The Long Day

Title: The Long Day (or the little drabble that couldn’t)
Characters: James and Quinn
Authors: Mel and Tarabeth
Implements: A few strokes of the paddle
Warnings: Lots of hot sex involving bondage

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

James leaned down and kissed Quinn on the cheek.  “Time to get up babe.”

“Mmm, not yet.  I want you to ravage me first,” Quinn said. 

“No time, breakfast service is in a few minutes,” James answered. 

“Just a quick fuck then?”

“Sorry my Boy,” James lifted the covers off of Quinn revealing his morning erection. 

“Fine,” Quinn pouted. “I’ll just take care of this,” he said stroking his cock, “in the shower.”

“You will do nothing of the kind.” James replied.  He took Quinn’s hand and helped his Brat out of bed. 

Quinn turned and seductively shook his ass at his husband.  “Not like you can stop me—breakfast service is in a few minutes.” Quinn taunted.

James followed Quinn into the bathroom and applied a firm swat to Quinn’s ass.  He reached into the shower and turned the cold water on.  “I suggest you take a cold shower if you can’t wait a few hours for me,” James said holding the shower door open for his husband.

“Jaaaaaames!” Quinn whined. 

“Boy,” James growled. “You have three minutes to get yourself showered and clean.”

Quinn hopped into the shower and stood as far from the spray of cold water as possible.   His erection was gone within moments.   He quickly placed his head under the spray of water and shrieked as the cold water hit his head.  He lathered his hair with shampoo, placed the sponge under the water, poured body wash over it and briskly washed his body before he did a quick jump under the spray to rinse himself off.  Quinn turned the cold water off and opened the shower door to find James leaning against the sink holding the shower shot.  Quinn’s cock felt a jump of excitement, but he was not in any mood for the thorough enema provided by the shower shot, so he gave James a bit of a pout. 

James handed Quinn a towel.  “You’re the one that said you wanted to be ravaged—we’re just doing it on my time table.  Now dry yourself off while I attach this.”

When Quinn was dry, James had the enema attachment hooked up, the water at a nice warm temperature, and the large dildo nozzle lubed.  “This should help to warm you up.  Now place your hands on the wall, spread your legs, and bend over.”

Quinn took a moment too long and ended up hopping back into the shower with the aid of a swat to his butt. 

James poured a bit of lube over his fingers and slid them up and down Quinn’s crack before sliding them into his tight opening.  He gave Quinn a quick stretch before driving the large nozzle in. 

Quinn grunted as he felt the nozzle invade him, but was soon enjoying the fullness that was buried inside of him.

James made a quick glance at his watch and realised he had enough time to torment his husband a bit more and began to slowly fuck Quinn with the nozzle. 

Quinn’s cock sprang to life, and James gave the nozzle a firm push inward and increased the flow of water.  When Quinn began to wiggle, sweat, and beg--James removed the large dildo from his husband’s ass. 

“Go release that then put your robe on--nothing else.  Eat some breakfast and pick yourself out something to wear today—but you may not get dressed until I tell you.  I’ll be back after the breakfast service.”  James kissed Quinn on the forehead and left for the Inn.

James was grinning to himself as he walked into the Inn; today was going to be fun.  He arrived in the kitchen to find Mrs. Chelsea had all the breakfast foods prepared; he greeted his favourite employee with a kiss to the cheek. “Morning Mrs. C. everything looks and smells wonderful as usual.” He noticed the fresh blueberry scones and couldn’t help snagging one for himself.

“James Lefebvre if you want to serve your guests you need to quit consuming their breakfast.” She teased and then turned and pulled another pan of scones from the oven.  “Luckily I know you well enough and baked extra, take some home to Quinn later.”

“You spoil us Mrs. C.” James replied as he picked up the first of the trays laden with baked goods.  “I’ll put these in the dining room and be right back.”  

James soon had his guests well fed and properly schmoozed that he felt comfortable heading back to the cottage to take care of his Boy.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

As much as Quinn loved James’ dominance and sex games—he was still a bit peeved about not having been relieved in the manor and time he wanted.  He went about completing his instructed tasks with a bit of a huff. He was sitting on the bed reading the sports page when James returned.  Quinn’s cock sprung to attention, and he was ready to forgive James for this morning’s delay, because he was now expecting a very thorough fuck.

James held out his hand to Quinn and pulled his husband into a hard kiss.  He could feel Quinn’s erection growing.  “Down boy,” James said.  He helped Quinn off the bed, undid the tie on Quinn’s robe, slid the robe off Quinn’s shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.  “Stay right there my Boy,” James instructed.  James got down on his hands and knees and pulled the toy box from under the bed.  He raised the lid and began to shuffle through the large collection of sex toys. 

Quinn’s eyes almost bugged out when he saw the first item removed from the chest—the black leather restraint jock, next came a medium size butt plug, and lastly a jar of butt wax. ‘Fuck,’ Quinn thought, the butt wax meant he was likely to have that plug in for a while. 

James smiled at the look of apprehension on his husband’s face, because it was betrayed by Quinn’s growing erection.  “Come here Boy.  I think I had better strap down that cock of yours while I still can.”

Quinn stepped forward.

James undid the sides of the jock, switching out the jock strap style legs for the butt plug harness.  He slid the butt plug into place and dipped it in the butt wax.  James held the jock out for Quinn to step into. 

Quinn slowly put each leg into the device. 

James stood and pulled the jock up to the middle of Quinn’s thighs.  “Turn around and brace yourself.”

Quinn turned. 

James placed his hand in the middle of Quinn’s back and bent him forward over the bed.  “Spread your cheeks, Boy.”

Quinn obeyed and placed a hand on each of his butt cheeks spreading them wide. 

James could feel himself growing hard, but knew that the anticipation he and Quinn would feel over the next several hours would be well worth the waiting.  He held the plug at Quinn’s entrance, and began to push it forward—just inserting the tip and then pulling it out and applying a bit more wax.  He made a second insertion—pushing just a little farther—and again removed the plug to add more greasy lubrication.  He continued this pattern until he finally had the plug fully embedded inside of Quinn.  Noticing that Quinn was too erect to be harnessed into the jock, James withdrew his leather paddle from the bedside table and applied just enough strokes to cause his Brat’s erection to diminish.  He stood Quinn up, and possessively kissed him. 

Quinn’s breathing was quick. He was releasing soft moans and gasps of pleasure at the way James was handling him. 

James carefully pulled Quinn’s cock through the jock opening, and once it was fully through he just as carefully pushed Quinn’s engorged balls through the leather opening.  James first snapped the strap encircling Quinn’s balls.  He then raised Quinn’s cock and strapped it against the younger man’s belly with the jock’s other three straps.  When finished he pulled Quinn into a final kiss.  He spun Quinn around and firmly slapped his ass.  “I’ve got to get back to the Inn.  I’ve left a grocery list and a list of chores I would like completed around the house.  Now get a move on, you can get dressed when you go shopping. I’ll meet you back here when I finish at the Inn.”

Quinn was still in a daze when he realized he was alone in the house.  He took a deep breath to try and calm himself; his body was overflowing with emotions.  He was horny, frustrated, turned on, and a bit angry with James for leaving him in this state.  “Bastard,” he said.  Quinn struggled to try and remember James’ instructions.  ‘Grocery list and chores,’ Quinn heard James voice. 

‘Bastard,’ Quinn thought again; he picked up the remote control and turned on the television.
~*~    ~*~   ~*~

James checked in with Stan at the front desk to ensure all was going well with the couple of this morning’s checkouts, and then excused himself to do some paper work in his office.   He took a seat at his desk and picked up the phone hitting the speed dial for the cottage.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~

Quinn was just starting to get thoroughly distracted by Dirty Jobs when the phone rang.  The first ring startled him, and the remote flew out of his hands.  Sure that it was James on the other line, Quinn rushed to get the TV turned off before answering the phone.  By the time Quinn got to the phone it had already rung five times.  “Hello,” he said with a bit of apprehension. 

“I hope you took so long to answer because you were hard at work on your chore list Boy!” James’ voice rang out. 

Quinn gulped. ‘Chores list?  What chores list?’ he thought.  “Yes, of course,” Quinn replied. 

“Good thing,” James responded.  “I love you—have a good day, and I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Quinn hung up the phone.  “Bastard.”  He made his way to the kitchen to look over his list of chores.

1.    Dust and vacuum living room, bedrooms, den, and playroom.
2.    Clean bathroom thoroughly--that includes sink, toilet, tub, shower stall, and floor.
3.    Clean out refrigerator and mop kitchen floor.
4.    Check that lube supply is adequate in all locations.

Quinn let his head fall to the counter with a small thud.  ‘This is going to be a very long day.’

Quinn decided to get the shopping out of the way first.  He figured it would be best, if he had to be out in public today he would be better to do so before he started to squirm from his containment. ‘You can get dressed when you go shopping.,’ he heard James’ voice in his head.  He padded into the bedroom and looked down at the clothes he had laid out on the bed.  He slipped on his jeans, t-shirt, and James’ large green v-neck sweater; it hadn’t been washed since the last time James had worn it and Quinn loved being surrounded by James’ scent.

At the store Quinn found himself getting very aroused.  There was something about the secrecy of being in public while plugged and strapped into the leather jock.  No one else knew or could tell how James had claimed him this morning or how James would possess him later today.  A shiver of pleasure shot through his body, and Quinn couldn’t wait to get home and get his list of chores finished. 

Arriving back at the cottage, Quinn put the groceries away and started on the vacuuming and dusting.  After finishing the living room and bedrooms Quinn started to feel pressure in his bladder.  He ignored the feeling until he finished the den and discipline room.  Realizing there was no way he would make it the whole day without relieving himself he called James for permission to release himself from his jock. 

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Several times throughout the day James found his mind wandering back to Quinn and how he’d left him.  There was nothing more enticing to him than seeing his Boy squirm with arousal and making him wait to have his arousal satisfied.  By the time James would make love to his beautiful husband the sex would be explosive as it relieved a day’s worth of built up lustful energy in both men.   

Sighing James put his mind into business and got back to work.  He held a staff meeting with Mrs. C., Stan, and Velma to discuss some supply issues and the need to change the entry mats more frequently due to the guests traipsing inside with their snow covered boots.  All in all it was a rather ordinary and dull morning, but with the wonderful thoughts niggling in the back of his mind of anything but a dull late afternoon on his horizon.  

James was upstairs putting fresh flowers in the Water Avens room when Stan forwarded Quinn’s call to him. 

“No Boy you do not have my permission to release yourself.  I’ve got a guest to check in, and then I will come over to allow you relief in a half hour or so.  I suggest you keep working to get your mind off the pressure while you wait.”  James hung up the phone with a rather evil grin on his face.  The couple who were checking in were a many time return guests and James only needed to greet them and let Stan deal with the rest.  He would be at the cottage in less than ten minutes, but he did enjoy teasing his Boy.

Quinn stood holding the phone in his hand.  He looked at it before he hung it up with a thud.  He was all for playing games and submitting to James, but he had to PEE!  Quinn debated just going into the bathroom and relieving himself, but he didn’t want to disappoint James.  He huffed, and made his way to the kitchen to clean out the refrigerator.  Quinn worked out some of his frustrations by vigorously tossing expired things into the garbage bin. 

James slipped quietly into the kitchen; he saw Quinn leaning into the fridge and came up behind him and grabbed his butt.  "Getting your chores done I see."

Quinn jumped slightly hitting his head on the refrigerator.  He leaned back into James' arms with a bit of a pout and whine.  "That wasn't nice and I really have to PEE!"

“Then I suggest you lose those clothes which by the way I didn’t give you permission to have on in the house and get your cute butt into the washroom.” He landed a smack on the tight butt.  

"Clothes off, clothes on, clothes off--sheesh confuse a Brat why don'tcha," Quinn mumbled.  James growled and landed another smack to Quinn's butt.  A shock of excitement swept through Quinn's body at the sound of James' growl.  He smiled and pulled off the sweater he was wearing.  He tossed it at his husband as he left the kitchen.  He then toed off his shoes and socks, leaving them in the living room.  Next came his t-shirt--which was left in the hallway.  He left his jeans on the bedroom floor and was removing his boxers when James finally caught up to him in the bathroom.    

James paused to admire the view of his buck-naked husband trussed up in the cock harness with the butt plug showing between his cheeks.  He’d have stood longer enjoying the site, but for the almost teary look of desperation on Quinn’s face.  “Come here Boy,” he commanded.  He took his time undoing the straps on the harness releasing the semi-ridged member from its confinement.  He walked Quinn over to the toilet and aimed his cock over the bowl. “Let it go.”

Quinn felt his cock growing harder in James' hands.  He was ready to turn around and beg James for a quick hand job until his bladder announced its protest with a sharp stretching pain.  Quinn closed his eyes and began to run multiplication tables in his head.  'Twelve times one is twelve.  Twelve times two is twenty-four.  Twelve times three is thirty-six...' He felt his penis return to a flaccid state and sighed loudly with relief as a warm stream of urine flowed from his penis into the toilet bowl.

James shook Quinn off and turned him around so he could quickly strap Quinn’s cock into the harness before the younger man could become aroused again.  James went to the sink and washed his hands before turning to give his husband a kiss.  “I have to get back to the Inn for a little while longer.  Eat some lunch, finish up your chores, and I’ll see you soon.” He grabbed Quinn’s balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. “Stay out of trouble and no touching my property.”

"Your property may die of neglect if you don't hurry back," Quinn called after James.  

“I’m sure you’ll survive my love.” James kissed Quinn and made a hasty exit.  He worked for another two hours before he was finally free to head home without fear of being called back.

He found Quinn in the living room laying out some cheese and crackers.  Two goblets and a bottle of merlot, open to breathe, were set on the coffee table.  James grinned and pulled Quinn into his arms.  “You look tastier than the cheese and smell better than the wine.  Why don’t you pour while I go freshen up and change?”

James was back moments later dressed only in his black silk pajama bottoms. He took a seat on the sofa and pointed to the floor by his feet.  They sipped their wine and Quinn leaned up against James’ legs and handed him little cheese topped crackers.

James ran his fingers through Quinn’s silky hair and slid his hand down to regularly tweak the pert nipples on his chest, causing the younger man to moan loudly.

Once he’d finished his wine James tilted Quinn’s head back so their eyes met.  “You look very hot all trussed up like that my Boy.   I’m going to take you into the playroom and enjoy your body.  If you’re very, very good I just might release your cock from its cage before the night is out.”

Quinn released a soft moan of frustrating pleasure.  His cock ached as it strained in its restraints.  He was slightly regretting his morning threat of masturbation, because his husband was finely skilled in the art of erotic deprivation.

James led the way to the playroom. He turned on the single pot light that illuminated the spanking bench, “Over you go Boy.”

Quinn groaned, but obeyed the command, and bent over the padded bench leaving his ass at just the perfect height and angle for James’ attention.  

James kicked Quinn’s feet further apart to fully expose the plugged butt hole.  He took hold of the plug and began to twist and tug gently until it was over half way out then he allowed it to slide back in. He did this several times until he finally gave a firm yank and removed it altogether leaving Quinn gasping from the sudden change in pressure.

James slid two fingers into the loosened hole and curled them enough to scrape over the younger man’s prostate.  Quinn almost raised off the bench from the stimulation.  “Like that Boy?”

Quinn let out a pleasurable sigh.  "Mmmmm, yes.  Please Sir can I have some more."

James grinned and added another finger giving Quinn’s prostate a thorough going over—causing his husband to beg for release.  “Not yet Boy, not until my cock gets to enjoy this hole.”  James pushed down his silk pajamas and placed his turgid member against the stretched opening.  He shoved in hard and fast allowing neither he nor Quinn to adjust before he began to move, thrusting hard and deep.

Quinn grunted and continued to beg as his husband thrust into him.  “James. Please.”  Quinn’s cock was pleasantly aching with a painful need for release.  He wished that James had not so thoroughly refastened the straps after he had urinated.  If James were just a little less fastidious, Quinn thought, the sheer power of his erection would have been able to pop the snaps.  But, alas he was not so lucky, so he went back to begging.  “Please. James. Let me out. Let me cum.”

James greatly enjoyed listening to his husband beg as he continued to thrust into him, he moved his hips in a circular motion making his cock spiral in.  He reached around Quinn and released the top snap on the jock, but held off releasing any more while he continued his onslaught of his Boy’s silken channel. 

Quinn begged again, “Please more! Undo more.”

James laughed and released another snap.  “There you go Boy only two more to go.”  He gave the younger man’s butt a firm swat and then thrust in as deeply as he could. His balls swung forward and collided against Quinn’s restrained ones.  James was feeling too close to the edge and didn’t want to cum quite so soon, so he stopped his trusting and stayed deeply embedded inside his husband.  He took this break time to further tease his captive by lying across his back and reaching forward to tweak and twist Quinn’s hardened nipples. 

Quinn was breathing heavily, gasping in delight at the attention paid to his sensitive nipples. 

James lowered one hand and traced two fingers over and around the slit of Quinn’s cock, causing Quinn to moan with need.  James laughed, and Quinn felt the vibrations pulse through his body.  Quinn was ready to continue his begging when he felt James’ fingers enter his mouth.  “You better suck all that off my fingers Boy, because I won’t be releasing anymore straps until they’re clean.”

Quinn sucked James’ fingers all the way into his mouth, separated them with his tongue, and licked away all traces of his pre-cum.  

James was a virtuoso at lovemaking; he knew how to play Quinn’s body like no one else ever had.  He tantalized all of Quinn’s senses, sending the Boy into sensory overdrive.  Feeling he could last no longer, Quinn began to move his hips ever so slowly.  He tightened his muscles around James’ cock, and smiled brightly when he heard his husband gasp with pleasure.  

James knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, so he quickly unsnapped the last to straps on the jock.  He wrapped his hand around Quinn’s straining erection and jerked it as he thrust into the wanton body beneath him.  “Come for me baby!” He cried as he pumped his own release into his lover filling him with his seed. 

Quinn let out a loud wail as he came in time with James; his semen spilling over James’ hand and onto the bench and floor below him.

James collapsed over Quinn’s back gasping for breath and feeling as though he could barely hold on to consciousness.  After several moments, he forced himself upright and allowed his now softening member to slip out of Quinn’s warm moist hole.  He drew his younger partner up with him and turned him so he firmly held Quinn in his arms.  “Oh my god I love you,” he murmured against his husband’s ear.  “That was so incredible.”

Quinn purred with delight in James’ embrace. He had only one response. “Again?”

~*~ Finis ~*~

Copyright Mel and Tarabeth 2010

A few readers asked where James and Quinn got their toys...so I sent them the links.  These links are NSF--NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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