Jamesbear and Goldiequinn

Title: Jamesbear and Goldiequinn
Author of the tale of Goldiequinn and the Bear: Mel
Author of James and Quinn’s interaction: Tarabeth
Characters: James and Quinn
Implement: Hand, er Paw

It hadn’t been a particularly severe spanking, but it had been emotionally exhausting and Quinn cuddled close to James, for what seemed like a long time crying into James’ lap. When the crying stopped, James pulled the very soft blanket off the back of the sofa and covered his Brat.

Quinn had lost his jeans and boxers during the spanking and was in no mood to return them to his sore bottom anytime soon. He was so thankful for the plush blanket--that was kept on the back of the study’s sofa--to cover him at times like this. Its softness was about all his butt could take after a spanking, and the fluffy blanket also added a comfort and security that helped to subdue him after being punished. The time he and James spent together after a spanking was so important for both of them to reconnect. Quinn needed these moments to be soothed and supported, and James needed this time to console and calm his punished Brat.

As James ran his fingers through Quinn’s soft hair, Quinn broke the silence. “Tell me a story,” he said.

James voice was soothing and light. “Tell you a story,” he repeated. “Can you wait for a couple of minutes? I have to pee.”

Quinn let out an exaggerated sigh as he moved his head off of James’ lap to let his husband up. “Okay, but make it fast, and you better have a good story when you get back,” Quinn replied.

A few minutes later James returned, and Quinn quickly cuddled back into him as James began the story. “Once upon a time there were three bears, who lived in a dungeon in the forest. The Pappa Bear, the Grouchy Bear, and the Horny Bear.”

“Oooo, this sounds like a good story,” Quinn butted in.

James laughed, and continued to tell the story. “One day the Pappa Bear made some buffalo wings for dinner, but they were way too hot to eat right away. So Pappa Bear suggested the three bears go play in the dungeon while the wings would cool off.

“The Pappa bear tied Grouchy Bear and Horny Bear front to front on the St. Andrews cross, and gave them a thorough beating with the suede flogger.”

“Oooo, kinky Pappa Bear,” Quinn interrupted.

“Pappa Bear was getting himself very worked up by the way Grouchy Bear and Horny Bear were humping the cross and moaning.”

“Well, I don’t know how he couldn’t,” Quinn interjected.

“Hey, do you want me to tell the story or not,” James playfully scolded his Brat.

“Yes, please go on, I promise to be quiet and behave,” Quinn said. “But, it might help if you ran your fingers through my hair again.”

James returned his hand to Quinn’s head and began to stroke his Brat’s hair off of his forehead. He then continued with the story, “In the mean time, walking through the forest was a beautiful little Brat called Goldiequinn.”

“Oh, I like Goldiequinn,” Quinn said, with a wistful look up to James.

“Well,” James continued, “Goldiequinn was feeling tired, lonely and hungry when he came upon the Bears’ dungeon house. He could smell the spicy wings and hear the moaning of the tied up bears, so he crept quietly towards the dungeon house to peek in the window. He quickly discovered that like most dungeons it didn't have any windows; there was only a large iron doorway. Well, Goldiequinn couldn't resist the smell or the moaning any longer, so he tried to open the big iron door, but found it to be locked! Being a rather ingenious little brat Goldiequinn lifted the front matt that said ‘Go Away’ on it and found a key.

“Obviously Grouchy Bear was in charge of purchasing the door mat,” Quinn said.

“Obviously,” James said, before he continued. “Goldiequinn inserted the key into the slot and gave it a turn, slowly the door opened with a deep guttural squeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

“Back in the playroom, the three bears were too busy with their game to notice the noise, as Pappa Bear had changed to the leather tawse, and Grouchy and Horny were too busy grinding into each other to be bothered.

“Goldiequinn tiptoed inside the dungeon, to his left came the spicy smells from the kitchen, and to his right the slaps and moans from the playroom.

“Grab the wings and head for the dungeon, I say,” Quinn said adding his input.

“Hush,” James said, applying a gentle swat to Quinn’s bottom. “Goldiequinn was torn as to which way to go, however his stomach won out and he headed to the kitchen. He saw the big plate of wings sitting in the middle of the giant table, and three HUGE chairs around it. The table was almost as tall as Goldiequinn, so he had to climb up on one of the chairs to try and reach the plate.

“But the first chair was too far from the table, so he climbed up on the second chair to try and reach the plate. But that chair was too low for him to reach up over the table. So he climbed up on the third chair and got right at the wings. He took hold of a big juicy wing and took a big bite! ‘Yummmy!!’ he said, as it was soooooooooooooo good. Goldiequinn ate his fill of wings, leaving bones and mess all over the table; then he drank all three tankards filled with beer that the bears had left while they played.

“Now that his stomach was full, Goldiequinn got curious about the noise he was hearing from the other room. He climbed down from the table knocking the chair over on his way and causing it to break. Goldiequinn then wiped his greasy hands and face on the cushions of the other two chairs before he went to see what was going on in the next room.

“The entry to the playroom was covered with a heavy black velvet curtain that Goldiequinn pushed back enough to peek inside. There he saw the three bears at play--Pappa Bear had Horny Bear tied over the whipping bench, Grouchy Bear was feeding his huge cock into Horny's mouth, while Pappa was fucking Horny like crazy.

“Poor little Goldiequinn was so turned on by what he saw he didn't know what to do.”

“Poor Goldiequinn,” Quinn repeated.

“Now Pappa bear wasn't as out of it as you might think; he had been aware of Goldiequinn's arrival all along. He quietly signaled for his dog to go around to the entryway, via the back hall, and sneak up behind Goldiequinn. The dog jumped up and bit Goldiequinn right on the butt. Causing the poor peeping Brat to jump and fall over into the playroom.

“Pappa Bear pulled out of Horny, and walked over and picked up poor frightened little Goldiequinn. ‘Well what have we here?’ he asked. ‘I think we have a Break and Enter Brat on our hands.’

“Now Goldiequinn immediately tried to deny this charge, hoping that Pappa Bear would believe him, when he said he'd just wandered off the path and was looking for directions.

“But the telltale grease and spicy wing smell on Goldiequinn’s breath gave him away.

“Horny Bear, who was always wanting to get a piece of young Brat ass, called out, ‘Let's strip him and show him who's in charge here.’

“Well Pappa and Grouchy both agreed that Goldiequinn should be punished. But, Pappa Bear decided that he wanted the pretty little Brat all to himself. Because there was something about Goldiequinn that appealed to Pappa Bear in a way that he'd never felt before. Oh he loved his friends, Grouchy and Horny, but they were really just friends with benefits. What Pappa Bear really wanted was a beautiful Brat of his own, to keep, and love, and spank.

“So being the Top Bear in the dungeon Pappa Bear told his two friends to take a powder, and come back in a few hours.

“Once he was alone with Goldiequinn, who was trembling with fear. Pappa Bear picked up the Brat, and carried him over to the HUGE bed, which was big enough for three bears. He held the shaking Brat close to him. ‘Tell me your name little Brat and Pappa Bear will take care of you.’

"’I'm Goldiequinn,’ he replied.

"’Well Goldiequinn, they call me Pappa Bear, but my real name is James, and I'm going to take good care of you. First thing we need to do is get you out of these greasy clothes.’

“He stripped Goldiequinn down, so he was completely naked. Pappa Bear couldn't help but notice that Goldiequinn might be a bit scared, but the handsome Brat was also rock hard.

“Pappa Bear, also known as JamesBear, reached down and stroked that hard straining cock, causing Goldiequinn to moan and thrust into JamesBear’s hand. ‘Tell me Goldiequinn, have you ever been with a real bear before?’

"’No, I’ve only dreamed of it. Waiting for just the right man, ummm er, bear to come along.’

"’Well,’ replied JamesBear, ‘I’m going to teach you then.’ He laid Goldiequinn on the huge bead and admired the taut young body, so golden and sweet, better looking that a pot of honey. JamesBear leaned forward and pressed his mouth, er snout,” James laughed, “against Goldiequinn's and kissed him deeply--pressing his tongue into Goldiequinn’s mouth and devouring it. JamesBear’s hands, er paws, roamed all over Goldiequinn’s body, and he placed a thousand kisses upon the young man. He sucked each of the tender young nipples until they stood out long and hard from the straight plane of his chest.

“JamesBear dipped his tongue into Goldiequinn’s navel and then kissed a trail down to his proud young cock.”

“Cock -a dooodle – doooooo,” Quinn crowed.

James ignored his Brat’s crowing and continued with the story. “JamesBear pulled the young Brat’s straining organ into his mouth and sucked deeply, and then slid his mouth back and released it before swallowing the cock whole again, and again, bringing Goldiequinn to the edge. Then as suddenly as he started, he abandoned the sweet cock, to move lower. He laved Goldiequinn’s balls with his tongue. Finally he pushed Goldiequinn’s legs far apart, and began to lick at the tight pink rosebud.

“Goldiequinn nearly leapt off the bed in surprise at how intense the rimming felt.

“JamesBear gently pressed his tongue against the tight opening until it slid slightly inside; he spent several minutes lubricating the entry before he pulled away. He reached for his pot of bear lube on the bed stand and greased his fingers up. JamesBear took his time pressing his fingers into Goldiequinn's hot channel, until it was slick and open. Then it was finally time to take this sweet young virgin and make him his own.

“JamesBear lubed up his own huge cock, and then pressed it against Goldiequinn's hole. He pushed gently inside pausing enough for Goldiequinn to adjust before going all the way inside of the young Brat. It was pure heaven inside, and Goldiequinn never felt so full or possessed as he did right here in Pappa Bear’s big bed.

“Soon JamesBear was moving slowly in and out allowing the large knob of his cock to slide over Goldiequinn's prostate over and over again.

“Goldiequinn was in ecstasy; he'd never felt or dreamed of anything that felt this good. The young man reached down to stroke his own cock--only to find his hand pushed aside as JamesBear took over and brought the younger man off just before his own climax too hold of him.

“JamesBear pumped his seed deep within his now life partner and marked him forever.

“Once the two had recovered enough to talk, JamesBear explained that he would be Goldiequinn's Top and that Goldiequinn had better get used to being taken care of in all things by the bigger Bear, er man.

“After they had showered, JamesBear walked into the kitchen to find the mess of wing bones and the broken chair that Goldiequinn had left behind.

“Uh oh, run Goldiequinn, run,” Quinn laughed.

James laughed and applied another gentle swat to his Brat’s bottom, before he continued, “So it was that very first night together, that Goldiequinn got his first bare bottomed spanking over the lap of JamesBear. The young man had a red paw spanked butt--that was too tender for him to sit on for the next two days.

“And they lived happily ever after,” James finished the story with a gentle pat to Quinn’s bottom and a kiss to his forehead.

“The End,” Quinn said, as he drifted off to sleep, feeling safe and loved.

Copyright 2008 Mel and Tarabeth

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