrups. 

Quinn’s butt was seriously hurting and he was feeling a little sorry for himself; he greatly wished that he had the use of his hands, so he could at least attempt to rub some of the pain out of his burning cheeks.  He watched as James picked up a flexible oval shaped device filled with what Quinn thought were little raised nubs. 

“This, my boy, is a chastity device; you will wear it locked over your cock from now on. You will only be released from this device when I see fit, and I will only see fit when you’ve satisfied my requirements.”   James fit the tube over Quinn’s cock with all the little nubs pressed against the sensitive skin.  He pulled Quinn’s balls through the ring that would hold them.  He tightened the band around the device to secure it before he fed a small padlock through the ring on the top of the device and closed the lock.   “You try and get hard while wearing this and those pointy nubs will be very uncomfortable, so I suggest you learn to control your desires.”

James took the butt plug he’d removed earlier and pushed it firmly back into Quinn’s hole.      “There now you’re all nicely plugged and caged.”  He untied the restraints around Quinn’s wrists  and helped the boy to sit up.  “I think it’s time we discussed just what the terms of your employment will be.”

“I have the job?” Quinn questioned. 

“Yes, you will make a very good boy…” Quinn smiled, and James pressed the remote control for the vibrator, which sent a shudder of pleasure through the boy’s body.  The smile and shudder came to an abrupt halt as Quinn’s cock grew and pressed into the small silicon spikes of the chastity device, causing him to grunt.  James grinned at his boy’s grunt, “…and personal assistant.”

“Thank you, sir.” Quinn squirmed on the exam table. 

“Come and sit down, boy.” James laid a towel across one of the small wooden chairs and directed Quinn to have a seat. 

Quinn let out a hiss as his ass made contact with the hard chair. 

“You will be spanked and paddled regularly, to remind you to behave and for any perceived misdeeds.  So you will need to learn to sit on a warm butt.”  Quinn blushed.  “Your job is to service me at all times, whether I ask you to make photocopies, to suck my cock, or to spread your legs so I can fuck that tight little hole of yours.”

“Yes. sir...thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity.”

“You’re welcome, my boy.  I think you’ll make a fine personal assistant.”  James looked again at Quinn’s application.  “Boy, is this address you gave what I think it is--the downtown YMCA?”

Quinn nodded, “Yes, sir I can’t afford an apartment until I got a job.”

James shook his head, “That won’t do at all, boy.  When you’re finished this evening, we’ll go and pick up your belongings, and you’ll move into my house.  I could use a personal servant at home as well as an assistant at work.  It will be easier to train only one boy for the two jobs.  And this way I’ll ensure you’ll always be ready and on time for work in the mornings.”

Quinn was nervous about the prospect of moving into the Bank Manager’s home.  He had strangely enjoyed some of the things this dominant man had done to him, but he was a bit nervous and scared about spending all of his time in the control of this man.  “Thank you, sir, but now that I have a job, I’m sure I can find a place a live.”

James was quickly out of his chair.  He pulled the young applicant to his feet James placed his foot on the wooden chair and draped Quinn over his knee.  The naked body struggled over James’ leg as the big man rained down swat after swat on Quinn’s vulnerable butt.  “Settle down, young man.  You’re going to be here for a while,” James ordered as he continued to spank.  When James had turned the boy’s ass an angry red, he firmly sat Quinn back down on the hard wood chair. 

Quinn let out a small yelp when his ass made contact with the chair.  He could feel tears forming in his eyes, and he was taking quick hiccupped breaths. 

James stood in front of Quinn, forcing the young man to look up at him. “Tell me, Quinn, if your parents were alive, what would they think of you spending the night at the YMCA?”

Quinn blushed. “They wouldn’t like it, sir.”

“Then tell me Quinn, where will you be spending tonight and every night from now on?”

Quinn fidgeted on the hard chair.  “At...at your house, sir?”

“Very smart, boy,” James praised.  “Now spanking that round little butt of yours has got me worked up again--on your knees.”

James presented his cock to be sucked.  “Get to work, boy, and watch your teeth if you know what’s good for you.”

Quinn had never thought of sucking a man’s cock before, but suddenly this cock in his face was very appealing.  He licked his lips and opened his mouth wide, slowly drawing the large member into his mouth. 

“That’s it, boy, suck it in good and deep.  Relax your throat; you’re going to need to learn to swallow me all the way, but I don’t expect you to be able to do that today.”  James knew that the boy would need some training and didn’t want to overwhelm him his first time.  He gently pushed forward until he bumped the back of Quinn’s throat and then pulled back again.  He began a steady rhythm of fucking Quinn’s face, banging the throat until Quinn relaxed a bit and took him slightly deeper.  Soon he felt himself ready to cum, he grunted as he spurted into the boy’s mouth.  “Swallow it all!” James ordered.

Quinn worked hard to swallow all the salty emission as it filled his mouth.  His own cock was painfully trying to harden, but the chastity device was keeping that from happening.  Quinn felt James penis relaxing as it slid from his mouth. 

 “Good job boy, you’ll soon be able to take all of me. Now I’ll show you the office duties.”

Quinn looked down at his naked form.  “Shouldn’t I get dressed, sir?”

“Clothes aren’t necessary unless you’re working in the outer office. While you’re in here with me, you will remain nude.”

James instructed Quinn on his duties and had him working hard the rest of the afternoon.  He fucked the boy again after a lunch break and paddled his butt for a second time when Quinn took a few seconds too long to respond to an order. 

When the clock struck five, James returned Quinn’s clothes to him, minus the underwear which had been tossed in the trash can.  “Time to head out, boy. We’ll pick up your things at the Y, and then I’ll take you to your new home.”

By the time Quinn arrived at the home of his new Dominant, he was exhausted and looking forward to crawling into bed for a long night’s sleep, but that was not to be.  James closed the front door behind them and announced, “Strip, boy.  While you are in this house you are to be naked at all times unless I give you permission to wear clothing.”

Quinn looked at the older man with a bit of plea, but his body betrayed him as he felt himself grow hard at James’ commands. Quinn doubled over in pain—hoping to relieve the feeling of the spikes on his sensitive cock. 

James applied a firm swat to Quinn’s ass.  “Boy, I gave you an order, now unless you want a paddling I suggest you hustle out of that suit.”

Quinn quickly removed his pants and then his jacket and shirt.  He began to cover himself with his hands. He noticed James was sporting an erection and Quinn grew bold and stood proudly displaying his well muscled body. 

James cock grew harder as Quinn stood proudly before him, wearing nothing but a chastity device and a butt plug.  “Follow me, boy.  We could use a shower, and then I’ll show you around the house.”  He led the Quinn into his large bedroom which was decorated in blacks and reds.  Quinn was taken aback by the large four poster bed.  It was fine crafted ebony, with several well polished silver fastenings on each of the bed’s posts.  “You may undress me now,” James informed his boy. 

Quinn stepped forward a bit nervously; he reached for James’ tie and pulled down the knot until the tie slid free from the shirt.  He placed the tie on the bed and then slipped the jacket off of James’ broad shoulders.  He placed it alongside the tie and began to unbutton the white linen shirt.  The shirt joined the other items on the bed, and Quinn knelt down to pull James socks from his feet. While still kneeling, Quinn undid James’ slacks and slid them down the long, firm legs. 

James stepped out of his pants, and Quinn placed them with the other clothes.  He hesitated momentarily until James spoke.

“Get on with it, boy.”

Quinn slipped his thumbs into the waistband of the black silk boxers and lowered them to the floor, ensuring they didn’t catch on the hard cock that was tenting them. 

Quinn felt himself growing hard at the sight of James.  He blushed with embarrassment and sinfulness.  He thought it was surely wrong to be attracted to and turned on by a stranger who took advantage of him in this way.  What would his parents think if they were alive?  He was surely going to hell.  He looked up at the sexy dominant man he kneeled before, and decided that if he was going to hell he was going to make sure it was fully worth it, so he wrapped his mouth around James’ erect cock. 

Quinn laved at the member in his mouth, he relaxed his throat and allowed James to thrust deeper into his throat, causing the bank manager to cum quickly.  Quinn swallowed all of the seed deposited in his mouth, savouring it all. 

James pulled Quinn up off of his knees.  “You are a quick learner,” James growled with pleasure, and pulled Quinn into a deeply possessive kiss.  Breaking from the kiss, James spun Quinn towards the bathroom and landed a loud swat to his boy’s ass.  “Now, get a move on and get our shower started.”

Quinn was amazed by the huge shower, two large walls of glass with beautiful tiling on the others.  Multiple shower heads adorned the walls.  He opened the glass door and stepped inside. He found the controls on the back wall and started the water flowing from the single faucet.  He waited until it achieved what he hoped would be a good temperature and looked around for the way of turning on the various shower heads.  Each had a lever that he turned until water cascaded over him.  He looked curiously at a hose with an odd shaped nozzle but didn’t turn on its lever--thinking it wouldn’t provide much for water power. 

James was watching the boy with a feral grin. He’d finally found the boy of his dreams, one who would serve him 24/7. 

He entered the shower and pulled Quinn into his arms.  “Well done, my boy.  I see you were examining the shower shot; we’ll put that to good use on you a little later.  In the mean time use the body wash and sponge to wash me.  When you’re done with that, you may wash my hair.” 

Quinn did as he was told and took great pleasure in the reassuring looks, nods, and sounds coming from James while he washed the older man.  Quinn began to wash himself and was surprised when he felt James standing directly behind him. 

James wrapped his arm around Quinn’s waist and pulled him up against his body.  He took the sponge out of Quinn’s hand and ran it over Quinn’s chest and shoulders.  He turned Quinn around and washed his back and ran the sponge down into Quinn’s butt crack.  He spent time roaming the sponge around Quinn’s butt cheeks and then diving back into the crack. 

James spread a lather of soap onto his hands and slid them between Quinn’s legs.  He cupped his boy’s balls, massaging them as he washed.  Quinn’s penis was still encased in the silicon cock cage, and Quinn moaned in frustration as his sensitive cock strained against its confinement. 

“All right, my boy, time for a cleaning out; bend over.”  James took the shower shot enema handle from its place on the wall and opened the valve to check the temperature of the water. “Just relax, my boy, you’re going to take this and hold it until I say that you can go.”

Quinn felt panicked; he’d never had an enema before and didn’t know what to expect.  He was worried he might anger his new boss, so he tried to relax when the nozzle entered his body.  He was shocked by the feel of the water rushing into his body, and his immediate desire to expel was very strong.  It took every ounce of self control for Quinn to hold the enema inside as more water poured into his body.  He thought he might explode by the time he felt the water shut off.  

James left the nozzle in place while he gently massaged Quinn’s abdomen to help move the water deeper into his bowels.  When Quinn began to frantically squirm, James released him.  “All right, boy, you can go.”

Quinn fled the shower and reached the toilet just in time to expel the enema.   He panted in relief as the cramping eased.  When he was finished, he looked up to see James waiting by the shower door with a towel wrapped around his waist.  “Back in the shower, boy, and rinse off.”  

Once he was rinsed, James handed Quinn a towel.  “Dry off, my boy, and we’ll go to the kitchen--I’m starved.  Let me know if you feel cold I’ll turn up the heat.”

They entered a large, modern kitchen.  Quinn was pleasantly surprised to find the tiled floor warm under his bare feet. 

James pointed to several tall stools at the large kitchen island.  “Take a seat, boy. I’ll make dinner tonight.  Do you cook?”

“Not very much, sir.  My mother did all the cooking before she died.  I kind of know how to heat things up.” Quinn blushed at having to admit this shortcoming to James. 

James smiled softly at the young man sitting across from him.  “Don’t worry, boy.  I love to cook and can teach you.  I think it’s good for a couple to spend time cooking together.”

Quinn couldn’t help but to beam when he heard the word couple.  “I’d like it if you taught me to cook.”  Quinn yawned. 

“But we aren’t going to start this evening.  You’ve had a long, stressful day.  Just sit there, watch, and tell me some more about yourself.”

Quinn once again found he was embarrassed and nervous.  Sitting was not comfortable, and he found James very intimidating.  He didn’t think James would find anything he had to say interesting.  The one thing Quinn did think he could do was to watch the strong, handsome man.  James seemed to do everything with confidence and purpose, so very different to how Quinn felt he moved through the world. 

James noticed that Quinn was struggling. “Quinn, why don’t you tell me how you felt about today.”

Quinn squirmed trying to think of how to reply.  “I...umm…I was surprised by how...everything went.  But well...I am very proud to get the position working for you.”

James smiled as he stood chopping vegetables. “Just surprised, my boy?  I intend to surprise you a lot more, and I intend to teach you a great deal over time.  You are exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a long time.  I want a boy who will be willing and happy to learn from me and obey me.  I can see you’re the kind of boy who needs someone to take charge and control him.  Isn’t that right?”

Quinn didn’t just feel embarrassed; he felt shame.  He turned away from James. “I don’t know,” he whispered.  “I don’t think I’m supposed to feel this way.”

James stopped chopping.  It was not the first time he had watched a submissive struggle with his feelings. In fact James had often enjoyed playing off of a submissive’s vulnerabilities. But what he wanted with Quinn was more than just play, and he wanted to be sure that the wants and needs he was sensing from this handsome young man were valid.  “What way is that?”

Quinn sat silently in the chair, and James walked to the other side of the island.  He placed his hand under Quinn’s chin and raised his head so that they could look each other in the eyes.  James saw several tears running down Quinn’s face, and he wiped them away with his thumb. “I asked you a question, my boy.  I’d like an answer.” Although James words expressed his dominance, his voice was soft and kind. 

“Ye…ye…yes, sir, I want and need you to take charge and control me, but this isn’t what normal people do.”

James tipped Quinn’s head up and kissed him deeply and possessively.  When he broke from the kiss, Quinn’s eyes remained closed, and his submissive had a content smile on his face.  “Open your eyes and look at me, boy,” James instructed. 

Quinn did as he was told and looked up into the eyes of his strong, handsome, and dominant man. 

“It will be our normal,” James said before he leaned in and once again took full possession of Quinn’s mouth.  

After dinner James took his new boy on a tour of the house, which ended in a basement dungeon.  The basement had cobblestone walls, a black cement floor, and large wooden support beams. 

Quinn’s mouth fell open at the sight of all the kinky equipment.  It looked as if it was all handcrafted of superior quality wood, iron, and fine black leather.  A chain with shackles and a large cage hung from the rafters.  A beautiful St. Andrew’s cross stood in one corner, and a throne in another.  In the center of the room, displayed as if it were the most prized possession was a padded leather spanking horse. 

James took Quinn by the hand and led him over to the fine crafted bench.  He bent the naked man over the top and secured his hands and feet with leather straps.  “Are you comfortable, boy?” James asked. 

Quinn said nothing; he was a bit perplexed as to how he had so quickly found himself in this position.  He felt a firm swat land on his already punished and sore ass. 

“I asked you a question boy?”

Quinn had no idea what James had said and was a bit scared to ask the Dominant man to repeat the question.  So he did what he felt would be safest.  “Yes, sir.”

James smiled.  “Good, because you are about to experience a new pleasure—one I’m sure you could have never even fantasized about.”  James dropped to his knees and placed a hand on each of his boy’s hot red butt cheeks.  He spread Quinn open and looked happily at the beautiful clean asshole.  “Have you ever heard of rimming, boy?”

“Ummm, no, sir, what is ri…” Quinn’s speech came to a sudden halt when he felt James tongue swirling around and dipping inside his anus.  Quinn groaned in pleasure and then in frustration as his cock strained painfully against its confinement. 

James couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips at Quinn’s reaction.  He had this boy in a state of shock with the extreme stimulation.  He worked the boy’s hole with his tongue and then added his finger to the picture.  The more he worked him the more Quinn moaned and squirmed. 

James began to lave Quinn’s balls as he moved two fingers in and out of the tight hole. 

Quinn was panting hard at the amazing attention James was giving him; his cock was straining and pressing against the small silicone spikes of the chastity device, causing him pleasure and pain at the same time.  Quinn began to emit small whimpers of need.  “Please, sir…please, sir,” Quinn begged, although he wasn’t totally sure what he was begging for.

“Please?  Please what, boy?  Please fuck you? Please keep fingering your hole? Please spank your tight little butt?”  James asked with a slightly evil laugh; he applied two swats to the already pinked bottom.  “Please stop and leave you here strapped to the bench for the night?  Or please let you cum again sometime in this lifetime?  What is it you want, my boy?”

Quinn yelped when James hand made contact with his butt.  He knew that he clearly didn’t want to be spanked any more, and for some strange reason he longed to be near this strange sexy and kinky man. He knew he didn’t want to be left strapped to the spanking bench for the night, but he did find the other options very enticing. 

“Please, sir…” Quinn began. He paused trying to make his brain form the words he wanted to say. 

James quickly applied another swat to the upturned ass. 

“Please, sir, finger me, fuck me…please, please let me cum.” Quinn begged.

James was pleased the boy was able to express his desires.  “I’ll give your request some thought, boy, but only because you asked so prettily.”  He stood up and ran his hands up and down Quinn’s back, taking time to slide his fingers in and out of the tight hole every time his hand reached the base.  Finally his own need for stimulation arose, he released his straining cock from the confines of his pants and stroked it a few times before he aligned it with Quinn’s well stretched hole and pushed it in with one forceful stroke.

Quinn let out a shriek of surprise at the intrusion, his own cock pressing further into the chastity device.  

James pounded Quinn hard for a couple of minute, slowing only long enough to find the key for the lock on the cage around his boy’s cock.  By feel alone he opened the lock and removed the device, allowing Quinn’s hard cock to spring free. 

Quinn let out a long sigh of pleasure as his cock was released. 

“I’m not going to touch your cock, boy…and you can’t.  So, I hope you can get off from just my fucking you, or you’re going to end your night one frustrated boy.”

Quinn had absolutely no doubt that he would be able to cum from the amazing sensation of James fucking him.  He could already feel his balls pulling up.  He felt James begin to explode inside of him, and that was all it took for Quinn to start cumming. 

Quinn was sleeping pressed up against James’ body. 

James woke suddenly to the sound of his husband’s scream.  He was quite surprised to feel shudders pass through Quinn’s body as he orgasmed.  In the years they’d been married, James had never known Quinn to have a wet dream.  But here he was lying in the obvious result of one. 

“Hey babe,” James whispered.  “That must have been some dream.”

Quinn was shocked to find that he’d not just cum in his sleep, but he’d ejaculated all over his husband.  He blushed what felt like a very dark shade of red.  He was still so completely turned on by the wild dream.  There were things Evil James did in the dream Quinn had never even thought could possibly be a turn on. “Ummm….yeah,” Quinn said. 

James laughed.  “That had better not be all I get.”

Quinn felt as if he blushed an even darker shade of red.  “It was really kinky.”

James raised an eyebrow.  “Okay I can get into kinky.  Why don’t you tell me about it while we go in the bathroom and clean up?”  He laughed as he pulled back the covers and slid from the bed, with Quinn following behind him.

James turned on the tap and soaked a couple of facecloths in warm water and handed one to Quinn before he cleaned himself off with the other. 

Quinn was a very lovely shade of red from his embarrassment over the whole thing, and James didn’t want to make it worse, but his curiosity was piqued.  “You know, sweetheart, we all have sex dreams and sometimes its fun to share them.  I won’t push you if you don’t want to tell me, but I really would like to hear about it.” 

“I’ll tell you.  I think I was more embarrassed that I came all over you, without any intent of doing so,” Quinn said with a bit of a laugh.  “Let’s go make breakfast, and I’ll tell you then.  It’s not going to be a short story.”

Over the course of breakfast Quinn shared the details of his dream with his husband; he was amazed that he finished telling James the whole dream without James dragging him into the bedroom for a shag.    

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

~*~     ~*~     ~*~    

Copyright Mel and Tarabeth 2011

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