The Anniversary

Author: Tarabeth
Couple: James and Quinn
Implements: None

 ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Quinn was feeling particularly filthy today.  It had been a warm and windy spring day in Jade Heights, blowing dirt and sediment onto his sweat stained body while he worked.  He was looking forward to a shower and getting ready to celebrate his seventh wedding anniversary with James. 

He saw the small package sitting on the entry way table as he hung his keys on the hook next to the door.  The package was wrapped in elegant silver paper with a simple black bow—the tell tale signature that the box contained a gift of the intimate variety.  Quinn picked up the note sitting next to the box.  

                        My Dear Boy,
I had to go into Kelowna to sort out a problem with the Inn’s toiletry vender.  I’ll be home by 7:00 p.m.  I want you to go take a long shower.  I’ve attached the shower shot nozzle I expect you to use when you clean yourself out.  Don’t shave; tonight I look forward to smelling the musk that clings to your pubic hair. 
After you’ve showered put your robe on, make yourself a small snack, and watch some television.  I’ll call you later with further instructions.
All my love,

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

“Hello babe,” James said.  “Go get your package from the entry hall table.”  Quinn walked over to the table and picked up the small box.  “Have you got it?”


“When we get off the phone I want you to open the box and put the item on.  I’ll be home in five minutes and I expect to find you kneeling by the front door waiting for me.”

Quinn opened the box to find a very small, practically non existent, white mesh g-string.  He slipped off his robe and stepped through the thin strings; he pulled the miniscule undergarment up and adjusted his cock and balls into the small pouch. 

 ~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James walked through the front door wearing his perfectly fitted black leather pants and a snug black t-shirt.  Quinn’s cock started to grow at the shear sexual dominance his husband was emitting. 

James took Quinn’s hand and helped him up off the floor.  He led his boy over to the sofa and bent him the back.  James dropped to his knees.  He took hold of the string between Quinn’s cheeks and pushed it to the side.  He spread his boy wide and circled his tongue around Quinn’s opening causing his boy to rise up on his toes.  James applied a firm swat to the gorgeous ass he’d been rimming.  “Stay still, boy!” He growled before he licked his index finger and pressed it and his tongue inside Quinn.  He licked down to the younger man’s balls and sucked one into his mouth.  He thrust a second finger inside Quinn and began to massage his prostate.  Quinn thrust into the couch as he moaned in pleasure.  James quickened his movements in both action and intensity causing Quinn to howl out his release. 

James spun his partner around and sucked on Quinn’s cock through the mesh of the g-string.  The miner arched his back, and James let the cock fall from his mouth.  “Boy you’ve cum all over your covering.  I guess we’re going to have to get rid of it.”  James removed his Swiss army knife from the pocket of his tight leather pants.  He flipped it open and slipped the knife between Quinn’s skin and the string.  He cut the string and pulled the small garment off.  “Boy you better haul your tail into the bedroom and get ready for some serious fucking.”

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