Mo Cheannsa Go Deo

Title: Mo Cheannsa Go Deo
Authors: Mel & Tarabeth
Characters: James & Quinn
Warning: BDSM play includes enema, figging and erotic spanking with a paddl

James walked out of the grocery store with his small paper sack in hand and a grin on his face. ‘This evening is going to be fun,’ he thought as he made his way to the post office to pick up the item he’d ordered several weeks before. After acquiring the things he’d set out for he climbed into the silver Camry and headed back to the Inn. He left his package from the post office in the car, and took in the small paper sack and deposited it into the Inn’s large refrigerator.

He finished up some paper work and chatted with his guests ensuring everyone’s comfort, before leaving he retrieved the sack from the fridge and made his way back to the small cottage he and Quinn shared. Once there he got the other package from the car and placed the sack into their fridge. He set about getting the bedroom prepared, from a bin underneath the bed he took out the kid leather cuffs, several pre-cut lengths of soft cotton rope, and the large adaptor for the shower shot enema.

He stripped the bed of its cotton sheets and replaced them with the black satin ones he and Quinn saved for special occasions. He carefully tied the lengths of rope to the headboard and then affixed the soft leather cuffs to each rope. He collected candles from all over the house and proceeded to set them up around the bedroom. Checking the time on his watch he went to the kitchen and got out the crystal brandy snifters and the bottle of aged cognac he’d been saving. He took the paper sack from the fridge and removed the large hand of ginger placing it along with a bowl of cold water and a paring knife on a silver tray, with the brandy and glasses.

He just had time to get himself showered and changed into the silk lounge pants Quinn had given him for Christmas and get the candles lit when he heard Quinn walking through the front door.

"James?" Quinn called out. It was unusual for James to be home before him, but Quinn could sense his husband in the house.

James walked out of the bedroom bare chested, silk pants hanging low on his hips; he kept a stern expression on his face and looked Quinn up and down as if he was examining him for the first time. "You're late boy, you should be in the door by 5:30, it's now 5:43. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Quinn had to try hard not to grin with pleasure. He lowered his head, "I'm sorry sir," he answered, "I have no excuse."

"I have ways of dealing with boys like you." James took Quinn by the arm and steered him down the hall into the bathroom, he'd purposely kept the connecting door to the bedroom closed, not wanting Quinn to see things too soon. "Strip, and make it fast," he commanded.

Quinn felt himself growing hard at James' voice. He was full of apprehension and pleasure. When James was in the mood to play, Quinn had to just give in and enjoy, because he would have no say in how the evening played out. He quickly shed his clothing and stood naked before his Top, ready to submit.

James took a moment to appraise the nude body of his lover; Quinn was only an inch shorter than he and more heavily muscled from his work at the mine. He was a beautiful specimen of a man and James felt extraordinarily lucky that this body was his and his alone to worship and possess. Tonight he had plans for this body, he intended to make it submit to his will, to drive it to untold pleasures and in doing so remind the man within the body; to whom he belonged and how cherished he was.

He started the shower checking that the temperature was hot enough to relax the muscles tense from a hard day of Jade mining, and then turned back to Quinn. “Get in boy and make sure you’re clean before you step out.” He made a point of holding the enema attachment in his hand, so the younger man could see what was going to happen next.

He and Quinn had a shower shot enema, which hooked up to a spigot inside the stall; it had a lever to ensure the volume and pressure could be well controlled and there was an assortment of ‘heads’ which could be attached to it. The head James had selected for today was six and a half inches long and penis shaped with small holes all over the surface to ensure thorough cleansing and stimulation. He’d coated the end with a small amount of lube to ease insertion but not too much as he wanted Quinn’s passage to be free of anything that might form a barrier between the sensitive tissues and the very stimulating plans he had for them.

Quinn’s eyes widened as he saw the enema nozzle. The large dildo head indicated there would be serious play this evening.

Quinn stepped into the shower and let out a soft moan at how good the warm water felt rushing over his body. He took his time enjoying the stream of warmth before he began to smooth the body wash over himself. He chose not to use the sponge because he wanted James to see all of his body. He then made sure that his wash was a grand performance for his husband.

He first turned his back and bent over to wash his feet and legs, ensuring that James received a full view of his round ass; spreading his legs a bit wider, he gave James a hint of the place where attention would be focused this evening. He then stood and turned to face his handsome Top. He looked James in the eye, as he washed his arms and torso, taking time to slowly make his nipples firmly erect.

Quinn then slowly washed his cock, making it grow harder, and lastly he washed his hair, standing tall and proud, making slight turns to ensure that James could take in all of his body.

James knew Quinn was putting on a show for him and he enjoyed every moment of it. However when his lover finished rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, James went back into Dom mode. “Stay where you are boy, turn around, place your hands against the wall, bend over and spread your legs wide.”

He watched as his orders were obeyed before he opened the shower door, shucking his silk pants, he stepped inside. He pushed his knee against the inside of Quinn’s leg. “Wider apart,” he commanded watching as Quinn spread his legs further. Then taking a drop of lube on his finger he pushed it against the newly exposed rosebud, breaching the ring easily. He took his time stretching and teasing until he felt Quinn was ready to accept the girth of the enema nozzle.

Quinn had to concentrate hard to stay still and quiet. He loved the feeling of James’ touch when he was being stretched, and it was easy to become lost to those touches. James would allow for and even require his moaning later in the evening, when he couldn’t control them. But for now he was supposed to be exhibiting control and submission.

James attached the head of the enema nozzle to the hose and adjusted the water temperature before closing the valve. “You’re going to take it all my boy and hold until I give you permission to release.” He pushed the dildo head into place with a quick thrust, knowing Quinn would feel it, but that he’d been prepped enough to not cause real pain.

He put his left hand against Quinn’s back holding him in place, while he slowly opened the valve releasing the warm water deep within his lover. He counted carefully knowing when to shut off the stream before causing harm, but putting in enough for the pressure to be felt. “Tighten up boy and hold this in place until I tell you.” He ordered as he let go of his hold on the hose.

Quinn took a deep breath, and clenched his cheeks. He was feeling very full, and would need to concentrate all his energy on breathing through the fullness and holding the warm water in. He sometimes imagined when James filled him like this, that it was James’ cum he was holding inside of him, and that helped to ease his discomfort.

James waited patiently watching Quinn for signs distress. When his lover began to squirm incessantly he knew it was time. “Okay it’s coming out. You can go to the toilet and release, then return here.” He slowly pulled the dildo out, giving Quinn a chance to clamp down enough to get to the loo.

Quinn knew that James would never take him too far; it was this extreme trust that allowed him to talk himself through the discomfort and relish that it would be James who would save him and ultimately bring him to the heights of ecstasy.

With a bowed head, Quinn flushed and returned to the shower, ready for his next instructions.

“Resume the position,” James commanded. He took the showerhead and carefully rinsed his lover down. Holding in the enema had caused Quinn to perspire and James wanted him cooled off and comfortable before he got him heated up again. When he was done he stepped out of the stall drawing Quinn with him. He handed Quinn a large towel. “You may dry me, and then yourself.”

Quinn took hold of the large fluffy towel and began to slowly run it over James’ chest. The towel just barely brushed against James’ skin—just enough to pick up the water and slightly touch and stimulate his lover’s body. Quinn moved around to apply the same attention to James’ back.

He then got down on his hands and knees and ran the towel over James’ legs and feet, and finally--restraining his want to devour James with his mouth—he did as instructed and dried his husbands gorgeous cock, balls, and ass. After he finished drying his husband, Quinn began to dry himself, starting with his face, so that he could inhale the smell of his partner.

Quinn didn’t have the patience to give James the show he had during his shower, he now wanted to be touched and teased by his lover, and so he quickly dried himself off. He folded and hung the towel on the rack and waited for his next command.

Once they were both dry, James pulled the silk lounge pants back on. “Wait here,” he told Quinn, as he went into the bedroom to retrieve the item he’d picked up from the post office that afternoon. He carefully warmed the cool gold ring in his hand admiring again the craftsmanship of the engraving. Celtic designs reminiscent of Quinn’s Irish heritage encircled the band and on the inside were the Gaelic words “Mo Cheannsa Go Deo” meaning Forever Mine. It had cost a small fortune, but it would be worth every penny seeing the gold wrapped around his lover’s jewels.

He folded his hand around the ring and called out. “Come in here boy and stand before me.”

Quinn entered the bedroom and smiled with complete and total love for his husband. James had gone all out in setting the stage for the evening. Quinn loved the way the candlelight danced around the room and highlighted the sheen of the silk sheets. He let out a soft breath as he saw the restraints on the bed, knowing that this evening he would acquiesce to James’ will.

“Close your eyes,” James ordered. Quinn’s previous raging erection had diminished somewhat in the shower and through the enema process, it would be a bit tight getting over, but James took a bit of lube and spread it around the inside of the ring. Quinn could see that inner engraving later. James took hold of his husbands cock and slid the ring over it and carefully fitted it around the weighty testicles. He released Quinn, glad he’d been able to fit it as his husband had quickly grown fully erect again. “You may open your eyes now.”

Quinn found it difficult to concentrate on anything other than his cock at the moment. The sensation caused by the tight ring was intense and wonderful. He was so hard and engorged he found it difficult to follow James’ instruction and open his eyes. But answer the command he did, and as his eyes opened they gave James a desperate wanting look.

“Mo cheannsa go deo, forever mine.” James spoke the words he’d practiced so diligently learning the right accent from Quinn’s father. “This ring you will wear as if it were my brand on your manhood. You belong to me boy; no one touches here but me.” He pulled Quinn into a crushing kiss, his tongue exploring and devouring his husband’s mouth.

“I’m yours, solely yours,” Quinn uttered with intense love and lust. He risked coming out of his submissive role and leaned into James for another kiss.

James accepted this kiss from his beloved, knowing it was an emotional reaction to a special moment. However when he broke the kiss he regained his command of the situation. “Now that I have branded your cock with the cold fire of gold, I intend for you to feel more of the burn of my ownership over you. On the bed my boy face down!” he commanded.

Quinn complied with the order, making sure to give James full view of his taut buttocks as he slowly climbed onto the bed, and placed his hips across the triangular pillow; his ass was now raised and gave James much easier access to Quinn’s sacred opening.

James had to catch his breath at Quinn laid out for his enjoyment and the way the flickering candlelight illuminated his firmly muscled body. He took hold of his lover’s right arm and pulled it up towards the corner of the headboard and slowly wrapped the supple leather cuff around the wrist and secured it; he walked around the bed and repeated the same with the other arm. James pulled the ropes taught enough to ensure his husband was held in place; then he sensuously ran his hands down each arm checking that the muscles and joints were not overly strained.

Satisfied he went to the tray baring the hand of ginger and held it up for Quinn to see. “Do you know what this is?” he asked, not waiting for an answer. “This is going to make you burn for me.”

Quinn couldn’t help but to gulp, he had heard of figging, but had never experienced it. The rush of nervousness and excitement only seemed to enhance his pleasure, and he felt the pillow beneath him dampen as he leaked pre-cum.

James put on a show of carefully cutting a thick five-inch long finger of ginger and slowly peeled away the brown papery skin. He shaped it into a tube and rounded the end, then meticulously carved away a narrow ring around it about one inch up from the blunt end. This would hold the finger in place when Quinn’s sphincter closed around it. He placed the ginger plug into the glass of water to moisten it. James would use no lube to ease the entrance, as it would act as a barrier between the ginger’s spicy burn and the sensitive tissues of Quinn’s passage.

“You’re going to love this boy, the heat will keep that gorgeous ass of yours squirming and open for my enjoyment.”

Quinn squirmed a bit just at the thought. He had been unable to keep his eyes off of James as he prepared the ginger. But, once the ginger was ready, Quinn returned his head to a prone position and closed his eyes; ready to focus all of his attentions on the sensations James would give him.

James took advantage of Quinn’s turned head and pulled the leather paddle out from its hiding place under a towel. He removed the now properly prepared ginger from the water and took it along with the paddle to the lovely raised bottom before him. “Spread those legs wider boy,” he ordered and watched as Quinn struggled to obey. He took his finger, which he had moistened in the water, and gently teased the exposed opening. He spent time caressing and moving his finger in and out as he listened to his lover’s quiet moans. Knowing he was ready, James took the long plug of ginger and slowly pushed it in through the passage until the sphincter tightened around it. It would take a few moments for the sensation to begin, and then slowly build. While he waited James ran the edge of the paddle lightly over Quinn’s buttocks in a teasing caress.

“Mmmm,” Quinn moaned as he felt his every bit of his anus and rectum tingle. It felt as if every nerve ending in his body was located at his back passage and they were all tingling with pleasure.

James couldn’t help smirking as he knew the tingling warmth his lover was feeling would soon change. He sat watching for the signs and was not disappointed as Quinn began to pant, squirm and pull at the bindings that held him. He waited until the moaning grew loader before he lifted the paddle and gave the butt cheek closest to him a gentle swat. "Settle down boy," he ordered.

Quinn grunted and wiggled against the restraints and tried to push the now intensely stinging intruder from his butt. “It stings sir,” he said in a bit of a pleading tone.

Putting on his best evil laugh, James replied. “It’s supposed to sting boy, and so is this.” He brought the paddle down smacking both cheeks with sharp little swats. Then Quinn did what came naturally when being spanked, he clenched his butt cheeks. What his lover hadn’t been prepared for was the intensified burn from the ginger when he tightened the muscles.

Quinn quickly unclenched his buttocks, his hole was on fire and everything he did only seemed to intensify the burn, until all he could do was plead, “Please sir.”

“Please?” James asked. “How can I say no? Of course I’ll give you some more.” He continued the stinging little assault on Quinn’s butt. It was what his lover would normally consider a very light erotic spanking but it was highly enhanced by the ginger’s burn.

After a few minutes James asked, “Time for a break from your little spanking my boy?”

Quinn’s eyes were watering from the burn of the ginger, but the sting of paddle was somehow increasing his pleasure. He was a little perturbed that one of the things he hated most in life was now making him immensely hard. “Mmm,” Quinn moaned, “not yet sir.”

James almost laughed but held his roll, watching Quinn’s reactions had him so hard he needed to concentrate. “More is it? Very well let’s give my boy some more.” He brought the paddle down a little bit more sharply and then using his free hand he took hold of the ginger plug and moved it slowly in and out. “Is this satisfying you boy?” he asked.

The escalated intensity allowed Quinn to do little more than increase his panting and moaning, but he focused hard on answering James. “Yes, sir,” he said in a shaky drown out exhale.

James continued the assault for several more minutes until Quinn’s butt was a beautiful shade of red and his entire body was covered with a sheen of perspiration. He was moaning and pleading somewhat incoherently. James knew that the intensity of the ginger would soon come to an end and so was his own patience. He pulled the plug out and discarded it onto the floor.

He pumped a generous amount of lube into his hand and spread it over his raging erection and used the rest to prepare his now wonton lover. He pressed his cock against Quinn’s reddened opening and pushed in fast and hard. “Take me boy.” He yelled as he slammed himself roughly in, quickly setting a driving pace. Within moments he felt his balls drawing up. He reached down and took hold of Quinn’s steel hard rod, it took only two pulls and his lover was cuming hard into his hand, James followed him over the precipice a moment later.

Stars seemed to float in front of James’ eyes as he regained his senses; he placed small kisses down the length of Quinn’s spine as he slowly peeled himself off of his husbands back. Quinn let out a moan when James gently withdrew.

Being ever mindful of his lover James took a pre-prepared wash cloth and gently cleaned Quinn carefully checking him for signs of trauma but other than some redness there was no indication of injury. He clicked the quick release snaps on the cuffs and massaged each arm, peppering it with kisses as he worked. He then gave himself a quick wash off and lay back on the bed.

Quinn rolled over and lay half on top of James with his head over his husband broad chest, and the two men fell into a sated sleep. Quinn awoke first and continued to lie across James, listening to the beat of his lover's heart and soft snores. He was slightly hypnotized by the sound and the gentle movement of James' breathing. He relished in the slight sting on his buttocks and the feel of James' cum still inside him. He was startled slightly by James' hand tenderly stroking his ass. Quinn lifted his head and locked eyes with his husband. "Happy Birthday Lover."

“Love you so much.” James replied he reached down and carefully removed the gold ring from around Quinn’s now flaccid genitals; he held it up for his husband’s inspection allowing him to see the words engraved inside of the band. “Mo Cheannsa Go Deo-‘Forever Mine” he repeated softly.

Quinn marvelled at the beauty of the custom made cock ring, with its Celtic design and engraving. “It’s so perfect James, thank you.” He smiled and kissed his husband deeply. “However my birthday is over and this is your special day.” He leaned over James, and removed a small square brown leather box from the bedside table and handed it to the birthday boy.

James opened the box and found a solid gold pocket watch with a trillium flower engraved on the front cover. Quinn watched as James ran his thumb over the flower. James could also feel etching on the back of the watch and flipped it over to find the words, “Bon Anniversaire 2008” engraved on the back.

“Open it,” Quinn quietly instructed.

Quinn had tears in his eyes as he watched James read the inscription on the inside of the watch cover. “JSL, Toujours le vôtre, QSS”

James was speechless Toujours le vôtre –‘Forever yours’, he looked at his husband and saw the love shining in his eyes. “I don’t know what to say Quinn; thank you hardly seems enough. It is the second most beautiful gift I have ever received.” He grinned at the slight frown that formed on his lover’s face. “It’s second only because the first most beautiful gift was you.”

James poured them each a glass of the Napoleon Brandy. They sat on the bed and held the snifters swirling the contents around allowing the heat from their hands to warm the rich liquid. James touched his glass to Quinn’s, “Duine le duine Quinn, coinnigh de mo croi agus anam.”

“And to you my love,” Quinn replied. “Coinnigh de mo croi agus anam, you are also the keeper of my heart and soul”

The End

Copyright Mel & Tarabeth 2008

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